At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 335

Everyone else was also looking at this dumbfounded at this point.

None of them could have imagined that who could have given Zhou Yun the dress?

“By the way, Miss Zhou Yun, the gentleman who gave the dress, also asked me to ask you a question.” The waiter added, “I wonder if I can ask it.”

“Yes, of course you can!” Zhou Yun hurriedly said.

“That gentleman asked me to ask you if you accept the dress and his love for you?” The waiter said.

Zhou Yun blushed instantly, but she still nodded, “Well, of course I accept.”

“Great, Yoon Yoon, I’ve been waiting for eight years, and you finally accept it!” Just as Zhou Yun’s words left her mouth, a voice with a strong country accent rang out from the doorway of the private room.

Then, a burly, cross-faced youth with a big smile walked into the private room.

The youth, dressed in an expensive suit, but he clearly did not have the temperament to support the suit, and looked as if he had been stiffly stuffed inside it, with a Swiss gold watch swinging from his stout wrist with long black hair.

The youth’s face was full of excitement and confidence.

“You ……” Seeing this youth, Zhou Yun’s face, which was still quite shy, froze in expression for a moment.

“How about it, Yun Yun, you like this dress, right? As long as you like it, I, Zhang Baoshan, can buy you as many as you want!” The youth said boldly.

“What, how is it you?” Zhou Yun muttered.

“Of course it’s me, who else could it be if not me!” Zhang Baoshan said, “I also heard about you from Zhao Qian, otherwise how else would I know you like such dresses!”

Speaking of this, Zhang Baoshan painfully put his hand to Zhou Yun’s cheek, “Tsk, Yun Yun, do you know, when I heard Zhao Qian say that you went to steal it for a dress, my heart hurt so much.”

“Give it back!”

Only then did Zhou Yun understand that the person who gave her the skirt turned out to be her former junior high school classmate Zhang Baoshan, at first she thought it was Neo.

Hearing these words from Zhang Baoshan and seeing him being so frivolous.

Zhou Yun then looked at the yellow dress and felt disgusted.

She directly threw the skirt to Zhang Baoshan, and in a smooth manner, she dodged Zhang Baoshan’s clutches and leaned towards Neo’s side, “I’m sorry, Neo, I thought it was you who gave it to me just now.”

“Beauty, you’re just not wise to do that, Boss Zhang ……” The waiter had obviously received a benefit from Zhang Baoshan, and seeing Zhou Yun like this, he couldn’t help but speak up.

“Alright, there’s nothing more for you here, get out!” Zhang Baoshan yelled at the waiter.

Yes, Zhang Baoshan knew from Zhao Qian’s mouth that Zhou Yun had “stolen” the dress, so he took the opportunity of this class reunion to make such a romantic scene.

At first, he hid outside and heard the conversation between Zhou Yun and the waiter, and was overjoyed.

He thought that Zhou Yun had accepted himself, but who knew that Zhou Yun had just misunderstood.

“Yes, Boss Zhang.” Seeing that Zhang Baoshan was furious, the waitress did not dare to say more.

When she left, she passed by Neo and said, “By the way sir, I saw you when I came in just now, you are too dirty, we have a bathroom here, I hope you can clean yourself so that you don’t affect other people’s dining experience.”

After saying that, this was the time to leave.

“Kid, you’re YoonYoon’s current boyfriend?” Zhang Baoshan only seemed to notice Neo at this time, but apparently, he had also learned quite a bit of information from Zhao Qian.

Zhang Baoshan looked at Neo coldly, his gaze had the hatred of an animal fighting for a mate, “I heard that Yun Yun is suffering with you? If you can’t give her a happy life, then can you please get the hell out of her side?”

Saying that, Zhang Baoshan looked at Zhou Yun again, “Yun Yun, I really didn’t expect that the woman I love so much, the woman I hold in my heart, would now be with a hanger-on.”

“Zhang Baoshan, what are you talking about?” Zhou Yun frowned, “We are just junior high school classmates, other than that, there is no relationship, please respect my boyfriend.”

