At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 334

The sound of rushing water came from the courtyard of the courtyard of the quadrangle.

Zhou Yun was washing his clothes next to the well in the courtyard.

There was a well in the middle of this courtyard, the old-fashioned kind, so there was no need to pay for water to use it, and usually Zhou Yun would bring his clothes here to wash them, just to save some money on the water bill.

“Zhou Yun.”

Just at this time, a footstep sounded and came to Zhou Yun’s side.

Zhou Yun looked up and saw that it was Zhao Qian and her group of people.

Most of this group of people were known to Zhou Yun, most of them were girls in the village who were about the same age as himself, his classmates in junior high school.

These people, together with Zhao Qian, were hanging around together all day long, none of them had any formal jobs, but no matter if they were pretty or ugly, they were all dressed quite enchantingly.

When he saw them, Zhou Yun’s heart was still a bit nervous.

Because this group all hated Zhou Yun, explicitly or implicitly, and gave him discomfort of all kinds.

And since Zhou Yun was wrongly accused of stealing a dress last time, this group of people were even more pointing and sneering when they saw Zhou Yun.

“That, Zhou Yun, there’s something that I need to tell you.”

However, to Zhou Yun’s surprise, this time, Zhao Qian’s attitude seemed to be quite good, looking at herself with a slight smile.

“Ah, what is it?” Zhou Yun subconsciously asked.

“Our Qinglian Junior High School Class 3’s class reunion, ah, do you want to go?” Zhao Qian said.

“Ah?” Zhou Yun was stunned, junior high school classmates’ reunion?

“Yes, junior high school reunion, what are you hesitating for? You’re still looking for a boyfriend who carries cement bags and rents a place in the slums to do laundry all day?” In the crowd, a girl called Liu Chun said in a grim voice.

“No.” Zhou Yun was suddenly a little anxious inside.

Of course she wouldn’t look down on anyone, it was just that, in her heart, Zhou Yun knew very well that the classmates’ party must be full of people like Zhao Qian, and there was really no point in going by herself, apart from being mocked.

“I’m just not free to go, I have to go out to look for a job after washing my clothes this minute.” Zhou Yun said after thinking about it.

“No way, Teacher Teng is also there, and you’re still not going?” Zhao Qian said leisurely.

Zhou Yun immediately froze and said in a daze, “Teacher Teng, he is also here?”

As he spoke, Zhou Yun’s mind once again seemed to be filled with that kind-faced old man, always wearing an old-fashioned Zhongshan suit, who was Teng Hongqi, his class teacher in junior high school.

Teng Hongqi was a typical intellectual of the eighties, with a sense of social responsibility, and was very responsible and attentive to his students, so he encouraged and appreciated good students, and was also very strict with poor students.

When he was in junior high school, he was quite concerned about Zhou Yun after he found out about his family situation.

When a boy harassed Zhou Yun in school, Teng Hongqi even called the boy’s parents to school and gave the boy a notice of criticism.

When it came time to take the high school entrance exam, he also fought for a tuition-free place for Zhou Yun at a key county high school.

Therefore, Zhou Yun’s heart was very grateful to Teacher Teng.

She originally wanted to work after graduating from college and buy gifts to visit her former teacher once she had an income, but she herself did not expect to be in this situation.

So the matter had been delayed again and again.

And now, Teacher Teng was actually going to attend the junior high school reunion too?

“Yes, Mr. Teng’s daughter married to Jincheng, after he retired, he was received here by his daughter, this time for the junior high school reunion, we informed him, he was very happy and immediately agreed to come over, if I remember correctly, Mr. Teng was quite good to you when you were in school, now that Mr. Teng is here, you have to go over and meet his old man at any rate, be a human being You can’t forget your roots.” Zhao Qian said in a deep voice.

Of course Zhou Yun would not forget his roots.

Although Zhou Yun did not want to have too much contact with Zhao Qian and the others, now that Mr. Teng had gone, he must go, for it was his long-cherished wish to see Mr. Teng whom he had not seen for many years.

