At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 322

“You’re really letting me go?” Zhou Yun said in tears.

Although she was asking Neo, the person had already stood up, and judging from her face, her heart had already made up her mind.

It was just that after a night yesterday, she was too tired.

Before she could reach the bed, she had already fallen asleep under it.

The next day’s night.

When Zhou Yun appeared in the Royal Red Roof Club once again, the corner of Li Tan’s mouth, showed a kind of smile that everything was as I expected.

Yes, it was still the same saying that no girl could resist the temptation to get rich.

“Come on, Zhai Lao is waiting for you.”

With that, Li Tan pulled Zhou Yun and entered a stage.

This stage, was much smaller than the stage last night, last night, the stage Zhou Yun was on, was a big stage with a lot of audience underneath.

But today’s stage was just a small round stage, no more than two or three metres in diameter.

It was a private room for a private performance dance.

The private room is not very bright, with only the eerie glow of the downlights on the ceiling.

The old man from last time was sitting leisurely at the bottom of the stage.

When he saw Li Tan enter with Zhou Yun, Zhai Lin Tian was so excited that he almost sat up from his chair.

This old man, although he was already over sixty, could be seen from his slightly drooping cheeks and bloated eye bags on his face that this old man had always been a man who had overindulged.

His dry, discoloured hands were rubbing his hands together in excitement.

“Old man Zhai, this …… man,” Li Tan still wanted to introduce.

“Get out!”

With a wave of his hand, Zhai Lin Tian simply drove Li Tan away.

Then, in the private room, there was only Zhou Yun and the old man, two people left.

Zhou Yun felt like a plaster, standing there, not daring to move, her body still trembling all the time, she was stiff, but countless thoughts flashed through her mind, and she was filled with fear for the unknown that was to come.

“Don’t be afraid, little birdie, go up and give me a dance.”

Zhai Lin Tian said as he pointed to the stage.

Zhou Yun mechanically walked up to the stage, she danced the same dance as yesterday, without the deliberate s*xiness of those of Lili, there was just another kind of beauty.

“Tsk, good, very good, I like it!”

The old man who had seen so many s*xy dances was honestly seeing this kind of elegant dance in the clubhouse for the first time.

This kind of dance, on the contrary, stimulated her even more.

The old man’s hands were trembling with excitement, “Come here, come here quickly, little birdie.”

He reached out to beckon Zhou Yun.

Zhou Yun mechanically walked off the stage again and came to the old man.

Zhou Yun was a bit numb at this point.

Yes, she was actually numb in her heart before she came to the clubhouse, she was ready for it.

Neo had already agreed to her coming to the clubhouse.

If Neo had agreed, what did she care?

As long as Neo agreed, other people’s opinions, her own thoughts, did not matter.

After she woke up that day, she used the thousand dollars she had left over from the toys she bought that day to take Neo to the playground and buy him lots of delicious food.

Seeing Neo’s happy face, Zhou Yun once again realised the importance of having money.

Yes, money was the only way to take Neo to have fun and eat delicious food.

Only then would Neo be happy.

After all, for a child, food and play are the most important and stimulating things.

Of course, at the same time, Zhou Yun’s heart had a sour feeling of happiness.

I was afraid that Neo would be like this for the rest of his life.

Didn’t the doctor say that the brain was completely unrecoverable?

In other words, he would remain a child for the rest of his life.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun’s heart was really sad, it was all because of himself that he was like this.

So, that day in the amusement park, when Neo was on the merry-go-round of the amusement park, happy as a hundred and thirty pound child, he did not see Zhou Yun sitting in the rest area, his face covered with tear marks.

At the same time, Zhou Yun was thinking for the first time of a very grim, but also very practical problem.

If Neo remained a five or six year old child for the rest of his life, then he would not really own himself for the rest of his life.

Since Neo could not have himself, what did he need this innocent body for?

