At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 339

Valley of the Continent ……

Xiong Lao mumbled in his heart, and the excitement on his face even bordered on madness for a few moments.

Could he really go to the Continent of the Valley?

His body was trembling, and that look of excitement was like suddenly waking up and realising that he had fallen asleep at his desk in primary school ……

How many times had he dreamed of the continent of the valley.

“Say, Xiong Si Guang, where is that boy?” Murong Ruolan said with a smile.

Xiong Lao opened his mouth, the Continent of the Valley, the Continent of the Valley ……

At this moment, his mind was full of the Continent of the Valley.

But suddenly, Neo’s appearance appeared in his mind again.

The look of that third young master that he had watched grow up.

He thought of it, that night in Wujiang City.

That night when the sky showed a vision, on the Yangtze River Bridge, in the moonlight, those two running, slowly approaching figures.

It was then that Elder Xiong sat in his car and drove towards them.

Yes, the third young master and the girl called Zhou Yun, running on the Yangtze River Bridge, it was as if the whole world was the two of them at that moment.

Only Elder Xiong knew how many trials and tribulations they had gone through, how many twists and turns, to come together.

At that moment, the bridge was so long and the moonlight was so bright.

At that moment, time was so slow, so long.

At that moment, Xiong Lao sat in the car, also wet with tears.

“Save it, Murong Ruolan, I, for one, don’t want to go to the Continent of the Valley.” Thinking of Neo and Zhou Yun, the excited desire in Elder Xiong’s heart was also suppressed by him alive.

But even so, the last sentence of not wanting to go to the Continent of the Valley was so hard for him to say.

“Good! Xiong Siguang, you brought this on yourself!” Seeing that Xiong Siguang had actually, in the end, still not agreed to himself, and that even the temptation of the Valley Continent could not work, Murong Ruo Lan stomped her foot, and no longer spoke, and straight away, surprisingly, she left the large room.

There was a cold-faced man standing at the door.

Seeing Murong Ruo Lan come out, this man immediately stepped forward, “Zhuang master?”

His expression and tone of voice revealed a kind of request for instructions.

“Follow my plan and do him.” Murong Ruo Lan finished speaking and raised her head.

The man hurriedly nodded at Murong Ruolan’s back and said, “Yes, Master!”

Then, with a flip of his hand, a black and shiny dagger shone in his hand.

A cold light flashed in the man’s eyes and he entered the door.

Half an hour later.

In a train carriage.

At this time, because it was not a holiday, the carriage was quite empty, with only a few sparse passengers and not a single person in the aisle.

In the window seat, there was a woman sitting.

“How was it, did it work out?” The woman looked across at the man.

“Master Zhuang, it has been done exactly as you planned, Xiong Si Guang.” The man said respectfully, a few drops of blood still splattered on the corner of his coat.

The woman nodded in satisfaction, a few smiles on her face, looking laid back and relaxed.

“Wait until you get to Jincheng, then you are free to move around, I have important things to do in Jincheng, but you don’t need to follow me around.” Murong Ruolan said.

“Yes.” The man looked quite happy, that was not true, free to move around, of course it was more comfortable than accompanying the master ah.

“By the way, Zhuang Lord, there is one more thing that my subordinate does not understand. Since the Zhuang Master has already found out that the outcast of the Lu family is now in Jincheng, why did he go to such great lengths to press Xiong Si Guang?” The man asked curiously.

It was also true that they had actually scouted out that Neo had gone to Jincheng long ago.

Since that was the case, then it would be easier to just take the train to Jincheng.

Why did the Zhuang Master still need to capture Xiong Si Guang and have to do some forced questioning and torture?

“Oh, this is not something you should know! There’s nothing more for you to do here, go and buy a box lunch! I want the shredded pork with fish flavor!” Obviously, Murong Ruo Lan was displeased with her subordinate for bringing up this issue and grunted.

“Yes, yes.” The man hurriedly left.

Murong Ruolan ignored her men and turned her head to look at the scenery that kept flying by outside the window, and her face could not help but, once again, reveal a smile that was indistinct.

I could not figure out the meaning of this smile.

However, when you look closely, there is also some joy and tenderness in this smile.

Of course, you do not understand my intention.

But how many of you know the good intentions of my Murong Ruolan?

The only reason why I tortured Xiong Siguang was to see how attractive he was and how loyal he would be to Xiong Siguang.

Now it seems that that brat has quite a charismatic personality.

Even Xiong Siguang, a strange man, kept his mouth shut for him, even at the expense of his own life, and even gave up his lifelong wish to go to the Valley Continent, rather than reveal a word about the whereabouts of that kid.

I’m sure Murong Ruo Lan has a good eye.

The brat who can make me move is really not as wasteful as he looks.

Yes, when she was in the room, Murong Ruo Lan did not really want to find out Neo’s whereabouts from Xiong Si Guang’s mouth.

Because, she already knew Neo’s whereabouts.

