At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 310

“Dog balls?”

The guests at the scene were dumbfounded, what was wrong with this old man, who was he calling a dog’s egg, was he crazy or what?

“Old immortal, how dare you call my grandfather!” Xiong Hui Xiong Yao was so angry that he rushed towards Old Man Xiong like a madman.

“Dog egg, these two grandsons, if you don’t take care of them again, I’ll do it for you!” Elder Xiong let out another loud shout.

Xiong Xuesen’s body shook as this cry, Dog Egg, hit him on the head as if it was a muffled stick.

It also caused him to stare at Elder Xiong with wide eyes and look at him more seriously.

Then, his eyes, suddenly snapped open even wider, and his face revealed a kind of surprise to the point of almost losing his composure as he said with trepidation, “You, you are ……”

As he spoke, his entire body seemed to go limp.

That originally belonged to the Xiong family’s great head kind of self-confidence and unsmiling majesty, immediately disappeared, at this time Xiong Xuesen, a moment as if suddenly aged a few points, staggering feet, at this time he, where is the Xiong family’s great head appearance, where is the appearance of the number one power in Wujiang City.

At this moment, Xiong Xuesen looked as if he was an old man who had been frightened.

And at this time, the people on the stage, too, were all confused by this sudden scene of change.

Yes, what was going on.

How did Xiong Xuesen suddenly become like this?

This was something that had never happened before.

There were some people, at this point, who saw that things had changed and couldn’t help but be curious as they sized up Elder Xiong.

“You, you’re Brother Jade Qilin Xiong?!” Finally, suddenly an old man in his sixties, dressed in a striped suit with his hair meticulously combed back, who looked like the head of a certain family, came from off the stage and took the initiative to come in front of Elder Xiong, his gaze unblinking as he stared at Elder Xiong, his hands all trembling slightly.

The closer he got, the more his hands trembled.

“Jade Qilin, Brother Xiong, do you still remember me, I’m Wang Quan’an of the former South Street!” This old man was standing in front of Elder Xiong, so excited that he couldn’t even stand up.

“Little thin man.” Old Xiong looked at this old man and his gaze moved slightly, “You are Wang Quan’an, the little skinny guy who used to follow me all the time!”

Compared to Wang Quan An, Xiong Lao appeared much more calm, except that seeing an old acquaintance from the past, Xiong Lao’s gaze also appeared to have a few moments of excitement, yes, after all, he hadn’t seen him for decades.

“Brother Xiong!”

Wang Quan’an almost broke down in tears when he heard this little thin man’s voice and knelt down in front of Elder Xiong, “Big Brother Xiong, I finally see you again! It’s been so many years, I thought you …… would have broken my hamstrings and hands if you hadn’t stood up for me at the Red Star Casino and repelled those villains in the capital, I’m afraid I would have been a cripple more than thirty years ago! Brother Xiong, this kneeling, it’s too late!”

Saying that, Wang Quan’an didn’t mind the dirt on the ground, and cooed and kowtowed to Elder Xiong a few more times.

This was a show that made everyone look wide-eyed.

Especially the large group of juniors from Wang Quan’an’s family looked dumbfounded, no way, grandpa was usually a very dominant person in the family, how come he knelt down for this old man, and knelt so piously!

“Alright, little skinny boy, get up.” Old Man Xiong helped Wang Quan’an stand up.

He couldn’t help but feel emotion in his heart as well.

This action of Wang Quan’an reminded him of himself more than thirty years ago, when he was still in Wujiang City, and at that time, he was the hegemon of Wujiang City, turning the clouds in Wujiang City and running through the streets and alleys. And Wang Quan’an was a little brother who followed behind himself and was called Little Skinny because he was skinny.

At that time, Xiong Lao was arrogant and domineering, and also young and frivolous, of course, at that time, he was not a fop, but arrogant, but still very righteous, righteous, and handsome, usually also in and out of restaurants and green houses, known as “Jade Qilin!

Of course, the Xiong Siguang of that time and the Xiong Lao of today have undergone huge changes in their thinking.

