At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 330

The people were in the house and talked for a while.

“Alas, things really are unpredictable ah, your mother is so nice, how God is …… I still remember, the night your mother told me she was going to Jinling to see you, she did not sleep all night, has been making those things you love to eat, said to bring over to you to eat, I was also helping her next to her, helped until night The next day when I woke up, your mother had already gone to Jiangyou, how could I have thought that I would go back that night and it would become an eternal goodbye ……”

The first time I said this, I couldn’t help but fall into tears again.

Zhou Yun has long been crying like a tearful person.

“Look at you, why are you talking about this, making little Yun sad again.” Zhao Jisheng looked at his wife with a bit of complaint and said, “Although Xiao Yun’s life is pitiful, but fortunately she has Xiao Lu to take care of her now, her mother’s spirit in heaven will be relieved when she finds out.”

“Xiao Lu is just a child, and although you two are together and supporting each other, after all, you are both children and life is not easy.” Aunt Xiu Hua wiped her tears and hugged Zhou Yun, “Why don’t you just move here and live near us, so that Aunt Xiu Hua can look after you in the future, your mother is no longer here, but you still have family.”

The place that Aunt Xiu Hua rents is obviously a very poor place.

But she also said this because she was informed from Zhou Yun that he was now renting a similar place, and it was obvious that she could also see that Zhou Yun was now in a very average, if not poor, financial situation.

“Hmm.” Zhou Yun nodded and then looked at Neo.

She was seeking Neo’s opinion.

Of course Neo wouldn’t object, it didn’t matter where he lived, besides, now that Zhou Yun could meet her former neighbours and still treat her so well, Neo’s heart was also very happy for Zhou Yun.

The place that Aunt Xihua rented was similar to a courtyard in the north, but with four floors, each with about ten tenants, adding up to dozens of families living in the courtyard and a few empty rooms that could be rented.

Neo didn’t waste any time, so they said goodbye to Aunt Xihua and Zhao Jisheng and went back to the apartment building to collect their things.

In fact, there wasn’t much stuff, and the two of them didn’t even need to find a moving company, they could just carry it all by themselves.

After they left, Zhao Jisheng and Aunt Xiuhua got busy.

First they went to the nearby market and bought vegetables, took out the bacon and fish from the plastic bags on the wall that they had brought with them and couldn’t eat, then they started preparing the meal, making a nice table for Neo and Zhou Yun.

Half an hour later, footsteps sounded outside the house.

“Little Yun and Little Lu are back, hurry up and bring out that bottle of yellow wine of yours too.” Aunt Xiu Hua urged Zhao Jisheng as she then opened the door.

“Aigoo, not bad, knowing that I’m bringing my friends back today, you prepared so much delicious food for us?”

The door opened and it wasn’t Neo and Zhou Yun who came in.

Instead, it was three young girls.

All three were dressed quite revealingly, with the colour of tattoos faintly visible on their white necks and chests, with a touch of seduction, and long hair dyed yellow to show off their personalities.

The wrap-around skirt and shorts, clinging to the plump thighs, had a very direct sensuality, but also looked a little cheap.

The girl at the head of the group was supposed to be the prettiest looking.

But the explosion of yellow hair and the glittering sequins around her eyes and a yellow bustless half-body halter all made her look, well, a little bit of a windbag.

“What brings you here.” Aunt Xiu Hua looked at the girl at the head of the group and sounded a little displeased.

And seeing her all dressed up, she couldn’t help but sigh again and shake her head.

But she didn’t say anything either, as if she already knew in her heart that there was nothing more to say.

“Why can’t I come, you’re my mother, this is my house.” The girl at the head of the table, said the girl, and sat down in front of the table without ceremony, greeting her two companions who also sat down.

Those two girls were not polite with Aunt Xiu Hua either, sitting down and getting straight to it, the three of them grabbed a plate of roast duck that had just been cut up on the table and started to eat it in big bites.

“It’s not that Aunt Xihua didn’t want to give it to them, after all, the girl in the lead was also her daughter, it’s just that it was meant for Neo and Zhou Yun, and now it’s being eaten in advance, so it doesn’t look good, right?

“Don’t be too busy to eat first.” Aunt Xiu Hua hurriedly stepped forward and tried to stop it.

“What’s wrong, you’re not preparing this for me? What’s wrong with us eating first?” The girl in charge said in a very unhappy manner.

At that moment, the door pushed open.

Neo and Zhou Yun entered the house with the household goods they had brought from the flat in their hands.

“Aunt Xiu Hua, Sister Qian Qian?” Zhou Yun saw the girl at the head of the group.

