At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 347

At once, everyone in the interrogation room froze.

The two police officers standing behind Xiong Siguang, whose hands were still on Xiong Siguang’s shoulders just in case, could not help but let go of their hands at this time.

The one in front of him, who was holding a pen and taking notes of the interrogation, was also frozen, the pen in his hand hovering in the air as he stared blankly at Xiong Siguang.

Dragon Soul!

It was a mysterious word. Ordinary people would generally just hear some people who had ‘seen the world’ around them mysteriously mention this organisation, the Dragon Soul, after tea and dinner. Many people actually think that it is just a fictional thing.

Those of them in the police system, on the other hand, of course, knew that the Dragon Soul was real.

Dragon Soul, that was the elite of elite soldiers, the group of people who handled the most dangerous and top secret missions in the world, the soul of China, the backbone of the Republic!

This old man was from the Dragon Soul?

And, or an Honorary Chief Instructor?

“This is my number, enter it into the system and check!” Elder Xiong pulled out the document in his arms and threw it across the room.

The station policeman’s fingers were trembling from an inexplicable excitement, and it took him two times to enter the number correctly.

The moment it was entered, the screen wavered and, ta-da, as if a pin typewriter was printing, Old Man Xiong’s head appeared on the screen, along with a long list of information to the right.

With a white background with stray lines and cold black font, it was as if it was a scanned format document full of majesty.

“Old hero! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

The crowd no longer had the slightest doubt and hurriedly all ran up to apologise and make amends to Old Hero Xiong.

“The old hero is not only the core of the Dragon Soul, but he also made a great achievement in the Battle of the Defenders back then, I’m really sorry for just now, make amends.”

At this time, the station sergeant was also informed of the news, and also immediately rushed over, holding Elder Xiong’s hand with both hands, his head covered with false sweat, apologizing one after another.

How many Purple Hearts are there in the country? Those who could receive the Purple Heart were all extraordinary people.

The old heroes who have received the Purple Heart are all generals and other powerful people, I’m afraid.

What’s more, it’s a Dragon Soul elite, and this status is even more terrifying.

“If it wasn’t for the efforts of old heroes and these old-timers back then, I’m afraid that Jincheng, a major town in the southwest, wouldn’t have been able to be preserved. Old heroes accept my obeisance!”

With those words, the Station Sergeant actually knelt down directly to Old Hero Xiong.

This was of course because of worship, and on the other hand, it was actually another apology to Old Man Xiong.

“There’s no need for this, everyone, by the way, I still have a box at the station, it’s in the grass on the third platform of the station, you guys help me bring it.”


Ten minutes later, a camouflage-coloured suitcase was placed in front of Old Man Xiong.

Elder Xiong clapped his hand on the case and it opened in response.

Inside the case, a modified Uzi, a Nepalese machete, multi-functional belt, and other infrared thermal imagers, survival ropes adrenaline injection bottles of all kinds of special equipment, and a whole lot more.

The station police officers next to him looked stunned. Even though they were all station policemen and had touched guns, they were still dazzled by the wide range of equipment.

At this point, everyone knew the identity of Elder Xiong, so naturally no one said anything.

Xiong Lao skillfully plucked and pulled, confirming that nothing was missing, and snapped the case closed again.

“It’s time to return what I had before.” Xiong Lao reached out to the station policeman who had just asked him to hand over his whole body.

The other man had already been sincerely frightened and respectfully handed the bag to Elder Xiong.

“Why is it turned off?” Old Man Xiong frowned and took his phone out of the bag.

“Sorry, old hero, this is how our rules are here, during interrogation, the phones handed over have to be switched off, this is also to prevent someone would find connections to interfere with the fairness of the interrogation, if we had known it was an old hero we certainly would not have done this, sorry, sorry …… ”

The station police are again apologizing one after another.

Xiong Lao also did not say much, casually turned on the phone again, the heart muttered, should not be so coincidental, just this moment of work three young master will call.

After all, it had been so long since the Third Young Master had ever called.

“Why are you still standing there, hurry up and get the special car over here, the old hero must have something to do when he comes to our Jincheng, you one, two, three, four ……” the station sergeant pointed to the few war police in front of him with the point of his hand, “you four, don’t do anything for the next few days The four of you, don’t do anything for the next few days, just stay by the old hero’s side, and do whatever the old hero tells you to do!”