Besides, if Mr. Teng knew that he was in Jincheng but didn’t go, then his old man would be quite sad, right?

“Okay, I’ll go.” Zhou Yun said.

“Okay then, it’s not too late, let’s go there now, we’ve already booked a private room at the Grand Fortune Hotel, don’t keep Mr. Teng waiting.”

Once Zhao Qian saw that Zhou Yun had agreed, as if she was afraid that Zhou Yun would suddenly back out again, this was about to take Zhou Yun over.

Just at this time, Neo came in through the door.

It was from the shooting base that Neo came back by bus, and he wanted to tell Zhou Yun the news.

For some time, Zhou Yun had followed himself and lived a very stifling life, Neo knew it very well in his heart, only he was suffering from being unable to change the status quo.

And now, he was going to play the lead role, as long as he got paid for the film, Zhou Yun would not follow him in the future to live a miserable life!

“Yo, isn’t this Zhou Yun’s boyfriend? Aren’t you fighting cement bags at the construction site, why are you back so early?” Zhao Qian looked up and down at Neo, a cold contemptuous smile floating at the corner of her mouth.

“It’s not that you couldn’t bear the hardship and fled back halfway, in that case, you won’t even get paid for your work.” Liu Chun followed Zhao Qian’s words and said.

The crowd burst into laughter.

Neo frowned, but didn’t say anything.

After all, over the past month or so, he himself had learned what kind of people Zhao Qian and the girls were.

“Zhou Yun, you ……” When Neo came in just now, he saw Zhou Yun with Zhao Qian and the girls, as if they were going out, and was a bit confused as to what was going on for a moment.

“Right, Neo, our junior high school classmates have a party, I have to go over there for a while, the former class teacher Teng is also there, he is very good to me, I want to go to see his old man.” Zhou Yun said, “You wait for me at home, I’ll be back soon.”

“Then, okay.”

Neo originally wanted to tell Zhou Yun about the drama, but now in front of so many people like Zhao Qian, Neo decided to hold back a little.

If he told them in front of Zhao Qian and the others, not only would they not believe him, but they would think he was daydreaming and would definitely sneer at him again, which would make Zhou Yun even more embarrassed.

So Neo didn’t intend to say this in front of them.

“Let’s go then.”

Zhou Yun was in a hurry to see Teacher Teng at this moment and said that he was about to leave.

“What’s the hurry?” Zhao Qian however looked at Neo, “Since Zhou Yun has gone over, then you should go over too, you’re Zhou Yun’s boyfriend anyway, go over and eat something together.”

“Right, let’s go, don’t worry, this time, it’s free too.” Liu Chun said.

The crowd burst into laughter again.

Neo actually didn’t want to go, but seeing Zhou Yun go, he was a bit uneasy, and since Zhao Qian and the girls said so, Neo also followed the crowd.

It wasn’t long after they had left the courtyard.

A young woman, too, arrived at the door.

“Is there a man called Neo who lives here?” The young woman, who was Liang Xue, had followed the bus all the way in her car and eventually followed it to the shantytown where this quadrangle was located.

By the time she found a place to park her car, she could no longer find Neo.

But since she had seen Neo walk into the shantytown, she asked around one courtyard after another, and finally came here.

At this moment, when Liang Xue saw an old lady in the courtyard who was drying clothes, she opened her mouth and asked.

“Yes, Xiao Lu is living here, are you, girl?” The one drying clothes was none other than Aunt Xiu Hua.

Aunt Xiu Hua was originally a rural aunt, at this time, looking at this woman dressed not vulgar, but also quite elegant, like a star on TV, full of noble look, can’t help but also look a little bit confused.

“Oh, I’m his new colleague, there’s something, please give it to him for a while, can you?” Saying that, Liang Xue took out an envelope and handed it to Aunt Xiu Hua.

