At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 308

Hearing the words “Third Young Master”, Neo’s body suddenly shook.

How long had it been since he had heard this name?

This name, “Third Young Master”, instantly brought a tidal wave of memories to him, making him feel like he was filling his eyes with tears.

It also made the hot blood surge in his chest.

Yes, what an honourable status it was!

This identity alone was enough to turn the world upside down for him.

In the past, Neo was the Third Young Master, but at that time, he did not feel that this status was anything great, however, now that he had left the family, Neo realised how honourable this status was.

And how useful it was!

If he was still the third young master, how could he have seen Cao Qian being bullied and humiliated by Xiong Hui like this in front of him?

If you knew that the reason why Cao Qian was bullied and humiliated was more or less because of yourself, it was also because of yourself that she had become like this!

If he was still the third young master, how could he let Xiong Hui come and go here like a king?

If I could regain this identity again, I would never be as helpless as before, unable to protect even my beloved ones.

He would be like a sharp sword, like a thunderbolt, like a falcon, so that those who tried to harm himself and his friends would taste the bitter fruit of their sins, so that when they heard the name of the Third Young Master, they would tremble in fear.

Thinking of this, Neo could not help but stand up haughtily and look towards the door.

At the door, an old man, was walking towards him.

However, Neo looked at this old man, but did not recognise him.

He was wondering in his heart, but then, it dawned on him.

He had already left the clan, and all the clan’s people were not allowed to make contact with him, lest they offend Murong Ruolan.

Then, if one wanted to make contact with oneself, one could only use those with extremely secretive identities in the family.

Such people, who rarely show their faces in the family, are usually in the shadows serving the family, like Mo Da, the expert by Grandpa’s side. In official public occasions, Mo Da is usually not by Grandpa’s side, but only when in private, Mo Da will not move an inch from Grandpa’s side.

And there were others whose identities were even more secretive than Mo Da’s, and even Neo didn’t know them at all.

This old man, I guess, was one of these people.

“Third Young Master!” The old man said again, having arrived in front of Neo.

“You are ……,” Neo didn’t know how to address this old man for a moment.

However, the old man actually ignored Neo and brushed past him.

Neo was stunned, and it was only at this time that he noticed that the surroundings were a bit strange and quiet.

When he looked back, Xiong Hui and the others’ gazes were all focused on him.

In those gazes, there was surprise and teasing.

“This kid, he doesn’t think that the Third Young Master is calling him!” Finally, someone covered his mouth and laughed.

“Haha, it’s true, otherwise why would he stand up?”

“Holy shit, does this kid have a nerve problem, and thinks he’s the young master?” The crowd burst into laughter.

Only Cao Qian and Cao Feng did not laugh, but they were both frozen, wondering why Neo had stood up just now.

Only, at this moment, it was not good for anyone to say anything.

“You’re f*cking talented too, hearing Third Young Master, you actually stood up, haha, you’re the Third Young Master too? What kind of Third Young Master are you?” Xiong Hui also understood and looked at Neo mockingly.

“That’s right, the title of Third Young Master is only worthy of Young Master Hui, how dare you f*cking stand up, did you do it on purpose, you’re a library handyman, are you not a young master in your heart! You’re looking for discomfort, aren’t you?!” Someone took one look at Xiong Hui’s displeasure and immediately pointed at Neo and scolded him.

“I’m sorry, Xiong Hui.” When Cao Feng saw that the crowd was about to make a move against Neo, she hurriedly stepped in front of them and said to Xiong Hui in a low voice, “Neo didn’t mean it, he must have had a bit too much to drink just now.”

“Oh, so it’s still my fault?” Xiong Hui smiled coldly again.

To be honest, now when Cao Feng saw Xiong Hui’s cold smile, he was really scared in his heart and hurriedly explained, “No, of course it’s not your fault.”

“Oh, Cao Feng, just now you said you helped this kid kneel down and apologize for the slap, you haven’t even started yet, this you won’t be able to get away with today. Let’s talk about what just happened when I finish talking to Ah Cai!”

Having said that, Xiong Hui also turned his head and beckoned to the old man, “Ah Cai, come here.”

