At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 325

The singing was over.

There was silence in the private room.

Any fool could hear that Neo was mocking Zhai Lintian with these words.

Zhai Lintian’s face was red with anger and his hands were shivering.

Lili’s group, on the other hand, was beside themselves, although they didn’t dare to show it on their faces, their hearts had long since burst into joy, this retarded thing was really good at making a fool of himself.

“How about it, old man, do you still want to hear it?” Neo hefted the microphone in his hand and looked at Zhai Lin Tian playfully.

Zhai Lin Tian froze again.

He suddenly realised that Neo’s gaze was different from just now, just now it was that retarded, dumb look, but now, there seemed to be many, many things hidden in that gaze, and Zhai Lin Tian felt his head spin just as he gazed into it!

The energy of that gaze was too powerful!

At that moment, Zhai Lin Tian’s heart was inexplicably chilled.

He had been in business for many years, and had been in and out of clubs, and had come into contact with all kinds of people from the black and white worlds, and had met powerful bigwigs, but he had never experienced such a feeling as the one Neo suddenly gave him.

That feeling was terrifying.

However, this kind of frightening, but inscrutable, do not know where it comes from, and feel from, in all directions.

Neo slowly walked towards Zhai Lin Tian.

“Fist King Xu!”

Zhai Lin Tian shouted in panic.

“Kid, you asked for this, this punch, you’ll be lying in the hospital for good.” Xu Xiaodong was happy in his heart, this guy had fought all over half of China, of course he didn’t give a damn about the likes of Neo.

He hadn’t had the chance to show off in front of everyone, but now that he saw Neo was being so desperate, he was happy that his chance had come.


Xu Xiaodong’s fist was aimed directly at Neo’s head, a swift, heavy cannon, and he charged forward!

Even a fool could see that if this punch hit Neo’s head, it would be a knock on a watermelon, or a ripe watermelon.

Some of the timid clubhouse young models were so scared that they covered their eyes.

“Stop it.”

Neo spat out two words, then gently reached out and pushed Xu Xiaodong away.

His movements were very light, as if he was pushing aside a curtain, however, it was with this stroke that Xu Xiaodong’s body, which was around two hundred pounds, was pushed away.

Then, Xu Xiaodong fell to the ground.

“Kid, don’t come over! Or she’ll be dead!”

Zhai Lin Tian looked at the fallen Xu Xiaodong in surprise, but he didn’t understand what was going on, he just thought Xu Xiaodong was drunk, Zhai Lin Tian grabbed Zhou Yun with one hand and grabbed the beer bottle with the other and rushed at Neo threateningly.

However, Neo acted as if he hadn’t heard him, not rushing or slowing down, and continued to walk towards Zhai Lintian.

Zhai Lin Tian, too, watched as Neo unhurriedly took the beer bottle out of his hand, and he did not even have the slightest desire to resist.

Neo then gently pushed Zhai Lintian away, in the same manner as he had pushed Xu Xiaodong away.

Zhai Lintian then, in the same way, fell to the ground.

Zhou Yun watched all this in awe.

It was only when Neo took off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

Only then did Zhou Yun come to her senses a little.

She looked at Neo without blinking, surprised and happy, “Neo, you ……”

“It really is quite good looking, that waste has some vision.”

Neo tenderly wiped away the tears at the corner of Zhou Yun’s eyes.

“Ah, Neo, what did you say?” Zhou Yun froze, not yet reacting.

“Let’s go, let’s get out of here.” Neo took her hand and headed for the door of the private room.

“Hey, you guys can’t leave!” Lily and the others at this moment but blocked in front of Neo and Zhou Yun, “Brat, so you’re still pretending to be stupid, you can’t leave, Mr. Zhai and Fist King Xu are drunk and can’t do anything about you, Manager Li will be here soon!”


Neo directly slapped out, Lily as if being held by the waist with one hand and crotch with the other to throw a cannonball, directly flew out, in the air are turned over several times.

The rest of the women took a look and who dared to stop them?

Neo also ignored the others and swaggered out of the club with Zhou Yun in tow.

When he got out, Neo called a taxi.

“Hey, listen up! This is my wife, you behave and send her home!” Neo stood outside the car and bellowed at the driver, “If you dare to get the slightest bad idea, I will make you spend twenty-four hours enjoying death, including your family, even your already dead ancestors, I will travel to the past and torture them to death, got it!” ,

If someone said that normally, the driver would either explode with anger or think it was a psycho.

However, at this moment, the driver felt that the youth outside the car did not look like a joke at all, and every word he said was engraved in the driver’s heart everywhere, putting his whole body in a heavy panic.