“Yes!” The four men who had been pointed out to them were immediately excited, this was a supreme honour.

“Oh, thank you all so much, but there’s no need.” Elder Xiong smiled politely and stood up, “Do you guys think I look like someone who needs help?!”

“No, that’s not what we meant, the old hero is fit as I can say I’ve never seen him before, just ……” the station sergeant hastily explained.

Old Man Bear waved his hand and stopped the Station Sergeant’s words.


Xiong Lao said sharply lifting the case, before the crowd could react, he had already strided out of the station police room.

At the door, Elder Xiong took a deep breath.

He touched the pistol in his arms.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but feel how many years it had been since he had used a gun again.

Yes, after all, working in the Lu family, with the status of the Lu family, no matter what matters, just a word will do, there is no need to use force at all.

And originally, with Xiong Lao’s military service and strength, even if he didn’t return to the Xiong family to inherit the family business, he could still do something big in the Dragon Soul Organisation.

But, obviously, he would have chosen the Lu family no matter what.

Because only there would be the Five Willow Jade Mirror that he was most looking forward to.

But from the time he left Heavenly Island and went to the Dragon Soul Taishan Branch and got his equipment and weapons, he had officially returned to Dragon Soul once again.

Murong Ruo Lan is it, I have nothing to do with the Lu family now, and anything I do has nothing to do with the Lu family either.

I will defeat you with the best means I have!

At this moment, in the courtyard of the quadrangle.


Neo then felt the bathroom door behind him receive another heavy kick.

It was already untenable.

“The number you have dialed is switched off ……”

However, the beep in the phone was even more desperate.

“Fuck, the kid’s on the phone, he must have called the police!”

“Shit, you think calling the police is going to save you!”

Finally, the bathroom door could no longer hold up under some chaotic kicking from the crowd and shattered completely.

The crowd rushed in and dragged Neo out with all their hands and feet.

“Kid, that’s all you can do, call the police, haha, thought you were such a ruthless character.” The yellow-haired **** kicked Neo in the waist.

Neo didn’t resist, he had no way to resist now, although he could beat Huang Mao, but there were so many people here.

And just now in the bathroom, he was the one who had called Elder Xiong.

Yes, when he was forced to break away from the family, Elder Xiong had left a top secret contact number for Neo to call if he had to.

Neo had not called this number because he was very worried that this number would be bugged by Murong Ruo Lan’s people, thus dragging Elder Xiong down with him, so he had never called it.

However, today he could not help but call.

Because today, the group threatened Zhou Yun.

Only, how could he have expected that Elder Xiong would turn off his phone?

It was just as well, after all, the number Xiong Lao had given himself wasn’t commonly used, it was specially prepared for himself, he had never called it, and Xiong Lao had his own business, surely he couldn’t be keeping that phone charged all the time.

“Brother Kong, take them away!” Zhao Qian said.

She knew that her parents were out selling snacks and would be back from their stall by midnight, and they were taking care of this b*tch Zhou Yun, and would definitely obstruct them when they saw it.

So, why not just take them away and clean up slowly.


*** With a wave of his hand, the crowd escorted Neo and Zhou Yun, got into the van and soon, disappeared into the night.

Half an hour later.

“Here we are, get out!”

Neo and Zhou Yun were roughly pushed and shoved out of the van.

Only now did they see clearly that there was a villa in front of them.

A detached villa with a large yard, and the neighbours to the left and right were also detached villas, and they were separated by at least a dozen metres.

In this kind of villa, I’m afraid it’s impossible for anyone to hear me shouting for help.

“Get in! Bitch! How dare you hit me!”

Zhao Qian slapped at Zhou Yun’s head, but Neo was quick with his eyes and blocked her hand.

“Good, you still like this b*tch, don’t you? You’re still protecting her at this time, so good, I’ll put your relationship to the test today, just how deep it is! I want to see just how much you can give for him!” Zhao Qian had a few moments of cruel laughter in her gaze.

Inside the villa.

“Brother Kong, this villa is so big, the floor is all marble, such a big crystal chandelier, I didn’t expect you to be so rich.” Once the crowd went inside, Zhao Qian couldn’t help but exclaim, her voice trembling a little from excitement.

