At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 332

“Who the f*ck stole my skirt, give it back to me, or I’ll catch you and rip your cunt apart to find out what kind of cunt you are to do such unconscionable things! You even stole a dress, do you have to be naked every day if you don’t steal from me?”

The voice from downstairs, obviously not a good one, was getting louder and louder.

“Search, you follow me, door by door! If you find it for me, I’ll tell Brother Da Long, so that he can bring a few of his little brothers and kill the little thief’s whole family!” By now it was obvious that quite a few people had come downstairs, and all the friends of that voice had come too.

“What’s going on?”

Zhou Yun poked his head out of Neo’s arms and wanted to go downstairs to see what was going on.

“Don’t mind those things.” Neo said, stopping Zhou Yun’s shoulder and heading for the house.

Yes, he had heard that this person downstairs was called Lu Xiang.

After all, he had lived here for more than a month, and Neo knew more or less everything about this courtyard.

There were more than forty families living here, almost a hundred people, and thirty to forty people from Zhou Yun’s village.

The older ones, those over 40 or 50 years old, are mostly the same as Zhao Jisheng, who pushes a cart and sells snacks, such as grilled sausages, Shandong pancakes and cold noodles.

The younger ones are just working in factories and as shop assistants in stores and other labor-intensive jobs.

Of course, there are also people like Zhao Qian, who are idle every day.

This is the same as Zhao Qian’s, Lu Xiang, who hangs out in society every day and has met a bunch of good brothers and sisters, and because she is beautiful and wild, she is usually quite aggressive and is an extremely bad person to mess with.

At this time, listening to her shouting downstairs, Neo felt that it was best not to meddle at this time, if this kind of person is targeted, it will not die, I’m afraid also have to take off a layer of skin.

You know, at this time, Neo is not the same as before, is not that call the world to reign in the world of the third young master, at this time they are just ordinary people living here.

At this time, they have no power, so it is better to do more than less.


Zhou Yun could also see Neo’s worry at this time, she also understood what kind of person that Lu Xiang was, she hurriedly nodded and obediently hurriedly followed Neo towards the house.

However, it was at this moment.

“Hey, stop!”

Behind them, Lv Xiang, at some point, unexpectedly led a few people to search the fourth floor.

Originally, they were searching the house one by one, when they suddenly saw Neo stopping Zhou Yun from going to the house.

At once, Christina Lu led the men and rushed up.

“What’s going on, as soon as you saw me coming, you hid in the house? Is there a ghost in your heart?!” Lu Xiang said, suddenly her gaze moved, staring at Zhou Yun’s arms, the dress that had been taken off that Neo had just bought, and the expression on her face, at once, seemed to spit fire, “Good, so you’re the rotten person who stole it!”

“Damn, you stole from me, I scolded you for half a day, you are silent, see me coming up, and turn around and hide in the house, people are doing, the sky is watching, you think you can hide, God will let you hide!” Lu Xiang reached out and snatched it towards Zhou Yun’s arms.

“Don’t, it’s not yours!”

Zhou Yun clutched the dress tightly and froze without the hundred and twenty pounds of Lv Xiang snatching it away.

“Come and see, all of you, if this is my skirt!”

Christina Lu’s group of companions, all rushed over.

“Sister Xiang ah, isn’t this exactly your yellow dress!”

“Yes, this colour, this style, this material, it’s exactly the same as yours, Sister Xiang.”

“Needless to say, it was stolen by this little b*tch, and she still has the face to say it’s her own, do you think if you say it’s yours, it’s yours, if you say it’s whatever, why don’t you say the earth is your family’s!”

The crowd gathered around Zhou Yun, you said one thing and I said another.

By this time, people were gradually gathering around.

At this time, it was already the end of the day, and all the people in the courtyard had gradually returned, and when they heard Lv Xiang shouting in the courtyard, they had all been alarmed.

At that time, everyone was wondering which unlucky person had dared to steal Lu Xiang’s things.

Now that Lv Xiang was arguing with Zhou Yun, the crowd came over in twos and threes to see what was going on.

It’s true, for these people who are living outside, their lives are usually very boring, and if something happens once in a while, they have to stretch their necks to take a look.

