At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 348

Yes, the person who came was none other than Ai Zilong, the boss of the original Prince Dragon Group, the number one gang in Jinling.

At that time, he was beaten up by Neo at school and expelled from Jinling City, and the Prince Dragon Group also ceased to exist under pressure.

Ai Zilong was so scared that he did not dare to stay in Jinling for a second longer. He was so anxious to escape that he went south and stayed in Wujiang, Jingmen and Changsha, but he felt that Jinling was too close to him, so he ended up in Jincheng.

He finally landed in Jincheng, which is several thousand miles away from Jinling, so he felt a little more at ease.

After all, the psychological shock that Neo gave him was too frightening, the support that fell from the sky, and the scene that seemed like war, for the first time, made Ai Zilong, who had seen ‘great things’, feel a deep tremor.

He had nothing but obedience for Neo and did not dare to think of anything else.

In Jincheng, he had occasionally heard about the events in Jinling, and when he found out that the Wenwu Association had also been destroyed by Neo, he felt even more terrified of Neo.

Although Ai Zilong had no power in Jincheng before, he was a dominant figure in Jinling before, so he still had friends in the jianghu area.

Relying on some of his former acquaintances to set him up, he slowly began to develop his own power in Jincheng City as well.


Seeing Ai Zilong, ***’s heart was still a little weak, and he stiffened his head and went forward to greet him.

“Master Long.”

Zhao Qian also hurriedly was to come forward to greet, and her heart was still pounding as she spoke.

Although always and **** hang out, long known **** boss is Ai Zilong, but see, or the first time to see, at this time to see Ai Zilong eyes cold, the whole person looked as if a cold-blooded big brother.

Zhao Qian heart also hairy.

“Big yellow have you fed?” Ai Zilong’s tone was quite urgent, and it seemed that his mind was on his beloved dog.

“This …… “**** froze and was thinking of what to say.

“Rhubarb, Rhubarb!”

Ai Zilong stopped paying attention to him and called out a few times.

Suddenly, there was a glimpse of the dog next to him who had long been disemboweled.


Ai Zilong looked at the dog that was still alive and kicking this morning, but now it had turned into this state, and his face instantly became extremely ugly.

“Damn it, what’s going on!”

Ai Zilong snapped around and glared at ****.

“That, that, boss, is ……” **** was really shocked by Ai Zilong’s face.

He knew that Ai Zilong would definitely be angry when he saw that the dog had been killed, he just didn’t expect that Ai Zilong would become so frightening.


Ai Zilong was not ambiguous and smashed a slap hard on ****’s face, instantly, ****’s face swelled up.

“Damn you! You can’t even take care of a dog!”

After the slap, Ai Zilong’s side took the knife from the hand of a nearby junior, which was about to strike at ****.

When he saw the shiny knife coming at him, **** finally reacted.

“Boss, it’s not me, it’s them!”

*** rolled and crawled, pointing at Zhou Yun and Neo on the other side.

“Yes, Master Long, we didn’t do it, they did!” Zhao Qian also took the opportunity to chime in, “When we came in, we saw these two people here slaughtering Rhubarb!”

“Yes, that’s them, they must be thieves, sneaking into the villa to try to steal something, then when Rhubarb found out, they simply killed Rhubarb without a second thought.”

“Look at the clothes they are wearing, they look like a vagrant, this kind of people would do something like stealing chickens and dogs, they killed Da Huang not only that, but they also skinned the dog to prepare a dog meat hotpot!”

“I’m afraid such things can only be done by these vagrants.”

“After all, they’re full and hungry, picking up rubbish to eat every day.”

The crowd, led by **** and Zhao Qian, all started to open their eyes and talk nonsense as well.

After all, they were all involved in the matter of killing dogs for dog meat, and in order to avoid responsibility, of course they spared no effort to dump everything on Neo and Zhou Yun.

All these words were discussed just now, so it was not very difficult to say.

“As soon as we came in we happened to see them skinning the dogs, and we were furious then! That’s why we tied up the male and threw him onto the pegs and gave the female a beating, Master Long, look.” Zhao Qian said falsely, pointing at Neo and Zhou Yun, adding deliberately, “I just don’t know, did we go a bit too far.”

