At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 312

It is night, Wujiang City, the Yangtze River Bridge.

The Yangtze River Bridge, which spans the north and south banks of the Yangtze River, is 3,600 metres long, as if it were a cloudy rift valley linking Wujiang City together.

At this moment, the Yangtze River Bridge was almost overcrowded with people, and the wide sidewalks on both sides of the bridge were packed with citizens of Wujiang.

“Wow, the moon is so big and round!”

“It’s really beautiful, there must be gods living inside the moon!”

“Yes, it’s clear tonight too, it’s so beautiful!”

The crowd was excitedly looking at the white moon in the sky, which looked like a silver plate, and they couldn’t stop talking about it.

Yes, standing on the Yangtze River Bridge, looking at the vast surface of the river, the moonlight seemed to raise a dense fog for tens of thousands of miles, between the river and the sky, nothing existed but the light of the full moon, quietly in the sky, sprinkling silver glory, sprinkling down on the millions of miles of rivers and mountains.

Anyone standing here, even in a noisy environment, will suddenly feel the vastness of heaven and earth!

“Mum, when will the astronomical spectacle of the lone star accompanying the moon appear on television? A small child, shaking his mother’s hand, looked anxiously at the sky.

“Don’t be impatient, the TV says it’s 8pm, be patient, look, there are so many people, just like you, out to see the Lone Star with the Moon.”

Yes, the once-in-a-millennium astronomical spectacle “Lone Star Accompanying the Moon”, which has recently gone viral on the internet, is this evening. Whenever there is a new astronomical phenomenon, people willingly continue to come out to watch it.

No wonder, then, that the Yangtze River Bridge was packed with so many people, more than usual, all out to see the spectacle of the lone star accompanying the moon, which is, after all, an excellent place to observe.

“Mummy, look at that brother, I want to sit like him, it’s so handsome!” The little child suddenly pointed ahead again, and there, on top of the Yangtze River Bridge railing, sat a young man with his legs dangling in the air above the height of the river.

“It’s too dangerous, you mustn’t learn that!” The mother turned white with fear and hurriedly pulled the young child away.

The youth on the railing, with his head hanging low and the clear moonlight pouring over him, looked exalted, but as if shrouded in a shadow of sadness.

Although no one could see his face or expression clearly at night, and he sat motionless, there was always a feeling of extreme sadness and loneliness emanating from him.

It was a stark contrast to the bustling and excited crowd around him.

That’s right, this young man was Neo, and the moment he stepped out of the Xiong family’s gate, his heart, too, sank into a **** sea of nothingness.

That feeling was like death, a severance from everything that had gone before.

The voices behind him gradually fell silent, as if they were pictures from the old days, slowly turning yellow and flowery, until they were blurred and no longer recognizable, and finally turned into dust ……

He had no direction, no purpose, and let himself walk haphazardly. Ever since he left the Xiong’s house, he had never stopped until it was dark and he arrived at the Yangtze River Bridge and sat on its railing, at which point there was nothing but the river and the night before him, and only then did his heart slowly quiet down.

However, after the quietness, after the absence of restlessness, the emotion of sadness, as if it were topped with alcohol, finally began to take hold, and his heart, as if it were a ball of tissue paper, fell into the **** of sadness, nowhere was it soaked, and there was no longer a little dry spot ……

Just how much do you have to love someone to give up your hand?

The actual love of a person, only to be able to give up in the case of their own obviously can be forced to take for themselves?

For a moment, Neo really wanted to let Elder Xiong control the scene and take Zhou Yun away himself, even if he couldn’t use his family’s power, the thought of having Zhang Jiu Zhu Ce Lan Huang and the others come and snatch Zhou Yun away flashed through his mind.

However, when he saw how scared Zhou Yun was of himself, and how he hid behind Xiong Yao’s pitying face, how could Neo force her?

He had gone to great lengths to leave everything behind to find Zhou Yun, wasn’t it so that he could see her living a happy and joyful life?

And now that she was with Xiong Yao, she must be happier than she was with herself, so how could he bear to take her away?

It was just that, for the rest of his life, he would probably never be happy again.

Neo finally lifted his head slowly, tears on his face, reflecting the countless moonlight, as if the moon in the sky could not bear to see him sad, gently stroking his face.

On the deep blue night, a bright yellow full moon, alone yet so dazzling, hung in the sky. Tonight was really clear to the extreme, with the moon shining brightly and the stars sparse, and in the sky, almost without a single star, illuminated by the moon’s light.

The excited crowd only found the moon beautiful to look at.