“Isn’t that Zhou Yun?”

“It’s true, she stole Christina Lu’s dress? You don’t say, it’s really possible!”

“That’s true! If she’s a good university student, how can she not even have a diploma? If you ask me, she must have been stealing chickens and dogs in college, so the school expelled her and that’s why she doesn’t have a diploma.”

“What a disgrace to our village!”

“Yes, she’s from the same village as us, if this gets out, she’ll lose our face too.”

Zhao Qian, at this moment, was also mixed in the crowd, listening to the people talking about it, and was secretly happy.

“Give me back my dress!”

Over there, Lu Xiang didn’t even care about Zhou Yun anymore and directly grabbed the dress from Zhou Yun’s arms.

Zhou Yun did not say anything, although she was not as strong as Lu Xiang, but at this moment, she was pulling the skirt so hard that her face was holding red from the force.

It looked as if she was pulling at the skirt with all her strength.

“You thieving b*tch, you’ve been caught by me and you still don’t let go, do you really want to seek death? No wonder the people in your village usually spit behind your back when they see you, so you really aren’t a good piece of shit!”

“We’ve got the stolen goods, so let’s give it back to Lu Xiang.”

“That’s right, don’t be ashamed, we’re all from the same village as you, we’re ashamed of you too, okay?”

“Before Sister Xiang gets angry, you should give it back and apologize properly and invite Sister Xiang to a meal, then the matter will be over once Sister Xiang is happy, if you really annoy Sister Xiang, then you can just wait to be cleaned up.

“That’s right, don’t even look at where you are now, honestly, even if Sister Xiang gets you killed, you will only die in vain, this kind of place, mixed with fish and dragons, so chaotic, usually the police don’t even care about this place, it’s not a big deal if someone dies, just like a fool, still stubborn there.”

The crowd had to say.

“This is mine, this is what Neo bought for me, it’s really not stolen.” Zhou Yun clutched her skirt with both hands and said to the crowd with a pleading face.

“Oh, bought it?” Lu Xiang coldly laughed and looked at Zhou Yun with cold eyes, “Then I’ll ask you one thing, give me an honest answer, if you’re right, I’ll believe you, if you’re wrong, don’t blame me for doing it!”

“You bought it, so how much did you pay for it, tell me!” Lv Xiang then said immediately, her tone aggressive, “Say it, say it, no need to think, tell me now, if you bought it, you don’t even have to think about it!”

“Eighty dollars.” Zhou Yun didn’t even think about it and hurriedly blurted it out.

After she said it, her heart was just relieved, this should be fine now.

“Now you believe it’s mine, your dress is the same as mine but it’s really mine, as for your dress being stolen, I’m quite distressed for you too ……”

Zhou Yun lifted his head and tried to put on a smiling smile as he looked at Lu Xiang.


However, to her surprise, what greeted her was indeed a vicious slap.

“Bitch, now you can’t fake it anymore!” Lv Xiang sneered, squeezing the words out of her teeth, “Eighty? You idiot b*tch, for eighty dollars, you can’t even buy a belt on your skirt! Next time you become a thief, please do your homework first and look it up on the internet, this skirt is from Burberry, it’s an international brand, and it’s still eighty dollars, you really have the nerve to say that! To tell you the truth, this dress was a birthday present from Brother Dalong, Brother Dalong spent three thousand dollars, three thousand dollars understand, b*tch, and eighty dollars, in the eyes of a poor rotten b*tch like you, there’s only eighty, so give it back to me now!”

With this slap, Zhou Yun was really dumbfounded.

What happened? It was clear that Neo had said eighty dollars, Neo wouldn’t lie to him!

Could it be that Neo had really stolen it?

That was impossible.

“You let her go!” Neo really didn’t expect Lu Xiang to make a direct move on Zhou Yun, he was distressed and hurriedly rushed over and blocked Zhou Yun, “This dress, I bought it!”

“You’re joking when you say you bought this $3,000 skirt? Even a poor pussy like you can afford a Burberry dress?” Lv Xiang looked at Neo with contempt.

“This kid is also a brainiac, the evidence is overwhelming and he still wants to deny it.”

