At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 313

“Wow, that brother jumped down with such a graceful pose.”

“Yeah, the standard of a gymnast, the little brother has a pretty good body coordination.”

“But to be honest, I think he was a bit pretentious, sitting on the railing, if you want to come down, just come down in a low profile, but you still have to make a leap, why do you have to be too pretentious to be a human being.”

Some people saw Neo leap from the railing and drop to the pavement, and could not help but discuss.

Of course, Neo didn’t care about anyone’s words at this point and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

At this moment, the Xiong family.

Xiong Hui sat sullenly, watching his brother Xiong Yao and his bride Zhou Yun, guided by the family maid, enter the wedding room in the Xiong House courtyard, which had been prepared half a month ago.

He was indeed depressed because just after Neo had left the Xiong family, Cao Qian had refused to marry him.

If given before, Cao Qian certainly would not have had the guts to do so.

Even if she had the guts, Xiong Hui would have had 10,000 ways to make her give in.

But now he didn’t dare, he really didn’t dare.

Not to mention knowing Neo’s identity, plus the relationship between Cao Qian and Neo, he no longer dared to threaten Cao Qian casually.

The mere fact that this great grandfather, whom he had never seen before and who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, had a glare in his eyes made him not dare to make a move.

Cao Qian is no longer married, and Neo is gone.

It was supposed to be a three-pair wedding, but in the end, it was only a pair, Zhou Yun and Xiong Yao.

As he watched Zhou Yun and Xiong Yao enter the bridal chamber, he felt nothing but envy.

And at this time, in the hall of the Xiong family.

Xiong Siguang was also precisely anxious, pacing back and forth.

“Have you found the Third Young Master yet?!” As soon as he saw someone return from outside, Xiong Si Guang immediately asked.

“Back to Elder Xiong, no!”

“A bunch of you, you can’t even find the Third Young Master! What a waste!” Xiong Si Guang, this was the first time he had exploded at his subordinates, and it was hard for him to do so.

It was only because he was, indeed, too anxious!

When Neo suddenly got up and resolutely left the Xiong Family’s front door, at that moment, Elder Xiong was also a bit confused and didn’t even react for a moment.

He really didn’t expect the Third Young Master to suddenly leave like that.

After all, of all the people here, he was the only one who knew how much the Third Young Master had done for Zhou Yun and how much grievance he had endured.

Yes, of course Elder Xiong knew that back then, Neo was the first one to give up his family as a threat in exchange for c-level support for this girl!

Who would have thought that he would really leave the family for this girl?

The third young master, who loved this girl so much, had suddenly left.

Elder Xiong really did not expect that, so he froze at that moment.

Although he immediately came to his senses and hurriedly led his men out to chase after Neo, there was no sign of him at the entrance, which was bustling with pedestrians.

This time, Elder Xiong was really anxious. He had come to Wujiang City to find the Third Young Master on the order of the Grand Master to tell him about the car accident he had caused to avoid Murong Ruo Lan, and now he had not even told him about it.

The third young master had left again because of the woman he loved the most, and lost his soul.

If something were to happen to him, even if he killed himself, even if the Grand Master did not blame himself, I am afraid that even if he died, he would not forgive himself!

So, all this afternoon, Elder Xiong was sending his subordinates, as well as people from the Xiong family, out to look for Neo.

“Elder Xiong!” The streets are full of people, causing serious disruptions to our search efforts. , all ran out, the streets were all full of people, and the cars could not move an inch at all ……”

“I don’t care what you use! Send more men and keep searching!” Xiong Lao said, picking up his coat, “I’m going out with you guys to search!”

Once outside, Xiong Lao was also dumbfounded, the street was full of people, literally a sea of people, all of them with their heads up, holding their mobile phones, pointing at the sky.

On the blue night sky, under a bright moon, two unusually bright stars were extremely conspicuous.

The whole sky, with only these two stars in January, the whole image, looked extremely rare, really as if it was from the science fiction world.

So many people, stuck in the road.

Elder Xiong felt as if he was standing in the entrance square of Guangzhou Railway Station during the Spring Festival.

It was at this moment that Elder Xiong understood the feeling of helplessness that his subordinates felt.

He also couldn’t help but look at the double-starred January in the sky that caused the whole city to be empty, and he also couldn’t help but feel a sense of coldness and emotion in his heart, what the hell kind of celestial phenomenon is this, how, how could it be such a coincidence?

Third young master, third young master, where the hell are you now?

Don’t let anything happen to you!

Nine Immortals Mountain Scenic Area.

At this time, it was already close to late at night, and the Nine Immortals Mountain scenic spot in the night was not as busy as it was during the day. This scenic spot, which was suddenly on fire on Shake Sound because of the Stonehenge, was so remote from the city that not even a ghostly figure could be seen at this time, and in the night, it appeared to have an indescribable mystery.