“Third Young Master, I’ve finally found you.” The old man was covered in sweat and looked quite anxious, “Alas, you invited guests to dinner at the Mayflower, why didn’t you tell your family, I ran to several places you usually go but couldn’t find you, I was so anxious.”

“Okay, don’t do all this nonsense, what do you want from me, just tell me!” Xiong Hui said impatiently.

“That, the head of the wedding company has already arrived at the residence, that is, the grand master asked you to hurry back with the fourth young master to discuss the issue of the guest list for the wedding, as well as the wedding procedures, the grand master told you to go back immediately.” Ah Cai said.

Once Xiong Hui heard his grandfather telling him to go back, he really dared not disobey.

He had to know that Xiong Xuesen was the Grand Master of the Xiong Family, the head core of everything in the Xiong Family.

Not only was his position there, but Xiong Xuesen was a man of great skill and held great power, and everyone in the Xiong family respected and even feared him.

It could be said that in the Xiong family, Xiong Xuesen was as powerful as the old Buddha.

“Hey, hey, count yourselves lucky today.” Xiong Hui took Cao Qian, Xiong Yao to the room upstairs to find Cao Hong who was resting, and prepared to leave.

Everyone else naturally said their goodbyes as well.

Neo and Cao Feng also left.

“I’m sorry.” On the way back, Neo said to Cao Feng, “It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have stood up just now, and I also dragged you into being ridiculed, just ……”

Neo said here, then could not continue, also, this kind of thing, there is no way to explain to Cao Feng.

“You don’t say that.” Cao Feng shook his head, “I also know you didn’t mean it, you should also be drunk, next time, try to stay away from Xiong Hui and the others.”

Neo let out a bitter smile in his heart and said no more.

Only after he went back, Neo’s heart, however, had more of a sense of loss than usual.

Today, that Xiong family’s Ah Cai, called out for the Third Young Master, although he was called Xiong Hui.

But it also really made Neo suddenly feel nostalgic for what he used to be. He didn’t miss the glory and wealth of the past, but the family of yesteryear.

However, Neo also suddenly realised that he really could never go back.

Yes, the last time Jiang Chunnan and Zhu Dayou and the others had seen themselves, they should have revealed their news to grandfather when they returned.

But it had been so long, and grandpa had not sent anyone to contact him.

On the one hand, of course, it was because he had withdrawn from the clan and could not be contacted.

But if he can’t be contacted openly, and he hasn’t sent anyone to contact him secretly, does this mean that he has already tacitly agreed that he really has nothing to do with the Lu family any more?

The search for Zhou Yun was now in a quagmire.

Only now did Neo realise how difficult it was for him to find Zhou Yun on his own, and that perhaps he would not be able to find her at all.

And what depresses Neo the most is that he has had an affair with Cao Feng, resulting in his now having to marry her. This is certainly self-inflicted, but it has completely disrupted all of Neo’s plans.

Perhaps, this was his own destiny?

To leave his family, marry Cao Feng and spend his life amidst the ridicule and contempt of the people?

A destiny that goes on for as long as one can see.

This is the end of the story.

Yes, the story ends here.

One will never really have a connection with the family again, and one will never meet Zhou Yun again, and marry someone one does not love in order to make up for a mistake one has made.

A life of mediocrity.

When he thought of this, a calm but deep sadness came over Neo’s heart, a sadness so deep that it made his face look so calm.

The calmness was terrible.

Such a calmness was even more frightening than crying.

A week later.

Almost the whole city of Wujiang was filled with a kind of joyfulness.

Yes, today was the big wedding day of the two brothers of the Xiong family, the number one family in Wujiang City, and the big day of the two sisters of the Cao family.

In Wujiang City, almost most of the famous companies and various units are more or less related to these two families, and the Xiong family, in particular, has various companies under its own family.

Now that the Xiong family has this kind of big event, they are naturally giving out big red packets and have been holding various events to celebrate a week ago.

Today is the official day of the wedding.

At the entrance of the Xiong family, luxury cars were all over the place at this time, and there were many VIPs.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public, not only from Wujiang City, but also from other countries.

