At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 355

Second brother, what are you doing here!”

Seeing the person who came, Neo was all but frozen.

It was the second brother, Lu Ling.

But then, something suddenly came to Neo’s mind, his face changed and he hurriedly blocked in front of Lu Ling, looking at Murong Ruo Lan, “Master Murong, they were momentarily excited to see me, please don’t blame them, okay.”

Neo was aware of Murong Ruo Lan’s temper and the rules of retreating from the clan that day.

He himself had nothing to do with the Lu family from now on, and naturally nothing to do with the people of the Lu family either.

That is to say, no longer could they come and go, and certainly not recognize each other!

Now, Second Brother suddenly called himself Third Brother again, which was already a serious violation of the rules, and if Murong Ruolan blamed him, Second Brother would be finished!

“Third brother, don’t be afraid of her!”

However, Lu Ling smiled faintly and deliberately increased the tone of the word third brother, “Now, it’s no longer about what she says! From now on, you are still a member of our Lu family, all the resources of the Lu family are at your disposal, and all the reputation of the Lu family is yours!”

“Lu Ling, you’re looking for death!”

The anger on Murong Ruolan’s face at this moment was, I’m afraid, stronger than any time before.

Yes, originally, this was such a good opportunity that belonged to her.

She herself had allowed Neo to return to the family, so that he would never hate herself again and understand her heart.

This was the only chance!

The only chance to make Neo feel her goodwill!

After all, Murong Ruo Lan also understood that if he told Neo directly that he liked him, I was afraid that Neo would not even believe him.

Therefore, she needed to use practical actions to make Neo feel that she was treating him well.

The best way to do this was to let Neo return to the family.

However, at this very moment, Lu Ling suddenly rushed over and told Neo that the family had let him return?

This is not only robbing me of Murong Ruolan’s credit.

And where would my Murong Ruo Lan’s face be?

After all, I was the one who told him to withdraw from the clan in the first place, and now to agree to return to the clan without my permission, treating me, Murong Ruo Lan, as if I don’t exist?

As she said that, Murong Ruo Lan’s palm on the table with a gentle force, at once, the five centimeters thick elm wood solid wood table top, as if a thick piece of ice had fallen onto the concrete floor, instantly, exploded into cracks.

Seriously, even though Lu Ling looked emboldened, he couldn’t help but blush at the sight of this scene, this, was too terrifying!

“Aigoo, Auntie Lan Ruo, we haven’t seen you for many years, why is your temper still so fiery? No wonder you’ve never been able to get married.”

Just at this moment, a dainty voice suddenly came out in an unhurried manner.

Although the voice was delicate, there was sarcasm in its tone.

At the moment of speaking, a beautiful woman walked in.

Neo couldn’t help but stare, who was this woman, how could she use such a tone of voice and speak to Murong Lanruo?

The woman had short hair, slightly bright red, was in her twenties, very pretty looking, with a white, almost translucent face, as if it had been struck with a layer of light. Neo did not recognise it.

And Murong Ruolan’s face jolted when she saw this woman.

“It’s you?!” She was shocked, as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Haha, Aunt Ruo Lan has a good memory, she still remembers me, a little girl, back then, I still have to thank your family for not killing me, otherwise, the grass in my grave might have become a forest.” The woman’s mouth seemed quite polite, but it was clear that her gaze was filled with an indefinable mockery and hostility, as well as an oily and visible smugness.

“Shang theatre fir! What are you doing here!”

Yes, the woman in front of her was none other than Uesu Sugi, the young lady of the Uesu family.

As for what Shang Xiu Suan’s mouth said about thanking the Murong Family for not killing her, obviously, that was nothing more than a taunt.

After all, the Shang Opera family and the Murong family were also on par with each other in terms of strength, and back then the two families had fallen out and the Murong family had even issued a recall order at the level of the entire clan falcon.

Luckily, in the end, the mediation of the Chuan Yin and Southern Art families did not end up in a fight.

So, now, when Shangxiu said something about not killing back then, she was actually deliberately insinuating the events of that year.

At the same time, by mentioning this, she was, obviously, implying a kind of hostility.

“What am I doing here?” Shang Xiu Suan smiled leisurely, surprisingly as if a fish, silky smoothly wrapped around Lu Ling’s arm, and her head also leaned on Lu Ling’s body, “Aunt Lan Ruo asked me what I came here for, what about you, Aunt Ruo Lan, what did you come here for? You came here to look for a man, so I can’t come here to look for a man? I heard that you scared someone into retreating from the clan, tsk, Auntie Lan Ruo has really opened my eyes, if this gets back to our Valley Continent, will Auntie Lan Ruo’s story become a beautiful story?”

The last thing he said was that he had put his arm around Lu Ling, “Tsk, the men of the Original Continent really have a better taste than those of the Valley Continent, no wonder Auntie Lan Ruo was so eager and unobtrusive to sneak here to look for a man without telling the rest of our family.

Shang Qiu Suan had a smile on his face, only, the words spoken seemed like the sting of a poisonous bee’s needle.

The anger on Murong Ruo Lan’s face, obviously, grew even more.

