At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 315

“Miss Chow! Don’t go out!”

One of the guards standing at the entrance, seeing Zhou Yun suddenly rushing out, hurriedly went to stop it.

This guard was not a member of the Xiong family, but a personal attendant that Elder Xiong had left outside the cave.

Elder Xiong had taken everyone else out to look for Neo, but still left a valet to guard the outside of the cave room.

It was only because he knew that Zhou Yun was the Third Young Master’s favourite girl after all, and although the Third Young Master had left, he would definitely take good care of Zhou Yun even before the Third Young Master returned.

If the Third Young Master did not return for the rest of his life, he would dutifully take care of Zhou Yun as an elder or a servant.

Until, until he left in his own old age ……

Elder Xiong still did not trust the rest of the Xiong family, after all, he had been away from the family for over thirty years, so now when he himself had to be busy looking for the Third Young Master, he left behind one of his personal attendants that he had brought out from the Lu family to protect Zhou Yun.

Do not doubt the loyalty of Elder Xiong’s valet!

Of course, there was nothing Elder Xiong could do to stop the wedding from taking place, after all, the man Zhou Yun now liked was Xiong Yao.

Therefore, Elder Xiong only instructed the valet to stand outside the bridal chamber and if Zhou Yun suddenly shouted or called for help, the valet would rush in to protect Zhou Yun.

Now when he saw Zhou Yun suddenly rushing outside, he was startled.

Because, at this moment, he understood very well how dangerous it was outside.

“Miss Zhou, it’s dangerous outside, go back!” The guard rushed towards Zhou Yun.

However how could Zhou Yun listen to him at this moment, there was no one else in Zhou Yun’s sight either, only that distant pillar of light, she was like a moth, no matter how far away it was, no matter how many barriers there were, it still couldn’t stop her determination to pounce on that pillar of light.

“Miss Zhou!”

The guard had no time to say anything more, he rushed straight towards Zhou Yun, trying to forcefully stop her.


However, he had just gotten close to Zhou Yun when a huge piece of tree branch, falling abruptly from the air, smashed right into the guard’s shoulder, crushing him under the branch, unable to move for a moment.

He could only watch as Zhou Yun ran outside and out of the Xiong house.

Xiong Yao followed suit, “Hong Hong!” , but seeing the appalling sight outside, at once he immediately closed his brakes and watched as Zhou Yun ran out of the gate.

A lighted sign.

A lamp sign, which grazed Zhou Yun’s side, crashed to the ground and broke into countless pieces!

Zhou Yun didn’t even look at it and continued to run in the direction of the pillar of light.

Phew, bang, phew!

Outside, countless things were falling from the sky!

Light signs, light boxes, street lights, flying birds, bats, security screens, tree branches ……

As if it was an explosion of meteorites, a meteor shower fell from the sky.

It kept falling and exploding all around Zhou Yun.

At this moment, in the entire Wujiang City, there was no one left in the streets, everyone had taken refuge in the buildings.

The streets of Wujiang City, which were crisscrossed, were empty at this time, and under the night, it looked as if it was the end of the world, and Zhou Yun was the only one, dashing through these streets in the direction of that pillar of light.

“Little girl, what are you doing, don’t want to die!”

“That’s right, hide in here! It’ll kill you if it hits you!”

People who had already taken refuge in the building were distressed and worried as they watched a little girl running wildly on the wildly falling catch.

Zhou Yun ran through street after street as if she hadn’t heard.

She was like a young girl in an anime, running on tiptoe as fast as she could, debris raining down from the air around her and smashing into her feet, leaving the whole street a mess, littered with debris and exposed torn wires, sending nuisance sparks through the air.

Zhou Yun, however, seemed to see nothing, brushing her feet, deftly avoiding the wretched debris on the ground as she continued to run in the direction of the pillar of light, that is, the direction of the Nine Immortals Mountain.


A light box with “Shanghai Cabaret” printed on it suddenly fell from the sky, smashing into the electrical wires on the first floor and sending sparks like a bloom.

With a bang, it hit Zhou Yun’s shoulder again.

Zhou Yun was caught unawares and was running when she was suddenly hit, and her whole body fell down. Inertia made her roll several times on the ground, blood instantly stained her body, and the debris and rubbish on the ground cut her elbows and knees without mercy.

But without even glancing at the wounds on her body, she climbed up and continued to run in the direction of the Nine Immortals.

Even as she fell, she did not take her eyes off the pillar of light.

Suddenly, a low roar, though dull, came from the direction of the Nine Immortals Mountain, penetrating almost the entire city as if it were muffled thunder in the clouds.

The people hiding in the buildings could not help but look at each other with an indefinable sense of horror rising in their hearts.

