At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 317

“I’m Zhou Yun, ah.”

Zhou Yun looked at Neo, tears filling her eyes, “Neo, did you deliberately not recognise me? Is it a punishment for me? I know I was wrong, I shouldn’t have treated you like that, please, recognise me, I’m Zhou Yun, the girl you said you would protect for the rest of your life, it’s fine if you scold me, but you mustn’t deliberately not recognise me!”

“Miss Zhou, don’t be upset yet.” Elder Xiong was frowning at this point, looking at Neo in disbelief, and said to Zhou Yun, “Miss Zhou, you don’t know how much the Third Young Master loves you, he would give everything for you, he would never deliberately not know you.”

Speaking of this, Elder Xiong’s face looked even more grave as he looked at Neo, “Something’s wrong, Third Young Master, what’s wrong with you?”

“Get out of my way!”

Neo looked at Zhou Yun and Elder Xiong with the look of a stranger, impatiently pushing them away, standing up and about to walk towards the door.


Elder Xiong shouted as he stared at Neo closely.

Half an hour later.

“This, this is unfortunate.” The doctor walked out of the ward and looked at a report in his hand, sighing in a low voice as he walked.

“Doctor, what the hell is going on? He seems to have lost his memory!” Elder Xiong and Zhou Yun, once again, came forward anxiously.

Yes, just now Elder Xiong had called the doctor to examine Neo once again, most notably the brain of course.

“I’m really sorry, just now I was so focused on examining the injured person’s body that I forgot to make a diagnosis of his brain abilities.” When the doctor saw Elder Xiong, his expression looked a bit frightened, that’s not true, Elder Xiong had come in a Maybach, and at this moment, there were several of Elder Xiong’s personal attendants standing in the corridor outside the ward, this doctor, as long as he was not stupid, knew that Elder Xiong’s status was by no means ordinary.

“What the hell is going on, tell us!” Elder Xiong had no time to be polite with him at this moment.

“The injured man’s brain is damaged, permanently.” The doctor pointed to the report, “And, it’s beyond recovery, he’s forgotten almost everything from before, moreover, I gave him an IQ age test, and unfortunately, his current IQ age, is only at the level of five or six years old ……”


Elder Xiong was suddenly shaken, and Zhou Yun was also looking at him for a split second, and then he was watering.

“I want to watch TV, I want to watch TV!”

Perhaps to prove the doctor’s words, in the ward, Neo shouted out in a steep impatience.

By the time Elder Xiong and Zhou Yun entered the ward, they saw that the ward was a mess, Neo had thrown the ward’s things all over the floor, holding the remote control in his hand and pressing it frantically, pointing at the TV, “I want to watch TV, turn on the TV! I want to watch Peppa Pig!”

“Third Young Master!”

With red eyes, Xiong Lao picked up the remote control that Neo had thrown away and walked over to Neo, looking at him with pity, “Don’t be afraid, there is still hope for us, this time, I will take you back to the family’s healing island, there must be a way to cure you, let’s move now!”

Yet at this very moment.

Suddenly, an attendant rushed in, his face looking very urgent, “Elder Xiong!”

This attendant barely even knocked before rushing into the ward, heading straight for Elder Xiong’s side, attaching himself to Elder Xiong’s ear and whispering a few words.

Clearly, there must be something very urgent, and, moreover, it was very urgent.


Sure enough, the colour on Elder Xiong’s face changed after hearing this, “This, this is true?!”

“Yes, Elder Xiong, this is a secret message from Yellow Wolf, he has been secretly spying on Murong Ruo Lan at your command, and right now, Murong Ruo Lan’s car, has just gotten off the highway and is on her way to Wujiang City, she seems to know that you and the Third Young Master are both in Wujiang, she must be here to find the Third Young Master!” The valet said.

“Did she also hear the wind?!” Elder Xiong’s always-steady face surprisingly flashed a hint of panic as well, muttering, “Could it be that the car accident incident, didn’t fool her?”

“It’s over, it’s over ……” Elder Xiong paced around the ward, pacing up and down.

His face was getting grimmer and grimmer.

Murong Ruolan had already gotten off the highway and could enter Wujiang City at any moment!

With her ability, as long as she entered Wujiang City, then everything would be under her control!

What’s more, it was highly likely that she knew that both herself and the Third Young Master were in Wujiang!

“You, come here!”

Suddenly, Elder Xiong pointed at the doctor and said.

“Huh?” The doctor didn’t understand what was going on, he only saw that Elder Xiong’s face had suddenly turned cold, his heart was also scared, and when he saw Elder Xiong pointing at him, his heart became even more scared.

