At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 311

At once, a look of panic and fear appeared on the faces of everyone in the Xiong family, as well as the guests in the room.

Of course, everyone could tell that Neo’s tone was not quite right.

However, everyone knew very well that Xiong Hui Xiong Yao and the others had offended Neo, that is, they were too bullying just now.

With the status of others, even if you don’t respect them enough, I’m afraid you’ll have to exterminate your clan.

What’s more, those things just now were not just not respectful enough?

Therefore, it was only natural that Neo was now upset.

Amongst the guests, those who had applauded when the two Xiong Hui brothers insulted Neo on the wedding stage were on tenterhooks, worried that Neo would come after them.

Xiong Xuesen and the others, of course, were even more worried.

Although they didn’t know what their elder brother Xiong Siguang had been doing all these years, but with Xiong Siguang’s ability and persona, he even bowed down to Neo and called him the third young master.

“This, Third Young Master, ah.” Xiong Xuesen didn’t dare to be slack and approached Neo with a smile on his face, “I’m really sorry for what happened just now, with your status, you shouldn’t have let Xiong Yao Xiong Hui and the others pay their respects in front of you, it was all a bad arrangement, I apologize.”

With that, Xiong Xuesen turned back towards Xiong Hui Xiong Yao and scolded, “You guys, don’t just stand there, hurry up and bring all of Cao Hong Cao Qian over here, and apologize to the Third Young Master once again together!”

This old man, of course, did not understand Neo’s psychological condition, and thought that Neo was still angry with them and had deliberately found the excuse of Xiong Hui Xiong Yao paying his respects before him to cause trouble, so he hurriedly asked Xiong Hui Xiong Yao to bring the bride to apologise to Neo.

Xiong Hui Xiong Yao dared not say another word, Xiong Yao hurriedly ran to Cao Hong’s side, and was ready to pull her along and hurry up to apologise to Neo.

“Stop it!”

However, the moment he was about to touch Cao Hong, an explosive shout rushed out from Neo’s mouth.

Xiong Yao was instantly frightened and his hands trembled, not daring to move any further.

The crowd also looked at Neo in surprise, not knowing what he was up to.

When they saw Neo walking towards Cao Hong, the crowd’s eyes were filled with confusion, what exactly did this Third Young Master mean?

Neo’s gaze, which had been on Cao Hong’s body, never moved away.

This was Zhou Yun, this was not Murong Ruo Lan, this was really Zhou Yun.

When he saw Xiong Yao reaching for Zhou Yun’s hand, Neo’s heart was like eating a fly, it was clearly the woman he loved the most, how could he let a goods like Xiong Yao to hold her hand.

Of course, what made his heart feel even worse was that Zhou Yun was going to marry Xiong Yao?

What had happened in this period of time?

What would make Zhou Yun agree to marry Xiong Yao?

Voluntarily, no way!

Neo knew that he knew Zhou Yun very well, and with Zhou Yun’s character, she would not be able to look at a low quality rich boy like Xiong Yao, let alone associate with him.

So, she must have had a hard time, or even been forced to do so!

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart ached, blaming himself for losing Zhou Yun and allowing her to be stranded here to suffer all this.

When she was forced to marry Xiong Yao, she must have missed herself, she must have been very sad and upset too.

She must have even hated herself!

Yes, she had obviously seen herself just now, but she didn’t show much of an expression, nor did she come over to meet herself!

Had she forgotten herself? That couldn’t be.

So, she must have done it on purpose, she hated herself and that’s why she didn’t identify herself!

Thinking of this again, Neo’s heart hurt even more.

He was not heartbroken because Zhou Yun had deliberately disowned herself, but because he understood through this incident how much Zhou Yun hated herself, she must have hated and hated herself so much that when she saw herself, she was expressionless.

This made Neo’s heart, very painful and painful.

“Zhou Yun ……” Neo had already arrived in front of Zhou Yun at this time.

The two were so close that Neo could clearly see Zhou Yun’s appearance, see her bright eyes, long eyelashes, stubborn lips, everything, everything was so familiar.

It was so familiar that all the memories of the past came back to Neo’s mind at once, and the kind of tenderness that he once felt also made his heart tremble.