A Mercedes Maybach with Sua88**88, a Bentley Sommer with Shanghaia66**66, a Bugatti with Mind66*88 ……

As if it was a large exhibition of luxury cars, so many luxury cars, just like cabbages in the vegetable market, quietly parked there, attracting a large number of people to take photos, but also highlights the Xiong family’s vast network of people.

The Xiong family’s large mansion had long been decorated with lights and decorated in an extremely luxurious and romantic manner.

The crowd was full of the rich and famous, and journalists were scurrying around with cameras.

Neo, dressed in a white suit, was standing with Xiong Hui Xiong Yao, also dressed in a white suit.

After all, he was also the groom today, joining Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao in marrying the three sisters of the Cao family.

Since he was the groom, he naturally had to stand at the entrance and greet the guests attending the wedding.

“Young Fai, congratulations!”

“Young Yew, great joy for the newlyweds!”

Most of the guests who came in naturally knew Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao, and congratulated them one after another.

Only Neo, no one knew him at all.

Although he was standing at the door, no one spoke to him for a long time.

Neo didn’t mind.

It was just that it was still a bit awkward.

Since Cao Feng was getting married together with his two sisters, the wedding would of course be held together, and since the wedding would be held at the Xiong family’s house, Neo was an ordinary person, no one would consider his opinion, no one would consider how he wanted it to be held.

Neo was a bit bored, watching the guests who came to the wedding enter the door and then inevitably go to the old man, Xiong Xuesen, to pay their respects.

Xiong Xuesen was wearing a dark red Tang suit today, looking rather like a grand family.

“Good, please ask the grooms to come to the front of the stage!”

Finally, the guests were almost here, and the wedding officiant, too, arrived at the lavish wedding platform that had been set up long ago.

Right under the eyes of the crowd, Neo followed Xiong Hui Xiong Yao to the wedding platform.

“Good, the groom has arrived on the stage, now invite the bride in!” The master of ceremonies shouted.

At once, the crowd stirred up and stretched their necks in unison, looking towards the door.

After all, everyone certainly preferred to see the bride than the groom.

With a sound of ceremonial music.

A procession of people came in at the door, scattering flowers and blowing suona, and walking in the very middle were three brides dressed in big red Chinese wedding clothes.

Each had a red cover over her head.

Under the guidance of the wedding staff, all three also arrived on the wedding platform.

“That, before lifting the red head, may I ask the three groomsmen, have you all prepared your gifts for your respective brides?”

The MC said with a smile.

“Of course I have!” Both Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao shouted out loudly with high spirits.

Only Neo was confused, a gift? One hadn’t even thought of that.

“Good, then may I ask Mr. Hui, what gift should I give to your bride?” The MC added.

“Hey, hey, this.” Xiong Hui said, pulling out a box from his arms, after opening it, inside was a string of black jade onyx necklaces, each onyx gemstone, all of them were ice cloud extreme, crystal black and yellow contained in milky white clouds, the very best of onyx, this string down, at least a million.

There was a gasp from the bottom, interspersed with the envy of women.

Of course, for many of the guests at the bottom, a million was nothing, but a necklace worth a million was still astonishing.

“And what about you, Young Yew?” The MC came back to Xiong Yao.

“Me, heh heh.” Seeing that his brother’s necklace had caused a stir, Xiong Yao was also energised, he also took out a box and opened it, inside was a diamond ring, a huge gemstone, glowing in the sunlight, and faintly with a faint blood colour.

“Wow, this is a blood diamond?!”

The crowd gasped again, and the MC looked even more exaggerated, “This is so precious, Yew Shao is really generous to the bride, the bride must be so happy!”

“That’s a must!” Xiong Yao laughed loudly, “Being my woman, she must be happy!”

“By the way, Young Yao, why don’t you also give the bride a necklace like Young Hui, but a diamond ring instead?” The MC asked again.

This was a reasonable question, after all, there would be a pair of wedding rings for all marriages, and now giving a gift and a diamond ring was a bit repetitive.

“Well.” Xiong Yao scratched his head, “I originally wanted to give her a necklace, but Hong Hong said she could give her any kind of jewellery, but she didn’t want a necklace, so well ……”

“Ah, why don’t you want a necklace, don’t you like it?” The MC said.