However, suddenly a figure appeared on the mountain path.

In the bright moonlight, from a distance, this person looked as if he was an ink dot, slowly moving towards the Nine Immortals Mountain.

This person, with tear marks on his face and a confused gaze, was none other than Neo.

When he saw the surrounding scenery, Neo couldn’t help but stare, himself, how did he get here?

Yes, he couldn’t even remember how on earth he had gotten from the Yangtze River Bridge, all the way surprisingly to here, this whole journey, his heart was too painful, his whole being was in a daze.

He was completely like a walking corpse, aimlessly letting his feet carry him forward.

Only, how could he have imagined that his feet had brought him to this place?

Neo tilted his head up and looked once again at the twin stars in the sky in January, which were now even closer together, as if they were already embracing each other, while the moon, on the other hand, looked even more lonely.

It was now past ten o’clock, and the twin stars were a sign that Zhou Yun and Xiong Yao’s wedding night had begun.


Neo’s legs went limp and he involuntarily knelt down under the Nine Immortals Mountain, the immense pain so great that he could no longer stand up.

Zhou Yun, just live a good life!

I will never bother you, even if I am in pain!

I, for one, wish you a lifetime of happiness!

Neo bent over and lowered his head, touching it on the rocks of the mountain path, the pain in his heart, intensifying, getting deeper and deeper ……

This night, he did not know how much he had walked, nor did he know how much his body had been overdrawn.

He did not know how much pain his heart had endured.

He suddenly felt physically and mentally exhausted and wanted to sleep right here.


Suddenly a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth.

In the moonlight, the blood was like a flurry of pollen, scattered in dots on the mountain path, and quickly dried up by the dust on the path.

His eyes, growing dazed and confused, his whole being seemed to have suddenly been drained of his soul.

His body lurched and he collapsed on the mountain path.

Not a single movement.

I don’t know how long it took, but Neo’s body moved again, and he actually stood up crookedly and started walking towards the mountain.

Neo wanted to stop, to sleep here.

However, it seemed that there was an irresistible mysterious force that had to pull him, pulling him towards the mountain.

The scenic spot of the Nine Immortals Mountain is at the front of the mountain.

Compared to the wide and deep seclusion of the back mountain of the Nine Immortals, the front mountain was quite flat.

At this moment, Neo was already physically and mentally exhausted because of his inner pain and the fact that he had walked so much, and he wanted to fall headlong into some nook and cranny and cry out in sleep.

However, this mysterious power, which was like a whip, made him walk towards the mountain.

In his heart, too, an indefinable desire suddenly surged up, pushing him, controlling him, towards the mountain.

That feeling was like that of a pregnant teenager who can’t control himself, always following behind a beautiful woman, following in the same footsteps, even though he wants to keep himself from doing so, but he can’t control himself.

This is desire, an uncontrollable desire.

Because it’s too primitive, it’s unconscious, it’s rooted in the bones, in the genes!

Neo was thus guided, step by step, towards the mountain.

He did not understand, he was confused.

But it was not until the huge black shadow, steeped in front of him, appeared.

Only then did Neo suddenly understand that he had arrived at the Ascension Platform!

At that moment, somehow, a familiar feeling suddenly welled up in Neo’s heart, as if a feeling of return.

The summit of the mountain is very flat, with the sky on all sides, and when you stand on the platform, it is as if you are floating in the clouds.

In addition to the back of the mountain behind the summit, the front, left and right of the mountain overlook the whole of Wujiang City.

Standing at the top of the mountain, looking at the lights of Wujiang in the distance, as if it were a candle, there is a sense of the expanse of the four seas.

And the nine huge rocks, even in the bright moonlight, look dark and shadowed.

This place is far away from the hustle and bustle of the day, and it is as if it is a paradise, unusually quiet at this time, and standing here, it is as if you can forget all your worries.

Neo stood beneath the huge rock, looking up at it, and his heart suddenly seemed to be piercing the sky, piercing the distant blue sky, just like the rock!

At that moment, he suddenly felt that his eyes and mind had suddenly become incomparably wide.

He was no longer bound to the earthly world, or even to this world as such.

In that moment, he suddenly felt as if he was going to forget about Zhou Yun!

Yes, women are nothing! What I want is the whole world!

What’s this little world? What I want is the whole star river!

This thought made Neo’s blood surge up in his body, and in that moment, he felt as if he was really standing on the clouds, looking down on all beings!

However, no!

Neo shouted, “I don’t want to forget Zhou Yun!

I don’t want the world, I don’t want the river of stars!