“Haha, your boyfriend? Just this hanger-on? Believe it or not, I can pluck a random leg hair down to be worth more than him?” Zhang Baoshan looked at Neo disdainfully and rushed to say, “Hey kid, tell me, which construction site do you carry cement bags, maybe I know your boss, when the time comes, I’ll talk to your boss and let him pay you a few more dollars, haha, I’m not afraid to tell you, on the construction site in Jincheng, there’s nothing I’m not familiar with!”

“Student Zhang Baoshan, please also show some respect for others.” Seeing that Zhang Baoshan was getting more and more aggressive and over the top, Teng Hongqi finally couldn’t hold back and spoke up.

After all, he was also a former class teacher, and in this situation, he would definitely have to say a few words.

But it didn’t matter if Teng Hongqi opened his mouth, Zhang Baoshan’s gaze, with a brush, moved to Teng Hongqi’s body.

“Oh, haha, I almost forgot that Teacher Teng was here too, I haven’t greeted Teacher Teng yet, Teacher Teng, how are you?” Zhang Baoshan laughed loudly, with a very enthusiastic look, only, it gave the impression of a leathery smile.

“Well, quite well, how are you too, fellow student Zhang Baoshan.” Since Zhang Baoshan had come up to greet him so enthusiastically, Teng Hongqi couldn’t ignore it.

“Quite well?” Zhang Baoshan’s gaze was fixed on Teng Hongqi, and he suddenly gave a heated smile, “I’m afraid it’s not quite good.”

“You, what do you mean?” Teng Hongqi couldn’t help but be stunned, his body seemed to tremble and his gaze had a few moments of retreat, that feeling, as if Zhang Baoshan had been right.

“Teacher Teng, I heard that your daughter was recently fired from her job ah, because of this matter, your daughter and your son-in-law quarreled for several days, your daughter’s job is good ah, more than 10,000 a month, now without a job, family life is a bit difficult ah, I heard that your grandson has to start primary school recently, this can’t be done without money ah.” Zhang Baoshan continued to say with a leathery smile.

“You, how do you know?”

Teng Hongqi’s gaze suddenly showed a bit of fear, too, after all, this was his own family matter, how could Zhang Baoshan know about it?

Moreover, Teng Hongqi had not seen Zhang Baoshan for many years, if not for this junior high school reunion, Teng Hongqi would not even have known that Zhang Baoshan was also in Jincheng City.

And now, Teng Hongqi knew nothing about Zhang Baoshan’s recent situation, but Zhang Baoshan knew all about his family affairs.

Teng Hongqi was certainly surprised.

“I think, these days, Mr. Teng, you must also be worried about your daughter’s family matters, you can’t sleep, you originally came to Jincheng City to retire and rest in peace in your old age, who knows that you encountered such bad things, is it very sad in your heart?” Zhang Baoshan didn’t answer, continued with an aggressive tone, said.

“You, how do you know that?” Teng Hongqi murmured, and a kind of embarrassed look appeared on his face.

Yes, at this moment, everyone in the private room was looking at him and Zhang Baoshan, listening to Zhang Baoshan and his words.

Now well, all the former students, they all know about these things in their own families, they all know about their daughter losing her job and the mess in their homes.

For him, naturally, he also felt ashamed of himself.

“Hey, hey, it’s actually very simple, Teacher Teng, because the one who fired your daughter was me. Teacher Teng, don’t blame me, I didn’t know that it was your daughter at first, I am the boss, your daughter is my employee, your daughter’s business ability is not good, so I fired her, oops, if I had known that it was your daughter, I definitely wouldn’t have fired her.”

Finally, a smile appeared at the corner of Zhang Baoshan’s mouth, a kind of smile of a jackal looking at its prey.

“Huh?” Teng Hongqi looked at Zhang Baoshan in disbelief.

The one who fired his daughter was actually him? He was also his daughter’s boss?

Seriously, this Teng Hongqi really did not expect, to know that in junior high school, Zhang Baoshan was a real poor student.

This poor student, not only had poor grades, but also had poor character and behaviour.

At that time, Teng Hongqi also worried a lot about him, soft and hard tricks were used, but it was useless, Zhang Baoshan continued to do what he wanted.

