At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 309

Neo only felt a shudder, and when he heard this voice, he even had a feeling that he wanted to cry.

This voice was too familiar.

Ever since he was a child, this voice had accompanied him all the way up!

He turned around sharply and looked towards the door.

Sure enough, it was the old man with white hair and beard but a sturdy figure, over sixty but with the spirit of a fifty-year-old.

“Third Young Master!”

The old man’s gaze was like a burning torch, and as he spoke, he strode towards Neo with great strides.

His gait carried itself with a gust of wind and he walked as if he had a four-frame carriage of his own.

At this time, the Xiong family wedding had thousands of guests, almost all rich and famous, but the old man did not look away, as if he did not see anyone.

He passed through the layers of people, his face at ease, like a general passing through a soldier’s tent.

“Third Young Master!”

The old man finally arrived in front of Neo, and in his gaze there was the kind of respect that a subordinate would have when looking at a superior, the kind of affection that an elder would have when looking at a junior, and the kind of heartache that comes with the change of the world!

It was also true, after all, Neo had, for some time, abandoned his family and was living as a lonely soul like a wild ghost.

“Elder Xiong!”

In this situation, suddenly seeing someone he knew, and an elder like Elder Xiong, who had always taken care of him since he was a child, at this moment, Neo felt like a child from more than ten years ago, and really wanted to jump into Elder Xiong’s arms and cry out.

Even though he wondered why Elder Xiong had appeared.

But now Neo had no time to think about it.

More than anything else, it was the warmth and affection that came out of his heart when he suddenly saw Old Man Xiong.

At this moment, the crowd of guests below had long been buzzing and stirring.

“Holy shit, what’s going on?”

“Who is this old man, is this going to cause trouble? Die without even knowing how.”

“Hey, hey, you guys, could this old man also be an actor that Young Master Xiong Hui and Young Master Xiong Yao and the others have found, just like that ugly cripple, to humiliate that kid on purpose.”

“Haha, it must be, otherwise how else would this old man dare to walk in so high and mighty!”

“That’s right, when this old man walked in just now, that aura was as if this was his own home, if Young Master Xiong Hui hadn’t instructed him, would he have had the guts to do that?”

“Hehehe, looks like we’re in for another good show today, I wonder what their script is this time, how to humiliate this kid, Young Master Xiong Hui.”

The crowd was chattering below.

Xiong Yao on the wedding stage was also frozen at first, but soon he burst out laughing.

While laughing wildly, he pointed at Neo, “Hahahaha, kid, you’re really f*cking talented, this old man is the actor you hired? And then deliberately come in at this time and call you Third Young Master in front of everyone? You’re really out of your f*cking mind, do you think we’re all three years old? Would be fooled by you?”

“This kid is really crazy, so f*cking childish, hiring an old man to call you Third Young Master, so you’re really the Third Young Master? You’re really some rich young master?”

At this moment, Xiong Hui also walked over.

He was just about to pay his respects to Cao Qian when he suddenly saw the commotion over here, so it was impossible to pay his respects.

“Hey, old man, how much money did this kid give you to come here and call him Third Young Master!” Xiong Hui looked at Old Xiong with a fop face and disdain, “You’re finished now you know, old man, did he tell you what this place is, did he tell you that this is the Xiong family, the number one family in Wujiang City! And it’s also the Xiong family’s wedding day today! You’re f*cking old and confused, acting out to this place!”

“And this kid, he’s hired an old man to tease us! Come on, arrest this old man and this kid, hang them up for me first!” Xiong Yao bellowed his orders.

Although today was a happy day, this boy Neo had gone too far, and there was nothing he could do to bring about his own death.

The Xiong family’s guards, who had been on standby for a long time, saw the young master’s order and immediately pounced on him like wolves and tigers.

“This kid, this is playing himself to death, haha!”

“This old man must be cursing in his heart, he himself is also wronged enough, originally wanted to cooperate with this kid’s performance to earn some pension money, now well, the old life is lost, haha!”

The crowd watched the scene with excited faces, some felt that Xiong Hui Xiong Yao had gone a bit too far, but who dared to say anything?

“You two, are you from the Fire generation of the Xiong family?”

Elder Xiong finally looked at Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao.

Before this, Elder Xiong had simply treated them as if they didn’t exist, not even looking at them, his mind was on Neo.

