At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 329

Jinli Street, Jincheng.

The two of them arrived here by bus all the way after ten in the morning.

Last night, cuddled up together, they slept until eight or nine o’clock before waking up leisurely.

Today they would not think about anything, they would enjoy their first day together.

There were hardly any people on the bus in Jincheng at 10am.

The large carriage had almost become their special bus.

Neo and Zhou Yun, sitting on the two-person seat by the window of the carriage, Neo leaning against the window, Zhou Yun gently leaning on his shoulder, the shadows of the trees outside the window, revealing a bit of sunlight, hovering and spotting on the two, swaying with the car lazily.

The clear sky moved slowly through the gaps in the foliage.

The bus wobbles through the ancient streets of Jincheng.

Time, as if for a moment, is so long and leisurely.

It can be enjoyed by two people, slowly.

Jinli Street, one of the most famous ancient streets in Jincheng, with its old stone roads and tea wood plaques, is like walking into history.

If you like someone, bring her to Jinli.

Neo and Zhou Yun, holding hands, wandered through it, and really, at this moment, Neo really felt a kind of stability that he had never felt before.

It was the kind of stability that comes from being with her for the rest of your life.

If you say that since the time you left your family, you were like a prodigal son who had no roots, now, you have found a stable nestle.

From now on, Neo felt that he didn’t think about anything anymore, and that it was good to be with Zhou Yun.

On both sides of the street were snacks of all kinds, lined all the way through, several hundred metres long.

Although neither Neo nor Zhou Yun had much money on them, it was a happy feeling just to be by the side of their beloved, even if they could only eat one string of sugar gourd.

“It smells so good, I’m reminded of Grandpa Zhao next door to our house.” Zhou Yun looked at the long line of snack stalls in front of him and a feeling of reminiscence surfaced on his face, “Uncle Zhao next door to our house was the snack maker, his shrimp wontons were especially delicious, he and Aunt Xiu Hua were also very kind to me when I was young, every time before he went to the market he would give me a small bowl of wontons, and mum, every time when she returned the bowl, she would give a bowl of her made pickled vegetables to Uncle Zhao’s family ……”

“Did you miss Auntie Wang?” Neo looked at Zhou Yun heartily.

“Mm.” Zhou Yun nodded and tears brushed out, “I miss my mother, I don’t have a home now, Neo, I’ll follow you from now on, you mustn’t abandon me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be home with you, without you, I’ll have to wander the world.” Neo gently put his arm around Zhou Yun’s shoulders.

How heartbroken he was.

Of course he knew about Zhou Yun, Auntie Wang Lian was the only family she had in the world, and since her death, she was all alone.

As for the Murong family, it would be impossible to climb into a relationship.

Cao Yunfeng, on the other hand, was not Zhou Yun’s real father.

“Let’s go, there’s a wonton vendor over there, let’s go and buy a bowl.” Saying that, Neo led Zhou Yun to a small stall in front of him.

The stall owner was an old man in his fifties, with dark hands full of cracks from his work.

Obviously, this was also a person who was struggling to make a living.

“Young man, it’s five yuan.” The old man lifted his head and handed the wontons to Neo.

Then, he froze at once.

“Uncle Zhao?”

Zhou Yun also froze, how could she have ever thought that she would run into her former neighbour from the village in this place.

“Little Yun?” Zhao Jisheng couldn’t believe it either, and it wasn’t until Zhou Yun called out to him that he was really sure that the young girl in front of him was actually Zhou Yun.

“Uncle Zhao, great!” Zhou Yun was so excited.

The feeling of suddenly being here, meeting a former neighbour, was really unexpected and warming.

“Aiya, Yoon, it’s really great, great.” Zhao Jisheng also rubbed his hands together and smiled nervously, not knowing what to say for a moment.

Soon, as Neo listened to their chat, he also understood.

This old man was Zhou Yun’s former neighbour, Uncle Zhao Jisheng, who was actually only just fifty years old, but apparently, the burden of life made him look almost sixty.