But he didn’t dare not to come over, so he walked over with a stiff upper lip.

He was so worried that he didn’t know what Old Man Xiong was going to do to him.

“That, you, delete all the records of Neo’s visits to your hospital, all the records of his visits to your hospital today, delete them all, completely delete them, make sure that no one can find them if they want to! Do you understand?” Elder Xiong said, staring at the doctor.

At first, the doctor thought it was something, and was apprehensive.

Now, when he heard what Elder Xiong said, he felt relieved.

Although he didn’t know why Elder Xiong was doing this, it really wasn’t a big deal.

Of course he nodded his head in agreement immediately.

After the doctor was finished, Elder Xiong turned his head to look at Zhou Yun.

At this moment, Zhou Yun was looking at Neo with teary eyes and sitting beside him, while Neo’s gaze, on the other hand, was fixed on the cartoon on the TV.

Seeing this scene, Elder Xiong’s heart was both comforted and heartbroken.

Comforted by the fact that Zhou Yun was obviously sincere to the Third Young Master as well, heartbroken by the fact that it had been so hard to meet each other, and that such a thing had happened to the Third Young Master, and that the love between them was so twisted and changeable!

“Miss Zhou, please, promise me one thing too!”

Taking a deep breath, Elder Xiong gazed earnestly at Zhou Yun, as if he wanted to see through Zhou Yun’s inner world, and finally, spoke up, “Miss Zhou, can I trust you? Can I entrust you with one thing?”

“Mm.” Zhou Yun nodded.

“Can I entrust the third young master to your care, and you have to take him with you and leave Wujiang!” Elder Xiong said.

“Huh?” Zhou Yun was stunned, of course she didn’t understand what Elder Xiong meant, after all, since she had already remembered the past and knew that Neo was the young master of the Lu family, now Elder Xiong wanted her to take Neo away, she didn’t understand, “Leave Wujiang, where to go?”

“Wherever you want, but you can’t go back to Jinling either, and you can’t stay in Wujiang any longer.” Xiong Lao said, just because these two places, the third young master had stayed, Murong Ruo Lan would definitely focus on investigating these two places.


Even though Zhou Yun didn’t understand what Elder Xiong meant, she immediately agreed in one breath.

“Miss Zhou, please think again and answer me!” Elder Xiong knew that this matter was very important, and he must make things clearer for himself, adding, “Miss Zhou, you need to know that you may not be able to return for the rest of your life if you take the Third Young Master away this time, and that you may have to entrust the Third Young Master to you for a long, long time, and …… ”

Speaking of this, Xiong Lao suddenly had pathos welling up in his heart as well, and there were a few tears in his pale eyes, “Also, the third young master is in his present state as you can see, he, he is a liability to you now ……”

“No, he’s not!”

Zhou Yun used the back of his hand to wipe away the tear marks that filled his cheeks, and straightened his clothes for Neo who was concentrating on watching TV, looking at Neo with a gaze that had long been filled with tenderness, “In my heart, he will never be a burden, he will always be the lakeside boy in my heart, he became this way all because of me, he became this way because of me, I will never abandon him in my life ……”

“That’s good, that’s good ……”

In an instant, Xiong Lao’s tears also became more abundant, and those tears of pathos were interspersed with a few tears of relief.

The third young master suffered such misfortune, is already the most tragic on earth, and fortunately met Zhou Yun such a good girl, is also the third young master’s misfortune in a faint ray of light it!

“Miss Zhou, we, are going on our way ……”

Xiong Lao’s heart was worried about Murong Ruolan, and this side immediately took Zhou Yun and Neo, and left the hospital.

Of course when Neo left, he still cried and shouted that he wanted to watch TV and didn’t want to go, Zhou Yun coaxed him for a while, which made it hard to get into Xiong Lao’s car.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the Wujiang coach station.

At this time, the sky was already breaking, and the shuttle buses at the coach station were starting to depart one by one.

“Miss Zhou, are you, are you sure you want to go to Jincheng City?” At the station, Xiong Lao and the others, already with Zhou Yun Neo, arrived in front of a long-distance bus from Wujiang to Jincheng City.

“I grew up in Sichuan, Jincheng is my hometown.” Zhou Yun put his arm around Neo, “Elder Xiong, we’re leaving.”

“Miss Zhou, Third Young Master, I’m counting on you!”

Elder Xiong looked at Neo and gave Zhou Yun a deep bow.

“Old Xiong, don’t worry, I, Zhou Yun, promise you that I will protect him and take care of him, and this promise will exist for as long as I live! Goodbye, Old Xiong!”