Aunt Xiu Hua hurriedly wiped her hands and took it respectfully, inside the envelope was a piece of paper and a hard, hard object, Aunt Xiu Hua couldn’t feel what it was.

“Okay, girl, don’t worry, I’ll definitely give it to Xiao Lu.” Watching Liang Xue walk away, Aunt Xiu Hua hurriedly said.

To be honest, Aunt Xiu Hua didn’t think too much about Liang Xue’s appearance, she just thought that Liang Xue looked like she should be a city person, and Liang Xue had also said that she was Neo’s colleague.

Aunt Xiu Hua was certainly happy that Neo had such a colleague.

Half an hour later, Zhao Qian and her group arrived at the private room of the Grand Fortune Restaurant.

The room was quite large, after all, it was used for a class reunion.

At this moment, quite a few people had already gathered in the private room.

Sitting in the middle of the crowd was an old man with white hair and an old face, wearing an earthy blue Zhongshan suit.

“Teacher Teng.”

As soon as he entered the private room, Zhou Yun immediately ran towards the old man.

When the old man saw Zhou Yun, he first froze, and then his face also became excited, “You, you’re Zhou Yun?”

When he recognised that it was Zhou Yun, his face also looked a little more radiant, “Good, great, you’re all here, I’m so glad to see that you’ve all grown up.”

“Well, since everyone is here, now let’s order food and eat.” Zhao Qian said as if she was an organiser, greeting.

The crowd then all sat down.

Eating and drinking for a while.

“That, today, it’s a reunion of our junior high school classmates, seven or eight years have passed since then, everyone has grown up and basically worked, it just so happens that Teacher Teng is also here today, why don’t we let Teacher Teng give us a few words.” Zhao Qian said.

“Alright then, I’ll say a few words.” Teng Hongqi also looked quite happy and had a few moments of interest, “Seriously, seeing you all grow up and work and step into society, my heart is also very happy.”

“Of course, I actually do have regrets in my heart.” Speaking of this, Teng Hongqi looked a little self-condemned again, “That is, back then, I failed to teach each and every one of you well, failed to send each and every one of you to high school, failed to give each and every one of you the chance to go to university, if each and every one of you had been able to get into high school and then go to university, like Zhou Yun did, then I would be much more relieved today.”

“But nevertheless, I’m very happy that Zhou Yun got into Jinling University, back then when I found out the news, I was very happy inside, after all it was the best university I could get into out of all the students I taught, now four years have passed, Zhou Yun you’ve graduated too, you must be doing very well now! Teacher Teng is happy for you! I also hope that everyone can learn from Zhou Yun’s hardworking spirit!”

Teng Hongqi’s face was flushed with happiness as he spoke.

To be honest, Teng Hongqi was very happy and proud that Zhou Yun had been admitted to Jinling University, knowing that Qinglian Junior High School was only an ordinary township secondary school and it was indeed remarkable that a student could be admitted to one of the top ten universities in China.

For this reason, Teng Hongqi also talks about it to everyone, and it has become a source of pride that he often brings up.

So now, at the junior high school gathering, when he saw his former students, Teng Hongqi couldn’t help but talk about it again.

On the one hand, he was indeed proud of Zhou Yun, and on the other hand, he actually wanted to once again urge and motivate the other students to strive hard.

After all, although these students are all grown up, they are still very young.

After saying that, Teng Hongqi’s heart was also a bit excited.

However, after he finished, Teng Hongqi did not hear any applause from the students in his imagination.

The lack of applause is not enough, Teng Hongqi also heard a kind of eating and laughing sound.

“Oh, Teacher Teng, you must not mislead us oh.” Zhao Qian’s voice was not loud, but in this environment, suddenly saying such a sentence seemed quite harsh.

“Huh?” Teng Hongqi was stunned, not knowing what exactly Zhao Qian was trying to say.

“Don’t you know what your proud Jinling university student, Mr. Teng, is doing after he graduates?” Zhao Qian continued languidly.