“Things are really like that, no wonder the two of them are still friends, it seems we have to take precautions in the future, be careful of things being stolen by them.”

The crowd chattered and said.

“Here’s the invoice for the dress I bought, take a look!” Neo didn’t want to talk nonsense with them anymore, he directly took out the invoice, “Look, all of you, this is what I just bought in Burberry shop today after I received a month’s labour fee!”

Looking at the invoice, Lu Xiang was frozen.

The others also scrambled to pass it around to look at it, whispering about it.

“Now are you all convinced! Can you all leave now!”

At once, everyone looked at me and you, with an expression of regret that the show was over, but now that things were like this, it was indeed too embarrassing to stay.

They were all ready to leave.

“Hold on!”

However, just at this moment, Lu Xiang reached out her hand and shouted.

“Even if you have the invoice, it doesn’t prove that you bought it!” Christina Lu snorted coldly, “After all, you can also go around Burberry and pick up this kind of invoice, because many rich people buy clothes and just throw the invoice away, huh, after you pick up the invoice, then come back and steal my dress and say that it was bought by you, this nigga, is too cunning!”

“Right! Sister Xiang is right, this kid must have planned it out!”

“Yes, he planned it, he must have anticipated that Sister Xiang’s dress would be searched after it was lost, so he picked up an invoice in advance!”

“That’s right, I’ve seen this woman more than once, looking at that dress of yours from upstairs, each time for a long, long time, I guess she wanted to get her hands on it a long time ago!” Another person pointed at Zhou Yun and said.

“When you say that, I remember too, I’ve seen it too, this woman would intentionally or unintentionally come close to Sister Xiang’s skirt when she passed by the courtyard, if you ask me, she must have been possessed!”

“Damn, I almost got fooled by them, it seems they just wanted to steal it a long time ago, so they made this plan, first they went to Burberry and picked up an invoice, then came back immediately after and stole the skirt, hell, so poisonous this move, fortunately Sister Xiang is smart, otherwise she would have been fooled by them!”

Listening to the words of the crowd.

Neo was speechless.

How can this work?

“Then why don’t you guys believe that I bought this!” Neo was really anxious.

“Oh, a three thousand dollar dress, you can afford it? If you really bought it, where did you get the money?” Lu Xiang sneered and looked at Neo.

“I was paid for my labour today!” Neo knew there was no point in talking, so he took out the remaining three thousand yuan from his pocket, “See, this is what I earned! Why can’t I afford it anymore, isn’t it just three thousand dollars for a dress?”

“Oh, this is your labour fee yes, so where did you get the money to buy the skirt?” Lv Xiang continued with a sneer.

“What do you mean?” Neo didn’t understand for a moment.

“Oh, we all know that you are carrying cement bags on the construction site outside right, this work, we are not without people here, we all know that, work hard and exhausted, a month is only three to four thousand yuan tops! You said you were paid for your labour today, and the most you can get for this physique is only three thousand yuan, you are now holding three thousand yuan, so may I ask, where did you get the extra money to buy a skirt?!” Christina Lu said.

“What ah, this three thousand is the rest of my labour money, I spent half of it on the dress!” Neo said in a daze.

“Then you mean to say that you took six thousand dollars for your labour fee this month?” Christina Lu said.

“Right.” Neo said, this would have been the truth.

“Everyone heard it, this guy said he carried bags of cement for a month and took more than six thousand yuan, do you believe it?” Lu Xiang turned around and said.

“Shit, lie to hell, it’s not like I’ve never done this before, it’s only three thousand five hundred a month at most!”

“Six thousand dollars, you think you’re Stallone, damn it, you can’t even lie!”

“Stop talking nonsense with this kind of people, hurry up and get the skirt back, if it wasn’t for the sake of Auntie Xiu Hua, this kid would have been thrown down from the building.”

The crowd said.

Lv Xiang’s group took the opportunity to swarm over Zhou Yun and snatch the dress from his hands before walking away in triumph.

Everyone else, pointing and gesticulating, gradually left.

In the aisle, only Neo and Zhou Yun were left standing there in a daze.

Neo simply wanted to curse.

However, he opened his mouth, but did not say a word.

Suddenly, he felt a heavy feeling in his heart, a very depressing emotion bottled up in his heart.

