At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 356

On the cliff, Murong Ruolan leans on the ancient pine at the edge of the cliff, surrounded by clouds and mist.

This was already deep in the great mountains.

It was also getting closer and closer to the Murong family’s top secret passage station at Mount Shu.

At that time in Jincheng, Murong Ruo Lan could only watch Neo and the others walk away in front of her, while she could do nothing.

She mustered up the courage, threw away her pride and called out to Neo, hoping to have a few words with him alone, in fact, to tell him her feelings.

She could not bear the thought of the man she liked leaving with such a misunderstanding.

Because she suddenly realised that the Lu family was now married to the Shang opera family, Neo returned to the family, and her own family was in crisis she had to go back.

This positive and negative, she is really no longer intertwined with Neo.

So, she has to tell Neo.

However, fate did not give her this opportunity, not Neo, not Lu Ling, not Shang Xuan and others.

They all thought she was plotting some poisonous scheme again, so none of them paid any attention to her and all left.

Murong Ruo Lan’s last shred of hope was also dashed.

In fact, she could have not bothered to tell Neo alone, she could have defied everything and shouted it out loud in front of everyone, in front of all the customers in the restaurant.

Tell Neo that she likes him!

Whether it worked or not, whether Neo believed it or not, at least, she had shouted it out!

However, she didn’t do it!

Just because she was really not that kind of person.

She had the courage to put her pride aside and ask to talk to Neo alone, to tell him how she felt about him.

This was as far as she could go.

Her character, the character she had developed over forty years, really did not allow her to shout out as boldly as others did.

So, she could only watch Neo and the others leave, and then herself, a blank brain, mechanically left Jincheng.

All along the way, her brain was empty.

Only, for her, travelling to her family’s continental passage station at Mount Shu, there was no need to use her brain, her legs, to travel to the continental passage station without thinking, only, her brain, filled with a sense of depression.

And at that moment, she sat under a pine tree, her gaze dull.

Her hand, unbidden, touched the object in her arms again.

The portrait!

At last in the restaurant, Neo asked her for the portrait and she didn’t give it.

Murong Ruo Lan looked at the portrait of herself in a daze, and as she looked at it, her eyes were actually moist too, how could this happen? How could this happen?

It was clear that he liked himself, and even secretly drew himself to carry around with him.

But why didn’t he confess his love to himself?

Was he really so inferior that he didn’t dare to reveal himself?

If he liked himself, why did he leave himself so easily?

Could it be that she really did not understand the mind of a man?

Once again she gently touched the person on the painting, a gust of wind blew, and the clouds on the cliff were in chaos.

At this time, the park on the north bank of the Yangtze River in Jincheng City.

A large red helicopter was parked on the park’s parking lawn, next to a black Mercedes-Benz.

Neo sat in the helicopter and waved goodbye to Lu Ling and Shang Xuan, who were standing next to the Mercedes.

It was time to take the helicopter and go back to Tiandao to see his grandfather.

At this point, it had been almost half a year since he had left the family.

But really, Neo’s heart was not as excited as he thought it would be, maybe because, being with Zhou Yun, it gave his heart something to rely on.

But of course, Neo was still excited, and he couldn’t wait to see his grandfather and, yes, Old Man Xiong, to whom he had a lot to say.

Originally, Neo wanted to go to Zhou Yun first, after all, he had been swept away by Murong Ruo Lan for several days, Zhou Yun must be very anxious.

But he had been away from the family for more than half a year, so his grandfather and his elders must be even more anxious.

Moreover, Neo had another thought in his mind, that when he met his grandfather, he would never hesitate again, he would tell him about his affair with Zhou Yun!

Grandpa would definitely say yes!

Then, he could come back to greet Zhou Yun in style!

I’d be like in the story, landing in front of Zhou Yun in a helicopter, all dressed up, so that everyone in the courtyard would see the scene!

It was just that when he thought of the restaurant, when he left, Murong Ruo Lan had not returned the portrait either, which always made Neo’s heart feel a little depressed.

Not only had he lost Zhou Yun’s painting.

And now that Murong Ruo Lan had the painting, she would open it sooner or later and look at it.

When the time came, what would she think?

Would she think that the painting was of herself?

No way, a woman as cold and ruthless as that would never think it was her.

And would she investigate out of curiosity?

If she found out that Zhou Yun was a descendant of the Murong family, would she turn on Zhou Yun?

However, there was no need to worry about such things now.

Didn’t the Upper Opera Girl say that something had happened to the Murong Ruo Lan family and she needed to return to the Valley Continent, so for a while then, she shouldn’t have time to care about this side of things.

“Second Brother, Miss Shangxiao, goodbye!”

Neo was thinking, the helicopter took off, Neo looked at the increasingly diminutive second brother and the others, he couldn’t help but have a few warm feelings of affection in his heart.