Of course she knew her, that girl was none other than Zhao Qian, the daughter of Uncle Zhao and Aunt Xiu Hua.

So, of course, Zhou Yun and Zhao Qian were familiar with each other. Zhao Qian was about a year older than Zhou Yun, and although they were a year older, they were considered to be in the same class, and had been in primary school until junior high school, except that after junior high school, Zhao Qian stopped going to school.

The two of them only met once in a while during New Year’s Eve, but they rarely met each other during the week.

“Zhou Yun?” Suddenly seeing Zhou Yun, Zhao Qian’s gaze, surprisingly, had a few feelings of inferiority.

And seeing Zhou Yun, Zhao Qian also suddenly understood why her mother had prepared a table of dishes.

“Oh, so it’s for Zhou Yun, you prepare so much delicious food when Zhou Yun comes, you never even cook when I bring my friends over, huh, thanks to me being your daughter.” Zhao Qian laughed mockingly.

Aunt Xiu Hua didn’t say anything, on this occasion, in front of Neo and Zhou Yun, she didn’t want to spread the family scandal.

But Aunt Xihua knew in her heart what her daughter had become and what kind of friends she had brought with her.

She didn’t want her daughter to be like this, but she couldn’t control her now that she was so old.

Since Zhao Qian and the girls were all here, they couldn’t be driven away either.

So they sat down and ate together.

“What kind of work does Zhou Yun do now?” At the dinner table, Zhao Qian’s eyes kept glancing back and forth at Zhou Yun and Neo.

“There is no work yet.” Zhou Yun said a little embarrassed.

It was also true that she had delayed her last internship because of the clubhouse, and although the company hadn’t sent a message to fire her, Zhou Yun knew that after such a long delay, being fired would be the nail in the coffin.

It seemed that she would have to continue to look for a new job.

But this time, at least it was a lot easier on the mind than the last time, after all, Neo was better off now.

“Oh, after four years of university, you can’t even find a job? Isn’t it said that Jinling University is very powerful, or what national key university, when you went to university back then, our whole village gave you a farewell, I really didn’t expect the hope of the whole village, mixed up like this?” Zhao Qian’s tone was tinged with a bit of sarcasm.

The inferiority complex at the beginning also gradually diminished.

Aunt Xiu Hua and Zhao Jisheng both ate sullenly, obviously, they both knew that this daughter was beyond their control.

Zhou Yun froze and lowered his head, embarrassed to say anything.

“You’re Zhou Yun’s boyfriend, right, what do you do?” Zhao Qian sized up Neo again.

“I, am looking for a job.” Neo had no choice but to answer Zhao Qian out of politeness.

“You don’t have a job either? Haha.” Zhao Qian was amused, and looked at the wall at the household goods Neo had brought with him from his flat, “I heard you’re moving in here too? It’s a shame for a university graduate to be renting with a group of people from the bottom of the social ladder, isn’t it?”

Speaking of which, Zhao Qian’s previous inferiority complex was swept away.

“Oh, I used to admire you when I saw you go to university, but I didn’t expect it to be no better than that, the boyfriend you found is also so bad, it seems that you are not as good as me?” Zhao Qian said.

“Just that boyfriend you found? He’s just a punk who spends all his time doing nothing but eating and drinking, how can he compare to Xiao Lu?” Zhao Jisheng finally couldn’t help himself.

“You mean Dafei, I broke up with him a long time ago, don’t worry, I got a new job in a bar now, and I meet a lot of rich kids every day.” Zhao Qian said.

“Can a rich kid look at you?” Zhao Jisheng obviously had a complaint about his daughter, and was a bit unkind in his words.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Zhao Qian looked at Zhou Yun with contempt, “At least I won’t be as casual as Zhou Yun and find a random hangman.”

“An uneventful life is the best.” Aunt Xiu Hua couldn’t help but frown when she saw her daughter getting more and more rude.

“That’s just you poor people comforting yourselves like that, you don’t know the life of the truly rich, you can’t imagine the joy of being able to ride on yachts and sports cars, go in and out of high-end restaurants, soak in hot springs and enjoy massages, and attend all kinds of parties every day, I heard that there are some super rich second generation who can call in five helicopters at a time to help him teach his girlfriend a lesson for bullying her, tsk, that’s awesome! Ah, to be the girlfriend of such a person, that’s what I call happiness.”

“Five helicopters, that’s just what people say.” Zhao Jisheng and Aunt Xiu Hua shook their heads, looking at their daughter’s fascinated look, and could only sigh deeply.


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