At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 321

The woman at the head of the group was the short-skirted beauty called Lili.

Unlike Zhou Yun, these women wore very hot clothes and were of the uniform type, with long, slender legs and tall bodies that outlined the perfection of their curves.

As soon as these few people took to the stage, the picture on the stage changed.

A few people danced provocatively, their eyes were lost, and a lustful smell was in the air.

Honestly, when Zhou Yun saw them like this, he really panicked at first.

But later on, they danced their own way and danced their own way, without interfering with each other, so Zhou Yun gradually put his mind at ease.

If this is how it is, then it’s not bad at all.

In the future, she would work during the day and come here at night to dance to earn money, not only did she not betray Neo, but she could also let Neo have a better life.

As I was thinking about it, suddenly the lights on the stage went out instantly.

At the same time, the lights below the stage lit up.

Only then did Zhou Yun see clearly that there were many people sitting under the stage, basically all men, especially those sitting at the front, each wearing a watch and wearing a brand name, looking like middle-aged and elderly people who were either rich or wealthy.

As soon as the lights on the stage went out, Lily’s women, while twirling their pretty bodies, walked towards the stage and wandered among the men on the stage.

Zhou Yun didn’t understand what was going on for a moment.

The wireless hidden earphones in his ears rang out Li Tan’s voice, “Don’t stand on the stage, do the same as Lily and the women, go under the stage, inside the audience, and keep dancing.”

Having no choice, Zhou Yun could only do as he was told.

After all, it had come this far.

Honestly, she still had some sense of security when standing on the stage, but when she came off stage, Zhou Yun felt as if she had entered a wolf’s den.

The men’s eyes were staring at them like hungry wolves, and that gaze, which was quite frightening to look at, was like the feeling of wanting to swallow her.

Suddenly, a big hand reached out from nowhere and directly stopped her waist.

Zhou Yun gave a startled cry, before she had time to react.

At the same time, a stinky smell of drunkenness and that indescribable unpleasant smell of an old man immediately filled her nostrils.

When she reacted, it turned out that she had been pulled into the arms of an old man.

“Tsk, not bad, what a pretty little bird, new here?” The old man’s pair of withered wood-like hands wandered around recklessly.

Zhou Yun then felt his head buzz and his whole body stiffened.

“No, I’m just here to dance …… please, no ……,” Zhou Yun struggled to jump out of the old man’s embrace.

However, don’t look at the other party as an old man, but that strength was also suppressing Zhou Yun.

“Yeah, since you are here to dance, that’s right, look, aren’t the others here to dance too, look at them.” The old man said.

Zhou Yun was unsure and looked to both sides.

At once, his heart panicked.

At this moment, Lily and the other women, at some point, had already sat on top of some men and were twisting and turning their bodies between their ears.

The scale was so big that even a girl like Zhou Yun, who had seen the world, would have turned her face away in shame when she saw the posture and movements of Lily and the others.

“You’re new here, right? Learn from them, after all, you’ll be like this sooner or later.” The old man said lustfully, reaching out and placing his hand on Zhou Yun’s body.

“Don’t ……” Zhou Yun hurriedly pushed his hand away.

The old man laughed heatedly, a perverted look in his gaze, “Hey, hey, don’t be afraid, didn’t your boyfriend also do this to you?”

It was better if this old man didn’t say it, but when he did, Zhou Yun’s body suddenly shook.


Neo had never made such a dirty move on himself!

At that moment, Zhou Yun’s heart was like eating a fly, a revolting feeling came from the pit of his stomach.

Yes, Neo had never treated himself like this, and now he was being treated like this by this old man.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun’s heart suddenly felt a sense of strength and pushed the old man out of the way with a strong push, and fought to run outside.

As he ran, tears flowed down his face.

What was he doing? If Neo found out, would he forgive himself?

Although he certainly doesn’t understand this now, but he can’t treat him like this!


Zhou Yun was at the entrance of the clubhouse and bumped into a man.

“What’s wrong? Zhou Yun, why are you out?”

The one he bumped into was none other than the manager, Li Tan. Looking at Zhou Yun who ran out, Li Tan frowned, but was not too angry.

