At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 324

“Fang Fang, did I tell you to come over, are you qualified to come over?!”

Zhai Lin Tian’s face instantly sank as he said to the woman.

It was also true that in this kind of occasion, these women had a relatively low status, and unless Zhai Lin Tian beckoned them to come forward, they were really not qualified to come up on their own initiative.

How could this be decent?

Especially since Xu Xiaodong was still here, wouldn’t that make him laugh?

As expected, Fang Fang’s face also showed a hint of panic.

However, she hurriedly pointed at the things on the table, as if to redeem herself, “Mr. Zhai, if you look at these things, you won’t blame me.”

With that, she pointed at Zhou Yun and said with a sneer, “You are a rotten piece of shit who pretends to be pure and deceitful, your good days are over!”

Zhai Lin Tian frowned, on the table was a stack of photos.

He didn’t understand for a moment and was about to chastise Fang Fang a few more times.

Then, he suddenly stopped talking and his attention was all at once focused on the photos.

“This, what is this?!”

Zhai Lin Tian’s face abruptly all changed colour, and with a surprised expression, he stared at the photos.

On the photos, it was Zhou Yun.

To be exact, they were photos of Zhou Yun and a strange youth.

The photos were obviously taken secretly with a telephoto lens, and the location shown was in the room.

The room was very simple, with cheap plastic paper on the walls, only a bed, a dining table, and many things placed directly in the corner, giving it the feel of a rented room for migrant workers.

In the photos, Zhou Yun and the young man were acting intimately, as if they were lovers.

In one photo, both of them are lying on the bed, and the youth is lying on top of Zhou Yun, but with his hands on his mobile phone, as if he is playing a game.

In another photo, the youth was sitting and Zhou Yun was wiping his body. The youth had a relaxed look and was playing with his phone, and Zhou Yun was kneeling next to him and wiping his body as if he was serving him.

The further he flipped, the more Zhai Lin Tian’s face, the more powerful it became.

Especially at the end, when he saw that Zhou Yun was actually wearing only her underwear, gently hugging that youth’s back, while the youth was not even paying attention to her, still playing with his phone.

When he saw this, Zhai Lin Tian’s face was literally purple with rage.

As soon as Fang Fang saw Zhai Lin Tian’s face change, she got energized and said while the iron was hot, “Mr. Zhai, now you see what kind of person this woman is, one thing on the surface, but one thing behind the scenes, you’ve all been fooled by her!”


Zhai Lin Tian threw a fist, hitting the table fiercely.

It scared Fang Fang, after all, Zhai Lin Tian was a regular customer in the clubhouse, and Fang Fang, had never seen such an angry Zhai Lin Tian before.

She slowed down and stole a glance at Lily on the sofa.

Lily gave her a faint smile and a thumbs up, then stood up and quietly walked out of the booth.

“I’ve been in the pleasure scene for so many years, and I’ve met some scheming ones, but there’s never been a woman that dared to play tricks in front of me!”

Zhai Lin Tian’s cold tone, as he spoke, he did not look at Zhou Yun.

However, it was obvious that such an approach appeared yet more frightening.

“Yet, today, I am actually being played!”

Zhai Lin Tian suddenly grabbed Zhou Yun next to him violently and pulled her over with force, pressing her against the table, with all of Zhou Yun’s upper body pressed against the table, which was originally filled with bottles of wine and snacks that were washed all over the floor.

“I really thought you were an innocent yellow girl, but I didn’t think that behind the scenes, you were hooking up with other men, and you were even more intimate than me! You treat me like a monkey brush!”

Zhai Lin Tian smashed a slap on Zhou Yun’s face, his hair dishevelled and his beauty destroyed.

This old man was truly furious.

Those images on the photos just now had deeply irritated him.

He was mentally fried.

“You fed me a drink and spilled it all over me with a reluctant look, yet you wiped someone else’s body and fed them so affectionately!”

Zhai Lin Tian’s mouth was full of spittle, spraying Zhou Yun’s face.

Yes, the thought of this made Zhai Lin Tian’s heart even more upset.

He himself had worked hard and tempered Zhou Yun for days, from the moment he touched him at the beginning, Zhou Yun was stiff, until now Zhou Yun could give him skilled shoulder rubs and pour wine ……

This old man, in his heart, still feels a bit accomplished.

