At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 354


The buckle is unfastened!

There seemed to be a sound of something being pressed and then suddenly popping open!

But Neo didn’t care, all he cared about at this moment was the portrait, and whether Murong Ruo Lan would wake up.

Luckily, everything was still normal.

Neo’s hand, keeping it as smooth as possible, poked in through the untied clothes ……

“What does this guy want to do to me?” Murong Ruolan muttered in her heart.

Yes, she had actually woken up long ago.

When Neo came close to her, she had already woken up.

After all, with her ability, how could someone like Neo get close to her so easily.

However, although Murong Ruo Lan was awake, she still pretended to be asleep, she just wanted to see what Neo wanted to do.

When Neo started to undo her buttons, Murong Ruo Lan’s heart beat a little faster.

This kid, this, what the hell is this!

If it was for someone else, not to mention unbuttoning Murong Ruo Lan, even if her hand touched the button, Murong Ruo Lan would have slapped the other party away.

But now, Murong Ruolan was still motionless.

And when Neo’s hand began to probe into the clothes and feel around.

Murong Ruolan then felt as if her body was electrocuted.

The whole person almost stiffened.

A bold thought appeared in her mind.

This kid, could it be, is plotting against me?!

It must be!

But, why has he suddenly become so bold, isn’t he worried that if I wake up, he will kill him!

But wait, Murong Ruo Lan suddenly had a brain flicker and a sudden realization dawned on her.

Yes, this guy had always liked me after all, and now that he was alone in a room together, he must not be able to resist.

Although I told him that I hadn’t looked at the portrait, he must not have believed me either.

Then, too, he must have thought that I had now understood that he liked me.

And I knew he liked me, but I didn’t get mad, so did this guy finally get the hang of it and see that I liked him?

That’s why he dared to be so bold and come on to me?

Murong Ruolan’s heart beat faster, but the person remained motionless.

Allowing Neo to grope around her body.

To be honest, she had never experienced this kind of feeling before, and it was far more intense than the day Neo suddenly embraced her on the Green Snake Mountain.

Murong Ruolan held her breath and tried to control her body’s trembling.

She was afraid that Neo might notice that she had woken up and scare him away.

Neo, on the other hand, had been watching Murong Ruo Lan’s reaction and was apprehensive.

But fortunately, the woman slept so hard that she never woke up.

When he finally reached the portrait, he held back his excitement and carefully pulled his hand out of Murong Ruolan’s arms.

When Neo took the portrait and completely pulled it out of Murong Ruolan’s arms, Neo’s heart was immediately relieved.


Finally, it had worked!


However, just as Neo was about to leave and find a place to hide the portrait.

He received a slap on the face.

He was stunned, and when he looked up again, he was surprised to see that Murong Ruo Lan had, at some point, woken up and was now looking at him angrily.

“Bastard, who told you to come and steal something!” The portrait was back in Murong Ruo Lan’s hand, and Neo didn’t even react much.

Yes, Murong Ruo Lan was angry.

She thought that Neo was plotting against her, but in the end, she had come to steal the portrait!

How could Murong Ruolan not be angry?

Neo didn’t say a word, covered his face and went back to his place with a grudge.

What could he say?

This woman herself was an unreasonable person.

When he returned to his place, Neo’s heart was in a state of despair.

He leaned against the rock wall, head bowed, not saying a word.

His heart was in turmoil.

Was he really going to be imprisoned by Murong Ruolan for the rest of his life?

When Murong Ruolan saw Neo in such a disheveled state, she was also a bit anxious in her heart.

She shouldn’t have hit him just now.

But, then again, she really couldn’t hold back just now.

After all, she was already a bit irritable, not to mention, who would have thought that this kid had pawed at her for half a day, just to steal back the portrait?

With such a big difference, of course Murong Ruo Lan was disappointed and it was not surprising that she made a move.

But when she calmed down, Murong Ruolan regretted it again.

In her heart, she was anxious about how she was going to develop their relationship.

In this kind of atmosphere, she was definitely too embarrassed to take the initiative to spill her heart first, and this guy didn’t look like he would spill his heart first either.

If things go on like this, he might get more and more disgusted with himself, and if things go on like this, he might not really like himself anymore.

So, is it really only possible for him to take the initiative and confess his feelings?

But in all these years, over forty years, I have never taken the initiative to confess my love to anyone, not to mention confessing, I have never even taken the initiative to put myself down and ask someone for something!

He himself is high and proud, and now he has to confess his love to a young man from a lowly family?


Murong Ruo Lan suddenly had a cross heart, yes, there is always a first time for everything, so let’s make an exception for ourselves! This time, confess your own love!

Yes, why not?

She herself had travelled all over half of China in search of this guy.

Now that this guy was right in front of him, why didn’t he put aside his status and pride and go for his happiness?