Look at Neo’s heart, a moment of tenderness, Zhou Yun, you should hate me, it’s all my fault, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have suffered so much.

But, I also searched for you so hard and with so many twists and turns.

In the process of looking for you, so many things happened, I wanted to tell you, tell you how I missed you every day for so many days.

At this moment, Neo wanted to take Zhou Yun into his arms and talk about his feelings.

As he thought about it, he couldn’t help but extend his arms to Zhou Yun.

However, things did not go as he imagined.

His hug was empty.

Zhou Yun gently avoided his hands.

Neo was frozen.

He looked at Zhou Yun in disbelief as he ran to Xiong Yao’s side after avoiding him.

How was this possible?

Lu originally thought that although Zhou Yun hated herself and deliberately did not know herself, at least, she would passively accept herself, like when she took the initiative to come over and hug her, although she would not take the initiative to greet her, she would stand still and let herself hug her.

However, it never occurred to me that she would dodge!

Not only did she dodge, but she also hid beside Xiong Yao, as if she was seeking refuge!

Neo froze, and the air around him, too, was very quiet.

He couldn’t help but look around and find that everyone was looking at him, everyone was looking at him incredulously, an incredulous shock in their gaze, their mouths growing wide.

It was as if they were looking at a strange person, a psychopath.

Of course, no one dared to really show it.

Of course, these people did not know about Neo’s relationship with Zhou Yun, so in their opinion, Neo had gone to molest Xiong Yao’s bride, who was quite chaste and did not let Neo have his way, but instead ran to her groom’s side in a very tough manner.

At this time, in the hearts of many people at the scene, but also quite admire Zhou Yun, think Zhou Yun this girl is very backbone, after all, now say all know that Neo is the third young master, the most bullying figure here, even Xiong Si Guang respectfully to him, honestly, so bullying figure, which woman at the scene is not want to kneel down and lick?

“Zhou Yun, you ……”

Neo’s heart was almost dripping blood, what did Zhou Yun mean by this?

This is not going to pay attention to himself? This is completely not going to identify with himself? The actual fact is that she has completely abandoned all of her former self?

Could it be that she was sincere in marrying Xiong Yao?

Was she in love with him?

Thinking of this, Neo’s heart suddenly became pathos.

He was unsteady on his feet, and his body swayed a few times, almost falling over.

Yes, this momentary blow was more serious than anything else, I’m afraid.

“Neo, Neo!”

Suddenly, a young girl came running over, “Neo, you and second sister know each other, right? You’ve known each other before, haven’t you? Don’t be sad, second sister she has lost her memory, it’s not that she doesn’t love you anymore, she’s forgotten the past!”

Cao Qian was standing in the crowd, at first she couldn’t understand what was going on with Neo.

But when she saw that loving expression on Neo’s face as he looked at Zhou Yun, she suddenly understood.

That’s right, Neo and his sister must have known each other before, not only did they know each other, but they must have had heartfelt memories!

Yes, only a young man like Neo would be worthy of second sister!

At this time, she finally understood what Neo meant when he said he had a girl he liked when he confessed his love for her.

So it wasn’t big sister Cao Feng, but second sister!


Being said by Cao Qian like that, Neo also snapped out of it, so that was it!

It turned out that Zhou Yun had lost his memory!

In this instant, hope was rekindled in his heart.

Yes, no wonder Zhou Yun didn’t react when she saw herself, no wonder she wouldn’t let herself be hugged, no wonder she wanted to marry someone else.

It turned out that she had lost her memory, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to recognise herself, she couldn’t recognise herself!

Neo was surprised and sad at the same time.

The surprise was of course that Zhou Yun didn’t really dislike herself anymore, the sadness was that Zhou Yun had lost her memory, so it was clear how traumatised she was!

“Zhou Yun, it’s me, I’m Neo, have you forgotten me?”

Neo’s heart was stirred and heartbroken, and he slowly, walked up to Zhou Yun.

This time, he did not go to hug Zhou Yun, because he knew that Zhou Yun had lost his memory, and he was just a stranger in Zhou Yun’s eyes at this time.

So he didn’t want to scare Zhou Yun, didn’t want Zhou Yun to be frightened.

