At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 314

The dark clouds were like thousands of infantry squads, approaching the city in a silent but disciplined manner, with a slow but unstoppable sense of destruction that would have chilled anyone to the bone.

The moon was like the last lonely city in the kingdom, and as the last weak monarch of the kingdom stood at the top of the city, watching the endless soldiers below the walls, silently approaching, he knew that no matter how strong the walls were, soon the lonely city would be completely annihilated.

Everyone looked up, aghast, at the dark clouds in the sky, slowly eroding the moon.

The feeling was not just that it was eroding the moon, but more like it was swallowing up the entire sky.

Compared to the joyful and excited crowd on the bridge earlier, the people at this moment were much quieter, and they all fell silent in unison, looking at the appalling sight in the sky.

They were quiet, perhaps on the one hand because the sudden change in the sky had horrified them, and on the other hand, because at this moment, they could not help but feel an indefinable fear and coldness in their hearts.

I cannot say exactly why they were afraid, but it was a coldness that could reach deep into their bones, which made everyone keep quiet.

It was as if something terrifying was peering at them from afar in the darkness.

On the entire three-kilometre Yangtze River Bridge, tens of thousands of citizens, at this moment, were as if they were statues, staring blankly up at the moon that was gradually being swallowed up by dark clouds in the sky.

“Listeners, the weather conditions this evening are clear at night, with a temperature of 20-23 degrees Celsius and no wind, perfect for citizens to enjoy the once-in-a-millennium astronomical spectacle of two stars accompanying the moon ……”

The voice of the weather anchor on the radio carried by some members of the public was not loud, but it was extremely clear on the quiet bridge at this time.

At this time, Nine Immortals Mountain, the back of the mountain.

The back of the mountain is off the beaten track, but there are still lights shining in the forest at this time, deep in the dense forest.

This is none other than Cao Yunfeng’s gold mine.

Even though it was late at night, the mine was still lit up and the work of digging for gold was still going on.

Cao Yunfeng’s whole heart and soul is invested in this gold mine, and he has not had any harvest for a whole year.

He only wanted to find the gold mine in a hurry so that he could turn his current predicament around.

Therefore, after the last mining accident that forced Neo Ke and his party to stop work, and because his daughter had married into the Xiong family, thus gaining the support of the Xiong family, Cao Yunfeng was immediately able to have the gold mine reopened again.

The Xiong family not only supported Cao Yunfeng financially, but also spoke up for him at the government level, and took the initiative to send Cao Yunfeng twelve professional gold miners, after all, Cao Yunfeng had lost twelve professional gold miners in the last mining accident.

Cao Yunfeng was quite grateful for this and happily accepted the twelve gold miners.

At this moment, at the bottom of pit three of the gold mine.

A dozen men were standing in the lowest cave of the pit, a large cave, around which a dozen smaller caves had been excavated.

It was underground, almost eighty metres above the gold mine.

“Well, did you find the gold mine?”

When someone came out of the small cave passages, Neo Ke, who was in the big cave, would immediately go up and ask.

However, the crowd all shook their heads.

“We must hurry up a bit, we must not let Elder Xiong down.” Neo Ke’s hand held a detection instrument and said to the crowd.

“That’s a must, although we are on Cao Yunfeng’s gold mine, we are still Elder Xiong’s people in the end, if we find the gold mine, we can also be the first to claim credit for Elder Xiong.”

“Yes, if we find it and tell Master Xiong, we will definitely be the first to take credit for it.”

“Well, but also remember, we have to hide it from Cao Yunfeng and the others in this gold mine, so they can’t see anything.”

“Don’t worry about that, Neo Ke can handle it. This guy is the junior leader of this gold mine.”

“Tsk, Neo Ke is really something now, he has made such a big deal and gotten the reappointment of Elder Xiong, don’t forget us when he gets rich in the future.” The crowd said again.

“Yes, if it wasn’t for Neo Ke, Cao Yunfeng wouldn’t have finished so quickly.” Someone said with a smile, “Hey, to be able to get twelve people killed at once and not be suspected, that’s a talent too.”

“By the way, Neo Ke, how did you get those twelve people killed back then? Without revealing a flaw yet?” Someone said curiously.

“Breach, what breach, that was a real encounter with a mysterious creature!” Neo Ke said seriously, “So, what I said is true, not made up, the real thing, of course there’s nothing broken!”

“Grrrrrr, no? Don’t be ridiculous!”

“That’s right, it was clearly Elder Xiong who authorized you to get those twelve people killed, and then falsely claimed that the mysterious creatures appeared to deliberately create a panic effect, thus turning some ignorant commoners against Cao Yunfeng.”

