At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 318

Three months later.

“Yoon Yoon, Yoon Yoon ……”

In the company office building, a big wavy woman with high heels and wearing a professional grey tube skirt and suit, hurriedly caught up with a thin and slender young girl in front of her.

The girl, wearing a simple cheap t-shirt and a pair of construction site trousers from the stall, if not for the delicate and pretty face, really thought that she had come from a construction site.

“Sister Ping ah, what is it?” The young woman turned back.

At that moment, even Wang Ping, who had seen many beautiful women of all kinds in the workplace for many years, was still amazed by the young girl’s flawless face, even though she had known her for some time.

Really is too beautiful, that beautiful light eyebrows, smoky rain-like eyes as if March moistened like the rain in the heart, it seems that overnight, can wet the whole world, that upright nose, with a noble breath, like a princess on a flashy car, to meet the admiration of the crowd, and that thin lips, but reveals a stubborn and resolute, a kind of rejection of people.

“That ah, you are going back from work this time?” Wang Ping said as if she had no words to say.

“Yes.” The young girl said with a polite smile.

Only that smile was laced with a feeling of sadness that was elusive to anyone.

“Well, that, tonight, do you want to join Manager Guo’s birthday party?” Wang Ping said, and added, “That, tonight’s birthday party but in Dalton bar, Dalton bar you know, per capita spending is thousands, although not considered a top bar, but also first-class oh, inside the gentry, even can meet the third-rate stars, inside a variety of foreign wine and famous wine, take pictures to send friends or something, with a hand shot will be a high-end feeling. This time, if you go to Manager Guo’s birthday party, it’s free of charge, you can order whatever you want to eat or drink.

Wang Ping said, like a sister bosom friend, took the young girl’s hand.

“Ah …… that, Sister Ping, I, I really won’t go.” The young girl, however, stepped back slightly, with a kind of embarrassed look on her face, and said with an embarrassed smile.

“No.” Seeing that the young girl had actually refused, Wang Ping’s face froze, and then she looked a little displeased.

It was also true that she had just said so many benefits, it was obvious that her heart was very much hoping that the young girl could go, and those words were naturally quite attractive to a girl, especially to a girl who was new to the job market and came from an ordinary or even poor background.

After all, Dalton’s is synonymous with affluence, and many girls would like to go to Dalton’s once to have something to show off to their friends and girlfriends.

And now, when she was asked to go for free, she didn’t even go.

“Yun Yun ah, I’m not talking about you, this time is the manager Guo’s birthday party ah, all of our department to go, only you do not go, I’m afraid it is not good.” Wang Ping’s tone was a bit serious, as if she was a teacher teaching her students.

The young girl obviously felt embarrassed too, and stood there with a difficult face, looking even more restrained.

“Besides, this time, Manager Guo even specifically instructed to ask you to come along.” Wang Ping continued, “Look, Manager Guo is just under thirty, is our department manager, a monthly salary of twenty to thirty thousand, people have bought a car, a Hanlanda also costs two to three hundred thousand, young and promising or single, such an excellent manager, invited you to the birthday party, how to also have to give a face, right, and besides, other girls have gone oh . Besides, all the other girls are there.”

After saying that, Wang Ping stared at the young girl’s face.

A smug look appeared on her face as well.

She was really a master of speech, a master of psychology.

Yes, the words she had just said sounded fiercely like she was complimenting Manager Guo on his excellence, sounding as if she was telling the young girl, “You can’t disrespect such an excellent person.

However, the bone meaning is to say, hey, Manager Guo, young and talented, and rich, this kind of person can not miss ah.

Wang Ping knew that the department manager, Guo Yifeng, was really a king of diamonds in the department, and many girls in the department were chasing after Guo Yifeng, both explicitly and implicitly.

Guo is the idol of the department, and when he is mentioned, the girls’ eyes light up.

I think this new trainee should be no exception.

It’s just that, probably because she was shy, she was too embarrassed to say yes.

And now he didn’t say it himself so bluntly, but he must have been able to understand it.

And at the end, she said that all the other girls in the department had gone, which sounded like she was saying how bad it would be if you didn’t go when everyone else was there.

And in fact, the secret meaning is, hey, other girls have gone, maybe they will chase the manager Guo to the hand oh, you still do not hurry to chase!

“Sister Ping, really sorry, I, I really still have things to do ah.”

Out of Wang Ping’s expectation, the young girl actually still refused.

This time, Wang Ping looked really upset.