Besides, if I gave up this body, I could make a lot of money, take Neo to a lot of fun places, eat a lot of delicious food, and make him happy for the rest of his life.

What’s more, after what she had done to him, she was not qualified to be his girlfriend at all either!

So, since one is not qualified to be his girlfriend, let’s be a woman who takes care of him in peace and quiet!

Since this is the case, it further means that even if there is really a miracle and Neo recovers, this innocent body of mine is still not worthy of Neo.

So, what else is there to do?

Her mind was made up, so when Zhou Yun stepped into the clubhouse once again, she was already numb, she treated herself as a commodity.

“Tsk, little birdie, you are so beautiful, I have never seen you so beautiful, you are beautiful, tsk ……” the old man searched for overflowing words, “you are beautiful as if you are not us humans. ”

The old man said as he rubbed his dry hand, back and forth, over her hair, and put his nose to it to smell it.

“Do you have a boyfriend, little birdie? Don’t tell lies, oh, I know that all the girls in the clubhouse actually have boyfriends.” The old man said.

This old guy, who had been hanging around the clubhouse for years, was familiar with a lot of things in the clubhouse.

“No, no.” Zhou Yun said woodenly.

Yes, he was not qualified and could not be Neo’s girlfriend anymore, from today onwards, Zhou Yun only saw himself as a machine, a machine that took care of Neo.

Everything, all with taking care of Neo as the primary goal, his own desires, his own future, his own emotions, his own body, all of them, were discarded and didn’t matter.

“Hey, hey, that’s great, I just like your kind of innocence. O little bird, you follow me and you will definitely not be treated badly.” The old man said, taking out his phone from his pocket and opening a photo, the photo was a group photo of many people, “Look at this, see, this is a group photo of me going to an event in the capital, don’t think this is an ordinary group photo, look in the middle see, that’s our richest man in China, President Huang Shan Song Huang, these are the big heads of the four big families in the capital, this is Shanghai This is the boss of the Jin family, this is the boss of our Jincheng Ji family, Ji Canghai, this is the boss of the Wujiang Xiong family, Xiong Xuesen Xiong, I think, little birdie, you should have heard of these famous people, right …… of course, haha, I can’t compare to them, this is me, standing in the corner, but you can’t underestimate me, although I But don’t underestimate me, although I’m not as good as those bigwigs up there, but as long as they can be in this group photo, they are all great people, you follow me, you are guaranteed luxury cars and yachts every day ……”

Saying that, the old man’s hand followed Zhou Yun’s hair and gently slid down to Zhou Yun’s shoulder ……

And when Zhou Yun was just brought into the room by Li Tan.

This scene was all watched by the few people in Lily’s group.

“Grass, this b*tch, she actually came back!” The first time I saw her, I was so happy to see her. ”

“Yes, I’m not used to her face, it’s ugly, she looks like her husband is dead!”

“Yeah, and a flat body, a pair of A’s, how can she compare to our pair of Q’s!”

A few women next to her also skimmed their mouths and said with contempt.

Only, there was always a bit of sour jealousy in the tone.

Lily didn’t say anything else, except that in her eyes, there was a sinister look hidden.

Don’t look at the people around you, but she knew very well that Zhou Yun had a big advantage, she was very pretty, even prettier than herself, and she had seen that day, Zhou Yun was very talented in dancing, although it was not a s*xy dance, but in time, if she learned it, she would definitely surpass herself.

So, that day when she saw Zhou Yun leaving the club, she was very happy in her heart.

So, when she saw Zhou Yun return today, her heart was upset again.

“You guys investigate and see if this b*tch has any backstage, huh, this b*tch, don’t think that the clubhouse is a gold mine and the money is so easy to earn, huh, the clubhouse water is also very deep, let’s, wait and see!” Lily gave the order to a few women, grunted and left.

An hour later.

The private room that Zhou Yun had just entered was opened.

The old man, smacking his lips with a satisfied face, walked out of it.


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