At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 326

But suddenly, the figure’s body swayed a few times.

“Not good!” The figure’s heart instantly cried out, “It’s over!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, his whole body, suddenly, plunged straight down from the top of the huge rock.

At a height of thirty meters, he was like a bird with a broken wing, falling straight down, from a height, falling, falling ……

What greeted him was the top of the mountain below.

“It’s over, it’s really over!” For a split second, panic surged in this figure’s heart, “I really didn’t think that after 35,000 years, this curse would still be effective! Thirty-five thousand years ago, it was because of this love poison curse that he fell under the siege of all the sects!”

“Damn love poison curse, it will restrict the use of one’s abilities when one thinks of the most beloved woman, the more one thinks of one’s beloved, the more one’s abilities will be restricted, and I was just thinking of Caiwei so much, I have no more abilities now, if I fall, I will definitely die!”

“I’m so sorry for that punk!”


The fall continued.

An hour ago, Nine Immortals Mountain, the back mountain, the gold mine.

On the gold mine, the lights were on.

A team of heavily armed soldiers with loaded guns were doing a final check.

“Last check, helmets, guns, sabres, locators ……” The officer at the head of the group, looked at the line of soldiers in front of him as if he was going to battle for the last time, “We are about to enter a dangerous underground place! The environment is severe, the terrain is complex and, most dangerous of all, there are unknown beasts like this down there!”

As the officer finished his sentence, a video was immediately projected on the cloth screen next to him.

The video was obviously shot on a mobile phone, showing the mine, and it was shaking so much that it was obvious that the person who took the video was in a state of extreme panic and tension.

When the creature in the video, lying on its back, not moving at all, appeared.

Everyone else around them could not help but let out another shriek.

Even the faces of these well-trained soldiers could not help but be moved.

It was a huge lion-like beast, with brownish-yellow fur, dagger-like sharp teeth, and a paw as big as a washbasin.

This video was exactly what Neo Ke and the others had filmed when they were down in the mine last time.

The guys thought they were sure to die at that time, but who knew that the beast seemed to have suddenly lost all its strength and went limp, and Neo Ke and the others killed the beast in one go.

However, even though the beast was dead, they were still terrified looking at the small hill-like carcass of the beast.

After trembling and taking a video, the group fled the mine in a panic.

After this incident, no one dared to go down there again.

After all, who knew if there were other beasts down there?

The first time twelve people died, Neo Ke said he had encountered beasts, but after all, there was no real evidence, but now with the video, it was a different story.

The gold mine had to stop working once again.

Cao Yunfeng could not do anything even if he was in a hurry.

The video was quickly submitted to the National Mystery Centre.

After it was submitted, there was no movement.

It wasn’t until after three months that finally, the army was sent from above.

“Please!” Cao Yunfeng was also present and looked at the soldiers with an expectant face and said, “It’s also true, there is no way for his gold mine to continue unless this matter is fixed.

The soldiers went down to the mine in turn, while the others waited above.

But they weren’t too anxious to wait, because on the soldiers’ helmets, there were cameras that allowed them to see, in real time, from the ground, what was going on below.

On the ground, the crowd held their breath, staring at the screen.

As the soldiers went deeper, on the screen, a picture of the inside of the mine began to appear.

“It’s getting there!”

Suddenly, someone couldn’t help but shout, it was none other than Neo Ke, this guy was also present, he was certainly more familiar with the situation down there than everyone else, at this moment, seeing the picture on the screen, he couldn’t help but blurt out, “We’re almost at the front of that fierce beast.”

When he said this, he still looked a bit scared.

“Oh, what are you afraid of, it’s been over three months, I’m afraid it’s all rotted into white bones!” Someone said.

It was also at this time.

The voice of the officer in charge came over the video, “Here we are!”

At once, several beams of snowy light shone ahead.

However, the front was empty!

On the ground, there was nothing.

“Shit, what’s going on?”

“Where’s the body?”

“How could it be missing? Even if it was rotting, it wouldn’t be gone!”

“There’s nothing on the ground, not a trace of it!”

On the ground, the crowd all looked a little alarmed.

And in the mine, those soldiers, even though they had been trained, looked a bit overwhelmed at this moment in the face of this bizarre situation.

All of a sudden, everyone, above and below ground, looked at each other in disbelief, and for a moment, the air was quiet to the extreme.

It was at this time that a long, long cry came from the ears of the people on the ground, a cry that seemed to be far, far away, as if it came from the sky, echoing throughout the mountains in the back of the mountain.

The crowd was all in awe, feeling a little creeped out.

But before they could figure out what was going on, suddenly, a huge object suddenly appeared on the screen!


The officer gave the order, and regardless of what happened, ta-da-da!

Gunfire erupted from the mine.

However, when the gunfire stopped, there was nothing in the mine.

The men on the ground, staring blankly at the screen, were wondering what was going on when suddenly a fierce wind rushed out of the mine.

Immediately afterwards, a huge beast with yellow fur bounced out of the mine as if it were a cannonball!

Hoo! Roar!

With a roar that almost deafened everyone’s eardrums, this huge figure sprang up seven or eight metres above the ground!

Everyone covered their ears and fell to their knees or sat on the ground, staring in shock at the exit of the mine shaft.

At that moment, time seemed to stand still.

The body of that fierce beast, full of power and grace, burst out of the mine in a perfect gesture, soaring into the air, rising slowly under the baptism of moonlight, and in that moment, it was as if it had been a totem condensed for millions of years!


Time abruptly returned to normal and the fierce beast dropped to the ground in a flash.

The moment this fierce beast fell to the ground, to the even more stunned gaze of the crowd, the yellow fur of his entire body, as if it had literally been coloured by moonlight, in an instant, as if it had been reborn, transfigured into white!

This beast, wasn’t it the underground beast in the video!

The crowd finally reacted and shrieked in fear.

However, once the fierce beast landed on all fours, it simply ignored these people and leapt directly, leaping another ten or so metres away, and in an instant, ran off in one direction, disappearing into the mountains.

At this moment, Nine Immortals Mountain, the front mountain, the Ascending Platform.

The figure was falling faster and faster, and he reached out to grasp, as if trying to catch something.

However, he could not grab anything but the moonlight.

“I’m sorry, waste, I’ve caused you, I’m sorry, I should have listened to you, I shouldn’t have come out ……” the figure muttered, closing his eyes.

It was also at this time that the graceful running form of a surprisingly fast, fierce beast that seemed like a dog that had smelled its master’s scent from afar, ran desperately towards the falling figure in the moonlight.

For a moment, the world seemed silent.

Only the silhouette of a running black beast and the silhouette of a falling black human figure were seen, slowly, slowly, meeting together.


Just as the silhouette hit the ground, the fierce beast used its final sprint to come underneath the silhouette with unerring accuracy.

A perfect catch.

“Lyon! It’s you!” The figure hugged the beast with excitement and kissed its huge cheek.

The beast was as good as a kitten and closed its eyes, tilting its head slightly and letting out a hum of pleasure.

“Great, Leon you found me, so let’s go find that golden ring together!” After the figure finished speaking, the beast, as if it understood, carried the figure and swiftly ran towards the back of the Nine Immortals Mountain.

Half an hour later.

One man and one beast, under the moonlight, headed down the mountain.

And at that moment, at the gold mine.

“Chief Cao, look!” Suddenly, someone panicked and pointed at the panel of a gold detection instrument, “Chief Cao, this instrument shows that under this mountain, there is no more gold!”

“What?! Forty thousand tons of gold ore, all gone?!”

“Yes, the reserves, turned out to be zero.”


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