At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 331

“That’s right, if this kind of thing happened, wouldn’t the word have gone crazy already.” Aunt Xiu Hua said with a sigh as she looked at her daughter’s fiendishness.

“What nonsense rumours, it’s just true!” Zhao Qian was immediately anxious, “It’s just that it’s not in Jincheng, so the rumors aren’t that hot, it’s in Jinling, yes, it’s in Jinling University, that, Zhou Yun, you know about it, don’t you? Everyone in Jinling must know about it!”

Zhou Yun was stunned, not knowing what to say for a moment.

She was half unconscious at that time and still didn’t know exactly what had happened, but then, naturally, she slowly understood everything that had happened.

Yes, that time, it was Neo who called in five helicopters of support for her!

At that time, Neo was in such an honourable position and was in such a prestigious position?

Yet, for his own sake, he had left his family and was now living such a down-and-out life with himself.

When she left Wujiang City, when Elder Xiong entrusted Neo to her, he told her that she must stay in seclusion and must not reveal Neo’s former identity.

As for the specific reasons, Elder Xiong didn’t say that much, after all, the specific reasons were too complicated and time was short at that time.

So, now Zhao Qian suddenly brought up this matter.

Zhou Yun could only pretend not to know and shook her head, she didn’t want to continue this topic, after all, the more she said, the easier it would be to reveal herself.

This little b*tch, she was really a b*tch! Suddenly seeing Zhou Yun shaking her head, Zhao Qian was so angry that she was furious.

After all, this thing was indeed true, and Zhao Qian was 100% sure in her heart that Zhou Yun knew about it, it happened right in Jinling University, so how could she not know?

Now she was actually shaking her head, needless to say, it was definitely on purpose.

Deliberately to make a fool of herself.

Yes, this b*tch, she went to university and came out without a good job, a mess, her heart must be unbalanced, deliberately against herself.

Fine, little b*tch, you wait!

Zhao Qian threw down her chopsticks and walked out.

“That, Sister Qianqian ……” Zhou Yun felt quite embarrassed at once.

Although Zhao Qian was very unfriendly to her, but, after all, we all grew up together, and Uncle Zhao and Aunt Xiu Hua were both very nice to themselves, not to mention that Zhao Qian was so angry that she left because she just shook her head.

And by shaking her head just now and saying that she didn’t know about the helicopter, even though she had good reason to shake her head, she was still lying.

In other words, it was himself who had lied and angered Zhao Qian into leaving.

Zhou Yun stood up and tried to chase her out.

“Yoon, you don’t need to pay any attention to her.” Aunt Xiu Hua was quick to catch Zhou Yun and gave her a few pieces of meat, “Eat more vegetables, look at you, you’re all skinny, in the future, you’ll live here, come and eat here every day, remember, don’t be polite to me!”

As Zhou Yun listened to Aunt Xihua’s words, tears welled up in her eyes again.

After all, the village he grew up in, the warmth and memories he had, were irreplaceable.

It was also at this time.

“Xiaoyun!” Another familiar voice, Zhou Yun looked up and saw Aunt Wang Er’s face at the head of the village.

“Aiya, Zhou Yun!”

“Little Yun is here!”

One voice, and another.

Not long after, surprisingly, another group of people crowded in, and Zhou Yun froze, all of them from the village.

“I say, Xiuhua, you are really something, why didn’t you tell us that Xiaoyun is here, he is the only university student in our village, the most promising!” Someone said.

“I didn’t have time, didn’t I.” Aunt Xiu Hua also said with a smile, “I was going to wait for Xiao Yun to finish eating and settle down before I told you.”

As you know, our village is too remote to make any money, so we all came to Jincheng to work, so we can live together and take care of each other.”

“Okay, okay, Xihua, let us say a few words too.” Aunt Wang came to Zhou Yun with joy, “Tsk, Xiao Yun is really elegant, she has gone to university, she is much more elegant than other girls in our village.”

“That’s not true, Xiao Yun went to university, she will definitely be a city dweller in the future, and will be a big official and make a lot of money.”

“Is Yoon going to work in Jincheng? He’s going to be an official, right?

“Yes, Yoon, the last time I sold egg pudding outside, the city police caught me with a cart and confiscated it, you went to university and know a lot of people, can you help me get it back?”

“Yoon, my son has come to Jincheng from the village with me, he wants to go to school, but is not qualified to go here, can you find a way, we are all rural people, you have been to university, you move a lot.”

“This is Yoon’s boyfriend, isn’t it, tsk, at a glance he’s a university student too, must be from the city, right?”