She said seriously, “Yun Yun ah, not sister Ping say you ah, you have just arrived in the company less than half a month, now is still a trainee, or inspection stage, this stage, the manager’s evaluation is particularly important to you, it is related to whether you can stay in the company, our company’s treatment you can see, is in the peer very good, you can find our company, is also your Wouldn’t you want to stay and wear professional clothes like me and get paid thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars?”

It was the money that had the effect.

Sure enough, the young girl was stunned at the words and an expression that seemed to begin to loosen on her face.

Yes, money, to her, was more important than ever!

This company, the best one she had found in so many months, treated her well and she really wanted to stay.

But ……

“I’m really sorry, Sister Ping, I really have something at home, I can’t go to Manager Guo’s birthday party, I’m really sorry, I will work hard, please don’t give me points off my internship grade because of this! Thank you so much, Sister Ping!”

However, the young girl finally thought of something and bowed to Wang Ping, then left the company with quick steps.

The young girl left the company and made her way on foot to a nearby supermarket.

Carrying a basket, she first bought half a catty of ribs and then a piece of beef, then made her way to the seafood section, looking at the various seafood in the freezer, the young girl carefully checked the prices on the labels.

Looking at this and looking at that, she seemed to be comparing, quite unable to make up her mind.

Finally, she gritted her teeth, looked at the last Atlantic salmon fillet, marked at 138, and reached for it.

“What an unlucky coincidence!”

She had just taken the Atlantic salmon when a woman’s voice with displeasure in her tone came from behind her, “I wanted to change my tastes and try the salmon today, but surprisingly the last one was taken away before my eyes.”

Behind her, a woman in a chiffon blouse and fringed skirt, with a large belly, was accompanied by a man, also shy and dressed in a suit, who looked very distinguished.

The trolley that the woman was pushing was already filled with all kinds of high-end food and ingredients.

She was looking up and down at the young girl with a displeased look in her eyes.

After all, the young girl had taken the last of the Atlantic salmon, and it was the Atlantic salmon that the woman wanted to eat the most right now, in front of her, so of course she was upset.

And when she saw the young girl in her cheap t-shirt and trousers, the contempt in her gaze couldn’t help but exuberate.

“Gee, hubby, you say girls nowadays, how come they are all so vain and lazy, dressed like a ragpicker, yet they have to come to such an expensive seafood area, their whole outfit, not even adding up to $138, and they have to eat such expensive seafood, they must have been gluttons in their last life, they deserve to be in this mess, they are so despicable! ”

The woman said with a sarcastic tone, “This must be one of those hidden poor people on the internet, one salmon meal costs a few days of your salary, you’re so poor and you still want to eat so well. You might as well buy yourself some better t-shirts so you don’t have to come and dirty our eyes by dressing like this! The woman who loves vanity, I think ah, is certainly to go back to take pictures to put in the circle of friends to show off, show life, cheat that is your own!”

At this moment, the young girl had already walked towards the cashier, but the woman’s loud mockery still reached her ears without reservation.

The people around, all startled, listening to the woman’s words, also all looked at the young girl with a kind of uncomprehending look of contempt.

Under the gaze of the people, the young girl did not argue anything, lowered her head, went to the cashier, took out the things in the basket and settled the bill one by one.

“Wow, Netsuke black pork ribs, Atlantic salmon fillet, Japanese wagyu beef, all top quality meats, tsk, so rich!”

“What a great meal, eating like a princess!”

“Can you eat this meal for a month without food?”

“It can go to heaven!”

“Young people nowadays, it’s really becoming more and more unintelligible, they are obviously poor to eat dirt, but for the sake of face and for the sake of their appetite, they have to buy such expensive food.”

“Don’t have the life of a princess, have the disease of a princess!”

A few older women nearby, who had just heard the woman’s taunts in the seafood section, now saw what the young girl had bought and skewered her again.

The crowd also looked at the young girl strangely.

It is also true that a young girl dressed in such a stall would go out of her way to buy high-grade ribs that cost tens of dollars a catty and beef that costs hundreds of dollars a catty.

With her head bowed, the young girl silently endured the contempt and mockery of the crowd, and when she finally finished settling the bill, she hurriedly left as if she had fled.

Leaving the super, the young girl carried her things and walked for several minutes.

Finally, she stopped in front of the window of a gift shop.

She looked steadily at a one-person tall stuffed toy bear in the window.

She stood outside the window, looking at it for a long time, raising her leg several times to leave, but then not doing so.

Then she opened her purse and carefully counted the money in it, and finally, as if she had made up her mind, she resolutely, walked into the gift shop.

“Boss, that toy, I’ll buy it!”

The young girl pointed at the tallest stuffed bear in the window, her voice carrying a bit of excitement and trembling, as if it had been her wish for years.


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