When would this day ever end?

Today he had been wronged, but even if the truth came out this time, the next time someone would be wronged again.

This is not a matter of a skirt or a dress, this is because everyone thinks less of himself and Zhou Yun.

One has to change!

From tomorrow onwards!

One has to put in more strength and energy, move more bags of cement and make more money!

The next day, Neo got up early and came to the construction site.

He worked from morning until 12 noon.

In between, there was not a single moment of rest.

Seriously, no one could do this, but Neo could, and he didn’t know why he had suddenly become so fit.

He didn’t know why he had suddenly become so fit. It felt like he had started to get better the night he woke up.

But although Neo still felt quite refreshed, he still had to eat his lunch.

He left the construction site and followed the crowd to a nearby fast food restaurant to eat.

It was at this time.

Suddenly he saw groups of civilian workers from the construction site, surging in one direction.

Many of the folk workers who were eating in the fast food restaurant while looking at their mobile phones even suddenly threw down the chopsticks in their hands and rushed out of the fast food restaurant, running in that direction.

“Hey, old man, what’s going on?” Neo stopped a man and asked curiously.

“I’m not too sure exactly, but my old iron just sent me a WeChat, saying that someone over there is treating me to a big meal for free, so I’d better go over there and take a look!”

With that, the man left Neo behind and ran away.

Neo’s heart moved, so he also followed him over.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big meal or not, Neo doesn’t care, but it’s a free meal, so he can save money. Maybe he could even pack it up, so he could bring one back to Zhou Yun!

Thinking that, Neo also hurriedly followed the crowd and went over.

When he arrived at the place, he saw that it was really true.

A big shed with dozens of big tables, each table was full of dishes, and they were all high-class dishes, such as crystal elbow, snapper soup, squid jade cabbage soup, shredded pork in Beijing sauce, sliced roast duck, etc. In short, it looked like a banquet.

Many people were crowded at the entrance, making a lot of noise, gulping and craning their necks, looking inside.

Most of them were folk from the nearby construction sites who had gotten the news.

“Is it really free food?”

“Which big boss is this doing a good deed? Crap, I’ve never seen these dishes before.”

“There were people doing good deeds before, but they didn’t have such good dishes.”

“Tsk, what the hell, if you really want to go in and eat for free, then you’ll be rich!”

As soon as the words were said, the staff at the entrance to the large shed moved aside, “Well, go on in, eat all you want!”

At once, the crowd rushed into the shed and gorged themselves on food.

It was a shocking scene as they ate and drank.

Neo didn’t fight with them, nor was he in such a hurry as they were, after all, Neo used to be a super rich second generation, and he had seen these dishes all the time.

So, he didn’t take his time, found a place with fewer people, sat down and ate slowly.

He didn’t eat quickly.

And when the first bite of the dish came into his mouth, somehow Neo felt a sourness in his heart and a faint tear in his eyes.

How long had it been since he had eaten a dish like this?

You know, you used to be the third young master of the Lu family, so you could eat these dishes at will?

However, nowadays, he hadn’t eaten such good dishes for a long time.

And Zhou Yun, too, was the same as himself.

And if he was still the original Third Young Master, then how could Zhou Yun lead such a miserable life now, and how could he be falsely accused of being a thief by others?

Thinking about this, Neo really had a bad feeling in his heart, a feeling that was hard to explain.

He just ate his meal here.

Unbeknownst to him, at this moment, two men wearing sun hats were sitting not far away, staring at him.

“How about it, Gu Gu, I’ve been looking at it for half a day, and I find that just that guy seems quite suitable.” One of them said to the other one.

“Well, this really works, I can see that too, that man does give me a feeling that he does fit, tsk, no matter his demeanour, the kind of unique aura he displays, it’s pretty much what I imagined, in one word, it’s too perfect!” This man, who was called Director Gu, also kept his gaze on Neo, looking interested.

“Then, Gu Gu, let’s go over there.”


The two men said, getting up and coming over to Neo’s side.

“Hello, sir.” Director Gu smiled faintly and sat down beside Neo, “That, we are from the crew and found that you are very suitable to play our male lead, would you consider it, okay?”


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