At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 319

“Sure, 498 yuan.” The boss said and brought over the tall stuffed bear, “A gift for someone, right girl, do you want it gift wrapped for you?”

“Ah, 498 yuan?” The young girl couldn’t help but panic on her face, “Isn’t it 298?”

“298? That was the holiday promotion price a few days ago, it’s back to the original price now!” The boss took a look at the change in situation and put down the plush bear in his hand.

“Ah?!” Obviously, the young girl did not expect this and her face looked all anxious, “Boss, then can you sell me another one for 298, I really need it!”

“I’m really sorry, girl, we’re a chain of gift shops, all prices are standardised by the head office, there’s really no way.” The boss said, and put the plush bear, back in place again.

Seeing that the plush bear that was almost in her hand was back in place again, the young girl’s tears seemed to be welling up in her eyes.

Yes, she had been looking at this toy for a long time, and today she finally made up her mind to buy it, only to have this happen again.

498 was just too expensive for her and she only had less than four hundred in her wallet.

“Boss, can you tell me when it’s still on?” The young girl said.

“I’m not sure about that, but seriously, girl, this plush bear is our company’s main product, it was only discounted a few days ago for promotion, it’s very hot now, I’m afraid that for a few months, it won’t be discounted.” The boss said, and looked at the young girl who had tears in her eyes, “I say, girl, what does the original price matter, why do you have to come and buy it yourself? There are a lot of couples coming in every day, and they are all men buying them for girls.”

The young girl said nothing more, her eyes flushed again and she hurriedly left the gift shop.

By the time she turned around, the tears were falling.

The young girl carried her things and walked for quite a while longer, finally coming to an equally dilapidated building in a shantytown full of shabbiness as darkness was falling.

It was in this building that the young girl rented.

This kind of building is also similar to the Liang Shan Apartments in Jinling, but of course, the decoration and layout inside is definitely not as good as the Liang Shan Apartments.

It is similar to a school dormitory, and many people rent it.

At the bottom of the building is a hall.

The area around the building was cluttered, the building was grey and puffy, not the formal kind at first glance, and outside the building, there were all kinds of clothes drying.

The young girl looked up habitually and looked at a window high up in the building.

As soon as she saw that window, a tenderness flashed through her heart.

“That, Zhou Yun!”

The young girl had just stepped into the hall when a fat old man, shaking his fan, called out to her.

This old man, was the landlord of the building.

“Look here! Look here!” The old man pointed angrily at the shards of glass beside the empty windows in the hall, “It’s all your retarded brother’s doing, he broke the locks on the doors last time, and now he’s broken all the glass, so tell me what to do! If you don’t want to live there anymore, just say so!”

“Sorry, sorry.”

She hurriedly apologised to the landlord, “It’s all my fault, I’ll pay you back here, I’ll pay you back how much.”

After Zhou Yun had paid the landlord for the glass, looking at the few tickets left in his wallet, Zhou Yun’s heart was, suddenly, so tired and weary.

Yes, this young girl was none other than Zhou Yun.

At that time, after Zhou Yun had brought Neo and arrived in Jincheng, it was really exceptionally difficult.

He had no money on him, really no money.

At that time on the bridge, the woman who hit Neo gave her a watch, Zhou Yun forgot to take it, yes, after all, at that time her whole heart was on Neo, she did not care about anything and did not care.

Later at the bus station, when she got on the bus, Xiong Lao was probably really in too much of a hurry and forgot to give money too.

But fortunately for him, he was carrying the wedding ring Xiong Yao gave him, and Zhou Yun did not hesitate to take it off and sell it for more than 10,000 yuan.

Zhou Yun could not afford to live in an upscale neighborhood, so he took Neo with him, crashed and turned, and finally landed here.

A girl with only 10,000 yuan and an adult with an IQ of five or six years old, the hardships and tribulations of which I won’t go into.

The good thing is that she has now found a good internship and her life is slowly stabilising.

It was just that, from time to time, Lu Yi would get into trouble because of his IQ, which made Zhou Yun’s heart, really, really tired.

“That, Zhou Yun ah, I’ll tell you again ah, that retarded brother of yours, you watch yourself! If you do any more damage, it’s not a matter of losing money, this kind of idiot, why bring him around, it’s better to send him to a mental hospital!” The landlord’s words came from behind him.

“He’s not an idiot!” Zhou Yun finally got angry and turned around to give the landlord a fierce glare, stopped talking and quickly went up the stairs.