“Yes, don’t think we don’t know, don’t joke about it.”

Seeing Neo Ke’s serious look, all the people were a bit frightened and hurriedly said.

“Who’s joking? It’s true.” Neo Ke looked at the crowd, lowered his head, beckoned again and gathered the dozen people around him, then lowered his voice, “I’ll tell you the truth, we really encountered a monster! At that time, the twelve people and I also arrived at a mine, similar to this one, suddenly the walls around the mine collapsed and the monster came out, the monster was very scary, a mouth opened and spewed out fire, and also exploded everywhere, instantly, the dozen people were turned into ashes, I was lucky to stand far away at that time, reacted in time, rolled and crawled out of the mine, which saved my life. ”

The crowd saw that Neo Ke was speaking very seriously, and at once, a chill rose in their hearts.

No way, could it be that in this mine, there were really monsters?

“Didn’t I hear that it seems that Elder Xiong told you to use explosives to blow them up?” Someone asked in a shaky voice.

“That’s right, I was going to blow them up with dynamite and then cause an accident, but it turned out that the monster burrowed out before the dynamite could be detonated, and I didn’t dare to tell Elder Xiong about this, if he didn’t believe me and thought I was teasing him, then I would be finished, so I still said that I blew them up with dynamite, when in fact, it was really the monster ah.” Neo Ke said.

After he finished his words, the whole mine was quiet, and an indescribable tension spread through the mine.

“Crap, it’s actually true, then you guys say, in this mine, could there be monsters too!” Someone suddenly said.

At once, all the people’s faces turned pale and trembled, one looking at the other, all looking outwards, looking as if they were all ready to leave the place at any moment.

“Hahahaha.” Neo Ke suddenly burst out laughing, “Lying to you all, where are the monsters, you believe this too! There is no monster, those twelve people were indeed killed by me using explosives.”

The hearts of the crowd were lifted and lowered again in an instant.

“Holy shit, Neo Ke, that’s a bit of a joke, it scared us to death.”

“That’s right, I really thought there was a monster!”

“Haha, you guys are too timid.” When Neo Ke saw that his teasing was having an effect, he laughed even more proudly, “Even if there really are monsters, what’s so scary about them, I’m not afraid of them at all.

“All right, let’s get to work!”

The crowd had a false alarm and their hearts gradually relaxed.

At this moment, on the Nine Immortals Mountain, the Heavenly Platform.

Neo had one hand pressed against the handprint of the boulder, but he was kneeling on the ground, trembling all over, his whole body felt as if he was being electrocuted constantly, his brain, at this moment, also seemed to be not his own, a lot of things were being constantly withdrawn, and at the same time, more things, like a tidal wave, were stuffed into his brain.

The pain made him clench his teeth, and he then felt that the young girl, whose name he could no longer call, was slowly moving away, was slowly disappearing from his mind.

“Don’t ……” Neo called out softly.

He stretched out his other hand and grabbed it in front of him out of thin air, as if he wanted to catch the figure of the maiden, however, nothing was caught, the figure of the maiden was even more distant.

The maiden disappeared in a flash.

Before his eyes, a sea of fire suddenly appeared.

The sea of fire was so big that it stretched for thousands of miles, just like a desert.

He felt that he was standing at the edge of the sea of fire, watching the flames through the sky, mercilessly devouring the living beings struggling in it.


A low cry emanated from his mouth.

Neo tilted his head violently, as if to break free from the shackles on his body, and in that instant, his eyes, as if they had spanned a thousand ages, were full of vicissitudes.

The dark clouds, in the same instant, completely swallowed up the last glimmer of light from the moon!

The sky and the earth were dark and pale!

The wind had risen, a gale, a gale that swept over the land, a gale that suddenly raged in this otherwise quiet and peaceful midsummer night.


A bolt of lightning, from the thick layer of dark clouds overhead, steeply split the thick, inky blackness of the night.

A rainstorm poured down like rain!

The torrential rain instantly poured over Neo’s entire body, and the rush of water ran down his hair, falling frantically and cutting across the corners of his eyes.

Neo was originally kneeling on the ground. At this moment, he slowly stood up, and in the pouring rain, he stood up as if he were a fish swimming against the current.

The night was like ink, and the rain was like ink.

At the top of the flat Nine Immortals Mountain, beneath the huge nine rocks, Neo’s figure was almost insignificant.

Yet, he appeared so tall, as if he was, at that moment, the centre of the world.

He finally stood firm.

“Let there be light.”

He suddenly raised his hand and exhaled softly.

It was as if he was so tired that he said, “Let there be a pillow”.