“Over the top, my ass! Damn it! These two little bastards! How dare you enter my villa! I’ll kill them to sacrifice them to Big Yellow!”

Ai Zilong was so angry that he stomped his feet and charged at Zhou Yun with his sword.

Zhao Qian looked at Ai Zilong’s furious back and secretly clenched her small fist in excitement.

She didn’t expect things to go so well.

Honestly, although she hated Zhou Yun to the core in her heart, but if she really wanted to kill someone, she really didn’t dare to.

Firstly, she didn’t have the guts, and secondly, she didn’t have the capital.

The first is that she doesn’t have the power, the second is that she doesn’t have the capital. If she really wanted to kill someone, I’m afraid she would have to go to jail.

***The first thing is that you can’t do that.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

But Ai Zilong would definitely have no problem.

After all, Ai Zilong’s status was much higher than theirs, and when pushed, he could really kill one or two people.

“We didn’t do it, they killed them ……” Looking at Ai Zilong who was carrying a knife and walking towards them, Zhou Yun was really frightened.

It was normal that she didn’t know Ai Zilong, after all, she was already unconscious at Jinling University at that time.

It was also normal that Ai Zilong didn’t know her, after all, Zhou Yun was unconscious and had blood all over her face, so Ai Zilong didn’t pay too much attention at that time, his attention was focused on Neo at that time.

“How dare you talk nonsense!” Ai Zilong angrily pointed his knife at Zhou Yun and pressed closer step by step.

“It really wasn’t us who did it …… Look at us there is no blood on us at all, and how could we have done it, it was them who killed the dog because they thought it was a wild dog at first and they killed it before they got your call… …” Zhou Yun explained in a panic.

On the other side, Zhao Qian’s face immediately just went white.

In her heart, she screamed, “Not good!

If Ai Zilong believed this b*tch, then it would be the end!

However, she hadn’t finished her sentence.

But before she could finish her sentence, she was hit by a sword!

Ai Zilong swung his sword!


A strand of Zhou Yun’s hair fell out.

The knife in Ai Zilong’s hand, the tip of which was pointed at Zhou Yun’s arm, was furious as if it was about to explode, “Try saying one more word that you didn’t do it! If you don’t say anything, I’ll let you die. If you dare to say one more word that you didn’t do it, I’ll let you die a little bit! You know what! I don’t want to be played as an idiot, understand!”

Looking at Ai Zilong’s red gaze as if it were burning coals of fire, his face sinewy and hideous, Zhou Yun was immediately frightened, and the words that had reached his throat were swallowed down hard, not daring to say another word.

When Zhao Qian saw this, his nervousness relaxed again.

In her heart she was satisfied, it seemed that she was relieved, Master Long was like this, they must not dare to talk too much, let them go to the underworld to argue!

“We didn’t do it!”

Just at that moment, another voice suddenly came out.

It was Neo.

His hands and feet were tied and his body was staked with pegs, but, in this situation now, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“How dare you speak! Didn’t you hear what Master Long just said!” As soon as Zhao Qian heard Neo open his mouth, he was immediately happy, this kid, he was really stupid.

How dare you go against Master Long and treat Master Long’s words as a deaf ear?

This is looking for death!

“Kid, you’re asking for trouble!” Ai Zilong fiercely turned his head, carrying his sword, and walked towards Neo again.

“Ai Zilong, your dog, we didn’t kill him!” Neo finally lifted his head.

“You, you are ……”

Only then did Ai Zilong recognize Neo, and instantly froze in place, and the knife in his hand, with a clang, fell to the floor.

It was no wonder that he could not recognize Neo when he first came in, after all, when he first came in, his attention was on his dog, and Neo was tortured in such a mess, and with his head down.

Besides, Ai Zilong wouldn’t have even thought that this man was Neo.

“This kid is really retarded, he’s still pushing there non-stop, he really doesn’t think dying is painful enough.” Zhao Qian stood behind Ai Zilong and whispered quietly and proudly to ****.

However, just as she finished her words, she suddenly saw Ai Zilong in front of her flopping down with a thud, and unexpectedly fell to his knees.


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