At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 349

“Master Long, this is, what is being done?!”

Zhao Qian’s face, which was still smug, froze in a flash.

Dumbfounded, she looked at Ai Zilong.

“Young Lu ……”

Ai Zilong saw Neo really scared him silly, the fear that was once dominated had become a lingering nightmare for him, at this moment, suddenly seeing Neo, he couldn’t help but kneel down.

“Master Long are you alright, are you not feeling well?”

Zhao Qian reacted and thought that something had happened to Ai Zilong physically, this was a real opportunity to please him, he hurried over and tried to help Ai Zilong.

“This is what you guys are up to?! Why don’t you hurry up and get young Lu out!” Ai Zilong didn’t need to ask, he probably understood what was going on.

He was so anxious in his heart that he wanted to stomp his feet.

If his own men messed with Lu Shao like this, then he would be finished too!

“Young Lu?”

Zhao Qian was stunned, what kind of young master was this kid?

How could Master Long call this kid Young Master Lu? This must be a case of mistaken identity!

“Master Long, this kid isn’t any Young Master Lu! He lives with me in a quadrangle in the slum area of Jincheng. He works every day to earn money by fighting cement bags on construction sites, and his body is dirty all the time. If you don’t believe me, I’ll go and slap him twice to show you!”

Zhao Qian really felt in her heart that Ai Zilong had mistaken him for someone else.

After all, she and Neo Zhou Yun had been living in the courtyard for some time, so they had a good idea of what they were up to.


As soon as Zhao Qian finished speaking, she received a slap on the face from Ai Zilong.

“You lowly woman, do you know that if you treat Young Lu like that, a hundred of your lives won’t be enough to pay for it!” Ai Zilong grabbed Zhao Qian’s collar with one hand and glared at her angrily, “You stinking woman, just now you falsely accused Lu Shao of being a thief, why do you know Lu Shao now?!”

Pop, pop!

Ai Zilong slapped her twice, and Zhao Qian immediately went limp on the ground, her ears buzzing.

The brain was also buzzing, this, what was going on?

Ai Zilong understood it very well in his heart, he had already experienced Neo’s low profile, so at this moment, seeing Neo dressed like this and being bullied by Zhao Qian like this, he didn’t feel surprised.

“Young Lu! I’m sorry!”

At this moment, Ai Zilong’s men, who had long since rushed over, rescued Neo and untied his hands and feet.

Ai Zilong was trembling all over and once again flung himself down to Neo.

Ignoring anyone, Neo first ran to Zhou Yun’s side and took her into his arms.

“Young Lu, give an order, as long as you give the order, bury them alive!”

Ai Zilong told the men who had followed him to press *** Zhao Qian’s group, all of them, to kneel down in front of Neo and form a line.

Ai Zilong was in a panic at this moment.

Because, he had also finally guessed Zhou Yun’s identity.

This girl, she must be the one who made such a big scene that time at Jinling University, when Lu Shao was trying to protect her and to take out his anger for her!

And now this girl was bullied like this by **** Zhao Qian and his gang.

This nigga ……

The first thing I want to do is to kill **** Zhao Qian with a single blow.

But he also did not dare to do so, after all, how to punish, which all have to wait for Neo’s words.

“Ooooooooo …… Lu Shao, spare me! It’s my dog’s eyes that are low ……”

Zhao Qian even though she found it unbelievable again, she had understood that this so-called cement-moving hanger-on that she had always looked down upon was actually a young master who made even Master Ai Zilong Long incomparably fearful?!

“You know you’re wrong?” Neo finally, his gaze turned from Zhou Yun’s body to Zhao Qian’s.

“I was wrong, I was wrong!”

“Where were you wrong?”

“I was blind, I didn’t recognise you, Young Lu.” Zhao Qian said.


There was a clear and crisp sound.

Neo did not hesitate to give Zhao Qian a slap, honestly, Neo was not a person who liked to strike, but at this moment, he did not hesitate in the slightest.

“Not this!”

“I, I shouldn’t have done this to you, young Lu, I shouldn’t have tied you up and treated you like that, oooooh, young Lu is sorry.”


“Not this!”

“Huh?” Zhao Qian was all confused.

“You’re wrong, can you stand up to Zhou Yun? Can you stand up to Teacher Teng! You deliberately invited Teacher Teng and Zhou Yun to a party, insulted Zhou Yun in front of Teacher Teng, and then retaliated by humiliating Teacher Teng in front of Zhou Yun! You deliberately put the blame on Zhou Yun when it was obvious that you framed Teacher Teng. You knew about the teacher-student relationship between Zhou Yun and Teacher Teng, yet you deliberately framed Zhou Yun for Teacher Teng’s death, and you nearly broke her down know that! You’re not going to apologise to me, you’re going to apologise to Zhou Yun!”

Yes, this was the most intolerable thing for Neo.

“Zhou Yun, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

Zhao Qian no longer dared to be like that before, she also finally understood that Zhou Yun’s position, I’m afraid, was not something she could understand and comprehend.

“Young Lu, what’s the point of wasting words with such a person, I’ll chop her off with a single stroke! Take it out for you and Miss Zhou!” Ai Zilong said, his hand stroked gently on Zhao Qian’s neck.

This small gesture almost didn’t cause Zhao Qian to twitch.

“Zhou Yun, Zhou Yun, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, I’ll kowtow to you, please spare me!” Zhao Qian prostrated herself at Zhou Yun’s feet, her heart had been completely broken with fear.

“Forget it, Neo, I’m afraid that Aunt Xiu Hua and Uncle Zhao will be upset, after all, she is their daughter.” Zhou Yun did really hate Zhao Qian in her heart.

But then he thought, if something really happened to Zhao Qian, then Uncle Zhao and Aunt Xiu Hua would definitely be sad.

