At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 307

“OK, I’m also upset, I heard that that kid is just an ordinary handyman in the library of Wujiang University, Cao Feng is married to this kind of person, is this what Cao Yunfeng meant, he was already not happy to marry his daughter to us, now he married Cao Feng to that kid, is he trying to humiliate us brothers, implying that we are also the same as that kid. ” Xiong Yao said.

“Oh, this old fellow Cao Yunfeng, better be honest, now that we are marrying his daughter, we are still polite to him, when we get married in the future, we will slowly clean up this old fellow. He wants to humiliate us? He doesn’t have that ability yet, this time, let’s humiliate that kid properly before we say anything, so that Cao Yunfeng also learns a lesson and knows that we are something he can’t afford to mess with.” Xiong Hui said, taking out his mobile phone, “Let’s do this then, I’ll book a full house at the best penthouse restaurant at the Mayflower Hotel, we’ll all go there tomorrow, you should be free, right?”

“I’m free, but tomorrow morning, I’m going to take Hong Hong to the playground for a bit, I’ll go over in the afternoon, I might be a bit late.” Xiong Yao said.

“That’s okay, as long as you go over there, I’ll invite some more people tomorrow and we’ll have a good look at Cao Feng’s fiance together.”

After the two of them finalised things, Xiong Hui got busy, booking hotels and contacting invitations.

The next day, Neo accompanied Cao Feng and arrived at the Mayflower Hotel together.

To be honest, when Cao Feng told him about this, he did not want to come.

The first reason was that Neo himself did not like such occasions. When he was still in the Lu family, there were many similar parties for the second generation of the rich, but Neo basically did not go if he could.

The second reason is that he has to meet with Cao Feng’s two sisters again. Of course, it doesn’t matter if he meets with Cao Hong, whom he hasn’t met, because he doesn’t know her anyway, but it’s really awkward to meet with Cao Qian, who is at the same table and will be with Cao Feng and Cao Qian with Xiong Hui.

So, Neo is now trying not to meet Cao Qian again, so as not to make her sad when she sees herself, after all, to Cao Qian, Neo is also very guilty inside.

However, he could not resist Cao Feng’s repeated requests.

Because Cao Feng did not know what was going on between Neo and his sister Cao Qian.

Moreover, in the past few days, Cao Feng had also heard some words about herself in Wujiang City. Everyone was talking about her marriage to a poor boy, and many people certainly did not believe that Cao Feng was willing, and were speculating whether there was some untold story, or whether Cao Feng was forced or even mentally disturbed.

When Cao Feng heard this, she was naturally upset and angry because she had volunteered, and these rumours made her feel that she had been insulted, and that Neo had been insulted.

Therefore, this time Xiong Hui invited her, she just had to go, not only to go, but also to act happy, and to act close to Neo in front of everyone.

With her own practical actions, she gave those people who speculated indiscriminately a counterattack.

“Miss Cao, Mr. Lu, please.”

The hotel attendant, who did not know Neo, but knew Cao Feng, so his attitude was naturally respectful, leading them, then to the VIP hall on the top floor of the Mayflower Hotel.

At this moment, the VIP room had long been packed by Xiong Hui.

“Don’t be timid, and don’t be nervous.” Standing at the entrance of the VIP hall, Cao Feng held Neo’s hand and said in a low voice, “It’s fine, just like when you attend a classmate’s party, the rich generation is also human, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Cao Feng said this because she thought that Neo, as an ordinary person, might feel nervous about this kind of party where all the rich kids are, so she comforted Neo.

Neo didn’t explain anything, nodded his head and laughed bitterly in his heart, there should be few people who would know more about the rich generation than he did.

After Cao Feng finished speaking, she took the initiative to hold Neo’s arm and went into the VIP hall.

At this moment, there were already quite a few people inside, at least 17 or 18 people, all young people.

Basically, Cao Feng knew all of these people, after all, she was also the daughter of a top family in Wujiang, and these young people, too, were all the rich second generation in Wujiang City.

“Sun Li, Qin Lan …… How are you?”

Cao Feng greeted a few of these rich white women, these few people, who were also on good terms with Cao Feng, usually had a warm face when they met.

Today, however, these few people, all seemed cold to Cao Feng, as if they didn’t know her.

This caused Cao Feng to be embarrassed and confused in her heart.

“Oh, Cao Feng you’re finally here …… Oh no, I should call you big sister now.” Xiong Hui, dressed in a clean white suit with elegantly tended sideburns, walked over with a noble gait.