She seemed to be climbing the stairs with a kind of anger, as if she could leave all the sadness and anger and sadness behind her if she climbed fast enough.

Finally, in one breath, she climbed to the sixth floor and leaned against the wall, huffing and puffing, her breasts bouncing, but tears, brushing down her face, running down her entire cheeks.

“He’s not an idiot, he’s not retarded, and he’s not my brother, he’s my boyfriend, he’s my boyfriend ……” she mumbled, leaning against the wall and letting the tears run rampant.

Finally, Zhou Yun dried her tears, carried her things, and arrived at the 603 door.

A touch on the lock of the door and sure enough the lock was broken, no wonder Neo had rushed out to make trouble.

She pushed the door open, entered the room and turned on the light.

A young man, neatly dressed, although not a designer, but the clothes all fit well and matched quite well, it was just that the clothes were dirty.

The youth was sitting on the floor, biting his fingertips and looking at her.

His face was also dirty, but his eyes were bright and dark.

This youth was no other than the former third young master of the number one family on Earth, the young master of the 35,000 year old Demon Clan, the first day Xuan of the ancient world, Neo!

“Neo, you’re hungry, right?”

Zhou Yun gently squatted down and said in a tone of speaking to a child.

“Where’s the teddy bear?!” Neo was really like a child, grabbing Zhou Yun’s clothes and looking back and forth.

“I’m sorry, Neo, I, I forgot.” Zhou Yun looked at Neo with an expectant face as he searched around himself, and her heart was suddenly sad and upset.

She didn’t dare to tell Neo that she couldn’t afford it, so she could only say that she had forgotten.

“Hmph, give me the phone!”

Neo searched and searched and couldn’t find it, he became depressed and shouted loudly, stretched out his hand, snatched the large screen smartphone Zhou Yun bought for work, then immediately turned his back on Zhou Yun and opened King’s Glory.

After that, he never looked at Zhou Yun again, completely immersed in the game.

Zhou Yun lovingly stroked Neo’s head, but Neo shook his head impatiently, seemingly disgusted that Zhou Yun was disturbing him from playing the game.

Zhou Yun smiled, “I’m going to cook for you.”

With that, he went to the kitchen and went to work.

An hour later.

“Neo, come and eat!”

Zhou Yun brought up the finished braised pork ribs, black pepper steak, and pan-fried salmon.


Neo came around excitedly and reached out to squeeze the ribs on the plate.


But Zhou Yun hurriedly opened it, “Forgot to wash your hands again? Wash your hands before you eat.”

Neo pouted and looked reluctant, but he couldn’t resist Zhou Yun, so he went to wash his hands and came back and ate like the wind was swallowing.

Zhou Yun sat quietly across the table, watching Neo gorge himself on the food he had cooked, and a sense of satisfaction rose in his heart.

“Come on, wipe it off.”

Zhou Yun looked at Neo’s face full of vegetable scraps and lovingly took a tissue to wipe the corners of his mouth.

“No, don’t wipe it!”

Neo is now a child, eating, especially annoying people to disturb, a hand to Zhou Yun pushed aside.

Although this guy’s IQ was lowered, his strength was not. After all, it was the strength of a youth, and in one fell swoop, he pushed Zhou Yun almost down.

This moment, Zhou Yun holding the hand of tissue paper, frozen in a daze, do not know how, this suddenly touched her heart, tears began to play in her eyes, “before you are not like this, before you will let me wipe the corner of your mouth, you are still very happy, now, you do not even let me wipe you… …”

The more Zhou Yun thought about it, the sadder he got, he lowered his head and cried.

Yes, how much she missed the time she used to spend with Neo, missed all the things she did back then, but now Neo was right in front of her, yet ……

However, Zhou Yun was only momentarily sad, and then began to blame himself again.

Yes, Neo has become this way for his own sake, his current IQ is already just a five or six year old child, and how will he know his own mind.

How could he be happy that he was wiping the corners of his mouth for him.

One shouldn’t be bothered with a five or six year old child.

“I’m sorry, Neo, I, I shouldn’t have forced to wipe the corner of your mouth ……”

Zhou Yun lifted her head and made a gentle smile, trying to coax Neo.

However, when she looked up, Neo had long since finished eating at some point and had already laid down on the bed, falling into a deep sleep.

Zhou Yun went to the bedside, picked up the quilt, and gently covered Neo up.

Looking at Neo’s sleeping face, that familiar face, Zhou Yun’s heart suddenly rose up with that indescribable beauty, yes, watching the person you like sleeping is such a happy thing.

