At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 353

“What level?”

Murong Ruolan frowned.

Honestly, at this moment, she didn’t want to hear any news about the clan, let alone go back to the clan now.

After all, she had just “made progress” with the man she liked.

“Rank Yan.” Her handkerchief respectfully handed over a piece of paper.

In the top left corner, a peach blossom branch was painted in a realistic style, and in the middle of the paper, a red ochre ‘Yan’ character surrounded by ○ was printed.

Murong Ruolan’s brow furrowed even tighter at this point.

This was the family’s recall order.

Although the swallow rank was not the highest, it still represented a certain degree of urgency.

Bird, swallow, falcon, eagle.

These were the four levels of the Murong family’s recall order.

In general family gatherings, members of the Murong family who were away would receive a Bird level recall, no more than when someone in the family had a baby and hosted a banquet, or when someone had practised a certain mastery of martial arts and had a celebration party or something like that. In such cases, it doesn’t matter if someone returns or not.

But the level of Yan is much higher, usually it is the birthday of an important elder of the family, or the Murong family collectively vote on some important event, or even there is an enemy coming, in this case, the Murong members who are outside must generally go home.

There was nothing else on the note, only the peach branch representing the Murong family, and the word Yan representing rank.

This is normal, the note is just a symbol to represent the return, the simpler it is the more likely it is to be sent out first, after all there are quite a few Murong members out in the field. At the same time, even if they were intercepted halfway, they would not reveal the secrets of the Murong family.

“Master Zhuang, should we prepare and then get up and go back to ……”

“Go out!”

It was as if these words had suddenly irritated Murong Ruo Lan, and she shouted angrily.

The handlers immediately froze, not knowing for a moment what their master meant.

This was the family’s Yan-level recall order.

“Zhuang master, this is a Yan level ah, let’s just honestly comply, although that kid from the Lu family offended you need to be punished, but compared to the family, it’s irrelevant ……” said the henchman.

The man said.

The first thing you need to do is to get back to your home.

The henchman was stunned, but obviously did not dare to say anything else.

She picked up the packed breakfast and quickly left the restaurant.

The bus leading to the mountain village rattled on the rugged mountain road, with chickens flying and people making noise.

Murong Ruolan sat against the window, staring blankly at the portrait in her hand, welcoming the daylight outside the window, the people in the portrait, as if they were alive, and every now and then the shadows of the trees outside the window swept past the portrait, as if in time.

She looked at it for a long, long time, her hand, gently brushing over the face of the portrait.

Finally, she gently folded up the portrait and carefully placed it back in her arms.

Then, she took out the recall order paper paper and gently tore the two pieces, folded them, and tore them again ……

Her movements were light and slow, but there was no hesitation, no pause.

The bus window of the mountain road was suddenly opened and a string of paper fragments, as if they were butterflies, flew out of the window in a flurry, limping between the lush green leaves on the roadside.

Inside the car, Murong Ruo Lan’s mind suddenly recalled that figure from more than twenty years ago.

The lonely figure that walked out of the family’s imposing gates towards the endless distance, her shadow long in the sunset, with only a maid stumbling by her side.

That figure had a name, Murong Hong.

One used to call her second sister.

Back then, Murong Ruo Lan could not understand why her second sister would fall out with the family for a man who was a no-good vagrant, and ended up in the tragic end of being banished from the family and sent to another continent to be married off.

“Now, I perhaps, finally understand the state of mind of my second sister back then ……” murmured Murong Ruolan.

Back then, Murong Ruolan had also seen that wandering man who had charmed her second sister to the core, and honestly, at that time, she could not look up to that man either.

However, how much more could this Neo look like now?

Although he was a young master of a family, but looking at it, wasn’t he also very wasteful and hangdog?

Half an hour later, Murong Ruolan finally returned to the cave.

“Where is it, where is it?”

As soon as he entered the cave, he saw that Neo was anxiously walking around the cave, his mouth chattering, as if he was looking for something.

“You’re looking for something.”

Seeing Neo like this, Murong Ruolan’s heart was happy, she had already guessed what Neo was looking for, “Is it this?”

Murong Ruolan took out the folded portrait in her arms and looked at Neo with interest, only, on the surface, she was still cold.

Neo was taken aback, how come it was in this woman’s hand?!

Yes, it was the portrait of Zhou Yun that Neo was looking for.

When he woke up this morning, he felt the portrait in his arms and it was gone.

If he was really locked up here for the rest of his life by that woman Murong Ruo Lan, then maybe this painting was the only thing he had to hold on to when he missed Zhou Yun.