Cao Qian was caught in his hand, and when she saw Neo, Cao Qian’s eyes averted at once.

It wasn’t that nasty averting of her eyes, but she didn’t dare to look at Neo because, she was afraid that her feelings would fluctuate and it would be bad if Xiong Hui saw it.

“This is your fiancé, right, huh, I heard that you are cleaning in the library of Wujiang University, isn’t it?” Xiong Hui looked at Neo with a wry smile.

When he opened his mouth to ask this question, those rich boys and girls, at once, also focused their attention on Neo.

“Yes.” Neo gently nodded his head.

At once, Cao Feng heard the snickers around her.

She suddenly understood why when she greeted those few people who were playing well, they ignored her own.

It turned out that she had become the object of ridicule at this point, so naturally no one was willing to become friends with her anymore.

“Good, since you guys are here, then everyone take your seats and we’ll open the table!” Xiong Hui smiled faintly, pulled Cao Qian with him and sat down first in the chairman’s seat.

Cao Feng and Neo sat down next to them.

“That Mr. Hui, Mr. Yao and the others haven’t arrived yet, don’t you want to wait for them for a while?” Someone immediately said curtly.

“It’s alright, let’s eat first, my brother and the others are playing in the amusement park, but they’ll be here soon, they’ve played the last item on the roller coaster and they’re coming.” Xiong Hui said.

“Tsk, this pair of them, Young Yao, are really in love!” Someone said.

Xiong Hui didn’t say anything and glanced at Cao Qian who was next to him.

To be honest, his heart was quite envious of his brother and Cao Hong, compared to himself and Cao Qian, they really looked very much in love.

And although Cao Qian was about to marry herself, she was still cold to herself, which annoyed Xiong Hui.

Not only that, even Cao Feng looked very fond of that Neo, holding Neo’s arm like a little woman, and also looked very affectionate.

This made Xiong Hui’s heart rise up with jealous rage even more.

Yes, the three sisters of the Cao family, Cao Feng and Cao Hong were all very fond of their fiancé, but Cao Qian was the only one who was cold to him, how could this make Xiong Hui happy?

“Here, serve me a bowl of soup.” Xiong Hui suddenly pushed his bowl in front of Cao Qian.

Cao Qian was stunned, but she still obediently gave Xiong Hui a bowl of soup. After all, she was clear about her current status as Xiong Hui’s fiancée, so despite her reluctance, it was her duty to give him a bowl of soup.

Just as she was finishing the soup for Xiong Hui, Neo also happened to be holding a bowl to serve the soup.

Cao Qian didn’t know what to think, so she took Neo’s bowl, gave him a bowl and placed it in front of him.

To be honest, Cao Qian was actually a bit confused when she was serving the soup to Neo.

For a moment, she forgot about the occasion she was in and just saw her favourite person coming to serve the soup, so she subconsciously went to help Neo.

Yes, girls are like that, when they love someone, the desire to take care of them will really well up in their hearts.

Xiong Hui’s eyes were glued to the scene.

In his heart, anger and jealousy, burned even brighter.

This Cao Qian, but her own woman, she only served soup when she asked her to, but now she was taking the initiative to serve soup to this kid?

Xiong Hui was not stupid, and he could see that Cao Qian seemed to treat Neo differently from the others.

She never took the initiative to look at Neo, and even avoided Neo’s gaze.

But her body was always slightly turned towards Neo’s side.

After seeing this detail, Xiong Hui’s heart, at this moment, could be said to be violently angry.

Could it be that Cao Qian still liked this brat?!

The fact that Cao Feng liked Neo already made Xiong Hui feel a little jealous of Neo, after all, in Xiong Hui’s heart, Neo was a hangman who didn’t deserve to eat at the same table as himself.

However, it was this hanger-on who had won the affection of the Cao family’s eldest daughter, while he himself could not win the affection of the Cao family’s youngest daughter.

This made Xiong Hui upset, thinking that he was not even as good as a hangman whom he despised.

But now, Cao Qian also seemed to like this kid, which made Xiong Hui completely furious.

“That, come here!”

Xiong Hui suddenly beckoned to Cao Qian and said.

Cao Qian didn’t say anything and obediently walked over.

At this moment, she did not know what Xiong Hui had already discovered.

“The bracelet I gave you, why didn’t you bring it with you?” Xiong Hui spoke up again, rushing towards Cao Qian.

At once, the other people at the table, who were still eating and drinking and talking to each other.

