At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 351

Besides, Murong Ruo Lan was out to see the scenery with a happy heart, but in the cave, Neo’s heart, on the other hand, sank.

It was over, it was really over now.

It seemed that he was really going to be locked up in this cave for the rest of his life.

Neo did not doubt Murong Ruo Lan’s threat.

This woman had been able to force herself to leave the clan because she had publicly rejected her alliance, and even just after she had left the clan’s Heavenly Island, she couldn’t wait to send someone after her.

It was clear how ruthless and cruel this woman’s methods were.

She must have hated herself with a passion.

And one would have thought that Murong Ruo Lan had failed to land a single blow, but had managed to drive herself out of the clan, and the matter would have passed.

After all, there was no real deep hatred between herself and her.

It was already a great punishment to make oneself leave the clan and have to live as an ordinary person.

However, after such a long time had passed, this woman had actually continued to track herself down, even all the way to Jincheng, as if she was a lone wolf full of hatred, clinging to her!

Now that she was imprisoned in this cave, she was afraid that she wanted to torture herself slowly.

More than torture, Neo was afraid that he would never be able to leave this place again and would never be able to see Zhou Yun again.

When he thought of this, Neo’s heart shook violently, and an indescribable fear gripped him.

Yes, when Zhou Yun came home, what would happen to her?

First she would see that she was not at home, she might think that she was not back yet, and she would cook while waiting for her return.

If she had succeeded in her job interview today, she would also be in a cheerful mood and cook her best meal, making it a little richer than usual, while waiting for herself to come back.

Then, when the meal was ready and laid out on the table, she would certainly not eat it first.

She would sit off to the side, preferring to put up with herself, and slowly continue to wait for herself, coming back to eat together.

The steaming meal would eventually cool slowly under the daylight, and the night would deepen.

Finally, in the dead of night, all the lights around the house will slowly go out one by one, but in the end, as long as the fourth floor of this dilapidated courtyard, the dim light is still quietly on.

Under the light, Zhou Yun would gradually become agitated, she would anxiously pace back and forth, go to the balcony to watch and listen for any movement at the front door, she would dial her mobile phone and then hear the cold beep of ‘The user dialed is switched off’ inside.

Then her face would look more anxious, she would be at a loss for words, would she throw on her coat and rush off into the night?

But how would she know what to do and where to go in the middle of the night, with no news at all?

One day, two days ……

How would she make it through each day?

From then on, every day, she looked forward to her return.

Yet, one knows that her expectation will never bear fruit.

When he thought of this, Neo’s breath caught, and an indefinable pain and despair filled his brain so tightly that he almost went mad.


One must go back!

But how to go back?

It was impossible to rely on himself, don’t even think about it.

Then, he could only rely on Murong Ruolan.

Fighting, I am no match for this woman.

Then, the only way is to beg!

Apologise to this woman and beg her to let herself go.

At this point in time, this was the only way out.

Tell her that she felt guilty in her heart and that she should not have refused her alliance in public.

Yes, it was no wonder she was so angry. After all, she seemed to be a woman with a high and proud heart, not to mention being born into a super family, and it was inevitable that she would feel bad about being rejected in public, even though she had probably never been a woman who was submissive and obeyed, so her own rejection had provoked her into such a rage.

Moreover, she should still be a very self-absorbed woman, and her own rejection of her was a blow to her self-confidence. That’s why she hates herself so much, right?

Then, he should apologise to her and tell her that she was pretty and that he was a very hangdog and wasteful person, so he had rejected her because he didn’t feel worthy of her.

Thinking of this, it was as if Neo’s heart suddenly had a glimmer of hope, and he was expecting Murong Ruo Lan to come back to the cave at this time, and apologize to her and beg for forgiveness himself.

But, wait!

Suddenly, another thought popped up in Neo’s mind.

A thought that almost made him break out in a cold sweat.

No, was Murong Ruo Lan really hating herself because she had refused her alliance?

Was she really tracking herself all the way down because of this?

This woman’s psychology was really quite inscrutable at all.

Perhaps, she was just saying that because she was saying it on the surface, but in fact, the reason why she was pursuing her all the way was not because she had disgraced herself by rejecting her in public!

And could it be that it was because she had taken her for Zhou Yun and embraced her at the Green Snake Mountain in the first place?

Thinking of this, Neo couldn’t help but feel a stirring in his heart.

That’s right, it must be! Murong Ruo Lan looked like a very self-respecting woman, and it would have been a very humiliating thing for her to hug her, and she was in the way of her position and status, so naturally she could not bring this up.

But this was the thing that she cared about the most!

Neo was thinking about this when the cave entrance shifted and Murong Ruo Lan returned.

Outside the cave, Murong Ruo Lan looked at the beautiful sunset and the twilight of the mountains and forests, as if the whole mountain was just her and Neo’s world, a feeling of indescribable joy rose up in her heart.

However, once she returned to the cave and saw Neo, Murong Ruo Lan’s heart felt a bit annoyed again.

Yes, she was indeed disturbed by the sight of Neo.

Of course, it was not because she hated Neo, but on the contrary, because she liked him.

However, although she liked it, she was too embarrassed to say it directly, however, she was embarrassed to say it, even if she was a woman, but this punk, she didn’t feel anything at all, did this punk not even realize that she actually liked him?