“Yeah, Teacher Teng, you used to teach us the saying that you have no right to speak without investigation, so ask your proudest students what they are doing now before you come back with a long speech.” Liu Chun also said as he followed Zhao Qian.

“Right, Teacher Teng, don’t talk nonsense oh.”

Everyone else echoed what you and I said.

Teng Hongqi was stunned, not knowing why Zhao Qian and the others were suddenly like this.

But of course he wasn’t worried about Zhou Yun’s job, after all, he knew that Zhou Yun was a graduate of Jinling University, so there was no way that his job was bad.

“By the way, Zhou Yun, what kind of job do you have now?” Thinking about it, Teng Hongqi asked.

Zhou Yun was suddenly shaken, her heart was sad all of a sudden, and she didn’t know how to answer for a moment.

She lowered her head.

Her face was scarlet from shame.

She did not want to answer, but now that Teacher Teng had asked, she had to answer.

“Teacher Teng, I… I’m… I don’t have a job right now.” Zhou Yun’s voice, was like a mosquito.

“Ah, no job, did you get too many offers and didn’t pick the right one? Or did you not go looking?” Teng Hongqi was stunned, a little confused in his heart.

It was also true, after all, he wouldn’t have even thought about Zhou Yun’s current situation.

“Haha, Teacher Teng, don’t bother asking around, I’ll tell you the truth, she just doesn’t have a job, and has been looking for over a month, but hasn’t found one, and is now renting the cheapest and dirtiest place in Jincheng, haha, this is the current situation of your proudest student!” Zhao Qian said without missing a beat.

“Ah? This, is this true, Zhou Yun?” Teng Hongqi looked at Zhou Yun in disbelief.

This, how was this possible?

Zhou Yun’s head lowered even more, honestly, this was the first time she suddenly hated herself because she didn’t have a job.

Her heart was so sad all of a sudden.

Yes, she had let down Teacher Teng’s expectations of her.

When she was in junior high school, how much Mr. Teng had taken care of her. She still remembered how happy he had been when she had gotten into a key high school, a true old generation of people’s teachers caring for the next generation.

In his heart, he should have been proud to have nurtured himself as a student of Jinling University.

However, now, he himself was not able to continue to give him pride, and not only that, wasn’t the way he looked now, making Teacher Teng slap his own face?

Especially when he heard Zhao Qian and the others’ barbed words, and heard Teacher Teng’s disbelieving doubts.

Zhou Yun’s heart, then, hurt even more.

“Of course it’s true, look at her, she’s even embarrassed to speak.” Zhao Qian looked smug at this point, yes, how many years of bad anger, and today it finally came out!

Not only her, quite a few people at the table, at this time, were looking with a cruel mockery at Teng Hongqi, who was still dumbfounded with disbelief, and Zhou Yun, who had his head lowered and didn’t dare to say anything.

Most of these people were people who had not studied when they were in school and had been counted by Teng Hongqi.

Seeing that the so-called good students who were praised by Teng Hongqi back then had become like this today, their hearts could not be more comfortable.

And the fact that the teacher who had counted them back then had been slapped in the face made them feel an inexplicable sense of pleasure even more.

“By the way, Teacher Teng, has this handsome man seen it.” Zhao Qian obviously didn’t intend to be done with it, the good show had just begun, she pointed at Neo without haste, “Come, let me introduce you ah, this is Zhou Yun’s boyfriend.”

“Do you know what he does, Teacher Teng, it’s a shock to tell you.” Liu Chun followed and said, “People are fighting cement bags on construction sites, oh, powerful, isn’t he a good match for a graduate of Jinling University?”

With a single word, the crowd laughed.

Neo frowned, his heart welled up to tell them that he was now the lead actor in the drama, but then he thought, even if he said it now, they might not believe it.

I can only sigh in my heart, bear with it for a while, sooner or later there will be a chance for them to know.

