At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 352

Neo didn’t say anything.

His heart, it was about to despair.

He had just apologized so sincerely, but he had gotten this result in return.

He had clearly told her that he did not really want to molest her, he had only admitted his mistake, but she still gave him several big slaps in succession.

At this time, Neo also understood that it seemed that Murong Ruo Lan was bent on fixing herself, and it didn’t matter whether she had done it on purpose or not.

The reason is, she just doesn’t like herself and wants to fix herself.

If that was the case, then wouldn’t it be useless for her to say anything?

She was indeed a vicious woman!

Neo had now clearly recognized Murong Ruo Lan’s poisonous face, and had died in his heart.

Just at this time.

In his ears, there was the sound of rushing water.

The sound of the water was particularly clear, a very crisp and soulful sound that made one’s mind think of a crystal clear stream as soon as one heard the sound, as if one could see the sand and stones at the bottom of the river.

Uh, yes, that woman was taking a bath!

In Neo’s mind, a woman bathing in the water could not help but come to mind.

His heart was also beating a little faster.

At this time, if he crept over quietly, he might be able to see ……

But soon, he calmed down again, that vicious woman, what was there to see.

Besides, he himself was not that kind of person.

And at that moment, beyond the cave.

A pool of crystal clear water was hidden amidst the stone walls and miscellaneous trees.

At the end of the pool of water, a waterfall slowly flowed and poured into the pool, the waterfall was very slow, as if it was a ribbon of silky feeling.

The waterfall is located just outside the cave, so close to the cave that you can get a perfect view of the waterhole from the cave entrance.

Although it was night time, the night sky was clear and cloudless, and the moonlight had spread a silver glow over the whole earth, so that everything could be seen clearly in the moonlight.

In the middle of the pool, a woman, half her body exposed, was stirring the clear water.

Although she is forty years old, her skin is still as smooth and firm as a young girl’s, her curves perfect and atmospheric, her gelatinous skin reflecting the moonlight.

The moonlight shone through the mist of the mountains and forests, becoming a soft stage light that struck the woman’s body, and a fine, fairy-like mist of water danced and lingered beside her pretty body in this moonlight.

The only sound in the quiet mountain forest was the occasional clattering of the water.

It echoed in the valley, as if tantalising the young man’s heart.

And yet.

It was a beautiful sight with no audience and no one to appreciate it.

“This waste, how gutless!”

Murong Ruolan, her clothes removed, stood in the middle of the pool, but her attention, however, was always on the entrance of the cave.

She was waiting, and expecting.

Earlier in the cave, even though Neo had spoken the truth.

But Murong Ruo Lan did not believe it, her always confident character made her unable to really disbelieve it, after all, even in the Valley Continent, she herself was still pursued by many people, even now at the age of forty.

On the other hand, she didn’t want to believe it either.

Yes, how could she accept the fact that Neo did not like herself?

It was never possible!

So, she tried it by taking a bath.

This guy, I suppose, would not be able to resist spying on himself.

After all, he must like himself.

Honestly, when Murong Ruolan made this decision, her heart was also surprisingly pounding.

After all, there had never been a man who had seen his own body before!

At this moment, Murong Ruo Lan was in a slightly shy mood.

However, the truth hit her hard. After posing in the water for half a day, it turned out that no one had come out to see it at all.

A clatter!

Murong Ruo Lan’s body moved gently, as if she was a jumping fish, with a wave of water, she went up from the water pool.

With a gentle shake of her hand, the wide clothing unfolded in the moonlight as if it were a huge net.

It fell lightly on her white jade-like shoulders, enveloping that flawless body.

Murong Ruolan’s body swayed and the man entered the cave.

“Good, punk, not bad, you really didn’t peek, fortunately you know what you’re doing, otherwise I would have killed you!” Murong Ruo Lan said loudly as soon as she entered the cave.

Yes, she had to say it.

Even though she actually wanted Neo to peek.

If Neo had really peeked, she would still be rejoicing in her heart and then she would pretend that she didn’t notice.

But now, when Neo really didn’t peek, she felt a sense of shame.

After all, for a self-absorbed woman like her to put down her status for the first time and try to hook up with someone, only to fail to do so, was a kind of destruction to her heart.

Therefore, she had to make amends for the aftermath immediately!

That was why Murong Ruolan had shouted out these words as soon as she entered the cave.

In fact, it was just to cover up the panic inside her and to recover a little confidence and aura.

However, there was no response.

Murong Ruolan was stunned, and only then did she realise that Neo had, at some point, fallen asleep.