After hearing Xiong Hui’s words, they all fell silent and looked at Xiong Hui and Cao Qian in unison.

Because, when Xiong Hui said this, his tone was cold, very cold.

Everyone felt Xiong Hui’s coldness.

Everyone also felt Xiong Hui’s terrifying anger that was hidden under the icy coldness.

“Ah, I, I forgot.” Cao Qian also panicked in her heart and hurriedly said.

“Oh, forget? Such an important thing, how could you forget it? That is the engagement bracelet I bought for you yesterday, a Burmese ice crystal blood jade bracelet, mammoth grade, you can’t find a second one in the whole Wujiang City, it’s worth a fortune, I specifically asked you to bring it today, how could you forget?!”

Xiong Hui sneered, suddenly his hand reached out, Cao Qian was caught off guard, with a cry of surprise, her wrist was caught in Xiong Hui’s hand, “You forgot to bring the precious blood jade bracelet I bought you, but you didn’t forget to bring this broken thing?!”

On Cao Qian’s wrist, she was carrying, no other than the ten dollar artificial jade bracelet that Neo had bought for her at the stall that day.

At this moment, Cao Qian’s heart became even more panicked.

Yes, it was her own mistake.

When she woke up this morning, she was still thinking about bringing the ice crystal blood jade bracelet that Xiong Hui had given her, not because she liked it of course, but because Xiong Hui had asked for it, and she had to attend this party today.

As a result, after returning from a bathroom break, Cao Qian forgot about it.

She habitually put on the bracelet that Neo had given her.

It wasn’t strange, Cao Qian had been wearing the bracelet since Neo gave it to her, and she felt warm with it, because it was the only thing Neo had given her.

It was also the only thing that connected her to Neo.

But now, all of this, when Xiong Hui found out, she knew that it was screwed up.

“This shitty thing, the texture is so rubbish, it’s obviously the junk from the ground stall that scams kids, you even forgot about my blood jade bracelet just to carry this shitty thing, do you still f*cking care about me?!”

Xiong Hui’s anger was completely ignited, he grabbed Cao Qian’s arm and took off that bracelet with great force, then slammed it onto the ground.


The bracelet shattered into countless pieces at once.

“Xiong Hui, you!” Cao Qian looked dumbfounded at the pieces of the bracelet on the ground, that was the only thing Neo had given her ah.

That didn’t care how much it was worth, the point was that it was a gift from Neo.

It was also the last thing in the world, the last thing given in that atmosphere where she herself also liked Neo, and Neo also liked her.

This jade bracelet represents the affection she once had for Neo.

And now, Neo was already her sister’s fiancé.

Even if he gave himself a gift again, it would only represent a kind of brother-in-law’s affection for his sister-in-law, and would never represent that kind of mutual affection.

But now, this bracelet was shattered.

To Cao Qian, it was as if her own feelings of liking Neo had been trampled on.

At that moment, she was also really out of anger.


Cao Qian couldn’t help but slap Xiong Hui.

“How dare you hit me?”

Xiong Hui didn’t do it this time, since he was young, he was the baby of his family, one of the top young masters in Wujiang City, after all, the Xiong family was the number one family in Wujiang.

Now he was unexpectedly slapped by Cao Qian.


Xiong Hui was really a bastard, he directly raised his hand and slapped Cao Qian back fiercely.

Just now Cao Qian had slapped him, but it wasn’t actually very heavy.

It was just a way for a woman to express her anger.

However, Xiong Hui’s slap was a heavy one.

Thinking about a delicate girl like Cao Qian, how could she stand the heavy hand of someone like Xiong Hui.

With a direct slap, he almost didn’t knock Cao Qian out.

Cao Qian’s cheeks were instantly red and swollen from the blow.

Tears even started to well up in her eyes.

That was because the beating was so painful that she couldn’t help but weep.

This time, the crowd was also dumbfounded.

No one had expected that Xiong Hui had actually beaten Cao Qian.

One had to know that although Xiong Hui was the grandson of the Xiong family, Cao Qian was also a thousand-year-old daughter of the Cao family.

“Xiong Hui, you dare to make a move on my sister! Do you think my Cao family is easy to bully!”

When Cao Feng saw her sister being beaten, she was furious and distressed, and Huo stood up.

She was really angry, after all, the Cao family was also the second family in Wujiang City, so how could her sister just be beaten up by someone? Even if it was the Xiong family, so what?

One must know that it was Xiong Hui who had started this matter, and it was he who had dropped his sister’s bracelet in the first place.