“Ah Neo, bring me some of Tiandao’s pastries when you come back! Haha!” Lu Ling also waved his hand, he was in a great mood at the moment, after all, he had thought that he would never see his brother in this life.

I never thought that there would be a day when he would return to the family.

He watched the helicopter, rising little by little, in the air, making a bend, and gradually rising along the river, flying towards the distance.


A huge ball of fire suddenly exploded in the air, as if the entire cloud cover was on fire.


Immediately afterwards, a huge blasting sound, which reached the ears of Lu Ling and the others.

Immediately afterwards, clusters of debris with flames and smoke bounced through the air, centering on the wreckage of the helicopter and hurling it continuously, as if a huge black golden chrysanthemum had bloomed in the air.

Lu Ling was completely dumbfounded at that moment.

His eyes were wide open, and his pupils were filled with burning fire.

There was a thump.

He sat down on the ground.

“Third brother!”

Lu Ling ran frantically towards the river, while at the same time, the huge burning remains of the helicopter, fell from the air with a crash into the water with such a crash that the water flew up more than ten metres high!


Lu Ling was pulled back to the shore by Shang Qiu Shan, sitting dumbly on the ground, momentarily lost in thought.

Everything, it happened so fast.

Half an hour later.

A human figure tumbled through the mountain forest, the figure was extremely fast, when it swept through the woods, the birds didn’t even have time to fly away, the figure had already disappeared in the distance.

Until the figure disappeared, the grass and leaves on the ground, however, still trembled faintly.

“Neo, you can’t die.”

The silhouette was none other than Murong Ruo Lan, and on her back, a limp man she was carrying.

The man’s entire body was covered in exposed wounds, but these were not the most serious, the most serious was his chest, a place where there was a deep bone-searing wound with a piece of wing debris embedded in it.

Yes, this man was Neo from the helicopter.

It all happened so fast, nothing was forewarned.

The helicopter blew up straight away.

The moment the helicopter exploded, Murong Ruolan had already rushed out.

Yes, she turned back again.

She didn’t want to do anything, she was just in Riverside Park, secretly watching Neo and Lu Ling say goodbye, she just, wanted to see Neo get on the helicopter one last time, leave Jincheng and go to his family in Tiandao.

When she saw Neo get into the helicopter, when she saw the helicopter fly into the clouds and away.

In her heart, she had a feeling that Neo waved goodbye to herself, a feeling that she had come to see Neo off.

And she had wanted to send Neo back to the clan, and now watching him go back to the clan was a small consolation.

Only, she didn’t expect the helicopter to explode either.

She was so fast that no one saw her move and she had already taken Neo away in a bolt of lightning.

Finally, Murong Ruolan carefully placed Neo on the grass.

Neo lay limply on the grass, completely without breath and without a heartbeat.

In a sense, Neo was dead.

It was obvious, no one would have survived the explosion in the helicopter.

“I’m the one who got you into this.”

For the first time, Murong Ruolan was bold enough to stroke over Neo’s cheek, and for the first time, she looked at him with a tender gaze.

Her heart was filled with heartache.

“I like you, you don’t know that.”

Murong Ruolan said again.

This was the first time she had confessed her love in front of Neo.

“When you were alive, I couldn’t let go of my pride to tell you.” Murong Ruolan said, “I can only dare to say this to you at this time.”

“But, don’t worry, I will save you.” Murong Ruolan said, “I will save you and leave before you wake up and you will not see me.”

“I don’t want to leave you either, but I have to go back to the clan.”

“But at last I have finally and truly saved you for once, although you don’t know that I saved you, but I have finally done something for you, I have finally, at last, been good to you ……”

When Murong Ruo Lan said this, her face was actually slightly red.

But she did not delay, finished, hands, gently placed near Neo’s heart.

An hour later ……

Murong Ruolan looked as if she had just been fished out of the water, her body was drenched in sweat, fragrant sweat staining her cheeks forehead.

Her gaze was exhausted to the extreme and her body seemed to have no support.

Staggering, she slumped over Neo’s body.

“I have channeled most of the energy to you, enough to save you, and the rest is enough to support me to get to Mount Shu.” Murong Ruo Lan was extremely tired by now, but still managed to sit up, and with a brush, she pulled out her accompanying dagger, “Although you will wake up soon after absorbing my energy, your wound is still very serious, and I need to help you with it as well.”

With that, she carefully used the dagger and took out the remnants of the wing from Neo’s body.

“It’s done.”

Murong Ruolan let out a long breath of relief and wiped away the blood on the dagger with a grass leaf.

She was too weak at this point.

So weak that she didn’t even hear the commotion around her.


A gunshot rang out.

A harsh bullet, with a windy sound, passed through Murong Ruo Lan’s arm, blood accompanying the bullet penetrating out from behind.


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