However, today, this sense of accomplishment is completely lost.

Oh, after half a day, it turns out that this b*tch, long ago hooked up with someone else ah, he still thought she was a white lotus flower, after half a day, he might be ridiculed behind his back into what.

Maybe this b*tch and her man are thinking of themselves behind their backs as an old man who is rich and stupid and has never seen a woman.

What’s more, it was now in front of Xu Xiaodong.

Where to put one’s face?

Moreover, Xu Xiaodong had just said that I was afraid that the closest person in the world to Zhou Yun was Zhai Lin Tian.

When he thought of this, Zhai Lin Tian felt even more angry in his face, “Damn, he is not the closest, this b*tch already has a man!

“Tell me clearly! Who is that man, who the hell is he!” Zhai Lin Tian slapped Zhou Yun’s cheek roughly.

This old man, himself, was a violent and irritable person.

It was only trying to satisfy that sense of achievement of nurturing a girl that made him a little patient.

And now since seeing those photos, he had changed.

Became even more frightening.

“He, he’s nobody ……” Zhou Yun was also scared silly, to be precise, she was scared silly in her heart for Neo.

She hadn’t considered this situation at all, yeah, who would have thought that someone would follow her and secretly film her and Neo’s life?

It’s not like she had offended anyone, what on earth was so wrong with her?

“How dare you defend it? Just wait, I’ll send someone to get that guy here!” Zhai Lin Tian said, picking up his mobile phone and preparing to call someone.

“No, no, please, Zhai Lao ……” Zhou Yun’s heart panicked even more.

If Neo was brought in, what it meant, she didn’t need to say it to guess.

“Mr. Zhai, no need, I’ve already got that guy for you.”

At this very moment, Lily, who had quietly gone out earlier, pushed the door back in.

And this time, she was followed by a person behind her.

As soon as he saw this person, Zhai Lin Tian stood up haughtily, and a vigorous fire rose in his gaze as if oil was on fire.

This person was no other than the youth in the photo just now.

“Yunyun, where is Yunyun?”

The youth followed behind Lily, and as soon as he came in and saw so many people, he still looked a little timid, his eyes fluttering as if they were the eyes of a shy little boy.

His hand, still holding Lily’s blouse tightly, pulled Lily and said, “You said you brought me here to find Yoon, is Yoon here?”

Clearly, this youth was the descended wisdom version of Neo.

Suddenly, as if he had discovered a new land, Neo exclaimed, “Yoon Yoon!”

Joyfully, he rushed over to Zhou Yun Yun.

“YoonYoon, YoonYoon!”

Neo rushed over and stopped and hugged Zhou Yun, “Oooh, Yun Yun Yun, I’m so bored at home alone, you don’t even play with me.”

“You, why are you here?!”

Zhou Yun’s heart was breaking when she saw that Neo had actually come.

This was the end.

“It was that sister who went to the house to look for me and said she could bring me to you, I’m so bored at home, why don’t you play with me, look, I’ve brought Gris, the three of us can play together.” Neo pointed at Lili and took out the stuffed bear he was carrying behind him.

On the other side, Zhai Lin Tian and Xu Xiaodong and the others, all looked at Neo a little dazed.

It was a long time before Zhai Lin Tian pointed at Neo and said in disbelief, “Could it be that this kid, is still an idiot?”

“You, to let an idiot, cuckold me?!” Zhai Lin Tian’s old face looked even more gloomy and terrifying, “Damn pussy, you treat an idiot better than you treat me? I’m not even better than an idiot in your eyes?!”

“Look at this picture again, look at the way you are with this idiot, you got an idiot for a boyfriend?!” Zhai Lin Tian grabbed the photo on the table and smashed it on Zhou Yun’s body, “I want to see what’s so great about this idiot boyfriend of yours today!”

“No, don’t.” Zhou Yun saw that Zhai Lin Tian was going to find trouble with Neo, she blocked in front of Neo and flung herself down on her knees for Zhai Lin Tian, she tilted her face up and said as best she could, but with great difficulty, “He, he’s not my boyfriend.”

After saying that, Zhou Yun’s heart, it hurt.