Later on, after Zhang Baoshan did something unexpected, Teng Hongqi gave up educating Zhang Baoshan completely.

I thought that Zhang Baoshan would definitely not have any future success.

Who knew that now he would come to Jincheng too and, moreover, become a boss, or his own daughter’s boss.

“Aiya, Teacher Teng, you wouldn’t know, right, now Brother Baoshan is doing big business in Jincheng, he can earn several millions a year.” Zhao Qian walked up, her body, if anything, pressed against Zhang Baoshan.

“Yes, Teacher Teng, this is your fault, Brother Baoshan is your student anyway, you still don’t know that he is a boss in Jincheng, tsk, now Brother Baoshan, is a successful person who drives a luxury car and lives in a house.” The other girls, once Zhao Qian took the initiative to speak, also hurriedly gathered around Zhang Baoshan.

You said one thing and I said another, explicitly or implicitly, all obviously, praising Zhang Baoshan and implicitly damaging Teng Hongqi.

“Teacher Teng, you shouldn’t have expected it either, the poor student you looked down on back then is now making a name for himself.” Hearing the compliments from the girls around him, and then seeing Teng Hongqi’s silly and stunned look at this moment, Zhang Baoshan’s heart, vacated with infinite pleasure, as if he had been suppressed for too long, and had taken out a vicious breath of anger.

“Thinking back then, you said more than once that I would have no future success, and that I would definitely regret it in the future, mocking me countless times, looking down on me and humiliating me, huh, how about that, Teacher Teng, are you being hit in the face now?” At this moment, Zhang Baoshan was obviously a little excited, perhaps, he had been waiting for this opportunity, “The poor student you looked down upon back then, has now become the most prosperous person in the class, and even your daughter is working for me! Teacher Teng, do you have anything to say, now?”

“Classmate Zhang Baoshan, first of all, I congratulate you for making a lot of money now, but I think you misunderstood me when you were in junior high school, at that time I wasn’t mocking you or looking down on you, I was just trying to get you on the right path at that time so that you could study well ……” Teng Hongqi said in a serious tone.

“That’s enough, Teacher Teng, don’t be pretentious, Brother Baoshan who was looked down upon by you back then, he is now a big boss, while what about student Zhou Yun who was used as a role model and praised by you every day back then, now he can’t even find a job, huh, we were all scolded by you back then.” Zhao Qian also took the opportunity to say.

Teng Hongqi sighed and couldn’t say a word.

Zhou Yun sat by the side, feeling even sadder in his heart.

Teacher Teng had something to do with herself when they said that!

But, right now, she couldn’t say anything.

“Teacher Teng, I hope now, you can give me an apology.” Zhang Baoshan suddenly said again.

“Apologize to you?” Teng Hongqi was stunned.

“That’s right, an apology for what you did to me back then, an apology for the shadow you cast on my little mind back then, an apology for your credulousness back then, an apology for your dog-eye view back then!” The mania and excitement on Zhang Baoshan’s face came to the end of his sentence.

His eyes burned as he stared at Teng Hongqi.

“Right, Teacher Teng, you lack an apology.”

“Yes, you should have apologised to Brother Baoshan, after all, what you did back then was too much.”

“That’s right, how can you look down on people.”

“Hurry up and apologise, you were wrong back then.”

Zhao Qian and the others, of course, echoed Zhang Baoshan up.

They were ingratiating themselves with Zhang Baoshan and venting their own grievances from back then.

Hearing the words of these former students of his own, Teng Hongqi’s hands were trembling and his heart was dripping with blood, an extreme depression and suffocation was pressing on his heart, making him almost gasp for breath.

Seriously, as an old intellectual, an old man who has been teaching since the 1980s, he has that old intellectual’s fervent hope and love for the next generation.

As a teacher, he was also genuinely committed to nurturing the country and passing on the legacy to the next generation.

So, at that time, despite the fact that Zhang Baoshan and the others had poor grades and would usually fail to abide by school rules, Teng Hongqi knew that he did not look down on them, let alone sneer at them in humiliation.

