At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 323

At night, in the city of Jincheng, the lights come on.

Jincheng, commonly known as a city where you come and don’t want to leave, is located in the Sichuan basin, humid and warm, with a unique geography and climate that has taught the people here to enjoy themselves.

When it comes to fighting, Jincheng people will have to leave beforehand.

When it comes to bragging, Jincheng people say the gas is not off.

But when it comes to enjoyment, Jincheng people will say sorry I’m not talking about you alone, I mean everyone here ……

So, in Jincheng, the service industry is very well developed.

Especially the clubhouse, in Jincheng is like a grassland blown by the spring wind, flowers will bloom everywhere overnight.

The Royal Red Roof Clubhouse.

Luxury cars were gathered at the entrance, and all kinds of rich and famous people were going in and out of it.

Inside the Red Roof Club, inside one of the largest private rooms.

Inside, a large table was filled with all kinds of snacks and snacks, and rows of wine and beer were placed on the table.

On the sofa, crowded one after another were women dressed in revealing clothes.

All kinds of hip skirts and tight, low-neckline dresses stretched the full curves of their bodies to the point of explosion.

With long legs swaying, red wine glasses in hand, and a Netflix face, there were so many women, gathered here as if it was the audition scene for some drama group.

In the middle of the many women, there were two people sitting.

“Boxer Xu, come, cheers!”

An old man, holding up a glass of wine in his hand, said to a man in his thirties next to him.

“You’re very kind, Mr. Zhai! To be received by Mr. Zhai, I, Xu Xiaodong, am fortunate in three lives!”

This man, in his thirties, was very stout looking, his arms holding the wine glass were as thick as his feet’s necks, a big gold chain around his neck, holding the wine glass in his left hand, with a sultry woman in his right arm.

“It’s better to meet each other than to meet by chance, when King Xu Boxer comes to our Jincheng, of course I have to do my best as a host, haha.” This old man was Zhai Lin Tian, the old man put his arm around Xu Xiaodong’s neck, “Boxing King Xu is now a national celebrity, this time in the National Boxing King Tour Challenge, you set out from Guangzhou, defeated Yongle of the Southern Shaolin Temple in Xiamen, defeated Zhou Tong of the Tonglu Sect in Hangzhou, and defeated Li Ru Feng in Jinling, what a great journey, you can now be said to be the number one boxing king in our country, the internet Even my little grandson knows that there is a Xu Xiaodong in China, you are now really hot all over the country, even the news in Southeast Asia is reporting about you, tsk, Xu Boxing King, if I have trouble in business in the future, I still need your help.”

Zhai Lin Tian said meaningfully.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Zhai! I’ll take care of it, if any unscrupulous little brat offends you, I, Xu Xiaodong, will make him suffer!” As he said that, Xu Xiaodong suddenly threw a punch on the table.

With a muffled thud, a fist nest faintly appeared on the surface of the table!

Zhai Lin Tian couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

The club’s young models next to him kept on emitting hen-like screams and shrieks.

In particular, the young model that Xu Xiaodong was hugging, directly threw her head into Xu Xiaodong’s arms, “So powerful, Oh, Brother Dong!”

“Hahahahaha!” Xu Xiaodong and Zhai Lin Tian, both laughed out loud.

“Tonight, I’ll let you see something even more powerful!” Xu Xiaodong’s hand, gripping lightly on the soft and smooth skin of that clubhouse tender model, revealed a few hints of lust in his gaze.

“By the way, Xu Boxing King, don’t you have a fighting match tomorrow at the Jincheng Divisional University gymnasium, this evening?” Zhai Lin Tian looked at Xu Xiaodong and then at the woman, the meaning in his words was clear.

“Haha, what’s this fear?” Xu Xiaodong domineeringly wrapped his arms around the girl in his arms, “I can still beat that punk opponent tomorrow even if I have fun all night tonight, haha!”

“Fighter Xu, domineering!”

Zhai Lin Tian said with a compliment.

Although he was richer than Xu Xiaodong, Zhai Lintian knew that sometimes, money was not everything, Xu Xiaodong was a fighting master, and with his support, he could handle many things smoothly.

Yes, in modern society, apart from having money and power, sometimes you need to have people who can fight and know how to fight, which is why many big families use their spare money to keep some bodyguards.

“Mr. Zhai, I admire your deeds in the clubhouse, I know Mr. Zhai has read countless women and has always been my idol, that, has Mr. Zhai picked up any nice beauties recently, haha, I know Mr. Zhai has a high vision, haha.” Xu Xiaodong said.

“Hey, recently, I got my hands on an excellent one.” A smug smile surfaced on Zhai Lin Tian’s face.


Xu Xiaodong also knew that Zhai Lin Tian was a veteran of the club, what kind of women had he not seen?