“Oh, if I had so much money, I wouldn’t be working as a little brother, this is the boss’s villa, it’s empty now, so let me have nothing to look after and take care of it.” Yellow hair **** finished, touched his stomach, “Damn, just now came too fast, did not have time to eat, stomach are hungry flat, Qian baby, you hurry out of breath, then we go to eat.”

Zhao Qian did not say a word, went up and slapped Zhou Yun’s face.

“Zhou Yun, you b*tch, thanks to the fact that I still think of you as a former classmate, as a sister from the same village, this junior high school reunion, I kindly invited you to attend and treated you so well, but I never thought that you would be so vicious inside, that you would keep holding a grudge against me!”


Another slap.

“When you went to university, all of us in the village sent you things and treated you so well, what did you give us in return?! Oh, you went to university and thought you were superior, and your mentality has drifted, hasn’t it? You’re not as good as those of us who didn’t go to school, so you’re unbalanced and jealous that those of us who didn’t go to school are better off than you, right?”

Zhou Yun’s hair was in disarray, but she didn’t say a word.

She knew that Zhao Qian was deliberately distorting right and wrong, she was suffocating and depressed, but she also knew that it was useless to say anything now.

“You still have the face to say to me that Teacher Teng is dead? Teacher Teng is dead, and I haven’t settled the score with you yet! I’m asking you, who sent Teacher Teng home? It was you, wasn’t it, how did Teacher Teng die, was it your responsibility!” Zhao Qian said.

But these words caused Zhou Yun’s heart, to pound.

She jerked her head up and stared at Zhao Qian, her gaze gradually burning with anger.

Yes, you can wrongly accuse me of being jealous of you, but for you to say that I was responsible for Teacher Teng’s death, this was really unacceptable to Zhou Yun.


“How dare you look at me like that?!”

Zhao Qian was furious and slapped again.

“Who are you to look at me like that, say, what exactly did you do to Teacher Teng! Teacher Teng saw that we were all doing well and praised us, and you, you’re doing poorly and you feel ashamed of yourself! You felt ashamed of yourself because you thought that Mr. Teng must have looked down on you! So you deliberately wanted the opportunity to send Teacher Teng home and used your despicable means to kill him, didn’t you! You heartless b*tch, back then Teacher Teng was so good to you and you got him killed!”

“I didn’t!” Zhou Yun finally couldn’t take it anymore and shouted angrily.

How could she stand to be wronged and accused by Zhao Qian like this?

To accuse herself of being jealous of her was just fine, but to accuse Teacher Teng of being the one who got her killed, Zhou Yun really couldn’t accept it!

This greatly hurt her heart.

What’s more, Zhao Qian was the real culprit who killed Teacher Teng, yet here she was righteously reprimanding Zhou Yun, which made Zhou Yun simply go crazy, that kind of psychological pain, it was unbearable!

“You did, it’s you, you’re the murderer! You killed Teacher Teng! It’s you, it’s you!”

Zhao Qian immediately topped back with a barrage of bullets. She pressed straight into Zhou Yun’s face, and at the end of her sentence, she revealed a wildly excited expression of her own, her gaze fixed on Zhou Yun.

“It’s not me, it’s not me ……”

Zhou Yun clutched her head in pain, her appearance bordering on madness.

She had already been devastated by Teacher Teng’s departure, and now Zhao Qian, who had gotten Teacher Teng killed, had become a man of justice, falsely accusing herself of being the murderer instead.

Zhou Yun then felt her brain extremely confused, pain, helplessness, humiliation, and anger, mingled so much that she couldn’t breathe.

“Zhao Qian, you shut up!”

Neo looked at all this with heartache.

How could he not see Zhao Qian’s malicious intentions?

Zhao Qian was saying this on purpose, deliberately to irritate Zhou Yun!

This woman, of course, knew why Teacher Teng had died, after all, she was the one who had deceived Teacher Teng’s daughter, and also deceived Teacher Teng’s son-in-law into purchasing the loan shark.

She also knew, of course, that Zhou Yun and Teacher Teng were very close, and of course she knew that Teacher Teng had died and that Zhou Yun was now very sad and upset.

