At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 340

Pacific Ocean, Sky Island, inside the secret cave.

“Old Xiong, what’s going on!”

Lu Beike looked at Old Xiong in front of him in surprise, his face was weak and his wrist was wrapped in gauze, it was as if he was two different people from the former Xiong Si Guang who was in great spirits.

“It’s nothing, Eldest Master, just a little accident.” Elder Xiong shook his head, and did not tell Lu Bei Ke about Murong Ruo Lan’s forced confession against him.

“How is the matter of Neo’er?” Lu Beique was, naturally, still concerned about Neo.

This time, the reason for letting Xiong Siguang leave Tiandao was for the matter of Neo.

“Don’t worry, Eldest Master, the Third Young Master is safe now, Murong Ruo Lan doesn’t know where he is.” Yes, in Xiong Siguang’s perception, Murong Ruolan did not know Neo’s whereabouts.

After all, he certainly hadn’t read Murong Ruo Lan’s mind.

Only then was Lu Beique slightly relieved.

“Then you should go to Peach Blossom Healing Island to rest for a while, now.” With that, Lu Beique added.

Obviously, even though Elder Xiong had hidden his serious injury, but what kind of eyesight did Lu Beique have, he could naturally see that Elder Xiong was suffering from a considerable injury.

But since Elder Xiong was not willing to talk about it, Lu Beique did not ask more questions.

After all, he and Xiong Siguang, rather than being master and servant, were more like friends, a captain and a team member.

They were of similar age, had met in the war, had been born and died together on the border, and had formed a deep friendship.

Lu Beique also knew Xiong Lao’s character, which was extremely rigid and rarely showed his emotions or vulnerability, so since he was not willing to talk about it, Lu Beique did not ask.

Therefore, at this time, Lu Beique only let Xiong Lao go to Peach Blossom Healing Island to rest, in fact, he also saw that Xiong Lao was seriously injured, but then, also did not point out, this is the respect for Xiong Lao.

Obviously, Elder Xiong also understood what Lu Beique meant.

A trace of gratitude and tacit understanding flashed across his gaze.

Yes, the captain always understood him.

This feeling, Elder Xiong felt so good, really good.

After all, how many confidants can one have in the world?

He had joined the army in his twenties and met Lu Beike, and since then the two had formed a deep friendship, and he himself had even given up his status as the youngest master of the Xiong family and even as the great head of the Xiong family, willingly taking on a servant status beside Lu Beike.

While this had a very important and significant reason, the friendship between the two men, too, played a part.

However, although grateful.

“Thank you, Captain, but, Captain, I have something to tell you now.” Old Xiong took a deep breath, as if the words were coming out with great difficulty.

“What’s wrong, Old Xiong, there’s still a need to be polite with me, just say it.” Lu Beique was stunned, and for a moment did not understand what Old Xiong was up to, after all, the two of them usually, were straightforward in what they had to say, rarely would they be like this today.

“Captain, I, I’m going to leave here.”

“Huh?” Lu Beique was stunned, “You mean ……”

“Yes, Captain, I’m leaving the Lu family.” Old Xiong finally, got the words out, only, it was still said with difficulty.

“Old Xiong, you, are you going back to the family in Wujiang?” Lu Beique knew that this time, Old Xiong had gone to look for Neo and went to Wujiang, so perhaps this trip back to the Xiong family had caused the homesickness and longing for his family to burst out within him.

Therefore, he was leaving the Lu family and returning to the Xiong family.

“No.” Unexpectedly, Xiong Lao still shook his head.

This time, Lu Beique couldn’t figure out where he was going, leaving the Lu Family, but not returning to the Xiong Family.

However, Lu Beique could obviously also see that Old Xiong was not willing to say where he wanted to go.

“Good, Old Xiong, I once told you that you could leave the Lu Family at any time and return to the Lu Family at any time, and now, that statement, still stands forever!” Lu Beique nodded.

“Many thanks, Captain!” Old Xiong pursed his lips tightly, hearing these words, how could he not be touched.