It was clear that she and Neo were now together, but the window paper in between could not be pierced, Murong Ruo Lan’s heart, of course, was annoyed, even to the extent that she felt a kind of torture that drove her a little crazy.

This punk keeps talking about refusing marriage, can’t this idiot see that what he is really angry about is not the shame of being rejected, but the ecstasy of being held by him on the Green Snake Mountain?

You were so bold on the Green Snake Mountain, why are you afraid to take the initiative now?

At this moment, Murong Ruolan really wanted to give Neo a few slaps on the face, so that he could think about what to say!

“Master Murong Zhuang.”

At this time, Neo also saw Murong Ruolan come in, and took a deep breath in his heart, it was time to test whether his guess was right or not.

“What?” Murong Ruolan said coldly.

“I still remember that I suddenly hugged you …… on the Green Snake Mountain,” Neo said slowly, watching Murong Ruolan’s face as he spoke.

The first time I heard this, I didn’t expect Neo to mention it.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items.

He’s finally going to reveal his heart?

If you don’t like me, why would you molest me?

“Oh, yes, what do you want to say.” But despite the elation in her heart, Murong Ruo Lan’s face, of course, wouldn’t show it, it was still cold.

“I want to say, I’m sorry ……” Neo peeked at Murong Ruo Lan’s face and found that her face was still cold and frosty, in his heart he knew that Murong Ruo Lan must still blame himself, he couldn’t help but say, “I shouldn’t have treated you like that, in fact, I I really didn’t mean to do it ……”

“Not on purpose?”

Murong Ruolan heart, immediately frowned, what does this mean?

“Well, at that time, I just recognized the wrong person, saw your back and thought of someone else, so,……” Neo said in one breath, finished, Neo’s heart also had a few moments of apprehension and expectation.

This way, Murong Ruo Lan, should understand that he did not really want to molest her, right?

Perhaps she would forgive herself?

Yes, it was just a misunderstanding.


Neo felt a hot slap on his face.

When he looked up, he saw Murong Ruolan staring at him angrily.

At once, Neo was frozen.

What the hell is this?

He had already said that he didn’t mean it, he didn’t really mean to molest her, but this woman still hit him?

What the hell was she doing?

“Master Murong?” Neo endured the pain on his face, thinking that Murong Ruolan did not understand, and wanted to continue to explain.


Murong Ruo Lan’s speed was as quick as lightning, she slapped over, and only after a while did Neo smell the fragrant breeze coming from her wrist.

“Say you just did it on purpose! Say it!” Murong Ruolan’s face was like frost at this moment, making Neo feel a slight chill, “Say you just wanted to molest me! Say you’re not mistaken for someone else!”


Neo was stunned, what was wrong with this woman?

She had clearly said that she had mistaken me for someone else and that she didn’t mean it.

Suddenly, Neo understood.

This woman was asking herself to say that, to make her admit to the crime so that she could have a reason to continue punishing herself!

This was the legendary “bending over backwards”!

No matter what, she already hated herself so much that she had to pour dirty water on herself so that she could have an excuse to torture herself!

After all, the Murong family is also a family, and these families boast of their fame, so whatever they do, they have a crowning reason.

Therefore, Murong Ruolan forced herself to admit that she had deliberately molested her, forcing herself to accept this crime.

What a vicious woman!

“I won’t lie!” Neo was furious, gritting his teeth and looking at Murong Ruolan, “I didn’t do it on purpose!”


A loud slap.

“I just misidentified the wrong person!”


A crisp slap!

“I wasn’t even trying to molest you!”

Slap, slap!

A loud and crisp slap.

Murong Ruo Lan’s eyes were truly filled with rage, her breath was coming in sharply, her heart was heaving and her entire body felt like it was going weak.

This punk, what the hell is he talking about?

How could you not have done it on purpose, how could you not have really wanted to molest me?

You obviously did it on purpose, looking at me and hugging me.

Bastard, the strength and fire of your embrace, I could feel it!

I’m going to make you admit it!

If you don’t admit it, I’ll beat you up until you do!

But, finally.

“I didn’t mean it!” Neo was also fierce, yes, he didn’t mean to do it, he just thought you were Zhou Yun.

Wouldn’t it be an insult to Zhou Yun to say that he had molested you on purpose?

What’s more, there is still …… an aunt-nephew relationship between you.


Murong Ruolan raised her hand, but this time, it did not fall again.

She had already seen Neo’s cheek, which was red from her own punch.

“Whatever you say!”

Murong Ruo Lan walked to the other side of the artemisia and sat in exasperation, waiting for a while, she was not as emotional as she was a moment ago, only, her heart was still unsettled.

This bastard, he must be lying!

How could he, how could he not have done it on purpose!

He must have coveted my beauty and that’s why he molested me!

If you don’t admit it, then I’ll test you!

In fact, Murong Ruo Lan was really stimulated by Neo’s denial just now, and although she was convinced that Neo was lying, Murong Ruo Lan was a little shaken in her heart.

Maybe this kid really didn’t mean it?

It was because of these wild thoughts that made Murong Ruo Lan make a bold decision.

“Hey, punk, I’m going to take a bath, you’d better stay here and be honest! If you dare to come over and peek, don’t blame me for gouging out your eyes!”


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