Therefore, she deliberately said such things and deliberately distorted.

Obviously, at the party, she humiliated Teacher Teng so much, but now, in front of Zhou Yun, she deliberately praised Teacher Teng.

Deliberately saying that Zhou Yun was the one who got him killed.

It was to see Zhou Yun go crazy with excitement.

Neo had seen Zhou Yun’s pain with his own eyes in the hospital, and that tearful look was still clearly imprinted in Neo’s mind.

He will never forget it.

No one was more upset than her, no one was more miserable than her!

In this world, there were not many people who loved her, and yet they died in her arms one by one.

What’s more, now she had to suffer the grief of being deliberately wronged by Zhao Qian.

“Kid, be honest! It’s not your turn yet.”

The four punks standing beside Neo kicked him.

The four knives in their hands perfectly circled around Neo’s neck, and the sharp blades, which were only a few centimetres away from Neo’s neck, were only a few centimetres away.

Neo’s hands and feet were tied, and he could only kneel on the ground, unable to move.

He watched as Zhou Yun was beaten, stimulated and tortured in front of him, and could not stand it any longer.

“Yo, you’re finally talking!” Zhao Qian was very proud and satisfied at this point.

Seeing Zhou Yun go crazy was very comfortable for her.

Only, when she saw that Neo was still trying to protect Zhou Yun even at this time, her heart was a little upset.

Yeah, this b*tch Zhou Yun, why should she be able to enjoy the happiness of being protected by a boy?

Why in the world were there still idiots so protective of this b*tch?

Honestly, Zhao Qian’s heart actually felt a little jealous.

After all, she was a woman too, and she also wanted a man who could protect her in life and death.

But she hadn’t met one.

It was obvious, her usual environment, all the kind of gangsters, how many of them had the seriousness and true feelings like Neo? As far as the yellow hair*** is concerned, the two of them are just playing with each other and both know that there can be no real feelings.

So, she had never experienced that feeling of being so truly put in her heart either.

She was really jealous.

“Boy, you love her b*tch a lot, don’t you! Fine, since you love her so much, then you have the ability to walk to her, if you can walk to her, I will let her go!” As Zhao Qian said this, she suddenly got a big box of pins from nowhere, clattering and spilling them all in front of Neo.

She was staring at Neo at this moment, her gaze flashing with a bit of tentative excitement.

Neo looked at the hundreds of pegs on the ground, stretching from himself to Zhou Yun’s side.

The sharp points, rooted upside down on the floor, made one’s scalp tingle.

Neo took a deep breath, and before he even started to move, he felt himself ache all over.

“That’s what you said!” Neo looked at Zhao Qian.

“Cut the crap, crawl, you crawl to that b*tch and I’ll let her go! Hurry up!” Zhao Qian’s breathing also rose sharply, honestly, she was really excited at this moment.

Because she didn’t believe at all that Neo would crawl over these pegs for Zhou Yun.

Because the environment she was in, the world she was in, there was no way there could be such love.

Neo didn’t say anything more.

The hands, tied together, pressed against the pegs.

A burst of pain.

It made even Neo’s body shake a few times, but, without hesitation, he moved both knees to the pegs.

Slowly, but firmly, he crawled towards Zhou Yun.

Only, his face was getting paler and paler, and his body was trembling more and more.

“Neo, don’t come over!” When Zhou Yun saw Neo like this, how could she not feel distressed in her heart, she shouted urgently.

Neo did not answer her.

His heart was very anxious, he just wanted to hurry and crawl over the pegs, but the more anxious he was, the more anxious he could not, his hands and legs were tied, so he could only move slowly.

He could only move slowly as his hands and legs were tied up. He let the pain, which was infinitely amplified, go on.

“Neo, don’t come over here, please, let go!” Zhou Yun cried, “So many people have already left because of me, I don’t want you to be like this too!”

Neo was, at this point, physically weak to the limit.

His palms and legs were all covered with pins, and every time he moved, it hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe.

He, at last, stopped.

Not because of Zhou Yun’s pleading, but, he really couldn’t walk anymore.

“Why did you stop? Go, it seems you still don’t love her enough.” Zhao Qian stood beside Zhou Yun and suddenly grabbed Zhou Yun’s hair, causing Zhou Yun to raise his face.