“It’s just that, Old Xiong, if you leave the Lu Family, you won’t be qualified to use the Five Willow Jade Mirror anymore.” When Lu Bei Ke said this, he also let out a long sigh, looking extremely heavy, “Although I don’t want it to be like this, after all, this is a rule that has been passed down from the family for thousands of years!”

“I… I know.” Hearing the Five Willow Jade Mirror, Elder Xiong’s face, which had appeared heavy, abruptly turned grey again, it was a colour as if it had been beaten by autumn frost, disheveled, “But, I, I have also considered it for a long time, Captain, it has been over thirty years, it is time to give up!”

Although Old Man Xiong’s face, the colour was grey, but these words, surprisingly, were spoken with great categorical determination.

Hearing these words of Elder Xiong, Lu Beique’s body also shook.

When he looked at Elder Xiong carefully and saw the grey colour of Elder Xiong’s face, he could not help but have a slight tear in his gaze as well.

Of course he knew how difficult it was for Elder Xiong to make this decision!

“Captain, I, I just hope that I can take one more look at the Five Willow Jade Mirror before I leave!” Old Man Xiong raised his head and looked at Lu Beique, his gaze, too, revealing a kind of uncertainty.

After all, the Five Willow Jade Mirror was not something that could be looked at whenever one wanted to.


Who expected that Lu Bei Ke did not even think about it and immediately agreed, “Follow me.”

The two then said nothing more.

Lu Beique was in the front and Elder Xiong was in the back.

The two of them walked along the secret cave, twisting and turning, and they did not know how long they had been walking.

Finally, they came inside a stone chamber.

This stone room, surrounded by jade stones, was full of soft light even though it was deep underground.

On the ground, on the other hand, was a thick cloud of white water mist.

And the most conspicuous thing in the stone room was the spherical jade-like object on a flat rock.

It had a jade-like moistness and was pure beige all over, without a single flaw, and it looked perfect.

The two men came in front of it.

Lu Beike gently turned it, and before long, the jade stone was slowly stained as if it were ink and water. At first, it was blurred, but gradually, as if it were a screen, the jade stone appeared as a big, verdant tree, and underneath the tree was a rock, which was very smooth, as if it had been rounded off.

Next to the rock were a few pale blue flowers.

But the flowers had obviously been picked and had no roots, although they were still very brightly coloured.

Only, at the moment, there was no one around.

“She hasn’t come today.” Lu Beique looked at the jade screen and his tone seemed a little regretful and sad.

“That’s the flower she picked, the flower she told me about, the flower unique to the Valley Continent, and it really is as beautiful as she said, as beautiful as she was ……,” murmured Elder Xiong as he stared dumbly at the flower on the jade stone, his hand stroking it gently.

“Although you can only come twice a year, she, she seems to come once a day.” Lu Beique’s tone also became a little tender, seemingly full of memories, “She, always still loves you so much ……”

With a brush, Xiong Lao, who almost never shed tears, had tears flowing out all at once.

“Chu …… sorry, I, I can’t come to see you anymore from now on, and, yet you won’t know that I can’t come to see you anymore, you will still come every day ……”

He looked at the blue flower and tears welled up.

“If only you could go to the Continent of the Valley.” Lu Beique’s eyes were also slightly red as he murmured, “It’s just a pity that the five great clans, each with their own family heavenly rules, would never let outsiders use their passages.”

“That way I’m already content.” Old Xiong smiled ruefully, “In fact, there was once an opportunity to go to the Valley Continent that was in front of me, but I knew that in the world, there was another thing that was more important than going to the Valley Continent! I will throw away the chance to go to the Continent of the Valley for that matter!”

With that, Elder Xiong stood up straight violently and looked at Lu Beique once more, “Captain, farewell!”

With that, Elder Xiong, this time, without any more hesitation, directly took big strides and walked out of the secret cave.

All the way to the outside.

Looking at the turquoise blue sky and the flying sea birds, he suddenly felt enlightened.

Third Young Master, Miss Zhou, thank you.

Thank you all for making me seem to relive what Chu and I used to do once again.

It was you all who made me think of that most beautiful relationship in the world again.

The time for Chu and I will eventually pass.

Now, it belongs to you all!


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