“Sorry, Manager Li, I think, I can’t do this!”

Zhou Yun stammered.

Honestly, she was terrified now.

She suddenly felt much more awake, remembering something she had seen in the news, where some girls had been tricked into a clubhouse just because they were short of money and had gotten confused for a moment, only to not be able to get out when they wanted to.

Thinking of this, her heart, it was scared and frightened.

“Oh, it’s okay, didn’t I say today that I just let you come and try, since you can’t do it, then forget it.” Out of Zhou Yun’s expectation, Li Tan was surprisingly calm.

“Here is fifteen hundred yuan, it’s your labour fee for tonight, take it.” Li Tan said, and actually took out a wad of money and handed it to Zhou Yun.

This time, Zhou Yun really didn’t expect it.

She had thought that after this incident, she would definitely be given all kinds of difficulties, however, she did not expect that Li Tan not only did not give difficulties, but also gave her money.

Honestly, if she had given it to her before, with Zhou Yun’s character, she might have been too embarrassed to ask for it.

Although her heart felt really sick and uncomfortable about what happened today, yet after all, she did not do her part.

But now Zhou Yun was really short of money, at least for the sake of Neo, she still took the money.

“Thanks a lot Manager Li.”

By now, the sky was also bright, and Zhou Yun turned around and left after she finished speaking.

“Oh, this woman, she’s just here to cheat money, right? Don’t think that just because you’re prettier, you can do well in our business, I guess she’ll never come back.”

Zhou Yun left and Lily came to Li Tan’s side at some point.

Looking at Zhou Yun’s distant back, the woman’s gaze shone with a few moments of satisfaction, as if she was happy that Zhou Yun had left.

“That’s not necessarily true.” Li Tan smiled faintly and said, “This Zhou Yun, it seems that she has had too many poor days, otherwise she wouldn’t have called me in the middle of the night, she just said she wanted to quit, just because she had never been exposed to this industry, so she couldn’t accept it for a while, but people always have to adapt, give her some time to slow down, I think she will figure it out, what’s more, I I’m sure she can’t resist the temptation, I guess she will come to me soon.”

Li Tan said this with a very confident smile on his face, “After all, no woman will be able to resist the feeling of getting rich. You just wait.”

“Really?” After hearing Li Tan’s words, Lily’s face, which was still quite happy, abruptly turned a few shades darker again.

“Of course.” Li Tan said confidently and went back into the clubhouse.

At this moment, in the clubhouse, an old man was there slapping the front desk and yelling, and a group of employees in the clubhouse next to him were all scared to death.

“What’s wrong, old man Zhai, who has made you angry? I’ll apologise to you.” Li Tan was instantly shocked in his heart.

This old man was called Zhai Lin Tian, and was not a simple figure in Jincheng.

He was also a higher consumer group in the clubhouse.

“Oh, Little Li Zi, the ones who danced just now, there was a newcomer, right, I just touched her and she ran away, is this a deliberate attempt to embarrass me?” Zhai Lin Tian said.

“Haha, Zhai Lao don’t worry, in a few days ah, I dare to guarantee that she will come to you obediently and let you do what you want.” Li Tan hurriedly comforted.

Yes, of course he understood what was going on, and needless to say, it must be Zhou Yun who had run out.

For Zhou Yun, he was very confident that she would definitely come back for herself.

Because as the saying goes, no woman can resist the feeling of being rich.

Besides, Zhou Yun, after turning around, Zhou Yun secretly swore in his heart that he would never come to such a place again!

Even if she had to work harder and find another job, she would never come to a place like this again!

She left the clubhouse as if she was running away.

Called a taxi.

“Beauty, where are you going?” The driver’s eyes glanced at Zhou Yun, lustfully, and suddenly said, “Beauty, add a WeChat, brother is actually a rich man, his family has several sets of demolished houses.”

“Go to the Lego toy shop, as for WeChat, or no, don’t want it.” Zhou Yun said a little nervously.

“Damn pussy, a clubhouse lady, pretend you’re paralyzed innocent!” The driver pooh-poohed and started the car.