“The family must be very rich, after all, Xiaoyun went to one of the top ten universities in the country, the boyfriend she found, must not be bad ah.”

“Yoon, you can’t forget us when you get rich. When you went to university, all of us in the village put together eggs for you and sent you to the village entrance together.”

“Look at what you’re saying, how can you talk like that, is Yoon that kind of person? If he were that kind of person, would he still come to this poor nest of ours?

The crowd gathered around Zhou Yun and Neo and praised them.

Zhou Yun was so disturbed by the crowd’s words that he didn’t know what to say.

It was also at this time.

“Oh, do you all really think she has this ability to help you? Do you all really think she’s here to repay the favour?” A voice came leisurely from the doorway.

Without missing a beat, Zhao Qian walked in.

“What’s wrong, Zhao Qian, weren’t you the one who told us that Xiao Yun had come?” Aunt Wang Er looked at Zhao Qian in confusion.

“That’s right, I just told you that she was here, but I didn’t say that she was capable of helping you, don’t you know that she didn’t come to visit us this time, but she came here to rent a house to live in.” Zhao Qian said.


When the crowd heard this, they were all shocked.

They simply couldn’t believe it.

“This, how is it possible?” Someone said, “This is a dirty and dilapidated old shanty town in Jincheng ah, only working people like us who have little education and little ability would rent such a place, how could a capable person like Xiao Yun who went to university live in such a place.”

“Yeah, yeah.” The others chimed in.

“Oh, having gone to university and being capable?” A smile mixed with sarcasm and smugness floated at the corner of Zhao Qian’s mouth, “Would someone who had gone to university not even be able to find a job? Would someone who had gone to college find a boyfriend who also didn’t have a job?”

Zhao Qian said, rushing to the corner and ripping away the things Neo and Zhou Yun had brought with them when they moved, “Look, this is their stuff, they’re going to rent here, all this rags, not much better than us, right?”

The crowd looked at the pile of stuff and froze as well.

It was also true that what Zhou Yun had brought with him was nothing more than some humble clothes, bed sheets and covers, plastic basins and bowls, straw mats and sandals, bubble noodles and hot sauce and so on, not much different from what any migrant workers working outside had.

“They are having a worse time than you, and you expect them to help you?” Zhao Qian said.

For a moment, the room was dead quiet.

The crowd was stunned, the impact of this was too great, after all, with their thinking, they thought that if they went to university, surely they must get ahead in the future and have success.

However, now this really didn’t look much better than they were, huh?

“This, this isn’t it, didn’t they say back then that they got into some kind of Jinling University, a key university, and when they went to it, they would be able to do so and so?”

“How could that be?”

“Oh, must be after going to university, to the big city has changed, no motivation, I heard that many rural girls to the university, hard work is no longer, but learned a lot of climbing problems, delayed the study, she should also be!”

“I’m sure she did.” “You know, you’re a girl from the countryside, you have to develop those kinds of problems, when you go to university, you should study hard, instead of fooling around every day.

The tone of the crowd gradually changed.

From the initial enthusiasm, they turned into indifferent comments.

“That’s not true, maybe they didn’t even get their diploma, otherwise, how could they not even find a job?” Another person said.

“By the way, Zhou Yun, where is your diploma? Let me see your diploma from Jinling University ah, it’s past the graduation season now, you should have a diploma too.” Zhao Qian said while casually rummaging around in the things Zhou Yun brought, “What’s going on, I can’t even find your diploma ah, show it to all of us if you can.”

Zhou Yun bowed his head and blushed profusely, not having the heart to speak.

Yes, it was indeed July now, and counting up, she and Neo had indeed both graduated.

However, it was also true that they didn’t have a graduation certificate.

After all, there was nothing they could do now, and they couldn’t risk going back to Jinling City.

To get a graduation certificate, they definitely couldn’t get it, ah.

“See, no diploma!” Zhao Qian shouted as if she was triumphant.

“You can’t even get a graduation certificate! In that case, it’s no use going to university for four years, and spending so much money, and thinking how great it is, huh.”

In the crowd, someone let out a sneer.

“Seriously, I thought back then that she wouldn’t amount to much, but it’s you guys, huh, you really think you can produce something big in your village, don’t dream.” Someone said after the horse had bolted.

“What did Shanzhu say just now, the wheelbarrow was confiscated by the city police and she was asked to help get it back, haha, just like that, how can she help you get it back, it’s hilarious.”

“I even went to the temple of the mountain god to pray for her to soar all the way to the top.”

“Yes, I even gave her a basket of eggs when she went to university.”

“Yes, I did too, I even gave her a rabbit, if I had known, I might as well have eaten it myself!”

“I just don’t know if I’ll get them back.”