He only hoped that Zhou Yun would recognise himself.

Zhou Yun shook his head.

“Don’t you remember, we met at the lake of Jinling University, we would meet at the lake then, and then sit there for an afternoon, have you forgotten?” Neo looked at Zhou Yun, “Remember, we were eating ice cream together, your favorite was vanilla flavored ice cream, we forgot to take a spoon and ate ice cream with a branch, do you still remember that?”

“You ……”

Zhou Yun was originally looking at Neo indifferently, when she heard these words, she not only blushed.

Yes, although Zhou Yun didn’t remember anything from the past, there were always some vague fragments, as if they were experiences from a previous life, that kept still echoing in her mind.

Now that Neo had actually said these things that touched her heart the most in one breath, of course she froze at once.

Unable to help herself, her gaze shot up to Neo’s face.

When she saw that although Zhou Yun could not recognise herself, she felt something when she heard what she had said, at that moment, Neo really wanted to cry.

Yes, Zhou Yun had lost her memory, she just couldn’t recognise her own face, but the kind of intimacy that the two of them once had together, she would still remember, so you can imagine that these things were the deepest and fondest memories for herself, for her, for the rest of her life.

Deep down, she loved herself, or else she wouldn’t have remembered these things so fondly.

“Back then, we were so happy together, I’ll always remember you wiping away the grains of rice from the corners of my mouth, you bringing me slices of fruit to eat, back then, we couldn’t even afford good fruit, even though it was bad fruit, but you handled it carefully, and it was the best fruit I’d ever eaten… …”

Neo looked at Zhou Yun in a daze, recalling the events of the past.

Cao Qian was also standing next to her, and when she heard these memories of Neo, in that moment, she understood them all too, she remembered, remembered why her second sister had taken a liking to Xiong Yao when she was at the lake, why she cried when she saw Xiong Yao’s face full of strawberry jam when she was in the bar, why she would pick up the bad fruit from the bin and peel it again and eat it.

So this was all a memory between my sister and Neo!

It was all drilled by Xiong Yao!

Zhou Yun’s face, too, showed that look of reminiscence, and the gaze she looked at Neo gradually took on a glow.

“Zhou Yun, do you remember me?” Neo also got a little excited, “Whether you remember me or not, I will never forget you, I will always remember you taking a break from school to work in a restaurant in order to help me pay back a million dollars, you did so much for me, I will also always remember that I promised Auntie Wang before she died that I would take good care of you, protect you, and make sure to see you happy, I Neo, even if I were to suffer the most painful pain in the world, I must still do what Auntie Wang promised!”

When hearing this, Zhou Yun’s tears, almost suddenly and silently, rushed out.

“You, you are …… are you?” Zhou Yun’s body swayed, as if she couldn’t bear anything, she murmured.

“It’s me!” Neo hurriedly rushed up and held Zhou Yun’s shoulders.

“You, why did you come to me after such a long time, you, where did you go? Why didn’t you pick me up?” Zhou Yun still looked dazed and confused, his mouth muttered with a dazed expression.

Neo listened, but her heart cried out with joy for a moment.

Yes, she remembered, not completely, but was slowly recovering!

She remembered that she hadn’t picked her up at the airport!

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Zhou Yun, it’s all my fault, it’s my bad, honestly, I regret it to death myself, every day since you disappeared, I’ve been in deep self-blame ……” Neo remembered the period after Zhou Yun disappeared, his heart was The first time I saw you, I was really scared that I would never find you again.

Fortunately, God was kind enough to let me meet her again, and this time, no matter what, I would never lose her again, and would always stay by her side forever!

For her sake, one will strive to become even stronger!

“Really ……? ……” Zhou Yun cocked her head and looked fixedly at Neo, in her eyes, there were still a few doubts, after all, recovering her memory couldn’t be so fast, but, obviously, she was slowly accepting Neo.

“Really, it’s true, don’t believe me, look at this!”

Neo suddenly thought of something like that and reached out hastily, pulling out something from his pocket.

It was a dried rose flower.

Yes, this rose was the one that Neo had taken from the tens of thousands of roses at the gate of the central villa of Teng Wang Ge on the day he decided to go in search of Zhou Yun.