I just want to remember Zhou Yun, I don’t want to forget her!

I’d rather live in a corner, I’d rather live like a dog, even if I’m cowering in the mud of a bridge, I don’t want to forget her!

Even if I won’t have her, I won’t forget her!

With that thought, Neo hurriedly turned away from the boulder!

His heart was afraid because he felt that the boulder was changing him, that he was gradually becoming someone else, someone other than himself!

This boulder was making him forget about Zhou Yun!

He had to get out of here and hurry down the mountain!

Neo turned around, and headed down the mountain.

However, he had just taken a step, but the desire in his heart was so strong that he couldn’t help but turn his head back again.

And this time, when he turned back and saw the Ascending Platform again, that desire became even stronger, guiding him, towards it.

Seeing it again was like playing a game that he had quit for months, and suddenly one day he was playing it again, and the feeling of exhilaration was exceptionally strong!

Neo struggled, but his legs still carried him involuntarily, towards the platform and to the boulder.

In between, although Neo struggled several times to turn back and leave.

But each time he was pulled back again, the desire he felt grew stronger.

Finally, Neo arrived at the boulder with the handprint on it.

This was what Zhang Jiu had told him, that this was his handprint.

Neo had never really believed it, he thought it was just a coincidence.

However, this time, when he caught a glimpse of that handprint, it was as if something had burst open in his mind all of a sudden, causing him to involuntarily raise his hand and reach for it.

As Neo’s hand slowly reached towards the handprint, he only felt that desire and thought of conquering the world and stepping on the star river just now getting stronger and stronger.

Zhou Yun’s appearance and the mundane life of this world, however, became increasingly blurred.

“No! Zhou Yun!”

Neo roared low and tried to draw back his arm.

However, that power was too strong and he could not draw it back at all.


An extreme heart-breaking pain, as if it was a thin silver needle, inserted into Neo’s brain, this pain to the marrow of his bones, almost made Neo faint, also in this instant, Neo felt as if his brain, like an egg yolk, scattered all of a sudden, many things, all of a sudden, forgotten by himself!

“No, Zhou ……!”

Neo’s heart was horrified, he suddenly realized that he had forgotten the girl’s name, he only remembered the girl’s last name!

Neo was simply going crazy, he was frantically chanting in his mind, I don’t want to forget Zhou …… don’t forget Zhou …… Zhou ……

No matter how hard he tried, he could never think of the word after Zhou!

The desire got stronger and his hand was almost touching that handprint!

“Don’t …… don’t ……”

However, Neo was even more horrified to find that he had completely forgotten the young girl’s name.

He also seemed to have forgotten so many things, he only remembered that he had loved a girl.

His heart was filled with the rising desire to step into the sea of stars, and he was trying to recapture the memory of the girl he had loved so much. ……

However, little by little, the memory disappeared.

The feeling was as if someone was using a dull knife to cut the flesh bit by bit while one was awake.

When one completely forgets that girl, it is the equivalent of killing oneself with a dull knife.

The pain of waiting, the pain of helplessness, the pain of torture, the hard stripping away of memories, the departure from the shell, the nerves of the brain in being rudely altered.

All the pain, for a moment, kept producing explosive changes in Neo’s mind.

In an instant, it was as if tens of billions of nerves throughout his body were being tortured in unison, hundreds of millions of nuclear bombs exploding in his mind in unison!

“No, no!”

However, there was no longer any power to stop Neo’s palm from imprinting itself on the huge stone!

There was a soft scraping sound.

But it was thirty-five thousand years of waiting!

This time, the handprint was truly waiting for its master!

How many times of sorrow and joy in previous lives had it taken to reunite in this life?

How much wind and rain and earthly changes did this handprint go through before it persisted until the arrival of the palm of its own hand in this vast sea of people?

The moment the palm of the hand closes on the handprint.

It was as if a tremendous electric current was rapidly transmitted throughout Neo’s body, and in that instant, all was silent, all the experiences of this lifetime were but clouds of smoke!

Steeply, the nine boulders also seemed to have a low sound, as if they had a long-lost life.

The gale, too, rose steeply!

At this moment, on the Yangtze River Bridge.

Even though it was almost eleven o’clock in the night.

Here, there are still crowds of people, and the strange twin stars accompanying the moon make the crowds linger.

The clear night, the bright full moon, the wonders in the sky, no wind or rain, everything was so perfect and the crowd enjoyed it all.

“Mum, look, the moon is being eaten!”

Suddenly, a child pointed to the sky.

Under the astonished eyes of the crowd, at some point, in the night sky, which was cloudless with a clear moon and stars, at some point, a huge dark cloud suddenly covered almost half of the sky and was slowly expanding ……


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