This almost made Murong Ruolan angry.

She was bathing outside, and she told you about it, but you didn’t even peek, and you fell asleep in the cave?

Murong Ruo Lan was really angry, and directly raised her hand, this slap, was about to go down.

However, at this moment, it happened that the moonlight came in from the cave entrance and shone right on Neo’s sleeping side face.

The soft moonlight was like a lover’s hand, caressing Neo’s bashful, yet firm side face.

Murong Ruolan looked at Neo’s side face and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

Her hand, which was raised, slowly dropped.

She couldn’t help but gently brush her hand against Neo’s face.

This time, Murong Ruolan’s heart beat even harder, and her face even burned a little.

Although her hand, and Neo’s face, is not the first time to contact.

But, after all, the previous contact was a big ear scrape, this time, it was her gentle touch.

Just like that, Murong Ruolan gently stroked.

“You fool, why can’t you read my mind? If you like me, just say so, why do you keep me guessing?” Murong Ruo Lan’s gaze lowered, compared to the harshness in the daytime, her gaze at this moment, however, was as soft as the fluttering fallen leaves in the autumn.

“I am a woman, do you have to wait for me to say it?” Murong Ruo Lan’s hand, gently walked over the side of Neo’s face, “Why were you so bold on Green Snake Mountain, but now you are so cowering! You said you didn’t do it on purpose, I don’t believe it, isn’t that what girls are all about, catching up?”

“Or is it that you really don’t like me? Am I really going to be alone for the rest of my life?”

Murong Ruolan murmured, her despondent eyes, in the cold cave moonlight, seemed to melt away.

Just at this time, Neo rolled over and snapped, and something fell off his body.

It was a piece of paper.

It was folded a few times and the size of a palm.

Murong Ruolan subconsciously picked it up, and with a shake of her hand, the paper unfolded with a clatter, a very large piece of paper, as big as a pillow!

Facing the moonlight, Murong Ruolan glanced at it, and then, all of a sudden, she froze.

This, this is my portrait?

Murong Ruolan’s melancholy and sorrowful eyes were instantly swept away, and she barely delayed any time as her body swayed and she was already out of the cave entrance.

The bright moonlight outside the cave hit the portrait, and the person in the portrait was as if it had come alive.

Murong Ruo Lan’s eyes were wide open, she could not believe it.

Who else could it be, if not herself?

This kid, actually hiding his own portrait, on him?

Murong Ruo Lan didn’t need to think about where this portrait came from, there was no need to think, it was definitely Neo who had thought about her day and night after looking at her and then drew it down himself.

So he had always liked her too!

The idea of this, Murong Ruo Lan’s heart, a moment again bloomed.

If you had known you liked me, you wouldn’t have been slapped by me if you had just said so, you were so stupid!

If you like me, why didn’t you say so, because you were embarrassed?

Fine, don’t worry, I won’t break it to you.

Of course, I won’t volunteer my thoughts either!

Then let’s have a competition to see who can’t help it first and who will take the initiative to say it first!

I will keep this portrait for you for the time being!

Murong Ruo Lan carefully folded the portrait and put it in her arms, with a hint of excitement, she also found a place in the cave and slept.

The next day, just after dawn, Murong Ruolan woke up.

She couldn’t sleep either because she was in such an overly excited mood.

After waking up, she saw that Neo was still awake.

She could not help but smile in her heart, good, brat, since you are fond of me, then I will not treat you badly today!

Let you have some delicious food today!

Thinking, Murong Ruo Lan went out of the cave, and in less than half an hour, her people, had arrived within the city of Jincheng.

“Two breakfast sets, one packed.”

In KFC, Murong Ruo Lan packed one breakfast for Neo, she herself carried the other one, sat at the window seat, and ate it with taste.

As she ate, she couldn’t help but pick up the portrait again and unfold it to admire it carefully.

The more I looked at it, the happier I felt.

If it was really possible, I would be content to live in that cave for the rest of my life!

At that moment.

“Master Zhuang!”

Suddenly, a voice came from behind him.

Startled, Murong Ruolan hurriedly folded the portrait and turned around to see that it was none other than her own men.

In fact, of course she wouldn’t be casually startled and frightened by any voice, just because what she was holding just now was her own portrait, and what she was thinking in her heart was the mind of a young child.

So all of a sudden she panicked.

“What is it!” Murong Ruo Lan looked at her men and her face was cold, “Didn’t I say that I told you to move around casually and not to disturb me when you arrived in Jincheng!”

“No, Master Zhuang, there is a message from the clan, asking you to return to the headquarters at once!”


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