At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 336

“Who’s the leading man?”

“Who is it, who is it!”

Zhao Qian’s group of women, chattering as if they were a bunch of little hens, gathered around and stretched their necks to look at the news on their phones.

“I saw it, I saw it, two words for the star!”

“Wang Chao!”

“Wow, it’s really Wang Chao hey, my favourite male celebrity!”

“Wang Chao, it’s Wang Chao, great, I won, right! You guys are buying dinner tonight, you all said it was Hu Ge’s.” Someone shouted excitedly.

When Neo heard this, he froze.

Seriously, at first, when Neo heard Zhao Qian and the girls suddenly mention the cast list of the drama, he was shocked in his heart and knew that there was no way to hide this at once.

Although he had not mentioned this matter earlier, in fact, in his heart, he naturally wanted Zhao Qian and the girls to know about it.

However, in his heart, Neo knew very well that if he said it out loud, Zhao Qian and the girls would definitely not believe it, not only would they not believe it, but they would also mock him again, calling him a psycho for daydreaming.

If that happens, it will bring more unnecessary trouble to himself and to Zhou Yun.

So, Neo held back and didn’t say anything.

But then also coincidentally, surprisingly, the news all came out, Neo’s heart, at once, is also a kind of dark feeling, huh, just now did not say I have no money?

Then when you see that the male lead is my name, see what you say.

However, Neo did not expect that this f*cking male lead was not himself?

This, what’s going on here?

Gu Chuan clearly said it was his own, he was the director, so how could this be false?

Moreover, the contract had been signed!

Neo was really dumbfounded, not knowing what the hell was going on to make it like this.

“Kid, where’s the money for the meal, give it!” Zhang Baoshan impatiently pushed Neo, “What, didn’t you just say that you were so proud of yourself, and that you had covered the tuition fees for old man Vine’s grandson, but now you’re taking out the meal money first, huh, playing dumb? You’re a silly bird, and I know you’re just going through the motions, you’ll shrivel up if you really want to get real.”

“That’s right, Brother Baoshan is so right, this kid just said that kind of thing in his head, he must be regretting it now.”

“Look at his stupid face, can he afford to pay for school?”

“How many bags of cement would he have to carry? He’d be exhausted!”

Zhao Qian Liu Chun and the others, naturally, helped Zhang Baoshan again to bash Neo in various ways.

“Little Lu, thank you, but I don’t need your help to pay, my daughter’s family can still hold up.” Of course Teng Hongqi didn’t know what Neo was thinking.

He also thought that Neo had just said those words in a sudden rush of blood, and now that he had calmed down, he regretted it.

But even though Teng Hongqi thought so, his heart was still very moved by Neo’s words just now, at least, Neo had thought that.

“No, Teacher Teng ……”

Neo could also see that Teng Hongqi had misunderstood himself.

He wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to do so for a while.

Not only that, his heart was also really not as confident as it was just now, if he really wasn’t the lead actor anymore, then of course the film pay would be gone, in that case, what else could he do to help Teacher Teng!

“This is the meal money for the three of us!” Neo didn’t have time to think about it, and besides, here, even if he thought about it, it was useless.

Luckily, he still had a few hundred yuan from the cement bag, which was not much, but at least it would be enough to pay for the meal for today’s party.

He threw the money onto the table and, together with Zhou Yun, helped Teng Hongqi out of the hotel.

“Teacher Teng, are you alright?” The three of them came outside and Zhou Yun noticed that Teng Hongqi’s face had changed a little.

“I’m fine, Zhou Yun, thank you, Neo.” Teng Hongqi said.

But it was a lie to say that he was fine, what Zhang Baoshan and Zhao Qian and the others had just done inside the private room was undoubtedly a few hard stomps on Teng Hongqi’s heart.

Yes, I thought it was a thanksgiving party for former students, but who knew that these students would hold such a grudge and say those things. Even if Teng Hongqi still thought he was right, the feeling of being hated by former students was really unpleasant.

