At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 320

“Hondo Office Building? Very good dancer?” The male duck voice paused for a moment, obviously thinking, “Oh, you’re the pretty girl who was crouching behind the Hongtong office building eating Old Dry Mum with rice in a t-shirt that was all torn up the other day!”

“Gee, that’s great, you finally called me, I’ve been waiting for you for ages! Hahahahaha!” The male duck voice looked so excited all of a sudden that although I couldn’t see him, it felt as if he sat up from his chair all of a sudden.

“That, is it really going to be fifty to sixty thousand dollars a month?” Zhou Yun asked cautiously, her voice very soft and looking back at the sleeping Neo as she spoke, as if she was worried that she might wake him up.

“Of course, 50,000 to 60,000 a month is still not enough, here, for those with better skills, 100,000 a month is no problem!” The male duck voice said.

“A better technique, what do you mean?” Zhou Yun said warily, “Also, you’re not doing something illegal, are you?”

“Pretty girl, let’s be honest with you.” If I told you that we don’t do illegal things, you wouldn’t believe me.” “Yes, our club definitely has illegal businesses, but there are also businesses that aren’t illegal.

This male duck voice really has a way with words.

He didn’t directly say that he didn’t do anything illegal, because if he said so, Zhou Yun would definitely not believe it.

So instead, he admitted it, and in this way, Zhou Yun felt that he was quite sincere.

Sure enough, this remark immediately made Zhou Yun’s heart, at once, relax a lot of his guard.

“So, can you make fifty to sixty thousand a month for something that is not illegal?” Zhou Yun said.

“Of course you can!” The man with the duck’s voice bit off more than he could chew, saying it with conviction, patting his chest and guaranteeing the same, “If I couldn’t, I would have given you my business card at that time, I just saw that you, a beautiful woman, have this ability, yet you are living such a miserable life, still eating rice mixed with dried rice, I just pity you and want to give you a chance to prove yourself, to prove… …”

“Okay, I’ll go!”

Zhou Yun finally, blurted out.

She certainly wasn’t trying to prove herself, or anything else for that matter.

She simply just wanted to earn more money, to be able to give Neo a good life, to be able to eat the food he liked, to get the toys he liked.

“Okay, come over here then.” The male duck voice said.

“Ah, now?” Zhou Yun was stunned, “It’s the middle of the night, huh?”

Yeah, Zhou Yun really didn’t expect the male duck voice to let her go over now, she had thought that tomorrow during the day, she would take a leave or something and go over for the interview.

“Of course it’s in the middle of the night, it’s good that you’re coming now, so you can come and see if it’s suitable.” The male duck voice said and added, “Where are you, I’ll send someone to drive over and pick you up now.”

“Ah, no need, I’ll take a taxi there.” Zhou Yun hung up the phone with a heavy heart, turned back, looked at Neo in a daze, covered him up, then picked up a thick shirt, draped it over him, pulled open the door and stepped into the dark night outside.

Half an hour later.

“Aiya, beautiful, you’re here, good, how nice.”

At the entrance of the Royal Red Roof Clubhouse, a man in a white suit with his hair combed upwards, wearing chinos, walked with a domineering air.

This guy, was the manager of the clubhouse, Li Tan.

“Here, pretty girl, have a cup of coffee to warm up your body.” Li Tan handed a steaming cup of coffee in his hand to Zhou Yun.


Zhou Yun looked at the glorious clubhouse in front of her, the luxury cars at the entrance, the various men and women going in and out, seriously, she had never been to a place like this before, and she also looked a little nervous.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to get familiar with it.”

Li Tan skillfully then led Zhou Yun into the clubhouse, once inside, to be honest, the feeling of the decadent sounds inside made Zhou Yun’s heart beat even harder.

Moreover, from time to time, one could see women dressed in revealing clothes, carrying trays, walking around inside. These women, heavily made up, had trays of fruit plates and drinks, and then they came to a certain door, knocked on it and went in.

