At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 346

Seeing this, even Neo’s hands were trembling with anger.

This woman Zhao Qian was too hypocritical!

She had ruined Teng Hongqi’s family, yet in her circle of friends, she put on such a kind and grateful face that people who didn’t know her really thought she knew how to repay and respect her teachers.

Zhou Yun was also obviously furious, she silently took back her phone, and did not say anything more about telling Zhao Qian and the others the news of Mr. Teng’s death.

Seeing Zhao Qian’s circle of friends like this is no longer necessary.

The two were in the hospital, guarding Teng Hongqi’s remains, and waited until the rest of Teng Hongqi’s family arrived, before they left the hospital with their hearts full.

They had just returned to the quadrangle.

A heckling sound came from the doorway.

“Gee, it’s so cool, the music in the bar is so energetic!”

“That handsome guy even came to hit on us, if I hadn’t come to that today, I would have agreed to go to the bathroom with him just now.”

“Haha, I’m sweating all over from dancing, I need to take a shower!”

With that, Zhao Qian and her group, hooked up and went into the front door.

The women were all a little drunk and giddy.

After eating and drinking at the Grand Fortune Hotel, they had gone to the bar to continue their fun, and this was just after they had returned.

When they saw Neo and Zhou Yun, they immediately stopped as well.

“Yo, sending Teng Hongqi back?” Zhao Qian teasingly looked at Zhou Yun, “That old guy didn’t get hit by a car while walking down the road, did he do so many unethical things.”

At this moment, Zhao Qian had already torn her face off at the Grand Fortune Hotel, so she had no qualms about speaking.

“Is that old guy going crazy with anger, haha! Is he so angry that he is cursing us for having no conscience, is he angrily cursing for having taught a bunch of beasts in the first place, hahaha, yes, we have no conscience, we are beasts, if he wants to curse, go ahead, it won’t hurt us anyway, we have gotten back at him, hahaha!” Zhao Qian’s mood was really good, seven or eight years of holding back, isn’t it just for the sake of today’s anger?


Zhou Yun gave her a slap and heaved it on her face.

At once, even the air was silent.

No one had expected that Zhou Yun would dare to do this.

Zhou Yun, who had always looked cowardly and was always the target of bullying in the quadrangle, had actually slapped Zhao Qian.

“Teacher Teng is dead, do you know that!” Zhou Yun almost yelled, anger erupting from his gaze as he met Zhao Qian’s gaze for the first time topside.

“It was because of you that he died, it was you who got him killed, it was you who got him killed! You know that!”

“And you, Zhao Qian, you’re wrong, Teacher Teng wasn’t angry, he was just sad! He was so sad, but he didn’t call you all heartless either, he didn’t call you animals!”

“He didn’t even resent you all! What’s more, he even looked for reasons in himself! He told me over and over again if he was wrong, if he had done something wrong, that you had all done this to him, and he hadn’t blamed you!”

“Can’t such a teacher, such morals, bring out your conscience!”

“You murderers who killed the teacher! Don’t you really have any remorse at all!”

Zhou Yun stared aggressively at Zhao Qian, she was really angry.

Some of the girls, at this moment, were shocked by Zhou Yun’s words and stood there in a daze.

“How dare you hit me?!” But Zhao Qian quickly reacted and rushed up to grab Zhou Yun’s hair.

Behind her, several of the best players, including Liu Chun, also shouted and rushed up in unison to help Zhao Qian.

“Stop it!”

Neo couldn’t watch Zhou Yun being beaten up, so he immediately rushed up to protect him and pushed Zhao Qian and the others away with a few blows.

He was already strong enough, and since he had let the redhead borrow his body last time, he was two or three times stronger, so he was still more than capable of dealing with these women.

Worried that Zhou Yun would suffer another defeat, Neo put his arm around her and went upstairs.

“Good, having a man to protect you is great, more than a man right, you guys wait!”

Zhao Qian didn’t take advantage of the situation, and held her anger in her heart, and immediately took out her mobile phone.

Half an hour later.

In the room on the fourth floor.

Zhou Yun did not eat or drink, leaning in Neo’s arms, Neo was heartbroken at this time, but he also knew it was useless to say anything now, he could only silently hug her and give her a little warmth.

“Soooooo, all those people who were good to me are gone one by one ……,” Zhou Yun’s tears welled up at the thought of this.

“No, I will always be by your side.” Neo gently stroked her hair, and an indescribable sadness welled up in his heart.

Perhaps, truly, it would have been better not to have quit the family.

Only, history had no ifs.

