At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 350

Yes, this woman, is Murong Ruo Lan.

At the opening celebration of the production, Gu Chuan’s unintentional remark alerted Murong Ruolan.

When she asked her in detail, Gu Bong of course did not dare not tell the truth, and when they compared them, Murong Ruolan guessed that the person was Neo.

It just so happened that Liang Xue knew Neo’s address because she had followed him last time.

In order to please Murong Ruolan, of course, she also took the initiative to inform.

“This little bastard, who told you to reject me in public and deserve to live in such a place! Let you learn a good lesson!” Just now Murong Ruo Lan was still a little sympathetic, but in the twinkling of an eye, Murong Ruo Lan cursed a few more times.

But just at this moment.

She suddenly saw a familiar figure out of the corner of her eye, appearing directly in front of her.

It was him!

Murong Ruolan even felt her heart involuntarily pounding.

But she did not hesitate, and as soon as she saw Neo, she also followed him.

She didn’t walk too slowly, but there was hardly any sound, after all, this woman had skills under her hands.

“What is this guy doing?” Murong Ruolan couldn’t help but mutter in her heart.

At this moment, she saw that Neo was standing in place, his back turned to him, stopped, and didn’t know what he was doing.

“Murong Ruo Lan ah, Murong Ruo Lan ……”

Just then, Murong Ruolan heard that Neo was whispering his name.

At once, Murong Ruolan’s heart, again, jumped wildly.

This kid, why is he suddenly chanting my name?!

Could it be that ……

She only felt a few moments of surprising joy in her heart.

“Murong Ruolan, I thought I had forgotten about you, but I didn’t expect to remember you again today ……,” Neo continued in a small voice again.

If just now Murong Ruo Lan was still a little unsure of what Neo was really up to.

Now, when Murong Ruo Lan heard these words, at once, her heart was filled with joy.

So this kid has always remembered me, never forgotten me!

This brat, he has some vision, he knows that I, Murong Ruo Lan, am many times better than other women.

Good, since you still have a conscience, then I won’t treat you badly either.

I will let you live a good life.

The first thing I did was to give my hand to Neo and give him a pat on the shoulder, like a little girl playing a game.

At this time, Neo’s face, however, looked sad and upset.

He thought of the woman who had painted Zhou Yun’s picture, of the little girl who had run over.

He thought of the helicopter pilot, Danyue, who had died tragically in front of him.

Danyue was the husband of that woman, the father that little girl had spoken of.

He had a week to go before he could go home on leave, just for flying himself away in a helicopter, only to die a tragic death on his own job!

The woman obviously knew the news that Tai Yue had died because her tears flowed as she hugged the little girl, knowing that her daughter was without her father.

The little girl didn’t know it yet and was still waiting obsessively for her father to come home.

When he saw such a mother and daughter in that state in front of himself, Neo’s heart really felt a twinge of pain, and at that moment, he felt like a sinner.

It was he who had victimised this mother and daughter, who had victimised Dayue, who had victimised such a wonderful family.

He only hated the fact that he was now an ordinary man, an ordinary man with no money, and had no way to give them a good deal of help from mother and daughter, and could only leave the only hundred yuan he had with him.

Although more than an hour had passed and he himself had returned to the quadrangle.

However, in Neo’s mind, that mother and daughter were still dependent on each other from time to time.

He blamed himself and hated himself.

He also hated Murong Ruo Lan!

Yes, when Zhou Yun asked him in the morning if he still remembered the person who had caused him to leave the family, Neo really didn’t feel much at that time, as if he had just forgotten about Murong Ruo Lan.

After all, although it was painful to leave the family, now, he had Zhou Yun by his side.

However, he saw Dayue’s wife and daughter, and this made him, in his heart, suddenly have a hatred for Murong Ruo Lan.

He could forget what others had done to him, but he could not forget that there were people who had sacrificed themselves because of him!

“Murong Ruo Lan, I thought I had forgotten you, yet I never thought that I would think of you again today ……” Neo murmured in a small voice, and the hatred in his heart could not help but slowly flow out, “You woman, what a vicious heart, so The woman is really evil!”