“Come on, Yoon, come and have a seat at our house, Xiang Xiang will be overjoyed to see you, ever since you went to university, she’s been talking about you every day oh.” Zhao Jisheng, who had stopped doing his business, closed his stall and dragged Zhou Yun to his house to have a seat.

He actually didn’t need to say much, Zhou Yun saw his hometown people here, or a village neighbour, naturally he must also go to be a guest ah.

Zhao Jisheng pushed the cart and led the way.

Neo and Zhou Yun followed behind him.

Starting from Jinli Street, it curved around and eventually, came to a narrow village like place in the city.

It wasn’t as prosperous as Jincheng looked anymore, it was a place of dilapidated houses, dense alleys, and free standing private houses, which seemed a little worse than the place Neo and Zhou Yun were renting.

“Uncle Zhao, why have you come to Jincheng?” Zhou Yun asked curiously.

“Alas, I can’t stay at home anymore, people are now running to the big cities, I can’t earn money at home, I have no choice but to run to the big cities to make a living, Qianqian came to work in Jincheng last year, so this year we all moved here, we have no money, so we can only rent here.” Zhao Jisheng and Zhou Yun talk, but also cheerful, but, among the frown, there is obviously the pressure of the burden of life.

“Well, here we are!”

Finally, we arrived at a courtyard, a large courtyard, there are many tenants living inside, in the courtyard, a lot of clothes drying, some big red and green ladies’ underwear, just hanging out everywhere in the courtyard, and not at all avoiding.

“You old man, why are you back so early? Are you lazy because I’m off today?” A middle-aged woman, who also looked to be in her fifties or sixties, came out of one of the doors.

“Wife, look who’s here!”

As soon as Zhao Jisheng’s words left his mouth, the woman saw Zhou Yun.

“Yoon, it’s really you! That’s great, that’s wonderful, Yoon, you’re even more beautiful than before!” The woman was so excited that she hugged Zhou Yun straight away.

“Aunt Xiu Hua!”

Seeing this woman, hugging this woman, in that moment, Zhou Yun was really crying out.

Yes, seeing Aunt Xiu Hua, all those scenes from her childhood came out in a flash, and Aunt Xiu Hua’s familiar posture and tone of voice reminded her even more of her mother, of her childhood, when her mother and Aunt Xiu Hua sat in the shade of the tree, talking about family matters and knitting together.

“Well, Yoon, don’t cry, you’re so happy to see Aunt Xiu Hua, why are you crying, by the way, where is your mother?” Aunt Xiu Hua didn’t really know about Wang Lian.

She only knew that it seemed that Wang Lian had gone to visit Zhou Yun in Jinling a few months ago, saying that she had gone to visit her.

At that time, Aunt Xiu Hua was still happy for Wang Lian.

“Aunt Xiu Hua, my mum, my mum is no longer there, sob sob.” This time, Zhou Yun cried even more, hugging Aunt Xiu Hua and crying.

And Aunt Xiu Hua, at once, was also shaken, and all of a sudden, her eyes were also moistened.

This time, she did not persuade Zhou Yun to stop crying.

She quietly hugged Zhou Yun, allowing him to be in her arms, crying all over.

“Damn, it’s early in the morning, what the hell are you howling for, don’t let anyone rest, I still have to work at night!”

However, at this moment, a woman’s roar suddenly came from a room on the first floor, and at the same time, a woman’s slipper was thrown into the courtyard with a snap.

Zhao Jisheng and Aunt Xiu Hua, both of whom also had that honest look of cautious country people who didn’t dare to offend anyone when they first arrived, were obviously also very wary of the woman who had opened the scolding.

“Come on, Xiaoyun, let’s go to the house.”

Aunt Xiu Hua said, helping Zhou Yun, and went inside the house.

Inside the house, it was very simple.

It was even more rudimentary than the house Zhou Yun rented.

In the corner was a television, or the old-fashioned kind with a vacuum tube transmitter with wireless transceiver and variable resistance power tuning.

The walls were nailed with nails and there were many plastic bags hanging in a flowery manner, which were filled with some household items.

Things were also all laid out on the floor.

Obviously, life is also very tight.


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