The only thing that has remained the same, I am afraid, is that he is still all about justice.

“Brother Xiong! You are Big Brother Xiong!”

At this moment, another middle-aged man in his fifties came up from the stage.

This man was well dressed and wore a thick purple jade bracelet on his hand, so he was obviously in a high position as well.

When this man arrived in front of Elder Xiong, he also fell to his knees.

“You are?” Elder Xiong did not recognise this man and helped him up.

“Brother Xiong, I’m Zhou Pei!” The man said excitedly, “Brother Xiong, do you still remember, back then my father offended someone, the other party was a big brother, as a result my father died in a sudden and strange car accident when leaving after a banquet, on the day of the burial, that group of people even came to the door to pick trouble, bullying my mother and I, the orphan and widow, fortunately you heard the news, brought people to come, not only drove away that group of people, but also investigated my father’s I was barely 20 years old at the time, and at that time, I told myself that I was grateful to you for the rest of my life! I wanted to work for you from then on, but I didn’t know that you would leave Wujiang within a few years. But I didn’t expect you to come back, Brother Xiong, you’ve really fulfilled my wish! I finally have the chance to kneel down to you and thank you!”

“Brother Xiong!”

“Brother Qilin!”

At this moment, after the two of them, Wang Quanan and Zhou Pei, recognized Old Man Xiong, everyone else also came to their senses.

Yes, this was the famous Jade Qilin Xiong Siguang back then!

In a flash, many people rushed to follow Elder Xiong.

These people, most of whom were of the older generation, were all in their fifties or sixties, and most of these people had received favours from Elder Xiong thirty years ago.

After all, at that time, Elder Xiong was a righteous man and a famous young man in Wujiang City.

At this moment, so many people swarmed up, and those from the younger generation in Wujiang City below, as well as many of the gentry and celebrities from abroad, all looked dumbfounded.

After all, the young brothers of Elder Xiong thirty years ago had now long since become the leading figures of various families or forces.

Those of the younger generation looked shocked to see their fathers, their bosses and their leaders, kneeling and worshipping in front of Old Man Xiong, with tears streaming down their faces.

What kind of man is this old man that he is so terrifying?

Looking at so many faces that had changed tremendously but looked familiar on closer inspection, Elder Xiong could not help but feel a lot of emotions in his heart. Although he was ready to meet this time when he went home, the scenes of the past, the kindness that these people still remembered, really touched him.

Elder Xiong was overcome with emotion.

Suddenly, the crowd all gave way.

It turned out that it was Xiong Xuesen who had walked over.

Just now, Xiong Xuesen had already recognised Old Man Xiong, but he just couldn’t believe it for a while.

And now he saw so many people kneeling in front of Elder Xiong.

He was finally quite sure that this person, was his own big brother, Xiong Siguang!

“Da, big brother ……”

Xiong Xuesen lowered his head and came in front of Xiong SiGuang, and involuntarily called out for big brother.

Although it had been more than thirty years since they had seen each other, and although Xiong Xuesen was now the Grand Master of the Xiong Family and was already the number one person in Wujiang City, the kind of awe that Xiong Xuesen felt in his heart when he saw Xiong Siguang still bubbled up involuntarily.

That awe is too powerful, even after more than 30 years, even if the identity has changed tremendously, it is still buried in Xiong Xuesen’s heart.

After all, back then, Xiong Siguang could be said to be a bullying figure in Wujiang City.

Regardless of his character and martial arts skills, his temperament and leadership abilities, he was praised by almost everyone, and whenever Xiong Siguang was mentioned in Wujiang City, it was all praise.

It could be said that back then, Xiong Lao was the number one young man in Wujiang!

And at that time, Xiong Xuesen, he was completely overshadowed by Xiong Siguang’s light.

“Dog egg, when I was leaving, I gave this family to you, I originally told you to properly carry our Xiong family forward, but now this group of descendants of the fire generation, arrogant and treacherous, violent and less gracious, sinister and brutal, and willful, all the flaws of the gentry have been taken over by them, this is the successor of our Xiong family that you have taught?!”