Yes, even though she had decided in her heart before that she was not qualified to be Neo’s boyfriend, but that was only what she thought in her heart.

But now that she had said it herself, it was a different feeling.

At that moment, she felt as if something had really been taken away from her body.

And at the same time, at that moment, she also once again, had a sense of parting from Neo completely.

Yes, she and Neo, from now on, no longer had a love affair.

She was just someone who took care of him!

“He, he is my younger brother, he was born with an intellectual disability, so I have always taken him with me, please Elder Zhai, he is just my younger brother ah!”

Zhou Yun knelt in front of Zhai Lin Tian and said over and over again, “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother.”

Over and over again.

At first, every time she said it, her heart ached, but in the end, her heart didn’t ache anymore and her tone became mechanical.

It was as if she had lost consciousness, lost her senses, lost her pain.

Lost, too, the ability to love.

“He’s my brother, he’s my brother.”

Zhou Yun hugged Neo and murmured, “Brother, brother.”

Her voice, it was so numb, as if she was stupid.

Yes, even though she had stopped thinking of herself as Neo’s girlfriend from the day she decided to come to the clubhouse once again, yet, she had never verbally said it, in her heart, she still had that glimmer of expectation!

However, today she shouted it out, as if she was announcing it loudly, “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my brother.”

“Brother?” Zhai Lin Tian was stunned.

If it was a younger brother, there was nothing more to say. After all, a foolish brother, naturally, needed to be taken care of.

“That foolish man, not her younger brother!”

However, at this moment, suddenly, another person came in the private room, pointing at Neo and saying loudly, “This idiot, is her boyfriend!”

Seeing this person, Zhou Yun’s whole body instantly, fell into a cave of ice.

All the blood in his body, was going to freeze.

The person who came was actually the landlord of the apartment building!

Zhou Yun hadn’t thought in any way that the landlord would come too.

But when she saw the smug smile on Lily’s face, it finally dawned on her.

Yes, they had taken the photos, so they must have been investigating themselves for the past few days and knew everything about them, since that was the case, it wasn’t unusual for them to bring the landlord as well.

“This woman is really a b*tch too, finding a retard as a boyfriend.” The landlord was obviously bribed by Lily and pointed at Zhou Yun, “At first, I also thought this retard was her brother, after all, what normal woman would find a retard as a boyfriend? But every time I said this retard was her brother, she would stare at me angrily and correct me that the retard was not her brother, but her boyfriend! As if having such a retard as a boyfriend was a very honorable thing, what a b*tch, I’ve never seen such a b*tchy, perverted woman. used to be very poor, that is, she suddenly seemed to get rich one day and bought a lot of things for her retarded boyfriend, look, that stuffed bear toy, and the designer clothes on that retard, all bought by this b*tch ……”

“Okay, that’s enough!”

Zhai Lin Tian was listening at this point with his eyes on fire and let out an angry shout.

The landlord was so frightened that he also immediately stopped talking.

In the private room, no one dared to speak anymore.

Everyone could see that Zhai Lin Tian was furious to the extreme.

Time was moving very, very slowly, and for Zhou Yun, every second was torturous.

“You b*tch, thanks to the fact that I thought you were innocent at first, you’re really pretending!” Zhai Lin Tian kicked the table and instantly, all the food and drinks on the table toppled onto the floor, ping-ponging about.

In the booth, no one dared to take a breath.

“I asked you at the beginning if you had a boyfriend and you said no. You’re really good, even I was fooled by you, I touched you and you were as hard as Iron Man, yet you went back to sleep with this idiot! And you take the money I give you to feed this idiot! Take my money and buy him clothes, take my money and buy him this bear toy!”

Zhai Lin Tian said, snatching the teddy bear from Neo’s hand, clicking and tearing it to pieces in a few blows.

“Gris!” Neo yelled out in distress and rushed angrily towards Zhai Lin Tian.


However he didn’t even get close to Zhai Lin Tian.

A big foot kicked over.

A sneer appeared on the corner of Xu Xiaodong’s mouth, “An idiot still dares to make a move on Mr Zhai?”

Neo was directly kicked out and crashed to the ground with a bang, lying on his back, punching the ground, coughing non-stop, and on the floor, was the blood of stars.