“Looking at her like this, I guess she doesn’t have the money to pay us back.”

At this moment, the crowd’s tone gradually became a bit more mocking and complaining.

Zhou Yun listened to the crowd’s comments, her head lowered even harder, her face red with shame, and tears were falling.

She shouldn’t be ashamed, after all, it wasn’t her fault.

But there was no way she could not be ashamed, after all, so many people were talking about her, and they were all familiar people from the village, how humiliating it was.

Her heart was also sad, a sadness that she couldn’t put into words.

“What are you all talking about!”

Finally, Auntie Embroidery, who had been holding her breath for too long, exploded, “Are you all Xiaoyun’s neighbours or not? Did you come to see Xiaoyun because you thought she could help you? How can you all be like this and still have the nerve to ask Yoon for money back? What kind of heart do you have? We gave Yoon eggs because Yoon is the pride of our village and it’s a gesture of affection from all of us, not for future profit! Everyone has hard times, and this is a hard time for Yoon, so even if you don’t help support him, you’re still here to collect debts.

Aunt Xiu Hua hugged Zhou Yun and yelled at the crowd.

“Alright, everyone go back to bed.” Zhao Jisheng also opened the door and made a gesture of sending off the guests.

“Oh, Aunt Xiu Hua, you should be careful too, she’s mixed up like this, suddenly coming to you, I’m afraid she’s not going to come to trouble you oh ……” someone said lamely.

“Get out!” Aunt Xiu Hua yelled back without mercy.

“And you, get out too! Take your friends and get out!” With everyone gone, only Zhao Qian and the three of them were left standing in the room, looking at Zhou Yun smugly, but apparently, Aunt Xiu Hua had no intention of letting them go either.

Zhao Qian smiled and walked away satisfied.

“Don’t be afraid, child, Aunt Xiu Hua knows that you must have a hard time, I have watched you grow up and know that you are not the kind of person they say you are, don’t worry, you will live here and Aunt Xiu Hua can take care of you in the future.” Aunt Xiu Hua put her arm around Zhou Yun and patted him gently.

After saying that, Aunt Xiu Hua looked up at Neo again, “Xiao Lu ah, I also believe that you are not the kind of person they say you are, you are just in trouble now, since Xiao Yun sees you, then you must be an extraordinary person, I believe in Xiao Yun’s vision. You must be good. Let’s go, I’ll show you your house.”

This night, Neo and Zhou Yun, stayed in this quadrangle.

Their room was not with Zhao Jisheng and his family, but inside a single room on the fourth floor, very modest, but at least much cheaper than the apartment building.

At night, Zhou Yun lay in bed, not saying a word.

It was heartbreaking to see Neo, who understood Zhou Yun’s feelings.

Yes, so many people were surrounding her with those ugly words, and they were all people from the village she thought were closest to her, and those nakedly mocking words were really like knives that made people bloody and clothed.

“I’m sorry, Zhou Yun.” Neo clenched his fist and said seriously.

Don’t worry, I, for sure, will let you have a good life! These words, he said silently.

Now, although he was not the third young master of the Lu family anymore, but at least, he was still a person, a man.

He could still fight, and still have a life to fight for.

No sooner had he finished his words than a soft body, burrowed into his embrace.

Zhou Yun did not speak, but she no longer needed to speak.

A month had passed.

During this month, Neo and Zhou Yun lived in this quadrangle.

In fact, they were not very comfortable.

After all, most of the people living in this courtyard were from the same village, so they didn’t see each other, and sometimes they dried their clothes and washed them in the courtyard.

Since learning about Zhou Yun’s situation, apart from Zhao Jisheng and Aunt Xiu Hua, others always looked as if they were sniggering.

There were even some people who just looked like they were gloating, like people like Zhao Qian.

Most of these people were young people, about the same age as Zhou Yun.

At that time, when Zhou Yun was admitted to university, he was praised and envied by the whole village, and the fact that he was beautiful and studied well made them all feel inferior.

Fortunately, with Aunt Xiu Hua and Uncle Zhao’s usual care, Zhou Yun found some of the feeling she once had.

For some time now, she had been looking for a job, but without a diploma, it was really difficult to find one.

And Neo, Neo naturally had the same difficulty, after all, he didn’t have a diploma either ……

Under the hot sun, on the construction site.

A young, topless figure is carrying a bag of cement, thumping away on a bamboo frame.

Sweat spread like a small stream down his tanned spine.


He dropped the last bag of cement and walked, dusty-faced, towards a contractor-looking man next to him.