However, Zhou Yun’s heart shook as he heard it.

This was Neo’s voice!

This voice was filled with a pain that was as painful as tearing, a pain that was as painful as caving in!

How could she forget the sound of Neo’s pain?

No one would be more familiar with Neo’s painful voice than her, and she would always remember that one moment, that moment when she was beaten unconscious by Ai Jing and the girls on the side of the road, and Neo was holding herself and sobbing!

Although she was unconscious, she would still feel the warmth of Neo’s arms holding her, feel the warmth of his tears, feel Neo’s low roar of pain.

This one moment, this low roar of pain.

Everyone felt appalled when they heard it, but Zhou Yun was the only one who heard it and two lines of tears brushed out.

Yes, in this one moment, she remembered more.

She remembered everything, from Zhou Yun, to Cao Hong, she remembered it all, everything strung together.

She thought of the first time she and Neo had met by the lake, of that time when they had eaten Haagen-Dazs together with a branch, of the time she had bought bad fruit and sliced it for Neo, in the dormitory, in order to bring him good food.

I thought about the time when the two of them ate a serving of fried rice in the canteen and Neo ate it with rice all over his face.

Thought about being in a car accident and waking up at Cao’s house.

Then she thought about how she had met Xiong Yao at the East Lake of Wujiang University ……

When she thought of this, Zhou Yun’s body shook and her tears became even worse.

Herself, how could this happen?

How could he have mistaken someone else for Neo? How could he put his feelings for Neo on another person!

I was so sorry for Neo!

This, however, was only the beginning.

When she remembered the time she met Neo at the wedding, when she thought of Neo looking at her, telling her little by little how he had found her, how he missed her, how he had repented, while he himself was indifferent, Zhou Yun’s heart broke.

Yes, and also, when she herself saw Neo take out that rose and she panicked all of a sudden, yelling for Neo to get lost, but went to look for Xiong Yao’s protection, Zhou Yun’s heart, then, really completely ripped apart in general pain.

Yes, he had searched for himself for so long, and yet he had told him to get lost.

He came to himself so carefully, but he turned around and hid behind Xiong Yao.

Even though it was because he saw the roses and thought of the man who had tricked him with them at the airport that he had cast a shadow over them.

But how could one be so indifferent to Neo who was holding the roses!

One had already put one’s feelings for him, wrongly, on another person.

And at the wedding, she had put her panic and disgust for another person, because of the roses, on Neo wrongly!

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun had long since burst into tears.

She ran even more frantically, and as she did so, her mind was thinking about what Neo had said to Xiong Yao at the end.

Thinking of him telling Xiong Yao bit by bit what he loved to eat, his habits, and threatening Xiong Yao not to treat himself badly.

I thought about the way Neo looked when he left the Xiong family.

Neo must have been in so much pain and suffering at that time!

He was in so much pain and yet he was still thinking of himself!

And as he walked out of the Xiong house, he didn’t even bother to look at him himself.

Zhou Yun ran even faster, the pillar of light was still very far away, but it seemed to be the only signpost and goal in her life, nothing could stop her from reaching it!

Neo, you must hold on, hold on until I reach you.

Because you said that you would protect me and take care of me for the rest of my life.

You said that in front of my mother!

You promised me that!

Don’t worry, even if you don’t come to me, I’ll come to you, I’ll never let you go back on your word even if I do my best, I’ll make sure you keep your promise!


Another roar, to Zhou Yun’s ears, was mixed with countless pain.

The wind was howling!

All sorts of debris kept falling from above, and in the midst of this gale, it was as if a typhoon had swept through the entire city, and the sky was filled with all sorts of debris flying.

Zhou Yun’s single thin body was still flying forward in this hellish environment.

A trail of debris, under the effect of the gale, lashed her body, but she ran faster instead!

At this moment, on the Nine Immortals Mountain, on the Ascension Platform, the pillar of light became even more intense, the one that descended from the sky, as if it was a new world of heavenly stairs that had opened up, yet Neo, who was tightly wrapped in it, had an extremely painful and struggling face.

He knelt on the ground, his whole body bent and bent, as if a thousand pounds of force were pressing down on him.


He was roaring, he looked like he was struggling to raise his head, and the veins on his neck were like green dragons.

However, he couldn’t lift it up even half an inch.

“What’s wrong with the young master?”

Not far away, a group of people were looking at Neo with concern.

They were no other than Zhang Jiu and his three attendants, as well as Yao Guang.

Yes, when the pillar of light appeared on the Nine Immortals Mountain, Zhang Jiu had already predicted something, and he quickly brought along Lan Huo and Zhu Ce, and the three of them hurriedly came towards the Nine Immortals Mountain.