“No, she said someone had given her a necklace, but I don’t think she has one either.

“That’s right!” The master of ceremonies came to Neo, “Uh, this, Mr. Lu, what did you give the bride?”

“I ……”

Neo was a bit embarrassed, he didn’t even know there was this link, but even if he knew, he couldn’t afford any gifts, “I, I don’t have any.”

At once, the people at the bottom, they started to talk about it.

“No, Mr. Lu, you didn’t even prepare a gift for the bride, that’s a bit too much to say, is it that you didn’t prepare, or you can’t afford it?” The MC smiled faintly and stared at Neo, as if there were words in his words.

Neo was stunned, this MC seemed to be deliberately giving people a hard time.

He then took a look at Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao, the two were looking at themselves with smug eyes, Neo suddenly understood, this is them deliberately messing with him!

“Alas, Mr. Lu, if you do this, you will make the bride look bad, right? After all, the bride’s two sisters received such an expensive gift, and you didn’t even prepare it, which ……” the MC obviously didn’t intend to let Neo off the hook, and continued.

“This ……” Neo frowned.

At this moment, Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao looked even more smug.

And below the stage, the crowd’s discussion got bigger and bigger.

It was at this time.

“Third Young Master! How can you not have a gift!” A loud voice suddenly rang out.

The crowd was instantly stunned.

Then, they saw a person, who came to the stage and came straight to Neo.

“Third Young Master!”

This man, looking at Neo, suddenly fell back and worshipped!

Neo froze even more, this, this time was really here for himself?

“You are?” Neo looked at the person in front of him, he still didn’t recognize himself, could this person, really be the family’s hidden servant?

Was it sent by grandfather?

“I’m your servant, Third Young Master! I’ve finally found you, ah! Oooooh, noble Third Young Master, I’m so happy to have found you! Third Young Master, how could you not have a gift.” With that, this man also suddenly pulled out a box from his arms and held it up to Neo, “This is your gift for the bride!”

With that, he opened the box.

Then, Neo froze.

Inside the box, there was a plastic ring, yes, it was one of those plastic rings for children’s toys.

“Third Young Master, take it, it’s our family’s heirloom, it’s been worn for tens of thousands of years, you’re the only child of our family, take this ring, it’s worth several hundred million dollars!” The man said as he sent the ring towards Neo’s hand.

The laughter spread, getting louder and louder.

Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao on the stage, both of them also seemed to be unable to hold back any longer as they laughed out loud.

When Neo looked at the man who had suddenly appeared in rags, who was thin and black, who was walking with a limp, and who called himself Third Young Master, and at the plastic ring, he suddenly understood that this was a deliberate act by Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao!

The laughter continued, and someone had already told the crowd about the day in the Mayflower when Neo heard the third young master stand up, and the crowd exchanged words, and then looked at Neo’s gaze with a teasing mockery.

At that moment, Neo’s heart, really had a feeling of being stung.

Yes, when he was really the third young master, it was fine for others to laugh at him.

But now that he was not, that kind of ridicule really made Neo feel a kind of pain.

Thinking back to what Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao had done to Cao Feng and Cao Qian that day in the Mayflower, for a moment, Neo really had an urge to explode.

“Alright, now, please ask the groom to lift the bride’s head and prepare to worship the heaven and earth!” The MC said and came to Xiong Hui’s side, “Younger Hui, you are the biggest, you go first.”

Xiong Hui was not polite, and directly lifted the bride’s cover in front of him.

Neo couldn’t help but look over and saw Cao Qian’s beautiful face revealed, her face was calm, too, after so many days, she should have already prepared her heart.

Only, Neo suddenly noticed that Cao Qian’s fair face had a few scars on it, even though they were covered up by make-up, they were still recognisable!

You can imagine that if she hadn’t been powdered, the scars would have been even more conspicuous!

If Neo was just about to explode, now that he saw the scars on Cao Qian’s face, Neo was really exploding!

At this moment, Xiong Hui took Cao Qian’s hand and prepared to go over to pay his respects.

“Stop!” Neo suddenly let out a low shout.

At this moment, everyone was stunned and looked at Neo in disbelief, not knowing what he was up to.

