At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 341

Yes, Elder Xiong’s yearning for the Continent of the Valley was strong to the core, so strong that it was even more important than his life.

Simply because, on that continent, there was a destiny and a dusty destiny that he had met when he was young and that had tied him up for the rest of his life.

After all, just to be able to see the Valley continent twice a year through the Five Willow Jade Mirror, he was willing to give up his status as a member of the Xiong family to stay by Lu Beiq’s side.

Then, if he could really have the opportunity to enter the Continent of the Valley, Elder Xiong would also do whatever it took to enter the Continent of the Valley.

Therefore, at that time in Wujiang City, when Murong Ruo Lan promised to let him enter the Continent of the Valley as long as he asked for an explanation of Neo’s whereabouts, Elder Xiong’s heart also beat wildly in that instant.

It was as if in that one moment, he was young once again, smelling the special scent of Chu’s body and thinking of the heart that once beat because of love.

His life had long since ceased to be a consideration in order to keep his mouth where Luhara was going.

Going to the continent of the Valley, however, had caused him to hesitate for that brief moment.

Yet, too, it was only a second of hesitation.

Because, again, he thought of Neo and Zhou Yun.

He had grown up watching Neo, and he knew that the third young master had grown up different, unlike most of the young masters in the family, who had been surrounded by women since puberty.

Elder Xiong even knew that when Neo was in high school, a girl had confessed her love to him on stage, and he had not said yes.

Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t like girls.

It was just that he didn’t want to play around, he was serious and he was waiting for a girl he could really fall in love with.

And then, he waited.

He proved his love with the family’s c-level support, and once again with quitting the family to completely put his majestic feelings on display for all to see.

That night, the third young master and the Zhou girl, running on the bridge to reunite, Xiong Lao was in the car, was watching with tears in his eyes, he was moved and touched.

He understood that feeling, because that reunion, which had existed in his mind for over thirty years, had been tormenting him and eating away at him.

The moment Neo and Zhou Yun were reunited, it was as if Elder Xiong had finally, through them, fulfilled a dream he had waited for most of his life and might never have waited for.

At that moment, it was as if Neo was himself and Zhou Yun had become Miss Chu.

It was at that moment that Elder Xiong decided to use everything he had to make the Third Young Master and Miss Zhou whole.

Yes, now the Third Young Master and Miss Zhou, they may be having a hard time, but they are together, they must be happy!

How could they let Murong Ruo Lan find them and break them up!

I’m sorry Chu, there was a chance in front of me to reunite you and me, but I refused and you may never know about it, but if you did, I’m sure, you would have forgiven me!

Because that’s the kind of you that is my Chu!

“Elder Xiong, this is a gift from the Grand Master.” On the island of heaven, a servant held two boxes of cross-knotted ancient-style dim sum wrapped in dark yellow greaseproof paper, with a red word ‘Lu’ with a circle printed on the wrapping.

Xiong Lao recognised that these were the Lu family’s unique ancient pastries, which were exclusively for the Lu family and could not be eaten outside.

It was the pastry that he usually liked the most.

Now that he had left, I was afraid that he would never be able to eat it again.

Elder Xiong took it over and went to remove the crossed threads on the packaging by hand.

“Elder Xiong, the Grand Master said to save this for you to eat when you get on the helicopter ……,” the servant said hurriedly.

“But I’m hungry now.” Elder Xiong said, already unwrapping the box of pastries on top.

Sure enough, inside were neatly arranged gemstones of various colours, onyx purple jade, crystal ice shan ……

Each piece, all worth a great deal of money.

Looking at the box of gems held in his hand, Xiong Lao could not help but have tears in his eyes again.

He stared at the gems in his hand for a long time, gently picked up one of them and put it in his pocket.

Then he quickly shoved all the rest into his servant’s arms, and then, the man got into the nearby helicopter, “Take off!”

Elder Xiong gave an order and the helicopter rose in response, leaving only the servant who had not reacted, standing in place with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Elder Xiong, where to?”

The helicopter pilot had also gotten the news that Elder Xiong had left the family, and at this moment he did not say much, only silently doing his own thing.

“Jincheng.” Elder Xiong finished, but then as if he remembered something, “Go to Taishan.”

And at this time in Jincheng City, the base of the crew.

The base was packed with people, and in the middle of the crowd, it was empty.

In the empty space, the main actors of the crew were basically all there.

“Good, since everyone is here, let’s try out the scene first.” Gu Chuang sat in front of the camera screen and shouted, “Male and female leads, get ready, try out a, kissing scene.”

As soon as his words fell, the crowd of onlookers buzzed and stirred, all standing on tiptoe and craning their necks to look at the centre of the venue.

Most of these onlookers were the cast and crew, the group actors, the low-level staff and so on.

It’s audition time, and it’s a great opportunity to see some of the country’s top stars filming, so it’s not to be missed.

Zhang Ying had already put on her ancient costume, and when she heard Gu Chuang’s words, she couldn’t wait to go to the middle of the venue.

Opposite her was a young man, with a face even whiter than Zhang Ying’s, looking a bit girlish.

“Tsk, that male lead is Wang Chao, right, so handsome and elegant.” In the crowd, some women started to move.

“Wang Chao is really super suitable to play the male lead you know, before I even heard that director Gu had cast a civilian worker who carried cement bags to play the male lead, scared me to death.” The woman next to her said.