Because, those thousands of roses were originally intended by Neo to pick Zhou Yun up from the airport that night and then give her a romantic surprise.

You know, for this surprise, Neo had also prepared carefully and bought all the roses from almost all the nearby flower shops!

The thousands of square metres of the central villa was also a sea of flowers, and the whole neighbourhood was almost fragrant with roses.

Seriously, at that time, Neo’s heart was really filled with a flourishing passion and excitement.

Because that night, he was going to confess his love to Zhou Yun in the middle of this romantic sea of flowers, and to give both the sea of flowers and the villa to Zhou Yun as a gift.

However, all this, in the end, turned out to be an empty dream.

From that day onwards, Zhou Yun was cheated away by Ma Bo at the airport, and eventually things got worse and worse until she disappeared.

So, these thousands of roses represent Neo’s unexpressed heart and his unexpressed love.

That is why, when he was leaving to look for Zhou Yun, he would take a rose in his arms.

It was placed in a close place.

Honestly, when he saw this rose again, Neo’s heart was really filled with mixed feelings.

From the time he left Jinling until now, several months had passed in between, and countless things had happened.

Whenever he was sad or even desperate and in pain, Neo would think of this sweet rose in his arms, and it felt as if Zhou Yun was warming his heart.

Neo also fantasised countless times that one day, he would meet Zhou Yun and give him this rose, representing his heart.

It also symbolised that his heart, his love, although late, would never be absent!

“This rose, for you.” Neo said, holding the rose up to Zhou Yun, “Let’s get out of here!”

“Ah ……”

Who expected that once she saw the rose, Zhou Yun’s face suddenly became extremely alarmed and scared feeling, as if what she saw was not a rose, but a wolf, insect, tiger or panther.

“Zhou Yun, what’s wrong?” Neo held up the rose, the one that represented his heart, and sent it towards Zhou Yun’s heels again.

“No, don’t …… don’t ……”

At that instant, Zhou Yun’s face suddenly turned white and looked at Neo in shock, “Don’t you come over …… you are bad …… I won’t go with you!”

Neo immediately froze, looking at Zhou Yun in shock.

I don’t know how she suddenly became this way.

“Get lost, get lost ……”

Zhou Yun literally looked as if she had seen a demon and kept backing away, suddenly turning around and running to Xiong Yao’s side again.

Under Neo’s disbelieving gaze, Zhou Yun hugged Xiong Yao’s waist and said in a panic, “Protect me …… don’t let the bad guys come near me …… please… …”

Neo was frozen.

Unbelievingly, he looked at this scene.

At this moment, the way Zhou Yun looked at herself was filled with panic and resistance.

And yet, when she hugged Xiong Yao and looked at him, the look in her eyes was written with an expectation of seeking safety, a homecoming.

“Zhou Yun ……”

Neo’s heart was instantly, filled with bitterness.

Zhou Yun actually told himself to get lost?

How dare she hug another man in front of herself?

The kind of gaze she looked at Xiong Yao, wasn’t it the same gaze she used to look at herself?

Neo’s heart suddenly ached uncontrollably.

Why was this happening?

Was it really God’s will?

Could it be that she really didn’t like herself anymore?

A gust of wind blew, and the dried rose in Neo’s hand was blown by the wind, and the petals fluttered in the wind, as if they were falling leaves under the autumn breeze.

Looking at the falling petals, a terrible thought suddenly popped up in Neo’s mind.

Fate, it’s over ……

Yes, fate is over, fate is extinct ……

Nothing stays the same forever, everything changes!

There are some things that one did not cherish at first, and if one wants to cherish them now, one no longer has that chance!

“Brat, what are you standing there for, why don’t you hurry up and take this young lady, and give her to the third young master’s side!”

Suddenly, Xiong Xuesen let out a yell towards Xiong Yao!

Yes, at this moment, Xiong Xuesen could never offend Neo for the sake of Zhou Yun.

At this moment, even a fool could see that there was some relationship between Neo and Zhou Yun, and that Neo truly liked Xiong Yao as his bride.

Therefore, when Xiong Xuesen saw Zhou Yun suddenly run away from Neo and run to Xiong Yao’s side, Xiong Xuesen’s face turned yellow with fear.