At this moment, seeing the folded portrait in Murong Ruolan’s hand, Neo was shocked and panicked, not knowing what to do at once.

“You, have seen it?”

Neo asked subconsciously, and his heart was beating violently.

It was over, if Murong Ruo Lan had seen it, then wouldn’t Zhou Yun be exposed?

Zhou Yun’s mother was kicked out by the Murong family, so Zhou Yun must not be treated by the Murong family either.

If she knew that Murong Hong had a daughter, according to her character, she would probably turn against Zhou Yun.

And when Murong Ruo Lan saw how eager Neo looked, she laughed in her heart.

This guy was hiding his portrait, obviously interested in himself in his heart, but he didn’t dare to express it.

It was quite cute.

However, Murong Ruo Lan did not intend to break him down so quickly, after all, she and he had been together for a long time, it would be meaningless if he suddenly broke it down.

It was only interesting if you took your time.

“Oh, your stuff, I don’t care to read it.” Murong Ruolan deliberately said that she hadn’t looked. When she saw the reassuring expression on Neo’s face, she felt even more interesting in her heart.

“Give it back to me, it’s mine.” When Neo heard Murong Ruolan say that she didn’t look at it, he was relieved, great, fortunately he didn’t look at it, if she had looked at it, it would be really hard to explain.

“Wait a minute.”

Murong Ruolan was feeling interesting in her heart at this moment, how could she just give the portrait back to Neo.

“This thing, is it important?” Murong Ruolan deliberately asked.

“Eh, it’s quite important.” Neo said in his heart, “Damn, this thing is incredibly important, okay, but he didn’t dare to show that he cared too much.

Murong Ruolan hummed, hum, brat, from your eyes, I can clearly see that this thing is very important to you, but instead you just say it’s kinda important?

But well, Murong was still very happy in his heart.

His own portrait, it was the most important thing to this guy, and he was still so anxious to find it after losing it, hehehe.

“It’s still important? Oh, then I’m interested, what is this?” Murong Ruo Lan continued to tease Neo, and as she spoke, she made a move to open the portrait.

Now Neo is really anxious, if this woman sees ……

“Ah, this, here is just my circuit design diagram when I graduated from college!” The woman’s heart is not in the right place.

“Oh, I’m not interested in this.” Murong Ruo Lan was just making a show, she didn’t really want to open the portrait, after all, she had already seen the portrait, at this time, she was just deliberately teasing Neo.

Seeing Neo’s sweaty and anxious look, and saying that it was a circuit design, Murong Ruolan felt even more amused in her heart.

You guy, in order not to reveal your mind, you even pulled this kind of lie.

“But, can I have it now?” Neo asked cautiously.

Murong Ruolan looked at Neo with interest.

For the first time, she felt that she had taken control of Neo.

Yes, although this guy usually behaved in a very hangdog and wasteful way, and looked quite afraid of himself, Murong Ruo Lan could see that this guy had never really cared about himself either, and never really showed his inner emotions.

But now this portrait, for the first time, made Neo really anxious, really worried.

“What proof do you have that this is yours!”

With a sudden coldness on her face, Murong Ruolan put the portrait back into her arms again, walked to the other side of the cave and lay down on the artemisia grass.

Neo was immediately left there, with a dumbfounded look on his face.

His heart was in his mouth, after all this time, this woman had played a trick on him.

Neo’s heart was very anxious.

He saw that this woman was not going to return it.

Although she hasn’t looked at it yet, there’s no guarantee that she will sooner or later.

When the time came, it would not be easy.

Thinking about it, Neo couldn’t help but take a peek in Murong Ruo Lan’s direction.

This time, Neo could not help but feel a movement in his heart.

Somehow, Murong Ruo Lan had fallen asleep.

At this moment, she was lying on her side, with her back to Neo, not moving at all, looking as if she was asleep.

A bold idea appeared in Neo’s mind.

The opportunity was too good to miss!

Thinking, Neo tiptoed, gently, crawled on the ground and carefully approached Murong Ruo Lan’s side.

Cough ……

Neo deliberately coughed gently twice.

Murong Ruo Lan did not have any reaction.

Neo’s boldness grew a bit more.

He knelt behind Murong Ruo Lan’s back, not touching Murong Ruo Lan’s body as much as possible, then gently used one hand and unbuttoned Murong Ruo Lan’s clothes.

Honestly, Neo was also very nervous and worried that at this time, Murong Ruo Lan would suddenly wake up.

If she found out that she was like this, then I’m afraid I would be killed by her!

However, Neo had no choice, this was the best chance he could get!

He would steal the portrait back while she was asleep!


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