With that, Zhou Yun pulled Neo, and headed for the car.

“I don’t want to ride in the car, I don’t want to ride in the car!” Neo acted like everything a five or six year old child would do and made a scene again.

“Come on, Neo.” Zhou Yun held Neo and gently pushed him towards the car door.

However, Neo didn’t listen to him, so he spun around, and Zhou Yun was caught off guard. She wasn’t as strong as Neo, so she was thrown out and fell to the ground.

The passengers in the car, in an instant, also gathered around the car window, watching the scene as if it was a hoot, laughing and pointing at the scene.

“Third Young Master!”

Xiong Lao sighed and had no choice but to hurry up and beckon his entourage to rush over, and together we all teamed up, coaxing with kind words and using some strong measures, and only with great difficulty did we get Neo onto the Yutong coach.

He watched the coach slowly drive out of the station.

Xiong Lao’s heart sighed, alas, only hope, Miss Zhou and the third young master, a lifetime of peace!

On the coach, Zhou Yun had Neo sit against the window, while he himself was sitting outside of him.

After settling Neo down with great difficulty, Zhou Yun looked up and saw all the passengers looking at him with curious eyes.

Some even whispered.

“Oops, what’s going on, what’s their relationship?”

“It looks like a couple.”

“Is that young man mentally ill, it was so scary outside the car just now.”

“I’m sure he is, that little girl is really pretty, how come she’s married to such a psycho, what a pity, tsk, if only she was my son’s daughter-in-law.”

“Oh, it must be because of the psycho’s money. Didn’t you just see that the psycho’s father drives a Maybach.

“No wonder, I told you, such a good looking little girl, how could she marry such a psycho.”

“I thought it was true love, haha, I thought too much, in this world, there is no such thing as true love.”

“You are really overthinking, you didn’t see it just now, that psycho, with a direct wave of his hand, threw the girl off, the corners of her eyes are blue, huh, in my opinion, ah, if it wasn’t for money, this little girl, I’m afraid she would’ve already screwed this psycho to death.”

“Maybe she wants to be whole now, you know, Da Lang, it’s time to drink the medicine, hey, when she’s whole, the family fortune will be hers.”

The crowd murmured.

But Zhou Yun still heard it.

She didn’t say anything though, she looked at her side with tender eyes, Neo, who was already tired from the row earlier and now asleep, and carefully covered the collar of his clothes for him to prevent him from catching cold.

She then carefully took Neo’s arm, her movements very slight, for fear of waking him up.

Then she carefully rested her head on Neo’s arm again.

And the moment she leaned on Neo’s arm, a warmth, a long-lost warmth, was born in her heart, and her whole body trembled as an electric current passed through it.

Yes, this was the first time in almost half a year since she had left Jinling for Hangzhou that she had been in close contact with Neo again.

It was a, long-lost contact!

So warm, so sweet.

Tears slid silently down her face, but a happy smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Big at this moment, they looked like a very normal couple, riding together in a coach, the girl leaning her head on the boy’s body.

On the highway, the coach, all the way to Jincheng!

At this time, Jincheng.

Jincheng is a major town in the southwest of China, the land of heaven, with beautiful scenery and outstanding people.

Many heroes and heroines, writers and scholars, have had an inseparable relationship with Jincheng.

Li Bai, the first swordsman of the Tang Dynasty, and Du Fu, the first swordsman, both left a large number of footprints in Jincheng.

At this time, a manor house in the southwest of Jincheng.

A crimson red Bugatti sports car was parked in front of the entrance, the front bar of the car was dented and a lot of paint was peeling off the body, obviously, it had experienced a violent impact.


A woman in hip-hugging shorts, with long, firm legs, ran inside the manor as soon as she got out of the sports car.

Inside the manor, a fit, middle-aged man was standing under a tree with a long whip in his hand, dancing with a whirring wind, seemingly, in the middle of his morning exercises.

“Dad!” The woman rushed over to him.

“Min Min?!”

Seeing the woman, the middle-aged man was stunned, obviously, greatly taken aback, “Didn’t you go to Wujiang, why are you back at this time!”

“What, didn’t you tell me to come back!” The woman couldn’t be bothered to argue with her father about this and said anxiously, “Dad, what’s going on, what’s wrong! You tell me quickly!”

“Something’s wrong? What’s wrong?” The middle-aged man was even more puzzled and waved the whip in his hand, “If something had happened to the family, do you think I could still be here wielding the whip for exercise so easily?”