“Zhou Yun, you should send Teacher Teng home, be safe on the way, I, I still have something to do, so I can’t accompany you.” Neo is really something, this is for sure, somehow the male lead became someone else’s, this matter must be clear ah.

And Teng Hongqi now this way to go home, Neo certainly also do not feel at ease ah, must let Zhou Yun send him home ah.

After separating from Zhou Yun Teng Hongqi, Neo was anxious.

The first thing he did was to call Gu Chong, but after a dozen rings, no one answered.

Neo became even more anxious, it seems that things have really changed.

Maybe his role had really been changed, so now even Gu Beng was not answering his phone.

Thinking of this, Neo could say that it was the first time he felt pain because he had lost the opportunity to make money.

Yes, in the past, although he also had no money, but at that time he was the third young master, so even if he lost the opportunity to earn a lot of money, Neo’s heart actually does not matter.

But now, like an ordinary person, Neo felt a deep heartache over the sudden loss of the opportunity to make money that was right in front of him.

No, he had to fight for it at least once! He had to personally go to the crew to find Gu Chuan and ask him what was going on.

Thinking of this, Neo hurriedly rushed back to the quadrangle.

Yes, he couldn’t just go over there in this cement mineworker’s uniform, he had to at least change his clothes.

Neo entered the courtyard in a hurry, and hurriedly headed for his room.

“Hey hey, Xiao Lu, Xiao Lu.”

Just at this moment, a voice suddenly called out to him.

It was none other than Aunt Xiu Hua.

If it had been someone else, Neo might not have been able to care at all, nor would he have stopped.

But it was Aunt Xihua, so Neo stopped anyway.

“Little Lu, there’s something I need to tell you.” Aunt Xiu Hua seemed to be in a good mood today, talking to Neo while still having a smile on her face.

“Aunt Xiu Hua, what’s the matter, wait until I come back, I have a very important and urgent matter to do right now.” Yes, Neo now has to hurry to the crew to find Gu Chuang to ask for an explanation ah, this matter is now the most important, can not be delayed.

“Little Lu, don’t be in a hurry.” Aunt Xiu Hua was happy, apparently, she seemed to have something happy to tell Neo, “Xiao Lu, someone came here to look for you today.”


Neo was stunned, someone came to see him, “Who is it?”

“I don’t know who it is, a girl, dressed in a very high class dress, said she was your colleague.” Aunt Xiu Hua said happily, “You seem to be struggling well lately, have you found a job in an office? I told you that you and Xiao Yun would be successful.”

Neo froze, who was this?

There was no way he knew any woman in high class clothes.

“By the way, she also asked me to hand in a letter to you.” Aunt Xiu Hua hurriedly took out that letter again and handed it to Neo.

Neo hurriedly took the letter and when he touched it, there seemed to be a piece of paper inside and a hard, hard object.

As he darted up to his room on the fourth floor, he tore open the letter.

Inside was a sticky note, still scented, with a line written on it, “Come to room 606 of the Kale Hotel.”

And the hard, hard thing was a key.

Neo froze, and then he slapped his head and suddenly understood, this must have been sent over by the crew!

Or maybe it was sent over by Gu Chuan!

Because his current role had been changed, Gu Chuan would definitely not approve of it, after all, Gu Chuan thought highly of himself at that time.

But obviously, the person who had replaced himself must have been more vocal as well, so Gu Chuan couldn’t even oppose him.

Now Gu Barging must also be under surveillance, so he himself called Gu Barging’s phone and couldn’t get through anyhow.

So, Gu Chuang could only use this method to ask himself to go to the room of the Kaile Hotel to meet and communicate in private, after all, seriously, even the mobile phone could be bugged.

So meeting in private is the best and most confidential way.

The first thing that I did was to get a taxi to the Kale Hotel with all the money I had left.

The Kale Hotel is also a five-star luxury hotel.

Neo, cautiously and inwardly nervous, arrived at the door of 606.

He knew that Gu Chuan must be inside.

Thinking, he knocked on the door, but no one answered inside.

He had to take out the key and gently inserted it into the lock of the door.


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