“Wow!” Neo cried out directly, “Yoon Yoon, he hit me, he hit me, I’m so scared, I’m so scared, woo, woo …… Yoon Yoon hug, Yoon Yoon hug ……”

The crowd ate and laughed when they saw a big man who looked like this.

Then Zhou Yun but look, heartache in the eyes of the tears dotted.

She no longer cared about Zhai Lin Tian and the others, and almost subconsciously rushed towards Neo.

She hugged Neo tightly in her arms.

Neo cried out and hugged Zhou Yun, “They are all bad people, let’s go home, woo ……”

Zhou Yun’s tears, dripping down her cheeks on Neo’s hair, hurt even more when she heard Neo say he wanted to go home.

Why did she not want to go home, but did she have the ability to do so?

Neo needed her own shelter now, but how could she shelter him?

At this moment, Zhou Yun only felt a sense of despair.

He was like a mother antelope with a cub, surrounded by wolves, with fangs and a fierce smile at the corners of her mouth.

The only thing she can do is to fall to her knees and hold her cub in her arms, letting her flesh and blood feed the wolves first, to give her cub a few more minutes to live.

Or like a pregnant eel in a pot of hot water, she bows her body as far as she can to keep her belly out of the water.

But it only keeps the cub in its belly alive for a few more seconds, and in the end, it’s all inevitable that it will die.

“Please, it’s nothing to do with him, just let him go.” Zhou Yun turned around and pleaded with Zhai Lin Tian.

“Let him go, huh, good point, no rush, no rush.” Zhai Lin Tian surprisingly smiled, only that smile made Zhou Yun feel even scarier, he took off his outside suit, “Tonight, it’s long, let’s take our time and play, don’t worry, it’s fine, huh.”

With that, Zhai Lin Tian shouted at Lili, “Come on, turn up the music! Let’s get some atmosphere first.”

“Zhai Lao, what song do you want to order?” Lili was already smiling by now.

Everything was going according to her plan, so how could she not be happy?

“Er, just the one about me eating hot pot, hehe, I like this song, I just like this kind of dangling song!” Zhai Lin Tian said as he picked up the microphone.

“I eat hot pot, you eat hot pot base! Hot pot base, smile at you, because I’m polite ……” Zhai Lin Tian transformed into into a hip hop senior and started singing and dancing around the booth.

Lily and a bunch of other clubhouse tenders clapped their hands and shouted.

“Come on, come on, where’s that idiot, you come sing a couple of lines for me.” Zhai Lin Tian smiled heatedly, “Sing well and I’ll let you go.”

Although Neo was only five or six years old intellectually, he could now see that the situation was here.

He trembled, with that childish look of fear on his face, and took the microphone, with tear marks on his cheeks.



The crowd all looked at Neo with playful laughter.

“Two tigers, two tigers ……” Neo sang.


Zhai Lin Tian gave a slap and smashed it hard on Neo’s face, “Damn pussy, what the hell are you singing, sing I’ll eat hot pot!”

“Amen, a front, there’s a vine ……”


“Let’s go catch some loach ……”


“Get lost!” Zhai Lin Tian kicked Neo over, “Damn pussy, really is a complete and utter retarded idiot, this kind of retard, to steal my woman!”

Zhai Lin Tian’s face steeped in anger.

Yes, the singing and all that just now was just a deliberately suppressed fire.

And now, the fire had been suppressed to the limit and it was beginning to explode!

He kicked Neo away, then grabbed Zhou Yun’s hair and pulled it to himself, “Bitch, sleeping with an idiot, not even feeding me wine, my patience has reached its limit, you take it off!”

With that, his hand pulled hard, pulling Zhou Yun’s jacket, to Zhou Yun’s waist.

At once, Zhou Yun’s fragrant shoulders, were exposed.

She trembled, and tears fell down.

“Don’t bully YoonYoon!” Neo surprisingly rushed over.

However, over there, Xu Xiaodong, with one arm, had Neo’s neck in a death lock, and with the other hand, he picked up a beer bottle.

“Do as Zhai says, if you don’t want to see this kid’s head split open.”

Zhou Yun looked at Neo, who had just rushed up.