He scolded them and reprimanded them, but only to make them wake up, to get them back on track.

However, I never imagined that my passion and love back then would be rewarded with this result.

But now, this is what he got in return.

He did not understand and felt doubly aggrieved.

Especially today, when he suddenly received a message from Zhao Qian that he was going to have a junior high school reunion and invite him to come too, Teng Hongqi’s heart was really happy, very happy.

He thought that it must be because all those students had grown up and understood that he was doing them a favor back then.

Being able to invite himself meant that the students, had not forgotten him.

And this period of time, because of his daughter’s unemployment, his family was in a mess, and his mood, of course, had been affected, so when he received the invitation today, he came immediately.

Today, he was in the best mood he had been in recently.

Who knew that it would turn out to be like this?

Teng Hongqi finally understood that this gathering was more like a planned one by Zhang Baoshan and Zhao Qian, specifically to crush himself.

He apologized?

This, how is this possible!

Of course, Teng Hongqi was not stubborn or stubbornly stubborn.

Rather, he knew that he was genuinely doing everything for the students!

If he apologized, he would be going against his decades of teaching philosophy and his idea of teaching and educating people!

If he apologised, it would be a disgrace to his forty years of teaching and a complete rejection of the humanistic idea of fraternity and love of teachers!

It would be a break with the entire educational community and a bowing to bad ideas!

Therefore, one would never apologise!

It is a belief!

“What, Teacher Teng, you still don’t apologise?” Zhang Baoshan looked, not at all anxious, still looking laid back, “If you apologize, as long as you say one word to me, just one word Zhang Baoshan student, I’m sorry, the teacher was wrong back then, then I will immediately let your daughter, continue to work in my company! And her salary will be increased by 50 percent! If your daughter goes to work, you won’t have to fight with your son-in-law, your grandson will have money for school, your family will be happy, and you will be happy. How about that, come on.”

“Yes, Teacher Teng, hurry up and say it, it’s just a matter of words, look, how good Brother Baoshan has been to you, just asking you to apologize, and then giving you such a big benefit, Brother Baoshan, this is coming to repay the favour.”

“I, on the other hand, would like you to give Zhou Yun a good reprimand, haha.” Someone said.

Teng Hongqi froze.

His mind recalled his daughter’s family’s quarrel, the kind of depression and tears he had come home to after his daughter had been fired, and the grandson crying all day.

Everything, all because, well, his daughter had lost her good job.

And now, all one had to do was say a false word and it would all be solved.

Teng Hongqi clenched his wrinkled mouth, his face showing a difficult choice.

Zhang Baoshan, on the other hand, was looking at him smugly.

Seeing Teng Hongqi like this, Zhang Baoshan was very comfortable in his heart.

This day that he had been longing for day and night had finally come!

Needless to say, the old man would definitely agree, yes, only a fool would not agree, one word for so many benefits.

Teng Hongqi’s heart was still in a fierce struggle, and for a moment, he really wanted to say those words.

However, in the end, he swallowed the words “I’m sorry” that had reached his throat.

How could he possibly say sorry?

If that were the case, would he be able to live up to his lifelong moral conscience?

You know, what you are observing is the National Teachers’ Code, what you are observing is the scale of conscience inside you!

To apologise would be to deny the National Teachers’ Code, to deny the scales of conscience within!


“I am right, it is you who are wrong! Although you have money for a few days, you have lost many valuable things, even if you are proud now, you will definitely suffer in the future, listen to the teacher’s words and behave yourselves!” Teng Hongqi stood up sharply and patted Zhou Yun’s shoulder, “Zhou Yun ah, although you are now jobless, but the teacher will not be wrong about people, you just lost your will for a while, and today the teacher also saw that you are still the same as before, still that kind self-respecting child, the teacher believes in you, one day sooner or later, will be outstanding! And that boyfriend of yours, although he is carrying cement now, I see that he is low-key and modest, not arrogant, not impatient, with a star in his eyes, he will definitely become a great man in the future too!”