At this time, she finally understood what was really going on with everything.

It was Shang Xiu Suan!

This little girl had actually come to the Original Continent to join up with the Lu Family!

Moreover, it looked like she had already succeeded and was with Lu Ling!

No wonder why Lu Ling was so excited and so emboldened just now, it turned out that he had already joined hands with Shang Xiu Suan, so that the Lu family had the Shang Xiu family behind them, and even Shang Xiu Suan was now in the Lu family.

So of course the Lu family was no longer afraid of themselves.

Thinking of this, Murong Ruo Lan’s body, couldn’t help but shake a few times, her brain in a trance.

An indescribable feeling of powerlessness filled the body.

“Ah Neo, how about it, now you are relieved!” Lu Ling at this time excitedly embraced Neo, and his name had changed, he had just called him third brother, but it was just to deliberately show in front of Murong Ruolan that he and Neo had resumed their relationship and deliberately stimulate Murong Ruolan.

After all, when Murong Ruo Lan forced Neo to withdraw from the clan, Lu Ling’s heart also hated Murong Ruo Lan ah.

“Second brother!” Neo also embraced Lu Ling tightly.

He also understood at this time that it was his second brother who was with Shang Xiu Suan.

“Let’s go, Ah Neo, Grandpa and the others miss you so much, they all want you to go back to the Heavenly Island now and see you.”

“Yes, let’s go, Third Young Master, we have the helicopter ready, the Grand Master misses you.” The rest of Lu Ling’s men, who also looked very happy, gathered around Neo and said Third Young Master in one breath.

The crowd was talking and laughing here, completely ignoring Murong Ruolan.

Yes, at this time, who would care about Murong Ruolan, the great devil?

Murong Ruolan was hung out to dry, watching the crowd completely ignore her, her hands, clenched tightly, her heart, suddenly became very cold and hard again, only, underneath that hard shell, her heart, perhaps, broke.

She watched as her chance, just slipped through her fingers.

If Lu Ling and the others had come a minute later, she could have made Neo understand her apology, her heart, and that she, Murong Ruo Lan, was not the vicious woman that Neo thought she was.

But now, it was all too late.

There was no more chance for one to help Neo.

He would never know that he was trying to help him return to the family.

He would never know.

Even if one said it now, it would only be a false lie in the eyes of others!

Now there was already the help and support of the Upper Drama family.

A chance like that, no more!

Murong Ruolan hated, really hated, hated herself for being caught.

Caught by people, she hated people.

Caught by fate and the heavens, she hated fate and the heavens!

“Go, do you really think you can walk away! No one is allowed to take Neo away!” Murong Ruo Lan Ruo Lan’s voice instantly silenced the crowd once again.

“Master Murong Zhuang, you are too domineering! Too vicious, isn’t it enough that you have harmed my third brother! Now he’s hardly going back to the clan and you want to stop it, do you want to watch him suffer for the rest of his life and force him to die!” Lu Ling was furious, back then, at the Retreat Clan meeting, he was furious, but he didn’t dare to say it.

But now, he was considered the son-in-law of the Shang Opera family!

He wanted to speak up for his third brother!

Murong Ruo Lan was trembling with anger as she listened to Lu Ling’s accusations.

How would I want to see Neo suffer for the rest of his life, how would I force him, I like it better than all of you ……


Murong Ruo Lan slammed a fierce slap on Lu Ling’s face, “Get lost, you are not qualified to speak to me yet!”

“Murong Ruo Lan, don’t eat your punishment with respect to wine! Even if I can’t beat you, do you dare to start a war against our Shangxiu family right now!” The top expert of your clan, not only did you not rush back to the clan immediately to rescue them, but you are still It doesn’t make sense for you to be here to make a fuss.”

Murong Ruolan couldn’t help but tremble when she heard Shang Xiu Suan’s words.

“You, how do you know?”

“That’s none of your business.” Shang Xiu Suan smiled smugly, and then his face also turned cold, “Murong Ruolan, leave our business alone, you’d better take care of yourself!”

With that, Shang Xiu Suan pulled Lu Ling and took Neo with him, and all of them were about to leave.

Murong Ruolan knew that she was bound to return to the clan, and knew that this time, she might not be able to return.

Now she watched Neo leave, and with a huge misunderstanding of herself.

Her heart, for the first time, felt the pain that had been completely suppressed.

Just how strong of an emotion did one have to feel to truly let go of forty years of pride?

“Neo, wait a minute!” Murong Ruolan felt as if her voice was not even her own, “I, I have something to say, can I talk to you alone, just for a moment!”

After saying that, her heart was beating violently.

She had to tell Neo what she really thought!

“Murong Ruo Lan, are you still not dead, are you trying to find an opportunity to lay your hands on Ah Neo! You’re too poisonous, you’re already like this and you still don’t know how to let go! I’m telling you, it’s not possible!” Lu Ling said angrily.

“That’s right, Auntie Ruo Lan, I advise you to be kind.” Shang Xiu Shan turned back with another faint smile, and the crowd pulled Neo away without answering with their heads.


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