“Yes, yes.”

The driver was so frightened that he nodded his head repeatedly.

“Neo, you, where are you going?” Zhou Yun sat in the car, watching Neo turn away without getting into the car, and couldn’t help but ask offhandedly.

“No need for you to care.” Neo didn’t even turn his head back, and his cold voice came out.

In an instant, Zhou Yun in the car, tears flowed down her eyes.

Somehow, she suddenly felt that there was a feeling of loss, she felt as if, she was losing someone, someone who was the most important person in her life.

“Aiya, what are you crying for, I’m just going to run some errands, you wait for me at home.” Just at that moment, Neo’s face, suddenly appeared at the window again, smiling.


Zhou Yun, in an instant, broke into tears again and nodded heavily.

The car left.

“Oh my god, I’m the first Xuan of the three worlds, and I have to show a smile for a woman who is a loser, I don’t want to f*cking lose face.” Neo finished muttering to himself and turned around, which swiftly disappeared into the dark night.

And at this time, in the clubhouse.

Li Tan had already rushed to the private room on the wind.

“Manager Li, that rotten b*tch, and her man, have run away!”

“That b*tch is not a nice person, she made Mr. Zhai so angry!”

“I could tell she was faking it!”

Lily’s group, gathered around Li Tan, you said one thing and I said another.

“Stop it, where’s Mr. Zhai and Boxer Xu!”

Li Tan couldn’t be bothered to listen to these women chattering a few times, he heard that Zhai Lin Tian and Xu Xiaodong were lying around drunk, the most important thing at this time was to arrange and take care of them.

The most important thing at this time was to arrange for them to be taken care of and sent upstairs to the guest room for a good rest.

What’s more, Xu Xiaodong had a fighting match tomorrow, a fighting match that could be said to create a lot of momentum, after all, with Xu Xiaodong defeating half of China along the way, his fame and status were getting higher and higher.

So, ever since he defeated Li Rufeng in Jinling, every fight Xu Xiaodong has had has been a quick top 10 topic on Weibo.

And naturally, this one at Jincheng Normal University was also in the limelight.

If he really let Xu Xiaodong get drunk and delay tomorrow’s fight, then if he didn’t get it right, his own club would also be responsible for it, and that would be a big problem!

So, at this moment, Li Tan couldn’t care less about Zhou Yun and that so-called boyfriend.

All he wanted to do was to hurry up and lead someone to send Xu Xiaodong to his room to get some rest and try not to affect tomorrow’s match.

“Come, come, come, come with me, lift Xu Boxer, up.”

Li Tan commanded his men while he himself lifted Xu Xiaodong’s shoulders with both hands.

However, just as he touched Xu Xiaodong’s body, his heart suddenly moved and he hurriedly reached for Xu Xiaodong’s heart, and with this touch, Li Tan was so frightened that he thumped backwards several steps, looking at Xu Xiaodong’s body with his eyes wide open as his soul flew away.

It was only after a long time that he muttered, “Dead, dead?”

At this moment, the outskirts of the wilderness, the top of the mountain!

It was already late at night, and a full moon hung above the blue sky, quiet and leisurely.

Under the moonlight, a human figure was sitting on a huge rock at the top of the mountain.

This huge rock, lofty and steep, was more than thirty metres high, and looked as if it was a huge pillar standing on the top of the mountain.

And this figure was sitting on the edge of the top of the huge rock.

Around this figure, there were eight other equally tall rocks, quietly spread out.

The figure gently stroked the rocks and murmured, “Thirty-five thousand years have passed, and I finally see these familiar things once again, thinking that back then, it was here that they took away Caiwei.”

Speaking of this, it was as if there were extremely distant memories in his gaze, and ancient traces were hidden in his tears.

“Caiwei Caiwei, Wei is also known as Stop. When the day returns, the year also makes a stop.

When we pick up the vines, we are also soft and stop. When you return, your heart stops worrying.

The heart is also worried. The year also ends with the sun.”

The figure sat on the top of the huge rock, bathed in the moonlight, gently chanting this ancient song, and he sang it over and over again, until, at the end, he had actually burst into tears.

“Caiwei, I will find you!” At the end of the chant, the figure actually stood up suddenly, facing the moonlight and the rolling hills, and roared at the sky.

His gaze, in that moment, seemed to glow even brighter than the clear glow of the moon.

His voice, as if it were a kind of trumpet, reverberated back and forth in the mountains, and faintly seemed to have countless harmonies.


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