At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 342

“Get lost.”

Murong Ruolan said indifferently.

Seriously, perhaps for other women, being an actor and becoming a star had a fatal attraction to them.

But for people of Murong Ruo Lan’s level, there was no difference between a star and a beggar, in their eyes.

“Hey hey, pretty girl, don’t be afraid, I’m not cheating.” The man had seen a lot of reactions like Murong Ruo Lan’s, after all, when he suddenly came up to strike up a conversation, many people thought he was a liar or something like that.

So, despite this attitude of Murong Ruo Lan, the man did not stop and continued to lobby, “I am a star scout in the crew, entrusted by the director, specifically to dig up passersby, I see your temperament and demeanor, very much like a character in this drama of our crew, so, I really hope you can join us.”

“And our crew is very famous, the investor is the big boss Hua Guoqiang, the director is Gu Chuang, by the way, there are also a host of big name stars joining it, like Zhang Ying, Wang Chao, Liang Xue they, you should have heard of them, if you join, you can be like them, beautiful girls are so beautiful, don’t you want to become a star, don’t you want to live a life of material abundance and jade clothes and food? ”


Murong Ruolan sneered, brocade clothes and food?

If she herself was not well clothed and well fed, no one under the sky would dare to say well clothed and well fed.

Ignoring the man, Murong Ruo Lan beckoned, and hailed a taxi, ready to find a better hotel to stay in first.

“That, beautiful, you really consider it, your temperament, really like the character inside the play.” The man still spared no effort, “is to play a woman who forces the protagonist back from the family, really, this role is difficult to find suitable candidates, director Gu asked me to look on the street for more than a week, I have not found, you are really particularly suitable ……”

The man is also really professional ethics, at this time, seeing Murong Ruo Lan are on the car, but also follow the lobbying.

“Wait a minute, what did you say?”

Murong Ruo Lan surprisingly stopped, her face also suddenly showed an indistinct expression of displeasure, her tone was also steeply more cold, even with a hint of ice, “playing a woman who forced the protagonist back from her family? What, do you think I have the temperament of this kind of bad woman, someone who deliberately forces people back from their family!”

The man was also a bit scared silly, he did not understand why a woman’s body would suddenly produce the emotions that made his heart terrified, he could not help but stammer, “No, not ah, this character is actually not that bad anymore, although she forced the protagonist out of the family, but she actually still likes the protagonist, she actually still cares about the protagonist ……”

“Oh?” Murong Ruo Lan’s face moved, the corners of her mouth surprisingly floated a smile with a bit of surprise.

No way, there is actually such a coincidence?

Yes, isn’t this exactly a reflection of the relationship between oneself and Neo?

I don’t know how, but Murong Ruo Lan’s heart suddenly felt the pleasure of being recognized, a feeling that someone understood her, understood herself, understood herself.

Yes, in this world, apart from myself, no one would understand how I felt about Neo.

No one would have understood.

But now, this script understood.

“Well then, I’m getting a bit of interest, I’ll go take a look.” Murong Ruo Lan was also really curious, not just about the play, but also about the person who was playing the lead role.

Since her own temperament resembled this character, did that male actor’s temperament, too, resemble Neo’s?

Or, is it Neo?

“Great! Our crew is now, holding a pre-opening celebration at the top floor restaurant of the Kale Hotel, so you can go over there first, and I’ll tell Director Gu about you!”

Seeing Murong Ruolan’s promise, the man was also very excited and hurriedly handed Murong Ruolan an entrance ticket.

With curiosity and eagerness in her heart, Murong Ruolan didn’t delay, took a taxi and soon arrived at the Kale Hotel.

Kale Hotel, top floor restaurant.

Today it was fully booked by the drama group.

Apart from those associated with the crew, no outsiders could enter.

However, Murong Ruolan had an admission ticket in her hand, so it was not difficult to enter.

The Kale Hotel was originally a five-star hotel, and the restaurant on the top floor was naturally very luxurious.

There were golden carpets, a dozen large white tables in the hall, and waiters in suits and bow ties serving with smiles on their faces.

By now, the crowd had already been seated one after another.

Since Murong Ruo Lan had come in, she was in no hurry, not to mention that she was also a bit hungry, so she found a table and sat down on her own.

The moment she sat down, the few people at the table, who were laughing and talking, stopped talking at once.

The eyes of the people at the table, for an instant, all brushed up and looked at Murong Ruolan.

“Who is this?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve seen it before.”

“It doesn’t look like a main actor, could it be someone playing a minor role? Or a group actor running the show?”

“I think so, this is really too ignorant of the rules, don’t you know what kind of people sit at this table, even a random actor dares to sit here?”

“Don’t even look at your own stature, is this a table she can come to?”

At the table, several women, you said one thing and I said another.

Every sentence was laced with thorns in it, directed at Murong Ruolan.

They didn’t mind, nor were they afraid of being heard by Murong Ruo Lan.

After all, in this drama group, they were all big players.

“I say this big sister, you’re just a group actress right, to invite you to this celebration is already giving you face, can you grow some eyesight and sit in the corner, sit in a position that suits your status, this table is in the very middle, do you know what the very middle is, it’s the most honourable position!”

Seeing that Murong Ruo Lan still did not say anything even though the people had said this, a woman sitting next to Murong Ruo Lan finally could not stand it anymore.

She simply did not even side-track and disliked it directly.

Yes, the table Murong Ruolan was sitting at was none other than the table in the middle of the place.

The people sitting at this table, according to the rules, are naturally the main actors in the crew, and yes, at this table, it is the group of Zhang Ying and Liang Xue.

These people are not only the main actors in the drama group, but they are also well-known people in the entertainment circle, so they are usually in contact with each other, and besides, the entertainment circle is so big, so they are naturally familiar with each other.

So when they saw Murong Ruo Lan, a face they hadn’t seen before, they knew without even thinking that she must be a passerby.

How could they tolerate an unknown passerby sitting at the same table as them?

The one who spoke was none other than Liang Xue.

Liang Xue was floating, yes, she was floating, because she was originally playing a maid and her role was average, but now she was promoted to the second female role, her salary and role had increased greatly, and her fame and status had also started to climb.

So naturally she is even prouder.

As for Murong Ruo Lan, she had her eyes on the middle table from the moment she came in, she almost just naturally, subconsciously, came to this table.

The reason was simple, because she, Murong Ruo Lan, was a heaven in this Original Continent, so what reason was there not to sit at the best seat?

So, Murong Ruo Lan didn’t even think about anything else that was messy, anyway, as soon as I came in, I sat down at this seat.

At this moment, despite the surrounding, Zhang Ying Liang Xue and other people, looking at her, angry teeth itch, all kinds of taunting sarcasm.

But Murong Ruo Lan really did not have any reaction, she leisurely, self-consciously poured herself a cup of tea, slowly sipping it up.

This is not to say that Murong Ruolan has a good temperament.

The truth is, Murong Ruo Lan’s connotation is not really good.

And the reason why she would hold back.

It was simply because, she was waiting for someone, she wanted to see what the person who was playing the lead role, was really like.

And until she saw that person, Murong Ruo Lan knew that it was better for her not to have a fit, after all, to mess up this celebration, and then she would regret not seeing that main character.

And when Liang Xue saw that her words had been completely ignored by Murong Ruo Lan, she was almost mad in her heart.

This old woman, who she had never even met, who was at most one or two lines of a drag queen, had come to a table with herself, the second female, and was ignoring herself?

This, how could one put up with it?


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