As soon as the words left his mouth, a strong light suddenly shot out from the dark clouds, a pillar of light that shone directly down from the depths of the sky and struck Neo’s body.

The light was so intense that his figure, almost melted into this light.

“What’s going on?! Calling me in the middle of the night.”

“Xiao Mei, isn’t it just detecting a lone star with the moon, is there a need to be so nervous?” A middle-aged man in pajamas, still drowsy-faced but looking wise, said to a female student-looking intern.

“No, Professor Yang, all the observations this evening have shown great fluctuations and I, I’m worried if I’ve messed up ……” Xiao Mei sat with a panicked look on her face in front of a complex array of instrument testing equipment, looking overwhelmed.

At this time, the compound of the Chinese Astronomy Research Centre, a building in the very middle, was brightly lit and noisy.

It was now late at night, and in fact, it was supposed to be quiet here.

Only a few interns are here to monitor the Lone Star with Moon astronomical phenomenon this evening.

Although this lone star with the moon is rumoured by the public to be a once-in-a-millennium, once-in-a-century event, it is too common for these astronomers to be anything unusual.

So it was enough to let the interns monitor it.

Who would have expected that Professor Yang Yun and the other astronomy centre scientists, who were sleeping soundly, received a call in the middle of the night from Xiao Mei and other interns saying that there was a strange phenomenon in the monitoring data.

Over the phone, these interns couldn’t make sense of it, so Yang Yun and the others, had no choice but to get out from under the covers at home in the night and come to the Astronomy Research Centre.

“Well, what fluctuations?” Yang Yun asked with a yawn, he was the top astronomer in China and had been engaged in astronomical research for how many years, he had seen everything, so he only felt amused when he saw Xiao Mei so panicked and nervous.

“Professor Yang, look, this is on the gravitational sensor of the Earth’s astronomy satellite, the data coming from it, as well as these are the spectral analysis of the distant planets and the orbital data of the Moon ……”

Xiao Mei pointed to a complex graph of data on the instrument’s screen, “First of all, this evening’s lone star with the moon turned out to be a double star with the moon ……”

As Xiao Mei spoke, Yang Yun’s originally sleepy face suddenly became a few degrees more awake.

“Double stars accompanying the moon? This, how is this possible? According to the planet movement trajectory in astronomy, this evening it is Mercury, one of the eight planets, appearing next to the moon, Mercury’s brightness is class 0, the brightest class among the stars, and when it appears next to the moon, it gives the impression of a lone star accompanying the moon, but how can there be two stars? The other star is?”

Yang Yun said as he flew through the keyboard, and suddenly, he stared at the screen in amazement, “The other star turned out to be the star Alpha-4 in the constellation Yuzhen, which is a distant 500 million light years from Earth, a distance so far away that if Mercury is the distance from our eyes to our mobile phones, then this star is the distance from our distance from the eye to the moon.”

“Of course, although it is far away, this star is six billion times more massive and three trillion times brighter than the Sun, so although it is distant, it looks like it is about as bright as Mercury, and for the average citizen on Earth, the feeling of seeing the alpha-4 star is no different from the feeling of seeing Mercury. It’s just that, in any case, it shouldn’t appear next to Mercury. ……”

“According to calculations, this evening’s alpha-4 star, appeared in the western hemisphere, how could it appear next to Mercury, too strange, in that case, the whole law of gravity and Kepler’s astronomical law, appear broken! It even overturns our entire system of astronomical mechanics!”

The more Yang Yun said, the thicker the cloud of suspicion appeared on his face.

“Did the satellite malfunction?” Yang Yun muttered, just obviously, this question, made his face very serious now.

“Professor Yang, more than that, look here again, this is the report coming back from our astronomy centre, the magnetic field monitoring of the high altitude hot air balloons placed at the 53,000 placement points on Earth.”

Xiao Mei pointed to the data on another instrument screen and said, “Professor Yang, the data coming from the magnetic field monitoring of these hot air balloons shows even more exaggerated anomalies!”

As Yang Yun listened to Xiao Mei’s introduction, he casually pulled the list of data with his mouse and checked it out.

With this look, Yang Yun immediately seemed to be petrified, his entire body froze in place, while the mouse in his hand also clicked and fell to the ground.

“Oh my god, how, how can this be, the gap is so big, checking hundreds of thousands of times?!”

Yang Yun was lying in front of the screen, looking at the fifty-three thousand data of the Earth’s magnetic field in astonishment, among which there were several data, displayed in a crimson colour, compared to the usual monitoring data, the order of magnitude of these several monitoring data at this time, was hundreds of thousands of times more than the usual!

“Professor Yang, this, what’s going on?” Xiao Mei was panicked, but looked a little excited.