For so many days, Zhou Yun’s favourite thing to see was a sleeping Neo.

The sleeping Neo was exactly the same as the previous sleeping Neo.

Only at this time, when she looks at the sleeping Neo, does Zhou Yun feel a sense of going back in time, to a time long ago.

She gently stroked Neo’s cheek, put her ear to Neo’s chest, listened to Neo’s heartbeat, and gently closed her eyes, her face showing a sense of contentment that she could finally take a break.

Yes, she was too tired.

To take care of Neo and to earn money, she was running around every day.

Moreover, when Neo was awake, he kinda rejected her and would never let her hold him.

It was only when Neo was asleep that she had the chance to lie on Neo’s chest, and for a few short minutes during the day, she would have a moment to catch her breath a moment of relief.

“Zhou Yun, Zhou Yun ……”

A soft call.

It rang out in Zhou Yun’s ears.

It was as if it was a call from the distant past.

“Neo ……”

In a flash, Zhou Yun fell on Neo’s chest, snotting and crying.

“Zhou Yun ……”

Neo continued to call out softly, while calling out, his body trembled and his eyes were closed, as if he was dreaming.

Zhou Yun looked at Neo’s appearance and his tears flowed even harder, “Why, why only in dreams do you call my name, why, why do you wake up and not recognize me ah ……”

Yes, it was not the first time that Neo looked like this.

In fact, the first night he arrived in Jincheng, Neo called Zhou Yun’s name in his sleep.

At that time, Zhou Yun heard it and almost jumped up with excitement, she thought Neo had recovered, so she hurriedly woke him up, who knew that the waking Neo, and the sleeping Neo, were basically two completely different people.

After waking up, Neo was back to his five or six year old IQ.

Slowly, Zhou Yun also understood that Neo still had not recovered.

He would just call his name in his sleep, but when he woke up, he was still the same as before.

However, no matter how many times he heard it, as soon as he heard Neo call his name in his dream again, Zhou Yun would still be moved to tears.

Zhou Yun finally straightened up and gently touched Neo’s cheek before returning to the table.

Gurgling ……

Zhou Yun’s stomach suddenly growled, and at this time, it occurred to her that she hadn’t eaten anything since she had left work until now.

She was also hungry herself.

The table was a mess, all of which Neo had eaten.

The three plates were bare, basically eating nothing left.

Yes, Neo hadn’t left a bit for Zhou Yun.

After all, he was still a child.

But Zhou Yun was happy, she was happy that Neo had eaten everything he had cooked.

Zhou Yun first cleaned up the table.

Then from the paper box in the corner, she took out a box of instant noodles and poured boiling water.

“I’m sorry, Neo, I couldn’t buy you a plush bear, I’m sorry.” Zhou Yun was sad in her heart at this moment, she was really sad and felt sorry for Neo.

Zhou Yun still remembered that once she took Neo out for a walk and passed by the toy shop, Neo immediately stood in front of the stuffed bear and didn’t leave, staring at the stuffed bear with fascination.

At that time, Zhou Yun secretly made up his mind that he would buy that teddy bear for Neo.

Thinking about it.

She suddenly hated herself, hated herself for not earning more money, hated herself for not buying that stuffed bear, which was Neo’s favourite thing!

But, opening her purse, she had no money, not a single penny left.

After losing the money for the glass, I had no money left on myself.

Money, money, money ……

Zhou Yun really needed money.

With money, he could take care of Neo, with money, he could buy him the toys he liked.

Think of Neo gorging himself on the food he cooked.

Imagine Neo’s happy face when he received the stuffed bear.

The corners of Zhou Yun’s mouth could not help but float into a small smile.

Neo, as long as you are happy, I am willing to do anything.

As long as you can have a good life, I am willing to do anything.

With that in mind, she bent down and took out a business card from under the foot of the table.

Under the dim fluorescent light, there was a line printed on the business card.

Manager of the Royal Red Roof Club: Li Tan.

Zhou Yun took the mobile number on the business card and, with trembling hands, dialed it, one number at a time.

“Hello, who is it?”

The phone was answered and a cockney voice rang out inside, interspersed with a rhythmic feel of electronic music, plus the playful laughter of some women’s lascivious voices.

“That, I’m an office worker in the Hongtong office building, that time at the fountain at the entrance, you gave me your business card and said you could introduce me to a job that would pay 50,000 to 60,000 a month, and you said you could tell I was a good dancer ……”

To be honest, Zhou Yun’s voice was trembling a little.


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