If the third young master blamed his Xiong family for this, it would be the end.

Xiong Yao didn’t dare to disobey him. Besides, he was also afraid, even though he also wanted Zhou Yun, he didn’t dare to annoy Neo.

Grabbing a woman with the Third Young Master, how many lives did he or she have to give away?

“Go on, get over there!” Xiong Yao pushed Zhou Yun away hard and forcefully pushed her towards Neo.

“No, please, protect me, don’t ……” Zhou Yun was terrified and begged Xiong Yao bitterly, with that look, looking so charming and pitiful.

The moment he saw this scene, Neo’s heart was simply painful and contradictory to the extreme.

That indefinable variety of painful emotions tormented him to the point of exploding.

He had seen Zhou Yun look so compassionate!

Yes, the first time he had rescued her from the lake itself, Zhou Yun had been this desperate cry.

Zhou Yun had also had such panic when she faced the bullying of Ai Jing and the girls.

She had worked privately to pay back a million dollars and offended the guests in the famous kitchen in the capital, and when she herself found her in the kitchen utility room at the back, Zhou Yun at that time mistook herself for those guests and she too pleaded so pitifully.

And yet!

All Zhou Yun was afraid of then were the bad guys, and it was himself who protected her.

And now, what Zhou Yun is afraid of is herself, and she turns to Xiong Yao to protect her!

Could it be that, for Zhou Yun, there was no difference between herself now and those who had bullied her in the past?

Is this what she is already in Zhou Yun’s mind?

And once it was herself who protected her, but now, she was letting Xiong Yao protect her.

The kind of feelings she once had for herself had been transferred to someone else!

“Stop it, get over there!” The more Zhou Yun acted like this, the more scared Xiong Yao became.

He pulled Zhou Yun, adding strength to his hand and dragging it towards Neo.

Zhou Yun was even more terrified, as if he was a little rabbit caught in danger.


Neo suddenly bellowed, only this time, his face was no longer angry, there was only a pain that could not be said or seen.

“Remember, Xiong Yao, from now on, you must treat her well, never let her grieve, never bully her, never fail her, and if you dare treat her badly, I, Neo, swear that I will let you taste the anger that my inner despair and sorrow has turned into today!”

Neo almost said the words with difficulty, word by word, and by the time he reached this point, Neo’s eyes had already filled with tears.

There was a sudden silence.

Everyone understood what Neo’s words meant!

“Remember, her favorite food is vanilla ice cream, don’t throw away any bad fruit, she will cut it up and eat it again, she will stir up the covers when she sleeps, remember to tuck her in, she can’t drink, don’t let her drink …… Also, her name is Zhou Yun, not Cao Hong… …”

Neo continued, word for word, mumbling, talking about some of Zhou Yun’s haphazard habits, confusing, random, and talking about wherever he thought of.

But no one dared to interrupt or snicker at him at this point.

For one thing, who dared to laugh at the Third Young Master?

Two, the hearts of the crowd, at this time, also have a deep shock, because from these words inside, they somehow, can feel the kind of deep as the sea of great love.

On the spot, there were some women, and even tears appeared at the corners of their eyes.

Elder Xiong’s eyes were also red and he stood silently.

At this time, I think he could not help but think of the day when Murong Ruo Lan forced the Third Young Master to marry him and the Third Young Master abandoned his clan in order to escape the marriage.

At this time, he also finally understood why the third young master had to abandon his clan and not marry Murong Ruolan.

It turned out that it was all for this young girl who resembled Murong Ruolan.

It’s just a pity that ……

Finally, after Neo had finished these broken thoughts.

Suddenly stood up, striding towards the door, speaking to no one, moreover as if there was not a single hint of stopping, no one dared to stop, Neo almost instantly, as if he was being blown by the wind, left the door of the Xiong House.

Yes, at this moment, Neo might have finally understood the meaning of those vows he had said at Wang Lian’s bedside.

Yes, at that time he had vowed to make Zhou Yun’s life a happy one!

And what was clearly happening now was that she would only be happy if she herself stayed away from Zhou Yun and let her be with Xiong Yao!

In that case, how could one not do as one was told?!

I must keep my vow!

Today, I finally did what I promised!


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