She smiled.

At the last moment, Neo actually still cared about her.

That, was enough.

Thinking, Zhou Yun, slowly reached out, rubbing, her hand to the back.

“Brat, are you sick, let me out!”

At this moment, a white space, two people were deadly entangled in a fight.

One of them, with a head full of red hair, was raging.

“No, I can’t let you out!” The other man, with black hair, had a death grip on the other.

“You, it’s been three months, you’ve been holding me back every day, if I hadn’t used my energy to protect you before, you would have been run over by a car know what, I’ve been holding it in for over 30,000 years, just let me see the world will you!” The redhead growled.

“No, I can’t let you go out, you’re too hostile, let you go out, you’ll take over my body and the world will be in a state of calamity! I, Neo, will never let you go out!” The black-haired one was none other than Neo, and at that moment, he was clinging to the red-haired one’s thigh in a deadly way.

Yes, it had been three months.

The two had been tangled up here for three months.

Neo had also figured out that this redhead, surprisingly, was also himself!

Yes, at first he didn’t believe it, not only did he not believe it, he didn’t know where he was at first either.

However, three months was enough time to figure everything out.

For when he and the redhead, both of them had the same feeling that no matter who took the pain, the other would suffer the same pain.

Moreover, he had heard some things about himself in bits and pieces from Zhang Jiu before.

He knew that this redhead was none other than his own self of 35,000 years, the so-called Demon Young Lord.

The Demon Young Lord had always wanted to go out and occupy Neo’s original body, but of course Neo wouldn’t let him.

Would the world be good when this kind of person went out?

“Damn, I really didn’t expect that I would be reincarnated and turn into a bird like you, you coward!” The redhead was so angry that he cursed.

“Obviously you asked for it yourself before you died, you said you didn’t want to kill anymore, you said you ……” Neo remembered what Zhang Jiu had once said.

“Yes, yes, I did say that, but then I was dying, I was confused in my head, OK! If I had known to be reincarnated into a bird like you, I would have just died back then!” The redhead was so angry that he continued to curse, “If you hadn’t been me, and I was you, and if I hadn’t punched you, and it had hurt me, and killed you, and I had died, I really would have cut you to pieces, you piece of shit! Do you know, we are here to wrangle, now the body, it will be only five or six years old IQ, and similar to an idiot!”

“Then I can’t let you go up there either!” Neo continued, hugging the redhead.

“Then do you know that your some bullshit girlfriend is going to die! If no one saves her again, she’ll be dead!” The redhead growled.

“Zhou Yun? How do you know that!” Neo was abruptly shocked.

“I felt Gris’s carrier, it’s shattered, something must have happened.” The redhead frowned, “Don’t forget, I got your girlfriend to buy me that bear, so you let me up there! She must be in danger!”

Neo was shaken.

Zhou Yun, something had happened?

If something had happened to Zhou Yun, then what did the world need!

“Then, you go out!” Neo finally, slowly let go of his hand.

At this moment, inside the private room.

Zhou Yun was trembling and was about to untie his underwear.

Zhai Lin Tian waited in triumph.

No one noticed that Neo, who was in Xu Xiaodong’s hand, had a sudden, strange gleam in his eyes.

“Can I sing a song, sing to you guys, please?”

Neo suddenly said.

“Oh, this idiot, awake?” Zhai Lin Tian was happy, “Fine, you sing, but if you sing two more tigers, don’t blame me for shagging you in the hot pot!”

The whole audience burst into laughter.

After all, everyone looked at Neo as a retard.

Neo didn’t say a word, and a smile that couldn’t be explained floated to the corners of his mouth.

Then, he took the microphone.

“You eat hot pot, you drink beer, you’re the best show in the house, and you stay out all night, you end up dying of intestinal haemorrhage at the age of twenty-nine!”

“You eat fondue, the aluminium kind! You eat fondue and you want to eat my solid alcohol! When I refused, you even had to fight me to the death! I had no choice but to call the police and take you to the doctor! The doctor said you were insane and prescribed four courses of medication!”

“You eat the hot pot, I eat the hot pot base! Daddy loves you and won’t talk about it! Hurry up and drink this bottle of milk, daddy has to go back to bed for work tomorrow!”


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