“This ……”

The woman was dumbfounded, it was also true, if something had happened to the family, how could dad be so relaxed here for his morning exercises, moreover, the atmosphere in the manor was so relaxed and peaceful, it didn’t look like something had happened at all.

“But if there’s no accident, then why did you send me a message saying that something big had happened at home and that I should come home immediately to help.” The woman said in annoyance, “causing me to, in the middle of the night, drive a car, overnight to rush back from Wujiang, and, and ……”

The woman said this and didn’t say anything further for a moment.

“I did not send you a message ah.” The middle-aged man became increasingly puzzled, “Min Min, what is going on?”

Then, the middle-aged man’s face slackened, “And ah, Min Min, how many times have I told you, there are many scammers in society nowadays, and many who pretend to be family members, not to mention that our Ji family has many rivals, so just in case, didn’t I tell you, if you are out and about, unless I send you a message from the most confidential number, that could only be from me, from any other numbers, don’t trust them so easily!”

“I know, but the one I received was from that most confidential number, that’s why I didn’t have an ounce of doubt!” The woman, it was none other than Ji Min.

“What?! This, this can’t be! You received a message sent to you from the most confidential number?!” The middle-aged man, was Ji Min’s father, Ji Canghai.

“But look!”

Ji Min said, handing the phone to Ji Canghai.

Sure enough, on the phone, Ji Min received a message, “There’s something important at home, return quickly! Father.”

The message was short and abbreviated, simply because the confidential number was so complex that it was impossible to send as many messages as an ordinary mobile phone number.

And seeing the number the message was sent from, Ji Canghai’s face changed drastically and said in shock, “Surely it was sent to you from a confidential number, this, how is it possible!”

Yes, the Ji family of Jincheng, was also a big family, it was said that from the time of the Tang Dynasty, there had been a Ji family, and it was also passed down to from generation to generation.

Such a big family, naturally there were some things that needed to be kept secret.

Therefore, Ji Canghai specially ordered a set of network information sending platform from abroad, at a heavy cost.

This platform, using independent coding technology, so that the information sent out, is not eavesdropped, nor can it be cracked, unlike ordinary mobile phones, will not be intercepted and cracked.

Therefore, this platform is used exclusively for the highest level of confidential communication between families.

The person in control of this platform was none other than Ji Canghai himself.

“Impossible, Min Min, I didn’t send you a message, someone must have sent it to you under the guise of me.” When Ji Canghai said this, he couldn’t help but feel shaken, “And this person even impersonated a confidential number to send you, this, is simply impossible, what kind of person, so powerful?!”

Hearing her father’s words, Ji Min was also shaken, and a shiver flashed across her delicate face.

Yes, what kind of person, could crack into the inside of the family’s most confidential platform, and then impersonate her father’s confidential number and send such a message to herself?

“But what exactly was the intention of that person, who must have spent a lot of effort in cracking into the platform’s interior, yet just to send you such a message?”

Ji Canghai, who was no less steady and deep in thought, said with a frown.

“Right!” Ji Min was also surprised to hear her dad say that, yeah, what purpose did it serve to spend so much effort and trick herself into going from Wujiang to Jincheng?

It doesn’t seem to have done anything, does it?

Was it just a prank?

But to go to such great lengths to invade the platform just for a prank is a bit unconvincing.

But if not, then what was the reason for it?

Father and daughter, after thinking for half a day, couldn’t come up with a clue.

“Good, which bastard is this, to dare to crack our family secrets and pull such a prank, if I find out, I will never forgive lightly!” Ji Min stomped her long and firm little legs, her pretty face turning scarlet with anger.

After saying that, she suddenly had even more anger on her face again, “If it wasn’t for this prankster, I wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t have ……”

“What’s going on?!” Ji Canghai saw that his daughter had something in her words and couldn’t help but ask.

Ji Min also did not hide it anymore, so she told Ji Canghai about the time she drove her sports car home from Wujiang overnight, and on the Yangtze River Bridge, she bumped into Neo.

“You, you bumped into someone?! Are you alright!” Ji Canghai’s first heartache was for his daughter and he hurriedly asked.

“I’m fine, I’m just ……”

When Ji Min said this, an indescribable sentiment suddenly surfaced on her face, as if she was envious, or as if she was sorry, or as if it was a kind of sympathy, or as if it was a kind of longing, in short, confused and with retrospection, sighing and with regret.

She remembered the scene on the Yangtze River Bridge.

The young man and woman came to mind.

It was a couple, I think.

She thought of the scene where the boy was lying on the road after being hit by the sports car, and the young girl was kneeling beside the boy, holding his head and pillowing it on her lap.