Now that he had heard that there was a superb one, he was instantly interested as well.

“Meet and greet?” Xu Xiaodong said with a heated smile.

Zhai Lin Tian didn’t say much more and waved his hand towards the corner, “Yun Yun, come here!”

Then, Xu Xiaodong saw that from the pile of women in the corner, a young girl stood up and came in front of Zhai Lin Tian.

At once, Xu Xiaodong’s eyes went straight.

This young girl, she was so beautiful!

She was not as heavily made up as the other women, but her natural skin was smooth to the point of beauty, especially that stunning face with a faint sadness, which made Xu Xiaodong’s eyes go straight.

After all, this young girl, and the other women, were really too different.

“This, this is Mr. Zhai’s new love?” Xu Xiaodong gulped and swallowed his saliva, saying enviously.

“Hehehe.” Zhai Lin Tian laughed, apparently, affirming Xu Xiaodong’s question.

“Is there that?” Xu Xiaodong made a nasty gesture.

Zhai Lin Tian shook his head.

Xu Xiaodong was stunned, “No?”

It was also true, after all, Xu Xiaodong knew what kind of person Zhai Lin Tian was, such a lecherous old man, facing such a beautiful young girl, hadn’t done that kind of thing?

This, how could it be possible?

Zhai Lin Tian hemmed and hawed again, attached himself to Xu Xiaodong’s ear and said a few words.

Xu Xiaodong’s face also showed an expression of meeting between men after hearing this, “Wow, that’s awesome, conditioning, haha, I thought it was only available in the islands!”

“So, Mr Zhai, what stage have you reached now?” Xu Xiaodong was clearly interested.

Zhai Lin Tian was still smiling, looking like he was in great control of everything.

“Let me show you.”

Zhai Lin Tian said.

Giving his shoulder a pat, “Yun Yun, come, rub your shoulder ……”

That young girl, was none other than Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun really did walk over obediently and gave Zhai Lin Tian a shoulder rub.

“Good boy, haha, come, here.”

Zhai Lin Tian was obviously very happy and immediately took out a wad of banknotes and stuffed it to Zhou Yun.

After all, he was now showing how Zhou Yun could be obedient.

And Zhou Yun was very cooperative.

And, as Zhai Lin Tian gave Zhou Yun the money, Lily, who was sitting on the sofa, in a pile of women, had another gloomy look in her gaze, which was filled with jealousy and hatred.

Yes, that money should have belonged to her.

As she thought, Lily looked at another woman not far away.

The woman nodded slightly at Lily and gave an ok gesture.

Lily instantly smiled faintly and stopped talking.

“Not bad, Chief Zhai, so obedient.” Xu Xiaodong said.

“Don’t rush, there’s more.” Zhai Lin Tian smiled slightly again, “Yun Yun, come, pour the wine.”

Zhou Yun remained obedient and poured wine for Zhai Lin Tian.

“Here, Yun Yun, hold it up and let me drink it.” Zhai Lin Tian said as he sat on his end.

Xu Xiaodong watched this with a look of anticipation.

Sure enough, Zhou Yun obediently picked up the glass of wine and slowly passed it towards Zhai Lin Tian’s mouth.

However, just as the glass was about to reach Zhai Lin Tian’s mouth, Zhou Yun’s hand suddenly began to tremble, and finally, the glass tilted, and immediately, the red wine spilled out.

It spilled all over Zhai Lin Tian.

“Sorry, sorry!” Zhou Yun said in a panic.

Zhai Lin Tian frowned, but didn’t say anything.

While Xu Xiaodong shook his head, “Tsk, Mr. Zhai, you still can’t train up, this girl still can’t let go, although she can rub your shoulders and pour wine, but feeding you wine, she is still very nervous and resistant, so her muscles are stiff, causing trembling and spilling wine, still can’t, hehehe.”

Zhai Lin Tian was also feeling a bit humiliated.

Yeah, he was meant to show off in front of Xu Xiaodong, who knew ……

“No rush, no rush, take your time, this new love of mine, but pure love, no boyfriend no male and female affairs ever, everything has to be cultivated slowly, of course not a little difficult.” Zhai Lin Tian himself rounded up the situation for himself.

“Hey, Zhai said yes, if you ask me, ah, although she fed you wine or nervous, but I have to say, Zhai should be the closest and closest relationship with this beauty in the world, haha.” Xu Xiaodong also hurriedly complimented, and in one sentence, relieved the siege as well.

“Hahahahaha, that’s right, that’s right!” Zhai Lin Tian said with great joy.

It was at this time.

Suddenly, a woman walked up, and with a hand raised, a stack of things, threw them on the table.

“Old Zhai, do you really think this b*tch is innocent, look what this is!”


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