At this very moment, the courtyard gate was suddenly heard, with a bang, as if it had been slammed open.

Immediately afterwards, a noisy sound of footsteps entered the courtyard.

“Brother Kong, you’re finally here, people are being bullied, you have to take it out for them.” Zhao Qian’s voice, carried a whisper.

“Damn pussy, who dares to bully my Qian baby, I’ll kill him!”

In the courtyard, a yellow-haired man wearing a tight-fitting dragon t-shirt shouted, waving the guy in his hand.

As they spoke, the gang went upstairs.

Neo didn’t pay much attention to it originally, but when he suddenly heard a rumbling sound of footsteps going upstairs, he suddenly recalled what the sounds in the courtyard just now meant.

Neo’s heart was in a state of shock and he jumped out of bed with a single arrow step.

It was too late to escape, this was the fourth floor, the window was impossible to jump from, and the gang had also reached the fourth floor walkway by now.

“Watch out, watch out, don’t give away!”

“This is it, we’re here! We’re here!”

With a noisy clamour and another bang, the door to the room was kicked open with a fierce bang.

A group of men, fierce and vicious, burst in.

The room was already small, and with so many people barging in at once, it was almost filled to capacity.

“Where’s your man! You were so powerful just now, but now that my man is here, let him be powerful! How come he’s gone!” Zhao Qian looked triumphantly at the panicked Zhou Yun.

Only, there was no Neo in sight.

“Here it is, damn, this kid is too much of a wimp to hide in the bathroom!”

“The bathroom door is unlocked!”

“Kick the door!”

Bang! Bang!

At this moment, Neo was hiding in the bathroom, pushing his back hard against the door, he had his mobile phone in his hand and was dialing a number quickly, sweat on his head, and his forehead was wet from his impatience.

“Come on, pick up!” Neo stomped his foot in anxiety, while enduring the constant force of the kick from outside on his back coming from the door.

Ten minutes ago.

Jincheng Railway Station.

The exit gate was busy, with a lot of people coming and going.

An old man walked through the crowd, looking a little conspicuous.

He was tall, with a face full of white beards and a tiger’s back. Walking in the crowd, if you didn’t look at the wrinkles on his face, his figure and pace didn’t look like a sixty-year-old man in the slightest, more like a strong man in his forties or fifties.

The old man followed the crowd, one by one, through the outbound security check.


Just as he got under the security gate, suddenly, the alarm blared!

“Get him, get him!”

The x-ray security inspector scurried out from inside almost frantically, pointing at the old man.

At once, five or six station policemen on patrol, like a great enemy, pounced on the old man like lightning.

The passengers around them were terrified and backed away, watching the scene in horror.

“Watch out, he’s got a gun on him!” The security inspector’s words fell.

The crowd tensed up even more.

One of the station policemen felt around on the old man a few times and sure enough, a black bbk .45 pistol was retrieved.

There was a gasp from the crowd of passengers who had gathered around.

Yes, after all, in a place like China, gun trafficking is strictly forbidden, and there was a deep sense of afterthought as these passengers were suddenly informed that the man who had just walked beside them had a gun on him.


A few station police officers escorted the old man and brought him inside to the investigation room.

“Hand over everything you have on you first!” A station policeman held a transparent plastic bag and bellowed in a cold voice.

“You have misunderstood.” The old man frowned, “There’s no need for this at all.”

“Misunderstanding? Oh, it’s against the law to carry a gun privately! We need to investigate and investigate properly, please cooperate!”

The old man was helpless at this point, so he had to take the Casio Big Muddy King off his wrist and put it in the clear bag, and put the zippo lighter and wallet in the bag.

“Mobile phone too!”

“Sorry, everything is fine, but the phone I have to take with me.” The old man held the phone stubbornly, yes, it had to be with him, he had to keep his phone online twenty-four hours a day because, maybe one day, someone would call the number out of the blue.

Although, for the time being, it never called.

“No! It has to be handed over! Be honest!” The station policeman bellowed even louder, and his face became even colder.

It couldn’t be helped, it was only a few minutes, I guess, it should be fine.

Thinking that, the old man also helplessly put his phone into the bag.

Then the two men took him and went into the interrogation room next to him.

In the interrogation room, two men stood to his left and right, a bright light hit him in the face, and across the room, a voice came coldly.


“Xiong Siguang.”


“First class military service in the Border War, recipient of the Purple Heart Medal, five-star special forces soldier of the National Dragon Soul Special Brigade, and honorary chief guide of the Dragon Soul Elite Group.”


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