Sometimes, one could also see a room door suddenly opened and a dishevelled woman lunged out of it, vomiting profusely in the aisle.

It was heart-stopping to watch Zhou Yun.

“I… I’m not doing this, am I?” Zhou Yun asked Li Tan cautiously, honestly, Zhou Yun really wanted to escape this place immediately at this moment.

But once she thought of Neo, she still stayed with a stiff upper lip.

“Of course not, didn’t I say, I promise to let you do what you like.” Li Tan smiled faintly and looked Zhou Yun up and down, “By the way, you can dance, right?”

After Zhou Yun nodded, the two of them circled around for a while, and finally, Li Tan led Zhou Yun into a very large room, which had many tables, mirrors in front of each table, a lot of various clothes on the floor, and some make-up artists that wandered in and out.

Once she saw this, Zhou Yun surprisingly had a few familiar feelings.

Because, she had been to a place like this before, it was the dressing room on the Elizabethan cruise ship.

“Hello, Chief Egg!”

“Mr. Egg is here!”

There were many beauties in the dressing room, with shapely hips and long legs, seriously, it was too much for the eyes to take in, all of these beauties, all of them were of the young model level, picking any one out was going to cause a frenzy among the hangers-on.

At this moment, so many beauties were gathered together, it was simply a feeling of heaven on earth.

Moreover, because they had to change their clothes, many of the beauties didn’t avoid it at all and undressed on the spot, wearing only their underwear, which looked, too, in a charming way.

When they saw that Li Tan had arrived, the eyes of the beauties lit up, and there were many women who, scratching their heads and twisting their round hips in purple, came up to them.

Obviously, Li Tan was not of a low status.

“Brother Egg, who is this woman?”

Another woman came over, her gaze going up and down a little provocatively as she sized up Zhou Yun.

This woman, even in a room full of beautiful women here, stood out, extremely good looking, a pair of long boots, a short black leather skirt with a studded denim leather jacket on the outside, green eye shadow that was heavy, hands with long manicured nails all shiny on top, and a purple hair band that added a bit of unrestrained air.

“A new beauty.” Li Tan said.

“A newcomer? Who recommended him, Brother Erga, Brother Tiger, or Brother Black Bear?” The woman continued to look at Zhou Yun, staring at his face in particular.

“None of them, this beauty is a vegetarian.” Li Tan laughed heatedly.

“Oh, so there’s no backstage.” The woman laughed, seemingly satisfied, “I told you, if it was Erga and the others, how could they dress like this, they’re just country bumpkins.”

“Alright, Lily, hurry up and get ready, there are quite a few bigwigs coming today.” Li Tan said, leading Zhou Yun to a table in front of him.

Soon, Zhou Yun understood.

This was a dressing room, and outside, was a stage where he was going to go up and dance later on.

Zhou Yun was certainly happy.

Dancing should be very formal, right!

“It’s just that I haven’t even trained yet, I don’t even have a choreography, I don’t know what to dance to later.” Zhou Yun said.

“Feel free to dance, just dance what you’re good at.” Li Tan said, “Anyway, it’s your internship today, so I’ll see how your dancing skills are.”

After a bit of packing.

Zhou Yun then came to the curtain of the stage.

She wasn’t nervous at this point, after all, she had really practiced, and, after that training, she was a very good dancer.

She was even happy in her heart, happy that she had called this manager.

Glad that she could make money, through the proper channels.

It was at this moment.

“Okay, get ready!”

A voice shouted, and then the curtain was pulled open.

Zhou Yun walked onto the stage.

On the stage, the lights were so bright and bright that it was like daylight.

The lights were blinding, so she couldn’t see the stage at all.

The music started to play.

Seriously, as soon as she heard the music, Zhou Yun’s sense of rhythm immediately came on, she didn’t even need to choreograph the dance, she could just step on the rhythm of the music perfectly.

Zhou Yun was really happy, she was glad that she could wander into the dance and make money at the same time.

But just at that moment, she caught a glimpse and some more beautiful women walked up.


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