Neo saw the moon, but suddenly felt that it was lonely, just like himself, lonely and desolate.

“It’s coming out, it’s coming out!”

Suddenly, someone around him shouted as if his tail had been stepped on.

With that, the entire Yangtze River Bridge, the crowd began to stir.

“Wow, I saw it, I saw it!”

“Lone star with the moon, wow, it’s simply fantastic!”

All of a sudden, the Yangtze River Bridge row was filled with shouts, excitement, whistles, shouts, and all kinds of shuttering sounds.

Neo stared in awe at the moon in the sky.

Sure enough, right in the middle of the sky, right next to the dazzling moon, a star, slowly emerged.

Although the light next to the moon was so strong that, according to common sense, the star’s light would have been completely covered up, this star, as if it was so stubborn and unyielding, slowly, slowly, gradually became brighter and brighter too ……

Eventually, it shows up perfectly next to the moon.

A star and a month, extremely conspicuous in the middle of a sky where there is nothing else!

“It’s really so beautiful! It’s so beautiful, take a picture of it!”

“Do you think the moon and the stars look like a couple?”

“Yes, yes, yes, they do, like a couple who never leave each other!”

“Look, the star is right next to the moon, not moving an inch, and despite the brightness of the moon, it is still resolutely visible, as if it must be by the moon’s side! So warm and touching!”

“I so want to be a star like that, by my boyfriend’s side!”

The crowd shouted excitedly.

Neo stared at the sky in a daze.

When the star appeared in perfection, at that moment, his heart was gently rattled again, a kind of light trembling, crossing his whole body, wasn’t that star, the way Zhou Yun used to be?

Wasn’t that star the way Zhou Yun used to be, stubborn and determined, always by his side?

Seeing something and thinking of it, unconsciously, Neo burst into tears.

“Wow! Wow! Look, look!”

“Wow, no way!”

“What, oh my God!”

Suddenly, the crowd on the bridge, which had started to go crazy again, rushed to the sky with shouts of amazement.

Neo couldn’t help but gaze at it.

At once, he was also stunned.

He saw that in the sky with the lone star accompanying the moon, next to that star, another star suddenly appeared, two stars of the same brightness and very close together, side by side at the foot of the moon.

“Wow, no way, another star!”

“It’s not a lone star with the moon anymore, it’s a double star with the moon!”

“Two stars with the moon, but why do I feel that those two stars are closer together, more like a pair?”

“Yes, yes, those two stars are the perfect match! The two stars are so loving, they really look like a couple, and that moon, it really looks like a big light bulb!” Someone pointed at the sky and said.

It was like a heavy hammer hitting Neo in the chest.

He felt as if he had been struck with a stifling blow.

That’s right, those two stars were the pair, and he, the moon, was destined to be alone for the rest of his life, forever wandering in the sky!

This heavenly sign, is it not a providence, a foretelling ……

Yes, the lone star accompanying the moon at the beginning was the once sweet period of oneself and Zhou Yun.

Then another star appeared, Xiong Yao appeared, and Zhou Yun and him got together.

That was the ending!

He was just a moon, a moon destined to be alone and unaccompanied under the sky.

It was God’s will!

So everything was predetermined. At this moment, Neo suddenly wanted to laugh, wanted to laugh ……

However, he did not laugh at all, but the tears were even more raging.

“Wow, the red envelope is issued, my ass, I almost forgot, the red envelope at ten o’clock!” At this very moment, someone suddenly shouted out excitedly.

“What red packet?!” Someone next to him hurriedly asked.

“The Xiong family’s red envelope, don’t you know, today the two youngest Xiong family members are getting married, at ten o’clock in the evening, that is, when the bridal chamber is being held, a huge red envelope will be given out! Damn, I almost forgot, this is a big fleece, hurry up and jerk off!”

“How do I get it? How do I get it? Tell me, I’m so desperate, the Bears are giving out red envelopes, and it’s a big red envelope, it must be huge!”

“Get it on Weibo, get it on Weibo! Hurry up, there’s a guy on Weibo called Neoju who got a huge 888 yuan red packet. I also received more than 100 yuan, tsk, bless the two young masters of the Xiong family, tonight a hit, tomorrow a big fat boy!”

Neo listened to the man next to him, biting his lips tightly, tears falling like rain!

Yes, it was ten o’clock at night, the night of the wedding!

Tonight, with a full and bright moon, what a night for a cave!

Tonight, I sit by the riverside and look at the moon alone, my beloved, in the dragon and phoenix mantle tent upside down ……

Zhou Yun, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

The thought crossed his mind, Neo suddenly moved his body and leapt down!


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