“The location of these few data is located there from the hot air balloon?” Yang Yun’s gaze remained unblinkingly on the screen as he spoke.

“Professor Yang, these places are 165’17 East longitude and 33’23 North latitude, roughly in the location of Wujiang City in our country.” Xiao Mei said.

“How can the magnetic field here change so severely, this, this is simply ……” Yang Yun said, and a look of horror appeared on his face, “It’s almost like two Earths have been pasted together to make such a violent magnetic field! ”

“Professor, the hot air balloon in Wujiang City has disappeared from the map, what’s going on?!” Xiao Mei suddenly noticed that on the instrument’s map, the yellow dots representing the hot air balloons had suddenly disappeared a few times, none other than the ones in Wujiang.

“This is normal.” Yang Yun didn’t find anything strange when he saw the hot air balloon disappear, “Because the magnetic field there suddenly became so huge, the mass of everything inside the magnetic field will also increase, the hot air balloon must be the same, with the increased mass, the air buoyancy can’t support it, and it’s normal to fall.”

“Professor Yang, look, here!”

Just then, another intern, holding a stack of data, hurriedly ran over.

“What’s this?” Yang Yun picked up the data.

“Professor Yang, this is the data that came from the Wujiang Observatory just now, the time it took for them to monitor the moon’s light and transmit it to Earth.”

“Isn’t it 1.28 seconds?” Yang Yun was stunned, this was common sense that even a child knew, light traveled from the moon to the earth in a little over a second.

“No, Professor Yang.” The intern said, “The data they monitored was 2.11 seconds.”


Yang Yun was instantly shocked.

Everyone else, in an instant, all gathered around as well.

The moon’s light, transmitted into the earth, had taken 2.11 seconds?!

This, how was this possible!

Although 2.11 seconds was not much different than 1.28 seconds, in something like this, it was simply too big a difference.

“The moon is moving away from us!” A trainee said in horror.

“Oh my God!” The crowd panicked, was this, was this the end of the world?

“No.” Yang Yun, however, shook his head with a stony face, “It’s not that the moon is moving away, but in that place, the speed of the moon’s light has slowed down.”

“Huh? It’s slowed down?”

“Yes, the magnetic field monitoring on the hot air balloon, the strength of the magnetic field there has increased by more than a hundred thousand times, the powerful magnetic field changes, causing a distortion in space, so although on the surface, the distance the light travels hasn’t changed, in reality, the distortion in space has lengthened the route of the light, so the travel time will change from 1.28 to 2.11!”

“How, how could this happen, what the hell is happening in Wujiang City?”

“I don’t know. But according to Einstein’s general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, I think something extremely energetic has appeared in Wujiang City!”

At this time, Wujiang City, Yangtze River Bridge.

The rainstorm was coming and stopping suddenly.

Seeing the dark clouds slowly dispersing in the sky and the vague moonlight, the crowd woke up like a dream, as if the open-air movie had broken up, and they all went home separately.

Poof, poof, poof!

Suddenly, there were sounds of puffing and fluttering all around, as if countless things were falling from the sky.

The crowd jumped in fright.

“It’s bats!”

“Why are so many bats falling down!”

Seeing tens of thousands of bats falling from the sky, a bizarre phenomenon, also scared many people.


Not far away, a huge fluorescent-lit billboard erected high up in the sky suddenly also crashed down and fell hard to the ground. It fell to pieces.

The sound was as if it was a raindrop before a rainstorm.


Another neon sign fell from the sky.

Bang, bang, bang!

Like a fruit ripening and falling from the head of a tree, countless light signs, light boxes, neon signs, all sorts of signboards, kept falling from high above, and for a moment, half of Wujiang City was thrown into chaos.

The crowds of people scurried with their heads in their hands.

At this moment, Wujiang City, Nine Immortals Mountain, the back of the mountain, the gold mine, inside the mine cave.

Neo Ke and the crowd, continued to probe the mine cave looking for information about the gold mine.

“Hey, you guys, isn’t it strange, obviously the detector detects that there is a large amount of gold here, why is it that after so long, it just can’t be found?”

“Who knows, I find it strange too.”

The crowd was discussing.

“Ah! There’s a monster!” Suddenly, Neo Ke made a mournful scream, yet the crowd heard it and all laughed out loud.

After all, after what had just happened, everyone knew that this guy was cheating.

“Damn, Neo Ke, you tricked us again, save your breath, if there really is a monster, ah, I’m not afraid, I have this knife, not a vegetarian, I’ll send it to the West with one slash!”

“And then, we’ll have a monster hot pot!” Neo Ke also said with a heated smile.