The young girl did not cry and wail, nor did she run over to Gwen to settle the score.

The young girl just hugged the boy’s head, her tears silent.

The moonlight shone on them in a poignant way.

Honestly, thinking about it made Ji Min’s heart really sad and upset, she could see how much the young girl loved the boy.

The two of them, they must have been a very loving couple!

However, she was in too much of a hurry because she had received that message from her fake father, so she didn’t look at it clearly and bumped into the boy.

Thinking of this, Ji Min felt, in her heart, extremely guilty.

“I blame that bastard who cracked into it and sent me a message!” Suddenly, Ji Min gritted her teeth.

“Wait!” Ji Canghai’s face was pensive as he suddenly looked at his daughter, “By the way, Min Min, if you’re returning to Jincheng from Wujiang, the best route is not the Yangtze River Bridge, right, but the Yangtze River Third Bridge, right, why would you take the Yangtze River Bridge instead of the Third Bridge if you’re in a hurry to get back?”

“I ……”

Ji Min sighed, “I also wanted to take the Third Bridge, but when the car reached the Third Bridge, the bridge was blocked, so I had no choice but to take the Yangtze River Bridge.”

Speaking of this, Ji Min also frowned slightly, “Everything, how does it all seem to be in the underworld? It couldn’t be that the bastard who impersonated you and sent me the message, with the intention of having me bump into that unfortunate boy, just to sabotage the lovers under false pretences, could it! If that were the case, then wouldn’t I be, wouldn’t I be involved in a murder too!”

“How is that possible.” Ji Canghai said, “Don’t think too much about it, it was just an accident, that couple, they were just ordinary people wandering around at night, how is it worth having someone spend so much to sabotage them, you know, breaking our platform is never an easy task.”

“By the way, did you leave any compensation when you hit someone?” Ji Canghai asked again.

“I left a watch and a business card, after all, it was rather urgent at the time, so I didn’t accompany them to the hospital.” Ji Min said here, obviously very guilty and regretful, if she had known that she had just been teased and that nothing had happened to her family, she should have followed them to the hospital.

“Then hurry now and have our people in Wujiang, go to all the hospitals in Wujiang City and investigate the people who were sent to the hospital in the middle of the night because of the car accident, this should be easy to find out, when you do, go and apologise properly to the people, and you will have to pay for everything.” Ji Canghai added.


Ji Min nodded, and to be honest, somehow in her heart she wanted to see that couple again too.

To be honest, it really touched her.

At this moment, on the highway.

A Yutong bus, was driving at high speed.

Zhou Yun sat quietly, next to Neo who was still asleep, Zhou Yun looked out of the window, the scene outside the window, increasingly made her feel a sense of excitement and uncontrollable emotion.

This, the feeling of home!

After all, closer and closer to Sichuan!

“The people of Sichuan welcome you!”

Steeply, a huge sign appeared far away in the wilderness outside the window.

In that instant, Zhou Yun’s tears flowed out with a clamor.

Sichuan, I’ve finally returned!

Tears flowed down Zhou Yun’s face.

Yes, this time, he had been away for too long.

Not only was it too long, but too much had happened.

Mum left, she lost her memory, Neo lost his memory ……

The more he thought about it, the more Zhou Yun cried.

How much he wanted to be able to go back to the old days.

Mum was still waiting for her to come home in Jiangyou, and she was taking the boy she liked with her on a long bus ride all the way home, to Jincheng, then to Jiangyou, then home again, to visit mum, that way, how happy it would be!

And now, it seemed that everything had come true.

I was home, and sitting next to me was the boy I liked, going home with me.

But there was no more mother waiting for him, and Neo had lost his memory, and even his brain was so badly damaged that he had become like a five or six year old.

It looked as if it was just as imagined.

But everything, everything has changed.

Outside the window, at some point, a light rain started to fall.

The good rain comes at the right time, when spring is happening.

The wind drifts into the night, moistening things with its silence.

The clouds are dark on the path, but the fire on the riverboat is bright.

At dawn, when the red is wet, the flowers are heavy in the city.

This is a popular poem describing the city of jade under the smoke and rain, and at this moment, the city looks even more charming and gentle.

Zhou Yun looked at Neo who was still sleeping beside him.

The sleeping Neo looked exactly the same as before.

She gently I took Neo’s hand.

“Neo, just give you to me, I will protect you, guard you, love you, for the rest of my life.”

In the smoke and rain, the bus, moving further and further away, was hidden in the sea of flowers and buildings of Jincheng ……

Three months later ……


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