Zhou Yun’s tears, once again, just flowed down.

Half an hour later, the taxi stopped in front of the toy shop.

Zhou Yun hurriedly jumped out of the car, wiped his tears and entered the toy shop.

“Boss, that teddy bear!” Zhou Yun said loudly and hurriedly as soon as he entered the shop, as if he was afraid that it would be sold.

“Beauty is here again.” Of course the boss knew Zhou Yun, he had come to buy it last night, “But the teddy bear is still not discounted.”

“I know, I know, 498 right!” Zhou Yun barely hesitated and took out the money and bought the teddy bear immediately.

Holding the teddy bear, which was taller than her, Zhou Yun ran all the way home.

On the road, many early risers saw Zhou Yun holding the teddy bear.

They all said, “Look at that girl, how happy she is, her boyfriend gave her such a big stuffed bear, look how happy she is!”

Finally, Zhou Yun returned to his rented room.

At this time, it was just after dawn, so Zhou Yun carefully pushed open the door and tiptoed into the room.

Neo was still sleeping.

“Zhou Yun, don’t worry, I will protect you and take care of you, I will never let you do something you don’t like, I, Neo, will never, if you do something you don’t like, I will feel guilty for the rest of my life ……”

Neo was still talking in his sleep.

When Zhou Yun heard this, she thought of the clubhouse and her indisputable tears stayed again.

“I’m sorry, Neo, I’m sorry, I didn’t do anything I didn’t like, you were protecting me, you were taking care of me, you were protecting me well, taking care of me well ……”

Zhou Yun took Neo’s hand and gently placed it on his face, crying.

At that moment, Zhou Yun decided once again that he would never go to the clubhouse again.

Yes, although Neo is not able to really protect himself and take care of himself now, then he should at least act like Neo is taking care of himself and protecting him!

He would take care of himself instead of Neo!

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun hated herself even more for what had happened in the clubhouse, and hated that old man even more for pulling herself into his arms.

She jerked but stood up, ran to the bathroom, turned on the shower, and frantically washed her skin.

Over and over again.

As if to wash away the shame of last night.

She cried as she washed and sniffed herself over and over again.

Mentally, she thought, wash it clean, wash it clean again, don’t let all that filth from the clubhouse, stain Neo, wash all that filth away!

Finally, she washed up.

Out of the bathroom.

Then, she couldn’t help but stare.

Somehow, Neo had already woken up and was hugging that stuffed bear and rolling around on the floor frolicking, with that childish joy on his face.

Zhou Yun saw this scene for a moment.

She laughed, really laughed.

This was the first time she had seen Neo so happy since she had left Wujiang for Jincheng.

She was really pleased and relieved.

While she was smiling, tears flowed out of her eyes.

“So great, so great, I love bears so much ……” Neo looked up and saw Zhou Yun, dragging the teddy bear and ran over to Zhou Yun.

Then, like a child, he stopped and hugged Zhou Yun.

Only, that action was a bit comical.

After all, he was an adult.

“Do you really like it, Neo?” Zhou Yun squatted down and looked at him. The look in his eyes was full of tenderness.

“Really, I want the white lion again, so you can buy me that white lion again.” Neo said again.

Zhou Yun was stunned, her heart sank, she knew there was a white lion toy in the toy shop, very exquisite, only the price was more expensive, it cost more than a thousand.

“Neo, I don’t have enough money. Let’s wait a few months before we buy it.” Zhou Yun said.

“No, I want it, I want it, I want it ……” Once he heard a few months, Neo quit, hugging the bear and rolling on the ground.

Seeing Neo like this, Zhou Yun’s heart, so heartbroken.

She bundled her hands and looked at Neo, suddenly her face as if she had made up her mind, and took a deep breath.

“Neo, let me ask you one thing, okay?” Zhou Yun said.

“You say you say.” Neo said with a roll of his eyes.

“If I go to work in the clubhouse, will you say yes?”

“Then will you buy me a lion?” Neo asked, biting his finger.

“When you get into the clubhouse, you’ll have money to buy it.” Zhou Yun said it slowly and hard, and when she finished, she cried.

“Then you go!”


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