The crowd all laughed out loud as well.

“Hahahaha ……”

As the crowd was laughing, they suddenly stopped and stared at Neo Ke.

“What, what’s wrong?” Neo Ke was also staring at the crowd, making him a little hairy.

“Neo Ke, you, behind you!”

Someone pointed at Neo Ke’s behind and said with a trembling voice.

After saying that, several people sat down paralyzed on the ground.

Neo Ke abruptly felt what seemed to be a fiery aura behind him, an aura that was too hot to be true.

He shuddered and slowly turned his head.

Then, with a start, he sat down on his buttocks.

A fierce beast that looked like a male lion, but was a size larger than the largest male lion on earth, was staring at him.

The beast’s head was half the size of his body, and its fangs were like rows of daggers.

In its bowl-like eyes, there seemed to be fire.


The beast suddenly roared, causing everyone’s ears to perk up.

This roar was so thick and long, as if it had been sleeping for thousands of years and suddenly woke up, announcing to the world that “I, Hu Hansan, have finally returned!” The feeling of “I, Hu Han San, have finally returned!

Neo Ke and the others immediately fell in a heap, looking at this beast that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere in terror.


The fierce beast leaped gently, graceful and clear, and arrived in front of Neo Ke and the others.

An hour ago.

The Xiong family, the wedding room.

Xiong Yao pushed Zhou Yun impatiently and pushed down on the wedding bed.

He had waited for this day for a long time.

Now that it was finally coming true, how could he not be excited?

He reached out his hands and went to undo Zhou Yun’s clothes.

“Wait a minute.” Zhou Yun suddenly stopped him.

“What’s wrong?” Xiong Yao said monkeyishly.

“The moonlight outside is so bright, you left the window open, it’s shining on me a bit shy.” Zhou Yun said, pointing out the window.

“Haha, the moon is so beautiful tonight, wow, look, next to the moon, there are two stars, just like us.”


“Well then, I’ll go and close the window.”

With that, Xiong Yao got up and went to close the window, but just as he got to the window, suddenly it turned dark outside.

“Dang, I should have known that I didn’t need to close the window.” Xiong Yao said a little depressed, yeah, another delay of several seconds, he hurried back to the bed and was about to start undoing Zhou Yun’s clothes again.

Just at that moment, a gust of wind hung outside.

“Wait a minute.” Zhou Yun said again, “The wind is blowing outside, look at the curtains are all blown up, it’s so windy, go and close the window again.”

Xiong Yao was helpless, but Zhou Yun was right, not only was it windy outside, it was also raining, so it was really not suitable to leave the window open, and the wind was blowing the curtains around.

He hurried over and haphazardly closed the curtains and windows.

Again, he hurried back to Zhou Yun’s side.

“Now let’s start cavorting, haha!” Xiong Yao said and started to undress.

He was just about to undress when, just at that moment, ka-ching!

There was a sudden thunderbolt outside, scaring Xiong Yao so much that he tumbled from the bed to the floor in a flash.

“Shit, what’s going on, the weather is really bad, I’m having a bridal shower, but I’ve got so many things to do.” Xiong Yao climbed up depressed, yes, he was really depressed.

Shit, it was dark, windy, raining and thundering, how can we have a wedding?

What the hell!

The weather forecast clearly said it was going to be clear tonight, and then, this!

“Come on, Hong Hong, no matter what, let’s get started!” Xiong Yao decided that he didn’t care, let’s do it first!

However, just at that moment, Zhou Yun suddenly sat up from the bed and stared out of the window in a daze.

“What’s that?”

As if he had seen something, Zhou Yun gazed out of the window, as if he was being guided by something, and walked towards the window.

“Where’s that?” Xiong Yao followed behind Zhou Yun in a depressed manner, “Let’s cave in first.”

“That’s ……”

Zhou Yun had already arrived at the window by now, and saw that in the distance outside the window, a pillar of light vaguely descended from the sky, and in that pillar of light, as if there was something, slowly rose again.

It was a man!

A shadow in the shape of a human being, to be precise.

It was the appearance of a young girl, with long hair and a light spirit.

Zhou Yun’s heart stirred, that was his own appearance!

But it wasn’t himself, it was an ethereal and vague shadow, as if made of smoke, she was slowly getting bigger, rising, becoming gradually blurred.

It seemed to be disappearing.

It seemed to be disappearing from somewhere, someone’s heart.

That shadow, in parting!

Zhou Yun suddenly felt an inexplicable sadness in his heart, a kind of stabbing pain that conducted throughout his body.

“Neo!” She blurted out.

With that, she ran towards the door, towards that pillar of light.


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