“Today, thank you all for coming, especially Zhou Yun, teacher is really happy to see you, I’ll leave now, if one day, you succeed, I hope you will visit teacher! Let me know that I haven’t misjudged anyone!” With red eyes, Teng Hongqi patted Zhou Yun emotionally, shook hands with Neo again, and trudged towards the door.

“Stand still!”

Suddenly, Zhang Baoshan bellowed.

At this moment, the expression on this guy’s face looked terrifying.

It was gloomy, as if it was the dark clouds before a storm came in the summer.

Yes, Zhang Baoshan was angry, extremely angry.

Yes, how could he have not expected that Teng Hongqi would refuse his terms!

He had thought long ago that Teng Hongqi would apologise to himself in front of everyone, and to this end, he had quietly installed a camera in the private room in advance, but now everything had failed.

He had waited for eight years, but he had still failed.

“Teng Hongqi, you’re too stubborn too! You say, you can’t pull your old face to apologize to me, you are too selfish, even if you can’t pull this face, you still consider for your daughter, for your daughter’s family, for your grandson, ah, why, back then, scolded me so fiercely, so humiliated me, insulted me, now apologize to me, do you think you are ashamed of yourself? Even if you feel ashamed, you won’t even trade your shame for your daughter’s job, you’re too selfish! Well, I’ve heard that the primary school your grandson goes to costs $30,000 a year in tuition fees, originally your daughter could still afford it with her $10,000 a month salary, now your daughter is out of work, I’ll see how she can afford the tuition fees! Right, old man, and, today’s meal is on me, but, I’m not treating you, if you want to leave, you give me your share of the meal money!” Zhang Baoshan, this time, completely tore his face off.

At once, the private room was quiet.

Zhao Qian and the others were all coldly clutching their chests as they watched all this.

Teng Hongqi, on the other hand, felt the blood buzz and surge to his brain.

He almost fell over.

Zhang Baoshan’s words had seriously irritated him.

And what made him even more miserable was that he had, on his person, no money!

Yes, he only had a bus card, no money on him, he, couldn’t afford to pay for this meal!

Teng Hongqi, for the first time, felt his face burning.

He couldn’t even get the money for the meal, how could he get out of it?

Did, really have to suffer this humiliation?!

“Teacher Teng, don’t be afraid, your meal money, I’ll pay for it!”

Just then, finally, Neo stood up.

All this, he saw in his eyes, what kind of person Teng Hongqi was, he understood in his heart, this was a loyal old teacher, a guide for Zhou Yun, how could he let his girlfriend’s teaching mentor be humiliated?!

“Also, Teacher Teng, don’t worry, I’ll bear the tuition fees for your grandson!” Neo said in a decisive manner.

Yes, even though he hadn’t started filming yet, the payment was a matter of time, and, at this point, there was really no holding back, this promise, he said it first!

“You’ll carry it? Oh, you want to carry a few lifetimes of cement?” Zhao Qian sneered and said.

“You kid, how dare you call the bluff with Brother Baoshan, do you know who Brother Baoshan is. How dare a civilian boy call the bluff of a big boss like Brother Baoshan, Brother Baoshan is now several million a year!”

“It’s more than that! I’ve already signed a new contract with the production team of ‘Heavenly Wealth’, and I’m afraid I can make millions this year by working for them on the production project!” Zhang Baoshan finished his sentence and stared at Neo, “Kid, you want to fight with me? You want to die?”

“Ah, really? I heard it’s going to start filming, Brother Baoshan, it’s great that you’re working on it, I like Zhang Ying so much!”

“I want to know who the male lead is! I heard it’s a big investment drama, Zhang Ying’s salary is over $50 million, if he’s worthy of Zhang Ying, the main character must be a popular young man!”

“Ahhhhh, I want to see the male lead so badly, he must be very handsome, Brother Baoshan, can I borrow your convenience to go to the set to spy on the male lead in the future!”

“Look, on Weibo, the cast list is out, it’s announced!”

“Holy shit, why didn’t I see it?”

“You need to follow this guy ‘Neoju’, this guy is mysterious, he always has some magical news, look, this is the announced cast list, the male lead is also on it!”


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