After all, Neo had been out of the family for so long, so of course Elder Xiong was concerned about him.

Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao were both stunned at once.

No way, this old man, what was wrong with him, he could even tell his own generation in one breath?

Yes, in the great families of China, there was a generation for each generation, just like Neo was of the Tian generation.

The Xiong family also has a generation table, which was arranged by the old ancestors long ago.

Xiong Yao and Xiong Hui are precisely from the Xiong family’s Fire generation.

But these generations were not a big secret, and even if they were known, it was not a very impressive skill.

“Damn old man, you’re quite professional as an actor, you’ve also investigated quite a lot of information, that kid gave you quite a lot of money, hehehe, only, all this money, you might not even have a life to spend.” Xiong Hui looked at Elder Xiong with a ferocious and angry gaze.

Yes, Xiong Hui was quite angry in his heart at this moment.

Now that it was like this, the words had come to this point, this old man still did not even look scared and alarmed, not only was he not scared, but he even looked extremely calm.

This naturally made Xiong Hui very unhappy.

In his mind, this old man was just an ordinary old man who had been paid off by Neo, and since he had already made his words clear to the old man, the bodyguards around him had also rushed over.

According to reason, this old man should have pissed himself in fear at this time, kneeled down and begged for forgiveness, and then in front of everyone, told them everything about how that kid Neo had bribed him and paid him to come and act.

Then take it as the biggest laugh at this wedding.

But this old man, surprisingly, was so calm, even so calm that Xiong Hui felt a little scared.


Just as Xiong Hui finished these words, he received a fierce slap on his face.

This slap was so powerful, not to mention how strong Old Man Xiong’s hand was, but the old calluses on Old Man Xiong’s hand scraped Xiong Hui’s face with a hot pain.

“You old thing! How dare you f*cking ……”

Xiong Hui was dumbfounded by the blow at first, and when he came back to his senses, he stormed out like a thunderclap.


Xiong Lao gave another heavy slap, smashing Xiong Hui’s face.

Old Xiong’s face also looked very angry and disappointed, “I originally thought that the Fire Generation would produce some talents, but I never thought that they would all be such stupid wastrels!”

Then, Elder Xiong gave a backhanded slap, sending Xiong Yao tumbling out.

This time, the whole audience was shocked!

“Holy shit, what’s going on, this old man even beat up young Hui and the others?!”

For a moment, the guests all stretched their necks, talking to each other and looking at the wedding stage, while some of the more intelligent people, at this moment, had their eyes on an old man in the very middle of the Xiong Family’s core personnel sitting next to the eight immortal tables in the worship hall.

Everyone knew that it was the Xiong Xuesen, the Xiong family’s most powerful man.

This is the most powerful person in the Xiong family, the most powerful person in Wujiang City, with a deep mind and a strong hand.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

The face of Xiong Xuesen was already extremely gloomy at this time.

He suddenly stood up and walked towards the wedding stage, towards Xiong Lao.

This time, the eyes of all the guests in the audience were on Xiong Xuesen, and some of them even stood up. For a moment, the crowd resounded with the sound of a collective standing up, interspersed with the sound of benches and chairs being accidentally knocked over.

Anyone who wanted to see what Xiong Xuesen would do.

“Whoever dares to trespass against my Xiong family today, no matter who you are, you will never walk out of the gate!” Xiong Xuesen said, pointing his hand at Xiong Lao and Neo and rebuking his left and right, “What are you still standing there for, grab them and send them to my Xiong Family dungeon!”


Over here, Cao Feng grabbed off the cover and ran to Xiong Xuesen, and plainly knelt down, “Old Grandpa Xiong, please don’t do this.”

Over there, Cao Qian also ran over and knelt down together with her sister, begging together.

However, not only did this not work, but it completely pissed Xiong Xuesen off even more explosively.

“Get lost! Come on, these two Cao family ladies, they don’t distinguish between good and evil, they are helping the tiger, so arrest them for me too, and wait for the punishment!” Xiong Xuesen’s face was red with rage as he growled.

Cao Feng and Cao Qian, the two sisters looked at each other, and at this moment, they could only shed helpless tears in their hearts.

But just at this moment.

“Dog egg! Do you still recognise me!”

Elder Xiong suddenly bellowed at Xiong Xuesen.

The voice was so full of mid-air that the ears of the people at the scene were buzzing.


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