“Not bad, kid, you’re not very strong either, but you’ve carried so much cement in a month, tsk, you’re really hardworking, here’s six thousand dollars, damn, you’re a good kid, you’ve set a new record for carrying cement under me.” The head contractor ordered six thousand yuan and handed it to the youth.

As he watched the youth leave, the head contractor couldn’t help but smack his tongue, “This kid, he’s so tough on himself, the work he does in a month is worth two men, may you be reborn in a rich family in your next life.”

With the money in hand, the youth first darted all the way to a women’s clothing shop.

Pointing to a pale yellow dress, “How much is this?”

The shop assistant frowned and looked at the youth with a bit of disgust, but was too embarrassed to shoo it outside, humming, “Can you afford it, it’s three thousand dollars for this one.”

Just as she finished her words, with a snap, the youth flung out a wad of banknotes with cement dust still on them directly and said loudly and boldly, “Wrap it up! Wrap it up according to the gift specifications!”

On the bus back, the passengers in the compartment, all looked curiously at a youth covered in filth, but holding a clean and exquisite gift box in his arms.

Finally, the youth got off the bus and ran wildly all the way into the dilapidated quadrangle.

With a single breath, he ran to the fourth floor.

Upstairs, Zhou Yun was looking up job information on his mobile phone, and taking notes every now and then.

Just at this time, a delicate box, appeared in her eyes.

Looking up, in front of her, was none other than the dirty and all tanned Neo.

“Open it, it’s for you.” Neo said.

Zhou Yun froze, looking at the exquisite box, her girlish mind naturally stirred, and she couldn’t help but unwrap it.

An elegant pale yellow dress appeared right in front of her.

The silk like material, the light shape, the silky feel, Zhou Yun couldn’t help but have her eyes flashing out brightly.

Yes, which girl, could refuse a good looking dress?

“Neo, you, why are you suddenly giving me something?” Zhou Yun said.

“Have you forgotten, today is the first anniversary of our acquaintance.” Neo smiled as he looked at the person in front of him.

“Ah! I almost forgot about it!” Zhou Yun snapped his head, “Look at my memory, I’m sorry oh Neo, I, I’ve been too busy for a while, I’m sorry ……”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to say sorry.” Neo looked at the person in front of him, looked at Zhou Yun who was even thinner than usual, his gaze carried a bit of heartache, and gently wrapped his arms around her into his arms.

Yes, this period of time, Zhou Yun and how is not a lot of suffering, every day to find a job, in order to save money, are carrying buns and plain water in their arms, can walk places, will never take a car.

“By the way, how much is this dress?”

“It’s not expensive, only eighty dollars. Oh.” Neo said lightly.

“Ah so expensive, eighty dollars! Really, you shouldn’t spend money and buy clothes for me, you need to buy more food for yourself, you have to work so much every day.” Zhou Yun lay on Neo’s chest and said with a bit of a grumbling tone, “I, I don’t like clothes at all, I think the clothes I’m wearing now are just fine, I like simple, I like plain clothes.”

When Neo heard this, he could not help but for a moment, his eyes slightly moistened.

He didn’t say anything, but just gently stroked Zhou Yun’s hair, Zhou Yun ah Zhou Yun, although you say so, but you don’t know, I saw you several times standing on the aisle, looking at the pale yellow dress of others downstairs and dazed.

And how many times have I seen you, passing by the clothes drying downstairs, lingering near that dress for a while longer.

How could I not see that you liked that dress.

Yes, it really does go well with you, it’s all so light, as if it doesn’t eat the world, and I know that you would look beautiful in it.

So, when I got paid for my labour today, the first thing I did was to buy such a dress and give it to you!

Of course, these words were not spoken by Neo.

He just hugged Zhou Yun, hugging her even tighter.

“Come on, put it on and take a look.”


Zhou Yun nodded, unable to hide the surprise in her gaze, and also tried on the dress with a look of excitement.

Her figure was slender, light and agile, her face was stunningly beautiful as if she did not care for the earth, her skirt swayed and moved in the wind, and her human skirt was infinitely graceful for a while.

Standing in this old, shabby, grey aisle, but it was as if she was a butterfly that had just fallen from the clouds.

“It’s beautiful.” Neo looked dumbfounded, it was really beautiful.

Only Zhou Yun could match this dress.

“This is one of my favourite dresses.” Zhou Yun said with a smile, “Because you bought it and, you said it looked good.”

In this moment, this one smile, Neo felt like it was the best looking thing in the world.

In this moment, he felt that even if he had to travel through all the hardships and dangers in the world, he would never let Zhou Yun down.

“Damn it, which rotten person stole my mother’s skirt!” Just at this moment, a furious voice came from downstairs.


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