“You, Cao Feng, sit down for me!”

However, Xiong Hui was still angry and pointed at Cao Feng and shouted, “Cao Feng, don’t think I dare not beat you up. If it wasn’t for our family’s pity and relief, your father Cao Yunfeng would have gone bankrupt! If our family hadn’t interceded for your father, your father would have been in jail by now, you know! If our family hadn’t interceded for dad, your dad would be in jail right now. Listen to me, if you dare to make me angry again, I’ll make grandpa stop helping your family, and when that happens, you’ll just have to wait!”

With these words, Cao Feng froze in place.

She was really scared, scared that her dad would go to jail, after all, that day, she was also in the study and saw how helpless and desperate her dad was.

“I tell you, from today onwards, I, Xiong Hui, will not spoil any of your Cao family anymore, Cao Qian, you’d better learn to be my wife honestly, or else, heck, you imagine yourself!”

Xiong Hui said, sitting down with his toes high, pushing his wine glass and drinking at Cao Qian, “Pour me wine!”

Cao Qian didn’t dare to say anything else, and obediently went forward to pour Xiong Hui’s wine.

After all, she had heard clearly what Xiong Hui had just said to her sister.

She was scared too, scared that her father would go to jail.

Only, the tear marks on her face were still there, and the redness on her cheeks still looked extraordinarily striking.

“Young Fai is so majestic.”

“So domineering, just now!”

“Young Fai is worthy of being our top youngster in Wujiang.”

The crowd, at this point, also spoke up in compliment.

Cao Feng sat next to him and only felt a burst of burning on his face.

It was more unbearable than the pain, this humiliation.

Yes, the Cao family was also a big family in Wujiang City, so in the past, all these people were also competing to please themselves.

And now, he and his sister, who were obviously bullied by Xiong Hui, these people still went to curry favor and kneel to Xiong Hui in front of himself and his sister, and called the behavior just now domineering and majestic.

This is simply laughing at themselves ah.

However, what could be done?

Because of the gold mine, the family had indeed fallen into decline ah.

For a moment, Cao Feng really wanted to leave Neo, go to the capital, use her beauty and charm to hook up with a wealthy young man from the capital, then bring her back and hit these people hard in the face!

Let them also see that the Cao family’s daughter is not to be bullied!

However, after looking at Neo, Cao Feng suddenly gave up on this idea, because she did like this man!

Forget it, just put up with it and let it go!

The Cao family, is no longer the Cao family of old, and both sisters are married to the Xiong family, and Neo, whom she likes, doesn’t have the strength!

“You, pour the wine for these few friends of mine too!”

Over there, after Cao Qian had poured Xiong Hui’s wine, Xiong Hui pointed to a few other men and drank to Cao Qian.

Cao Qian was instantly stunned.

If it was said that pouring wine for Xiong Hui, it was nothing, after all, the Xiong family had a high status, and Xiong Hui was also her fiancé.

But everyone else’s family was not as good as her own Cao family.

One’s own Cao family’s thousand-year-old daughter, pouring wine for them, this, was an insult.

“What, I still can’t call you! Hurry up! In our Xiong family, the husband is the wife! You’d better not make me angry!” Xiong Hui drank.

Cao Qian’s eyes were sore and her eyes filled with tears, seeing Xiong Hui like this, she seemed to see her life afterwards too.

She didn’t dare to disobey at this point, so she took the bottle and went to the others.

Those few people, one by one, all had a look of excitement on their faces.

Yes, the Cao family’s daughter poured wine for them, tsk, this would be something to brag about when they went out.

And Cao Feng, with his head bowed, was also suffering for what had happened to his sister, to the Cao family!

Just at this time, suddenly, the waiter standing at the door said respectfully, “Young Master Xiong Yao is here, please!”

As he spoke, a man came in.

“Haha, the gang is all here.” Xiong Yao came striding over, still covered in sweat.

“What’s going on, are you alone? Where’s Cao Hong?” Xiong Hui couldn’t help but ask.

“Hong Hong ah, haha, had too much fun at the playground, it’s like she’s never been to a playground before, she’s all sweaty from playing and says she’s too tired, I told her not to come to dinner first, got a room in the hotel and let her rest first.” Xiong Yao said with a heated smile.

“Wow, Young Yao really takes care of his girlfriend, so considerate!” As soon as the others heard this, they started to pat Xiong Yao’s ass again.