Still, in the cave, of course, it wouldn’t work.

Murong Ruolan thought better of it, went to Jincheng, found the best and most romantic restaurant, and then confessed her love to him.

The next day, Murong Ruolan did, and took Neo with her, and went back to Jincheng.

Chengdu Restaurant.

It was a very upscale Chinese and Western restaurant, with soft music, bright yellow ambient lights, exquisite dishes, and a quiet environment, it was indeed very suitable for couples to dine here.

“Wait, I’ll be right back, but don’t you think about running away, you know my methods!”

Murong Ruo Lan rushed across the table to Neo and left the table, going to the washroom.

In the washroom.

Murong Ruolan carefully checked her appearance to make sure that she now looked and was in the best condition, then she looked into the mirror and rehearsed the words she had prepared long ago, once more.

Only then did she take a deep breath and walk out of the bathroom.

“Master Zhuang!”

However, just as she walked out of the bathroom, her men appeared again.

“What’s going on! Didn’t I tell you! I have something to do here, so I won’t go back to the clan! There may not be any big deal with the Yan-level recall order!” Seeing the henchmen, Murong’s face sank.

“No, Master Zhuang, the clan has issued another recall order after them, this time, look!”

Without waiting for Murong Ruo Lan’s order, the henchman hurriedly handed the recall order that had been issued retroactively, with both hands, to Murong Ruo Lan.

One look at that recall order.

Murong Ruolan’s face instantly went white and her body shook.

“Eagle rank?!”

She almost couldn’t believe her eyes in general as she took that paper paper.

Yes, the fluttering peach blossoms were undoubtedly the symbol of the family, except that the blindingly red-coloured eagle characters made Murong Ruolan not even dare to look straight at them.

Ever since she was a child, she had received a bird level, a swallow level, and the only time she had received a falcon level, however, she had never received an eagle level recall order!

And that one Falcon-level recall order was serious enough.

That time, it was the outbreak of conflict between the Murong Family and the Shang Opera Family, and both families recalled all the fighting forces of their families, and a great battle was inevitable.

If it wasn’t for the Chuanyin Family and the Southern Arts Family mediating in the middle later on, I’m afraid it would have really come to blows.

And now, the family’s recall order, surprisingly, was of the Eagle level!

Could it be that what was feared, had really come?!

Under such circumstances, would one still not return to the clan?

Back, one must go back.

But, if it was really the case that one was worried about, then this time, one might never be able to return!

What about Neo?

This guy had left the clan because of himself.

He had been out there for so long, and the suffering he had endured was by no means something he wanted to see.

If I just left and left him here, wouldn’t he continue to suffer?

No, one must not let him go on like this.

“Village Master, leave that boy alone, there is no way you can bring him back to the Valley Continent to continue to be punished, the clan will not agree to let any other person use the passageway, in my opinion, since your residual anger is still fresh, Village Master, why not finish him off here and then let’s go back to the clan, our Murong clan, what’s wrong with killing someone here.”

Seeing that Murong Ruo Lan seemed to still want to go back to the table, thinking that she still wanted to take Neo back to continue his punishment, her hand hurriedly said, and with those words, she had already flipped out her dagger in her hand.


Murong Ruo Lan smashed a slap on the face of her men, “Get lost and go wait for me at the passage station, I will be there soon.”

The henchman froze and dared not say anything as he walked away.

Murong Ruo Lan took a deep breath and walked towards the table, secretly thinking in her heart, it was time to let Neo return to his clan, so that at least after she left, there was no one to protect him, then there was still his clan to protect him.

Although he had held a retreat and made a vow, but since he had left the clan because of himself, he could of course nullify everything!

And if I let him return to the clan, I believe that this guy will understand what he wants!

I, Murong Ruolan, am not a woman who reveals her heart, but I will make you feel my sincerity and heart!

Thinking that, Murong Ruolan took a deep breath and walked straight towards the table.

“Neo ……”

The first time she sat down in front of Neo, she looked at him steadily, suddenly she felt that Neo seemed to have lost some weight compared to the first time she was on the Green Snake, thinking about this, a few moments of self-blame rose up in her heart, it was all because of herself ah.

It was time to make amends.

“What for?”

Honestly, Neo didn’t know what Murong Ruo Lan was doing here today and why she had brought herself here for dinner.

This woman was very odd and perverted, and her methods were poisonous, so one must be careful.

And at this moment, being stared at by Murong Ruolan, Neo’s heart was also furred.

“That, I decided to let you ……”

“Third brother! Haha, I’ve finally found you! Go home! Grandpa said to let you return to the family!” Just at this time, a group of people suddenly rushed to the table, with a youth at the head, saying loudly in a pompous manner.

With that, the youth also looked at Murong Ruo Lan next to him with a kind of vengeful smugness, “Grandpa also said, don’t care about the Murong family!”


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