Xiong Siguang glared at Xiong Xuesen in annoyance, he had seen all those actions of Xiong Hui Xiong Yao clearly just now.

To be honest, Xiong Siguang was disappointed.

Back then, he could be said to be the man of the hour in Wujiang, not only was his status illustrious, his own personality was even more so that he had nothing to say.

Not surprisingly, Xiong Siguang would definitely be the heir to the Xiong family, the future Grand Master of the Xiong family.

However, it was on that day, more than thirty years ago.

War broke out on the borders of China!

All of a sudden, the nation’s youth were outraged and joined the army to serve their country.

It was against this background that Xiong Siguang’s blood rushed to his feet, and he had no choice but to join the army.

To be honest, given his family background and status, who in his family would want him to leave?

That is, even if it is a war, there is no need for him, the young master, to be on the field.

Everyone couldn’t figure it out, nor could they understand it.

The one who is obviously enjoying glory and wealth has to go and do something that is life and death?

But Xiong Siguang was still determined to leave.

It was when Xiong Siguang joined the army that he met Lu Beike, which changed his life.

When Xiong Siguang left, he entrusted his family to Xiong Xuesen, and the identity of the family heir was naturally transferred to Xiong Xuesen.

When he was leaving, Xiong Siguang repeatedly urged Xiong Xuesen to educate the next generation properly, and that it did not matter how big the family grew, but that the most important thing was that the family’s children must be decent and not be tainted with bad habits.

However, more than 30 years later, as soon as he returned, he saw Xiong Hui Xiong Yao in this state, how could Xiong Si Guang be happy?

“Big brother, this, I, it’s my fault.”

Xiong Xuesen’s mouth was open, not daring to defend a single word.

“You two trash, what are you still standing there for, come over here, why don’t you hurry up and meet big grandpa!”

Xiong Xuesen hurriedly glared at Xiong Hui Xiong Yao.

These two fellows, by now, had also long been dumbfounded.

They had seen the scene just now, and their hearts had really turned into huge waves, they had never thought that not only was this old man not a bad old man, but he was also their grandfather!

Even his grandfather was in such awe of him!

Not only that, almost all of these dignified people in Wujiang City came to kneel down and worship him, one by one, as if they had seen their big brother.

This was too terrifying.

To be honest, not even Xiong Xuesen had this treatment.

More than that, they didn’t?

The reason why Xiong Xuesen is so bullying is not because of his charisma, but just the power and strength of the Xiong family. Don’t look at the fact that many people in Wujiang City are very respectful to him, and on the day of his grandson’s wedding, they were all present, but to be honest, there are not many of these people who, in their hearts, really serve Xiong Xuesen to the point of obedience.

Even if people were convinced, they were only convinced of the Xiong family’s power, not of Xiong Xuesen’s person.

However, for Xiong Siguang, it was a different story.

These people served Xiong Siguang because of his character, his charisma. Back then, Xiong Siguang’s acts of righteousness in Wujiang City had made many people willingly become his minions.

Even though he has been away for more than thirty years, these people still think of him occasionally every year.

Xiong Yao and Xiong Hui were not stupid either, they could also see that these dignified figures in Wujiang City really respected this Great Grandfather!

“Great Grandpa, I’m sorry, we shouldn’t have been like that just now.”

The two men didn’t dare to hesitate and hurried over, flopping down in front of Elder Xiong.

“The first person you apologise to is not me, but the Third Young Master!”

With that, Xiong Siguang pushed them away and came right in front of Neo, kneeling down on one knee, “Third Young Master, my Xiong family has taught our son poorly and offended you, Third Young Master, I apologise to you!”

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

Almost everyone at the scene now knew Xiong Siguang’s identity, after all, so many people had just knelt down to worship Xiong Siguang, and all kinds of news and rumours had already spread around the scene.

However, now Xiong Siguang was kneeling in front of Neo, in the capacity of a servant, kneeling in front of Neo!

“Old Xiong, don’t you!”