In her hand, she flashed a dagger and gestured at Zhou Yun’s face.

“Kid, if you don’t come over, I’m going to scratch her face!” Zhao Qian laughed heatedly in Zhou Yun’s ear, “I told you, he doesn’t love you very much either, you’re so pathetic, you’ve been sleeping with him for so long and he doesn’t even want to save you.”

“Let her go!”

Neo knelt in the pegs, the pain making him lose his strength.

But when he saw Zhao Qian’s dagger rubbing against Zhou Yun’s face, Neo was truly going mad.

The intense shock made him go a little crazy too.

Didn’t we agree to protect?

After quitting the clan, could he still protect?

The answer was.

You can!

“Do you know who I am!” Suddenly, Neo raised his head violently.

Just the moment Neo raised his head, the crowd was frozen.

***, Zhao Qian, everyone was frozen in front of them.


It was a pair of glowing eyes!

Those, simply not human eyes!


A swift wind, lightning-like, rushed over.

It pounced on Zhao Qian!


There was a muffled sound.

A yellow shadow, wailing, crashed heavily into the corner of the wall, twitching a few times and not moving.

“Holy shit, in this villa, where did the wild dog come from.” *** put down the bar stool in his hand and said in a depressed voice.

“Scared me to death, how could there be a wild dog!” Zhao Qian also patted her chest.

“You guys, drag that dead dog over here, grass, it just so happens that I’m hungry and don’t know where to go for dinner, let’s all slaughter the dog and have dog meat hotpot!” *** ordered his men.

“Wow, cool, dog meat hotpot, haha!” Several of the men were also hungry long ago, and by now had gone to the corner and dragged the dead dog, which had been slapped to death with a stool by ***, to the middle.

One of the men drew out his knife and, with a swipe, cut off the dog’s head.

Blood instantly spurted out.

Another henchman entered the dog’s stomach with another knife and began to gut and skin it.

Zhou Yun’s scalp tingled as he watched, and his heart was terrified to the core.

These people were so cruel and heartless!

“Hahahaha, are you afraid, this might be your downfall!” Zhao Qian looked at Zhou Yun, whose face was pale, and laughed in triumph.

“And your man, it looks like it’s really not going to work oh.” Looking at the dying Neo in the peg, Zhao Qian laughed again.

It was also at this time.

Suddenly, ****’s mobile phone rang.

“Ah, Boss!”

As soon as he saw the caller, **** immediately said with respect.

“That, ****, where are you?”

“Boss, I’m in that villa of yours in West Court, didn’t you ask me to manage it for a bit.”

“Well, it’s good you’re there, I’ve had my precious pet Rhubarb delivered to the villa today, there’s dog food in the basement, take some and feed it first, I’ll be there later, don’t starve it, if it does, I’ll make you look good ……”


At once, **** froze.

“Rhubarb? Pet? Boss, could it be the Chinese Field Dog with the yellow tail that’s black?” *** looked dumbfounded at the dog skin on the ground.

“Yes, that’s the one, that’s my beloved pet, looks like you’ve already seen it, so hurry up and feed it, I’m about to arrive.”

Pop, the phone hung up.

This time, **** and Zhao Qian, they were both scared out of their minds.

Both were in a hurry.

“Holy shit, what about this!”

“What, it’s the boss’s pet!”

“And it’s the most beloved!”

“Hungry all want me to look good, now dead ……”

*** anxiously jumped straight to his feet.

Zhao Qian was also blushing furiously.

“I have an idea now, Kong, why don’t we, just plant it on them ……” Zhao Qian pointed at Neo and Zhou Yun and whispered in ****’s ear.

“Haha, good idea! Brothers, all come here!”

*** was instantly happy and immediately gathered everyone over and instructed them.

That is, just as he instructed, the sound of a car came from outside.

“Big Yellow, Big Yellow!”

As someone shouted, the door was violently pushed open.

A middle-aged man in a flowery shirt walked in, with a shaved head and a somewhat tough and cold appearance.

Behind him, he was followed by seven or eight equally tough men.

Neo suddenly felt that the voice was surprisingly familiar.

He could not help but strain to lift his head.

He was stunned.

“Ai Zilong?”


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