She just wanted to see just how loyal Xiong Siguang would be to Neo.

Therefore, she did not hesitate to lay a heavy hand on him.

And to be honest, when she saw that Xiong Siguang was keeping his mouth shut, even though she looked exceptionally angry at the time, she actually had a vague feeling of joy in her heart.

Honestly, at that time, in her heart, she actually had a vague feeling of affection for Xiong Siguang, surprisingly.

Simply because, this old man, was so loyal and loving to the one she liked.

But well, it was also true that Murong Ruo Lan had dealt a heavy blow to Old Man Xiong.

Because, although she had a vague feeling of love for Xiong Lao, but, after all, it was Neo she had the most affection for.

In order to test Xiong Lao’s loyalty to the person she likes, she of course does not hesitate to hit him hard.

After all, no one is more important than the person she likes.

Well, I’m tired, rest for a while, when I get to Jincheng, I still have more important things to do, more things to do.

Murong Ruolan, her body leaning against the backrest, slowly fell asleep.

At this time, Wujiang City.

The skyscraper room.

Tick, tick ……

In the quiet room, there was a sound like dripping water.

An old man, lolling on the floor, still tied up with ropes like a dumpling, was already a river of blood beneath him.

The old man was apparently unconscious and the dripping sound, from a wound on his wrist, was slowly flowing.

Judging from the river of blood beneath his body, he had lost at least four or five thousand millilitres of blood, an amount of loss that would not have killed him but would have kept him unconscious if he had not been rescued.

And at this moment, he was still bleeding non-stop. According to this, he would surely die slowly in his coma because of the loss of blood.

However, at this moment, the old man’s body suddenly twitched and his eyes slowly opened.

He was obviously exhausted at this point as well.

“Murong Ruo Lan, you really are ruthless enough!” The old man looked at the ropes on his body and the wounds on his wrists, but his gaze showed a few moments of determination, “But if you want to kill the Third Young Master, you still have to see if I, Xiong Si Guang, agree to do so!”

With that, a muffled sound erupted from Xiong Lao’s throat, as if a burden of several thousand pounds was being lifted from his body.

Bang, bang, bang!

With an explosive sound, the ropes on his body unexpectedly blew off at the root!

Honestly, looking at the ropes that broke into a single piece, Elder Xiong himself was a bit frozen, he probably didn’t expect that he could still have such amazing explosive power when he had lost so much blood.

But he couldn’t think too much about it, covered his wrist wound, hobbled, and left the room.

And at that moment, on the train.

“Master Zhuang, the rice with shredded pork and fish is here.” The handlers respectfully brought the box of rice to Murong Ruolan.

“A portion of shredded fish and pork rice costs 50? Next time, why don’t you just buy a box of rice and get a bus ticket?” Looking at the price tag on the lunch box, Murong Ruolan laughed, opened the box, ate two bites and suddenly thought of something like, “By the way, there’s nothing wrong with what you did, right, that old man Xiong Siguang, he should wake up, right? He won’t really bleed to death, will he?”

“I gave him a powerful wake-up pill after he passed out from bleeding, even if he lost 4,000 to 5,000 millilitres of blood, he would still wake up from the pill’s medicinal effect, and I have already cut half of the rope, as long as he struggles gently, he will break free.” The handlers said hastily.

“Well, that’s good.”

“By the way, Master Zhuang, why did you do that? It doesn’t matter even if you killed the old man, why did you make me make it look like I was putting him to death again, but not giving him death? I’m afraid he’s awake now, and even if he is, he won’t be grateful to you. After all, he must have thought you were going to kill him, and he thought he woke up because he was strong because of his own constitution and could break free of the rope. Why do you do such a thankless job?” The handlers asked curiously.

“Oh, this is not for you to know, don’t ask more questions!” Murong Ruo Lan waved her hand unhappily and shooed away her men.

Then, looking out of the window.

She couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

Yes, the henchmen did not understand, and Xiong Siguang certainly did not understand either, so who would understand?

Who would know their good intentions?

That Xiong Siguang was a loyal servant of Neo, and one would certainly not kill a loyal servant of one’s favourite person.

But then, one is the young lady of the Murong family, one is Murong Ruo Lan, and Murong Ruo Lan is bloodthirsty, one who will kill at the raise of her hand.

Since she had pressed Xiong Siguang and he had never yielded, she should have killed him!

Who dares to say a word against the former Fourth Miss Murong?

One has to uphold one’s dignity too!

Therefore, one must kill Xiong Siguang!

However, I can’t kill him, if I kill him, I’m afraid I won’t really have a chance to get close to that boy again!

So, one had to create this illusion.

So, he had to create this illusion, making Xiong Siguang think that he was really going to kill him, but still let him live.

In this way, one maintained one’s dignity at the same time.

And taking care of that brat at the same time!

I, Murong Ruo Lan, have never done such a painstaking thing for any man?


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