Neo ignored anyone and went straight to Cao Qian.

“Did he hit you again?” Neo looked at Cao Qian with heartache.

At that moment, his heart was full of heartache and guilt.

Yes, this girl in front of him, but she had loved herself so much and killed herself for herself, and now he had to watch her marry someone she didn’t even like, marry a devil?!

“You, what are you doing you, go back!”

Cao Qian was terrified and hurriedly pushed Neo back.

Only, as she spoke, her eyes suddenly sank and tears flowed down.

Yes, she still loved Neo, and now when she saw that Neo had the courage to act in this way, just because he saw her bruises and came over to care for her, Cao Qian’s heart was again warm to the core.

Only, of course, she knew the consequences of Neo doing so!

Doing so in this situation would have serious consequences!


Suddenly, Neo felt a pain in his waist, and the man flung himself onto the stage.

Xiong Hui had kicked himself in the waist.

“Damn, stinky hangman, what is this place, how dare you make a move on my wife, letting you share the stage with my brother is to look up to you and give you face, you really don’t take yourself seriously! You dare to do such a thing at my Xiong Hui’s wedding, believe it or not, I’ll kill your hands now! You really think you’re the third young master!” Xiong Hui scolded.

“Third Young Master, Third Young Master you can’t die, Third Young Master, stand up!”

The clown, who was limping in rags, jumped and screamed around Neo again, mimicking the plot of a romance play.

It caused another round of laughter on stage.

Xiong Hui ignored him and dragged Cao Qian over to pay his respects.

Neo silently stood up and went back to Cao Feng, to the laughter of the audience.

“Now you’re honest.”

“Must show, haha, comfortable with a kick from Young Master Hui.”

“I’m afraid that even if he’s beaten to death now, he won’t dare to make a scene.”

The crowd chattered.

Neo’s heart a kind of indescribable sadness, yes, he really is a hangman, nothing can change, that moment, he really discouraged, forget it, do not ask anything.

Let’s just be a walking corpse.

“Good, now please ask Young Master Yao to lift the bride’s head to come!” The MC said again.

“Wow, it’s beautiful!”

“Holy shit, this is so beautiful!”

At the bottom, as soon as the crowd saw Cao Hong’s appearance, they all exclaimed in shock.

Neo subconsciously lifted his head.

When he saw Cao Hong’s appearance, in that instant, he felt the blood surge up to his brain violently, and in that instant, the grey world, too, seemed to be rendered all of a sudden, turning into colourful.

In that moment, he just felt that the world suddenly had meaning again.

“Hong Hong, let’s go and pay our respects.” Xiong Yao took Cao Hong’s hand and said sharply.


An explosive shout came out of Neo’s mouth.

At this, the stage was stirred again.

“Holy shit, this kid, he can’t be beaten to death, can he?”

“How dare he show?”

“This f*ck, this time, I’m afraid I’m really going to play myself in.”


The crowd chattered.

Xiong Yao stared at Neo with cold contempt, “Kid, you’re really looking for death today, I’ll make it happen for you.”

As he spoke, several brawny fighters, had already made their way onto the wedding stage.

“Yao’er!” Just then, Xiong Xuesen suddenly spoke, and when he spoke, the whole room fell silent, “Today is a big wedding day, according to reason, we can’t see blood.”

“Grandpa ……” Xiong Yao was stunned.

“But this time is an exception!” Xiong Xuesen likewise, glancing at Neo with cold contempt.

This kid had twice disrupted his grandson’s wedding, if he didn’t teach a lesson, it would tarnish the Xiong family’s reputation ah.

“Good!” Xiong Yao was instantly overjoyed, and with a wave of his hand, the few thugs, slowly surrounded towards Neo.

“Third Young Master, you’re playing with fire now, what should I do, what should I do, let me protect you! Or else, you kneel down and sing congratulations!” That cripple, again, surrounded Neo and jumped up and down in an exaggerated manner.

The crowd all burst into laughter again.

“Third young master! I’ve finally found you!” Just at this time, a low voice suddenly came from the doorway.

Although the voice was low, it was so powerful that it made everyone present flinch!


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