“Not only that, but oh, Teacher Teng, I’m afraid you still don’t know the character of your favored disciple, right? I did hear that she couldn’t afford to buy nice clothes and stole someone else’s dress to wear, and was caught with the stolen goods, this matter, I’m afraid Teacher Teng, you can’t imagine how, this is the good student you praised in front of us in the past.”

“Yes, if you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it, but you’re so vain, you want to take it for yourself when you see someone else’s clothes look good, and when you’re caught, you still don’t admit it, you say your boyfriend bought it for you, this IQ is also stupid enough, don’t think about it, what kind of goods is your boyfriend, a cement bag, can afford to buy a skirt worth three thousand dollars? ”

“So, Miss Teng, you don’t have a good eye either.” Zhao Qian leisurely looked at Teng Hongqi, with a smug tone, “back then you looked down on us, said we were poor students, said we had no future, while you praised Zhou Yun, said she would be outstanding in the future, and called on us to learn from her, huh, the result, your most proudly praised most powerful students, now can not even find a job, to put it bluntly, is a The most powerful student you were so proud of, now she can’t even find a job, to put it bluntly, she’s a hobo, she found a boyfriend, and she’s a civilian worker carrying cement, and what about us, who you looked down on back then, which of us dresses worse than her, which of us lives worse than her?”

As she spoke, Zhao Qian threw the phone in her hand onto the table, “See, this is the latest Apple iphonexmax, and what kind of phone is Zhou Yun using, huh, just a few hundred dollars of miscellaneous machines, can it compare to me?”

“That’s right, Teacher Teng your thinking is outdated, it’s time to change.”

The crowd said with all sorts of words.

At this moment, Teng Hongqi, perhaps because of this sudden change, or because of what the crowd was saying, sat there, his hands trembling and shrinking, his face white, unable to say a word.

“You guys don’t talk nonsense!”

Neo finally couldn’t hold back at this point, “I stress again, Zhou Yun she didn’t steal the dress, I bought that!”

“You bought it?” Zhao Qian sneered, “You’re a cement bagger, can you afford to buy that skirt, if you’re capable, you can buy me another one, if you can afford another one, I’ll believe you!”

“Do you mean it!” Neo looked at Zhao Qian without showing any weakness, he really didn’t want to put up with it anymore.

“Nonsense, of course it’s true, you have the ability, you buy it! A three thousand dollar dress, I’ll see how you can buy it!”

Zhao Qian had just finished speaking.

At this time, suddenly the door of the private room opened.

A waitress walked in.

However, in her hand, what she was holding was neither drinks nor dishes.

Rather, it was a dress.

A yellow dress, a yellow dress from Burberry!

At once, everyone’s eyes were instantly drawn to that skirt.

After all, a $3,000 skirt was a great way to tantalise a girl’s eyes.

“Who is Miss Zhou Yun?” The waitress said with a smile as she held the skirt.


Zhou Yun was stunned and stood up in uncertainty.

“Miss Zhou Yun, this dress, it’s for you.” The waitress hurriedly came to Zhou Yun’s side with the skirt in her hand and respectfully handed it to Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun was even more frozen.

Everyone else was also frozen.

What was going on?

This dress, surprisingly, was given to Zhou Yun?

“Ah, this, who is this from?” Zhou Yun said subconsciously.

“This.” The waiter smiled faintly, his gaze if anything glancing at Neo, “He didn’t tell me his name, except that he wanted me to pass on a message to you.”

“Ah, what’s the message?”

Zhou Yun said eagerly.

Her heart was pounding because she felt that she had already guessed who it was.

“He told me to tell Miss Zhou Yun that no matter what you have become, he will love you as he always has, no matter what you have done to him, he will love you righteously, and no matter what kind of mud you have gotten yourself into, he will reach out and save you from it! Because, he is the man who loves you the most in the world!” Although the waiter was only paraphrasing, he also looked a bit agitated in tone when he said this.

For a moment, Zhou Yun covered her mouth, her gaze containing tears.

It was an expression of covering her mouth to sob.


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