How could Neo let Elder Xiong kneel down, and hurriedly went to assist him.

However, Elder Xiong firmly pushed away Neo’s hand that was holding him up as he looked at Neo, “Third Young Master, I know your feelings, but today, you must let my Xiong Family give you a chance to apologise!”

With that, Xiong Lao turned back to Xiong Xuesen and said angrily, “Dog egg! What are you still standing there for, everyone in my Xiong Family today, owes the Third Young Master an apology!”

“Third, Third Young Master ……” Xiong Xuesen muttered, “What, Third Young Master ……”

Also, he was a bit dumbfounded, this Neo, the third young master? What third young master? The third young master of the Lu family? How come I’ve never heard of ah.

So, he was frozen there for a moment.

Besides, he knew about Neo before, after all, Neo and the two brothers, Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao, had married the three sisters of the Cao family together.

So Xiong Xuesen also generally knew Neo, knew that he was just an ordinary person, a hanger-on at Wujiang University, a hanger-on.

However, now, it was the third young master who even the elder brother knelt down and apologised?

“What what third young master!” Seeing Xiong Xuesen like this, Xiong Siguang was furious, “In heaven and on earth, there is only one Third Young Master! The unique Third Young Master is this Third Young Master who is in my visa free! Apart from him, there is no one in the world who is qualified to be called the Third Young Master! What else are you muttering about? Everyone in the Xiong family must apologise to the Third Young Master today!”

Xiong Hui Xiong Yao, as well as those who they had invited to taunt Neo at the Mayflower Hotel that day, had also come to the scene, as well as all the other guests, those who had just taunted Neo.

Those who had laughed when they saw Cripple deliberately and strangely calling the Third Young Master to make fun of Neo.

At this moment, each and every one of them had their eyes widened, their mouths grew, and their faces hurt hotly.

Yes, they were the real Third Young Master!

As for Xiong Hui and the like, they were at most the third young master of the Xiong family.

Xiong Hui Xiong Yao, and those who were at the Mayflower that day, only then did they understand, no wonder when they were at the Mayflower Hotel, when Ah Cai shouted a word for the Third Young Master, Neo would stand up.

Yes, he was the real deal, the unique Third Young Master in heaven and on earth!

He stood up because he was giving you face!

If Neo was at the Mayflower Hotel, and you, Cai, came in and called out “Third Young Master”, you would not have been qualified to do so, and if you had met someone with a hot temper, you could have killed Cai on the spot.

Yes, in the presence of my Third Young Master, how can you, Ah Cai, be qualified to call out the words “Third Young Master”?


Xiong Xuesen no longer dared to say anything and followed Xiong Siguang’s example, kneeling behind him.

The people of the Xiong family didn’t dare to say anything, Xiong Dahai, Xiong Hui Xiong Yao and dozens of other Xiong family members also knelt down.

As for the other family members, although Xiong Siguang did not ask them to kneel, they had all received favours from Xiong Siguang and treated Xiong Siguang as their big brother.

Now that big brother was on his knees, who was left standing?

In a flash, the wedding stage was filled with people crouching to the ground.

Some of the wealthy people from outside the city on the stage looked stunned and in disbelief at the scene.

Cao Qian and Cao Feng, as well as Cao Yunfeng and the others, also looked at this in disbelief. Cao Feng and Cao Qian looked at Neo with a gaze that had a sense of disbelief, an indefinable sense of relief, and a tear of happiness.

“Today, my two grandsons are fortunate enough to be married on the same day as the Third Young Master, and to jointly welcome the three sisters of the Cao family, which is really fortunate, then the hour is late, why don’t the Third Young Master lead them and pay respects together!”

After kneeling and worshipping, Xiong Xuesen spoke to Neo again, having long since changed into a new respectful look.


Neo raised his head, and the crowd was surprised to find that his face had, at some point, become tearful, but with a kind of smile on the corners of his mouth.

His gaze turned to the side of the wedding platform, his eyes fixed on that direction, smiling while shedding tears, “Today, none of them will get married.”


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