Just as he finished these words, he felt behind him, someone seemed to pat his shoulder.

Subconsciously, Neo turned back.

At once, he froze.

This, this woman?

Neo had never thought that he would run into this woman again.

Honestly, when he saw this woman, Neo’s heart, subconsciously, shivered.

That was the feeling of awe.

Why, why was it the same, one person that one loved, and the other that one feared?


Before Neo could fully react, he had already received a hard slap on his face.

This slap was really heavy.

Neo felt as if he had been slapped with a shovel.

This woman, Murong Lanruo, was really frightening and really poisonous!

Yes, Murong Ruo Lan, at this moment, was full of anger and gave Neo a slap without ceremony!

And just a few seconds ago, Murong Ruo Lan’s face was elated, joyful, as if she was in the mood of a little girl seeing a butterfly on a flower.

Just a few seconds ago, Murong Ruolan even wanted to give Neo a pat on the shoulder and say “you’ve lost weight”, and then take Neo out for some delicious food to make up for it.

That was all because she heard Neo keep saying, “Murong Ruolan, I thought I had forgotten about you, but I never thought I would still remember you ……”

This made her elated.

However, the very moment her hand, touched Neo’s shoulder, she heard Neo again with hatred in saying that she was a woman with an evil heart.

At that moment, Murong Ruolan then understood.

So this punk was not missing himself! So it was hating himself!

He had even insulted himself!

Could it be that in his heart, she was a woman with a heart of gold?

This bastard!

Murong Ruo Lan was really about to explode, directly slamming Neo so hard that he didn’t even recognize his parents.

“You ……”

Neo was really going to be dumbfounded, this woman was supposed to kill herself, and now that she had found her, could she still have a good one?


Murong Ruo Lan also did not reply, a palm sliced on Neo’s neck, and Neo fell limp and lopsided.

When Neo woke up, he didn’t know how long it had been.

He only felt cold beneath his body and hurriedly got up to see that this was a cave, with cold rocks beneath his own body.

And Murong Ruo Lan, was sitting opposite, looking at him coldly.

However, the place where Murong Ruolan was sitting was much more comfortable, with soft artemisia grass under his buttocks.

“Where is this?” Neo said subconsciously.

“In a cave in the wild forest of a deserted mountain.” Murong Ruolan said coldly, “Don’t think you can escape, this is at least a few dozen miles from the city, moreover, this is a deserted mountain, there are no mountain roads, there are wild grasses and rocks everywhere, there are even beasts out there, if you dare to escape, I will catch up with you in less than a minute.”

Neo’s heart was cold.

“You, what do you want?” Neo couldn’t help but ask again.

Although he asked this with his mouth.

But in his heart, he knew very well that this was the end, this woman had brought herself here, what she wanted to do without having to think, she knew ah.

“Oh, what for? What do you mean, what for? In the beginning, you have eyes and no pearl bastard, let me disgrace, little toad, also dare to refuse the swan, just let you leave the family, also is cheap!”

Murong Ruo Lan’s voice was always cold, “Although you left the family, you seem to be living quite freely, ah, running around the country, making it look like a trip, I am very unhappy, this is not a punishment at all! So well, I’ve decided to lock you up here and keep you in this cave for the rest of your life, so that’s your punishment!”

“You are really vicious.” Neo’s heart was cold, it was over.

In this kind of deserted mountain cave, not to mention that there was a perverted expert like Murong here to watch over him, even if there wasn’t, he wouldn’t be able to run out of this big mountain.

“It’s good that you know!” Murong Ruolan gave Neo a hateful look.

She got up and went out of the cave.

At this moment, Murong Ruo Lan stood outside the cave, which is located at the top of the mountain, looking at the sky, the evening sunset is magnificent, the jungle in the birds return to the forest, not far from the water flowing murmur of waterfalls and clear pools, the most beautiful scenery on earth!

Murong Ruolan just stood there in the soft light of dusk, staring in awe at the beauty before her.

She could not help but say to herself, “No matter what, two people, living here for the rest of their lives, wouldn’t that be a beautiful hidden home?”


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