The woman next to me said, “Yes, the big poisonous spot, but that civilian worker was not driven away, I heard that it was Zhang Ying who did not want to, and found the big boss, the big boss forced director Gu to replace him.”

“That’s not true, Zhang Ying is a big star, how could she be willing, and in this drama, there are many kissing scenes between the male and female leads, a famous star, how could she want to kiss a dirty and smelly civilian worker?

“Right, that’s why it had to be replaced with Wang Chao’s, right? Look at Zhang Ying, how passionate and positive the kissing scene with Wang Chao was.”

“Well, no more chatting, look, the audition is over, it’s changed again.”

As the two were talking, Gu Cong shouted again, “Okay, next audition show, male lead and female number two, get ready!”

“Wow, male lead and female number two, these two seem to have quite a lot of parts, eh, this female number two, how come it’s her?”

“Holy shit, it’s really her, isn’t she playing the maid of some sort, why is she suddenly the second female?”

“Tsk, I remember, I heard from a friend who works at the Kale Hotel that he seemed to have seen Liang Xue having a bit of an affair with the big boss, he also saw the big boss enter Liang Xue’s room with a leather whip ……”

“Subterfuge, ah, Liang Xue this woman is really slutty.”

As the crowd chattered, the audition for the scene was soon over.

After all, it was only an audition, a simple test of a few of the main characters with the most parts was all that was needed.

“Sister Ying, thanks to you for telling that folk boy to get lost, otherwise, how dirty would it be to act in a kissing scene with that boy, maybe you’d have to brush your teeth once for one performance.” In the car on the way back to the hotel, Liang Xue chatted with Zhang Ying beside her.

“That kid doesn’t even look at himself, he’s just a civilian worker, does he really think that the entertainment industry is so easy to enter? If word gets out that I’m playing a couple with a civilian worker, where will my reputation stand? And did you know that Wang Chao is not only handsome, but I heard that his father is actually the Wang Long of the capital, second only to the four great families of the Wang family!”

“Then wouldn’t that make him a super rich second generation?” Liang Xue couldn’t help but feel a twitch in her heart.

This woman had a vivid mind, and by hooking up with the big boss Hua Guoqiang, she had first turned herself from a maid to the second female, and if she hooked up with Wang Chao, wouldn’t she also be a woman who could marry into a rich family?

But although her heart was stirring, Liang Xue still had a smile on her face, “Of course, how can I compete with Sister Ying for it.”

The two of them chatted with a smile on their faces.

The other car, Gu Chuang, was sitting in the other car, his brows looked a bit furrowed, remembering the audition just now, his heart simply wanted to curse his mother, that Wang Chao, what the hell, just a pussy who can only pretend to be cool, but can’t help but the family is rich, pay to promote him, the capitalist’s game, there is nothing you can do.

It’s a pity that Neo was left behind.

Gu Chuang shook his head and sighed, took out his mobile phone and sent a message.

In the labour market, the place was truly packed with people. Neo was standing with a group of tanned folk workers, and every now and then, someone would come to recruit temporary workers.

Ding ……

He received a message, “Brother Neo, you’ve had your role cancelled, I’m really sorry, alas, I really can’t help it, after all the investors have spoken, and Zhang Ying who plays the female lead has never agreed with you, I’m really sorry, why don’t you come to the set and I’ll see if I can find a group acting opportunity for you.”

It was sent by Gu Chuan.

When he saw this text message, Neo was touched in his heart, Gu Chuan is not a bad person.

After all, Neo knew that the pay for group acting was very low, and it was not even as good as carrying cement bags.

Now, not only did he have to support himself and Zhou Yun, he also had to share the pressure for Teng Hongqi’s family.

Neo didn’t feel bad about this, rather, he was happy about it, after all, Neo could see that Zhou Yun was very grateful to this teacher.

Neo was also grateful to Teng Hongqi and to have such a teacher who was a role model and cared for Zhou Yun during the years when he was not around.

Someone who had once been kind to Zhou Yun, and now, had come to repay himself!

After sending a polite rejection text to Gu Chuan, Neo thought about it and sent another one to Zhou Yun, “Zhou Yun, have you sent Teacher Teng home now? Don’t worry, I have found a job, a very good job, you can reassure Mr. Teng that his grandson can definitely have school fees!”

After sending the text message, Neo put down his phone.

Taking a deep breath, he walked straight towards an anxious but unasked-for employer under the gaze of all the other folk around him who were looking at him like a martyr.

“You said your wife’s ring fell into the septic tank, right? I’ll fish it out for you!” Neo said loudly.

It was also at this time that the Jincheng High Speed Railway station.

A high speed train had just arrived and there weren’t many passengers, walking out of the exit in twos and threes.

“Okay, you are free to go.” At the exit of the station, an extremely beautiful looking woman with a confidence and disdain in her gaze waved her hand at the man beside her.

“Yes, Master Zhuang.” The man was obviously quite excited, and immediately led the way.

This woman, was Murong Ruo Lan.

After driving her men away, Murong Ruo Lan coldly looked at the bustling Jincheng metropolis in front of her, with people coming and going.

“I heard that this is a metropolis with a population of eight million, huh, it’s useless even if there are more people, as long as you are here, Neo, I will definitely find you.”

Murong Ruolan hummed and was about to lift her foot.

Just at that moment.

Suddenly, a thin man, with a thieving head, came up, “Hello beautiful, are you interested in becoming an actor?”


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