Although Uncle Zhao and Aunt Xiu Hua usually hated Zhao Qian, but it was their daughter after all.

“Alright.” Neo also understood Zhou Yun’s mind, “However, Ai Zilong, you investigate her illegal loan sharking and report it to the police.”

“Okay, Young Lu.”

“Also, your dog was killed by them, you’re on your own!”

“Okay, Young Lu!”

At that moment, Ai Zilong sent someone to drive Neo and Zhou Yun, back to the quadrangle.

As for Zhao Qian and **** and the others, Neo didn’t ask too much.

After all, they wouldn’t die, but they would have to suffer a little.

The next day, Neo accompanied Zhou Yun out to look for a job.

After all, without a diploma, jobs are not that easy to find.

The two of them found a cheap noodle shop and had dinner, then skipped around the street.

“Neo, I’m sorry.” Zhou Yun suddenly said.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s all because I’ve caused you.” Zhou Yun’s face, looked a little heavy, “I caused you to quit the family, if you hadn’t quit the family, you would still have the identity of the third young master now, but, you did it for me ……”

Speaking here, Zhou Yun could not continue.

“Why did you suddenly think of this ah?” Neo was stunned, not knowing why suddenly Zhou Yun mentioned this.

“Last night, Ai Zilong treated you with so much respect only because he thought you were still the same person you used to be. The old you was so prominent that even Ai Zilong was so afraid of you.” Zhou Yun said slowly, “But, because of me, you quit the family and now you’re being ridiculed everywhere, I, I’m so sorry ……”

“What’s there to be sorry about.” The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. Besides, there’s someone I owe my withdrawal from the family to.”

“Ah, who is it?” Zhou Yun said hurriedly.

“Eh.” Neo looked at Zhou Yun and thought about it, but still couldn’t tell her, “This, I really can’t tell you.”

“Then do you hate that person?” Zhou Yun said again.

Neo froze and thought about it, did he still hate Murong Ruo Lan?

Maybe at first, one hated it, more or less, but, now one didn’t hate her anymore.

Yes, it didn’t matter if she had a family or not, as long as she could be with the person she liked, that was all that mattered.

“Don’t hate anymore, it’s all in the past, we won’t run into her again anyway, let’s go.”

Neo was putting his arm around Zhou Yun to walk away.

Suddenly, he saw a stall in front of him, specialising in painting portraits of people.

Neo’s heart fluttered.


Saying that, he took Zhou Yun’s hand and walked towards the stall-holder.

“Ah, what for, to paint a portrait? It’s too expensive, let’s not go.” Zhou Yun could see what Neo meant.

“Come on, as expensive as it is, I would love to have a portrait of you to put on me.” When Neo said that, Zhou Yun’s heart was just happy, and he followed Neo to the portrait.

The owner of the stall was a woman, in her thirties or forties, dressed simply and plainly, and was eating.

In her hand was a plastic lunch box with a very simple meal, rice and some squash.

But she was eating with a big mouthful, obviously not minding the simplicity of the meal at all.

As she eats, she casually picks up the large plastic cup next to her and takes a big gulp.

“Portraits for two?” When the female stall owner saw that business was coming, she hurriedly stood up and said respectfully.

Then letting Zhou Yun sit on a chair, the stall owner stopped eating his meal, picked up a brush and paper, and started sketching.

Neo, on the other hand, sat next to him, while his gaze remained on the stall-owner’s face.

Half an hour later, the female stall owner finally finished her painting, and she respectfully showed it to Zhou Yun.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful!”

Zhou Yun also looked extremely surprised in her gaze when she saw her portrait, yes, that portrait was a reflection of her, although her expression looked bland, a kind of passion hidden in those eyes showed through.

“How much is it?” Neo took the painting, looked at it for a while, put it away and put it in his arms, yes, it was Zhou Yun’s portrait, and from then on this portrait would be on his person forever!

“Twenty yuan, I think.” The female stallholder said.

“What a bargain.” Zhou Yun said in surprise, yes, this kind of portrait, normally, would cost at least fifty, and she was only charging twenty yuan for this.

Neo slowly took out his money, and while doing so, he was still sizing up the female stall owner.

At this moment, suddenly, “Mummy!” A little girl ran over and came to the female stall owner’s side in a very well-behaved manner.


The stall woman picked up her daughter and carefully arranged her clothes for her.

“Mummy, I’m hungry.” The little girl said.

“Be Bei Bei, be a good girl, when your brother and sister give you the money for the painting, mummy will buy you some delicious food.” The female stall owner looked very loving to the little girl and gently coaxed.

“I don’t want to eat good food, I’ll just eat mummy’s food.” The little girl jumped down and picked up the leftover rice that the stall owner had just eaten and ate it in a big mouthful. Although it was just rice and squash, the little girl ate it very sweetly.


Hearing her daughter’s words, the female stall owner suddenly had a sour nose and covered her mouth, looking like she was about to cry.

Zhou Yun looked stunned, a little at a loss for words.

Neo’s face, too, became even heavier.

He took the hundred yuan out of his hand and handed it to the female stall owner.

“Ah, the two of you wait a moment ah, I’ll find the money for you.”

The female stall owner hurriedly looked down to get the change from her bag, yet when she raised her head, before her eyes, there was no one there.

Neo had long since pulled Zhou Yun and walked away.

After leaving, Zhou Yun received a call from a company for an interview.

Neo was going to try his luck in the labour market again, so he went back to the courtyard to change his clothes.

And at that moment, near the courtyard.

A woman was stopping by, surveying the dilapidated look of the courtyard.

“That kid, once a top young master in the hall, would rent a place like this?” The woman murmured, “It seems that I have really caused him quite a lot of misery.”


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