Halfway up, they ran into Yao Guang, who had also come all the way up here.

When Zhang Jiu asked Yao Guang why she had come to the Nine Immortals Mountain, Yao Guang shook her head and said she didn’t know, but there was just a desire in her heart that drove her to this place.

The four of them made their way to the top of the mountain.

It was just in time to see Neo being surrounded by pillars of light.

The sight in front of them, even Zhang Jiu and the others, were so astonished that for a moment, they didn’t know whether they should go forward or not, so they just had to stand nearby first.

“The young master is in danger!” Zhang Jiu’s tone all became gruff.

“What’s wrong?” Lan Huo’s heart tightened and she hurriedly asked.

“Young Lord is suffering from a huge amount of energy, if he doesn’t absorb this energy again, he will be torn apart by it.” Zhang Jiu looked intensely at Neo under the pillar of light.

Under the intense pillar of light, Neo’s body had almost become translucent.

“Where is the energy?”

“Do you see that pillar of light, that is the huge energy being materialised, the energy is void and invisible, but when the energy is strong to a certain situation, it will produce light, when the energy is visible, that kind of energy is already blazing hot to the extreme!” Zhang Jiu pointed to the pillar of light that fell from the sky, “That is not light, that is energy, you should know that at this moment, the temperature inside that pillar of light, I’m afraid it reached several hundred million degrees Celsius, the pressure will also reach several tens of thousands of megapascals, not to mention living things, for everything, there is a decomposition field, anything that enters, will immediately vaporize into nothing… …”

Lan Huo listened to Zhang Jiu’s words and looked at the pillar of light in disbelief, at the figure underneath the pillar of light, kneeling on the ground, still struggling, unwilling to fall down.

The heart could not help but be shocked.

What kind of person was it that could still survive within that kind of energy field!

Thinking of this, Lan Huo’s heart swelled abruptly.

Yes, that was the Young Lord!

The Devil Clan’s Tian Xuan, that was an existence that dominated all the realms!

Yes, it had been thirty-five thousand years, one had almost forgotten how heaven defying the Young Lord used to be.

“How could there be such a huge amount of energy all of a sudden?” Blue Phoenix looked at Neo and muttered.

“This is the energy the Young Lord drew in.” Zhang Jiu also looked dumbfounded at Neo in the pillar of light, “This energy exists in the void space between the three continents, these energies connect the continents and can connect the three continents, you can think about how powerful this energy is, the young master is one of the few people who can absorb the energy of the void space.”

“The young master drew in the energy, and why didn’t he absorb it?!” Lan Huang looked anxiously at Neo in the pillar of light.

The pillar of light was getting brighter and brighter, and it was evident that the energy was still coming in a steady stream.

Zhang Jiu shook his head, “I don’t know, originally the young master was ready to absorb these energies, he had already started to awaken, but, at the last moment, he chose to refuse to absorb them again, but these energies will crush the young master if they are not absorbed all the time, he is struggling, but he doesn’t have much room to struggle, these energies are getting more and more, if he doesn’t absorb them, he really will die!”

“Then he’s absorbing it, why isn’t the young master absorbing it!” Blue Phoenix stomped her foot anxiously.

“I don’t know, he’s actually awakened, the awakened young master’s thirst for power is very strong, that kind of strong, tens of thousands of times stronger than the world’s strongest drug addiction attack, yet, so much of the energy he’s attracted is within his reach, yet he still chooses to reject it!” Zhang Jiu was also simply looking at Neo in disbelief at this time, and suddenly he snapped out of it, “He, didn’t want to absorb this energy simply because he didn’t want to completely awaken, he, he still retained the memories of this life, he, he had things to hold on to!”

“Then why doesn’t he escape from there!” Blue Phoenix was really anxious, his eyes were red.

“He can’t move, the energy is too great, he can’t even support it, how can he escape.” Zhang Jiu stared at Neo in the pillar of light and said sadly. “He, can’t control the energy anymore.”

“The young master will die?” Lan Huo murmured in disbelief, “He would rather die than accept these energies, he won’t accept the energy even though he desires it immensely inside, just to preserve the memories of this life?!”

“No……” Zhang Jiu’s face revealed an expression that was hard to describe, it was a calm expression caused by extreme shock and disbelief, “Young master he is actually in this state now and no longer remembers this In other words, he actually doesn’t remember anyone’s appearance or even anyone’s name anymore, he just has something deep inside him, something he can’t say himself, holding him back and making him not want to awaken, he doesn’t even know what it is himself, he just knows that he doesn’t want to awaken, he doesn’t want to awaken ……”

Zhang Jiu’s words, had not yet finished.

A light figure, swiftly swept past him, like a swift wind, rushing towards Neo under the pillar of light.


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