“Yes, it’s so touching, Young Yao is so good to his girlfriend, meeting you is the biggest luck of her life!”

“It’s so enviable, I can guarantee that Young Yew must be the best boyfriend in the world. You two are the best match!”

The crowd was not stupid and could see that Xiong Yao and Cao Hong were very close, so they hurriedly gave a compliment at this point.

“Haha, that’s right, Hong Hong thinks so too!” Xiong Yao said in a glowing voice.

“By the way, Young Yao, how did you two meet?” Someone asked curiously again.

“Well, I’m happy today, so I might as well tell you guys.” Xiong Yao smiled mysteriously, “We met because of a box of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.”

“A box of ice cream? What happened, can you tell us more about it?” Hearing this, the crowd was even more interested.

Neo was also slightly stunned, a box of Haagen-Dazs ice cream?

“Nothing in detail, just that I gave her a box of ice cream and she agreed to be my girlfriend.” Xiong Yao said.

“Ah, no, it’s that simple? One box of ice cream and you’ve got a girlfriend… Young Xiong Yao is too good at picking up girls!” Someone said.

“Hey, that’s right, I gave her a box of ice cream, and then she got into my sports car.” Xiong Yao added.

“Haha, holy shit!”

“Damn, that’s a bit of a big turn, it’s flipped over!”

“So there’s a sports car, I told you how a box of ice cream could pick up a girl.”

Only then did the crowd realise that Xiong Yao was being funny on purpose.

Neo also sighed in his heart, so this Xiong Yao was teasing everyone.

When he heard about the box of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, he really thought of Zhou Yun.

“Alright, Cao Qian, come here and keep pouring the wine! By the way, go get a pack of tissues over here!” After Xiong Hui also laughed along with the crowd, when he looked at Cao Qian again, his tone became cold again.

This was, still, a humiliation.

This was using Cao Qian as if she was a waitress!

At this moment, the crowd all looked at Cao Qian.

Some with teasing, some with excitement, some with hunting.

In short, seeing Cao Qian being used like this by Xiong Hui, the crowd had an indescribable excitement.

Cao Qian, naturally, could also see that Xiong Hui was humiliating herself.

Her body was trembling and tears were still welling up in her eyes.

However, she was powerless to resist.

She was holding the bottle as if it weighed a thousand pounds.

How had she ever been humiliated like this before?

And yet, who could help herself?

Resign herself to fate!

However, at this moment, a hand suddenly came and took the bottle from her hand, and then, quickly, poured wine for all of them.

The action was extremely quick, a single breath, crisp, and sharp.

Cao Qian looked up in surprise, and it was none other than Neo.

At this point, after pouring the wine, Neo took another box of tissues over by hand and smiled, “Well, I’ll pour the wine for everyone, if you need anything, just look for me.”

Yes, when Neo saw Cao Qian like this, he was also heartbroken.

However, how could he help Cao Qian? After all, he was no longer a member of the Lu family now, ah.

An ordinary person himself, perhaps, could only help in this way.

“Damn it, you’re nothing! Did I tell you to pour the wine!” However, Xiong Hui was direct, and in one fell swoop, he took his anger out on Neo on the first floor.

It was also true that he was already upset with Neo, and now that Neo was even helping Cao Qian, he took the opportunity to deal with Neo ah.

“That’s right, this kid really doesn’t know how to behave.”

“How about looking for presence? What the hell?”

The crowd also agreed, after all, they all knew that Neo was just an ordinary person.

“Damn, you really think you’re an onion, you’ve been given a table to eat with us, so what do you mean? What do you mean by that? You’re against us, aren’t you? You’re not the only one who wants to make an impression! You’re a piece of shit! I’m not going to let you off lightly.” Xiong Yao was also furious, pointing at Neo’s nose and cursing.

“How about this, kneel down and slap yourself ten times, and this matter will be forgotten.” Xiong Hui said coldly.

“Don’t do that.” Cao Feng was anxious and hurriedly pleaded.

“Oh, you’re quite kind to this kid, so why don’t you come and take his place?” Xiong Hui was still cold, staring at Cao Feng.

Cao Feng froze.

Kneeling down by himself and slapping himself ten times?

You know, there are many people here, ah, and friends who used to be very familiar with him, even though they are no longer friends now.

“Hurry up, old man’s patience is limited!” Xiong Hui suddenly growled, and Cao Feng shivered in fear.

Just at that moment.

“Third Young Master! I’ve finally found you!”

At the door, an old voice suddenly came from the doorway.


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