At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 306

Cao Yunfeng hurriedly arrived at the advanced ward monitoring centre of Wujiang Hospital.

To be honest, his heart was in turmoil and a mess at this time.

After all, he did not approve of all three of his daughters’ marriages.

At this moment, as a father, what he needed most at a time like this was not to come out and be busy, but to be alone in his study for a while.

However, he had no choice.

The last catastrophe at the gold mine, in which twelve people died, had led to the fact that the mine was still at a standstill.

The whole site was also full of rumours and gossip, so Cao Yunfeng had to investigate all these things as soon as possible.

A total of thirteen people went down to the gold mine, twelve died, and the only survivor, Neo Ke, was now in the custody centre of the senior ward of this hospital.

To find out the exact situation, naturally, he had to find Neo Ke, the survivor, to find out.

“Sorry, Chief Cao, you can’t go in.”

However, at the entrance of the monitoring centre, a doctor blocked him.

Cao Yunfeng frowned, “I’m Cao Yunfeng, the injured person inside, is an employee from my gold mine, I’m here to see the employee and you won’t let me in?”

“Oh, Mr. Cao you misunderstood, it is not that you are not allowed to go in, but the injured person is currently in very serious condition, his life is still in danger, he is still under supervision, no one can go in to visit, if you really want to visit, come back in a few days.” The doctor said with embarrassment.

Cao Yunfeng was even more anxious when he heard this, no way, Neo Ke’s injury was so serious, if something really happened to him, I’m afraid that no one in this world would ever know what really happened under the mine.

However, since this was the case, Cao Yunfeng had no choice but to go back.

Not long after Cao Yunfeng had left, another Audi A10 stopped at the entrance of the hospital.

Two people got out of the car and, without looking away, entered the hospital straight away, heading straight for the Advanced Care Centre.

The doctor who spoke to Cao Yunfeng just now, seeing these two people coming over, could not help but greet them and bowed to one of them very respectfully, “Good day, Mr Xiong.”

These two people were none other than Xiong Dahai and his assistant.

“Neo Ke is still inside, right?” Xiong Dahai waved his hand, gesturing to the doctor not to be too polite, and spoke.

“Well, it’s inside.” The doctor nodded hastily and lowered his voice, adding, “Just now, Chief Cao also came.”

“Oh?!” A sneer appeared at the corner of Xiong Dahai’s mouth, “He came too, and what happened?”

“He was sent away by me.” The doctor said hastily as if he was claiming credit.

“Oh, very good.” Xiong Dahai patted the doctor’s shoulder in satisfaction, “Following our Xiong family, you won’t suffer any losses.”

After saying that, he also stopped paying attention to the doctor, pushed open the door, and went straight into the monitoring centre.

At this time, on the bed in the monitoring centre, a man in his thirties, wearing big trousers, was lying on the bed playing King’s Glory, while playing, his mouth was saying things like playing wild son grass proposed mother.

He looked leisurely and exuberant.

When he saw the two Xiong Dahai people, he instantly dropped his phone and immediately jumped off the bed respectfully, “Chief Xiong!”

“Oh, Neo Ke, it seems like you’ve recovered quite quickly.” Xiong Dahai said.

“It wasn’t much of an injury in the first place, Chief Xiong.” Neo Ke smiled heatedly and said, “When I went down the mine at that time, I brought a few blood bags with me, and after I got the thing done, I poured the blood bags onto myself and ran out, hehe, everyone thought it was my own blood, even Cao Yunfeng was fooled.”

“Are you sure that thing was done cleanly? That all twelve people died?” Xiong Dahai added.

“Don’t worry, Chief Xiong, I did absolutely nothing without a drop of water, I detonated the detonator I brought with me and completely sealed the whole pit, those twelve people were definitely smothered to death, if not blown up.” Speaking of this, Neo Ke himself was amused, “Only, at that time, I was really worried that if that whatever mysterious creature you told me to say appeared, others would not believe it, but I never thought it would work so well that people actually believed it, not only believed it, but also believed it so much! It even went so far as to reach Cao Yunfeng’s doorstep, haha!”

“Oh, the world is most foolish, how can those in power occupy high positions if they don’t even understand this truth.” After a pause, he added, “This time, Cao Yunfeng has suffered a big loss, I’m afraid he won’t be able to recover for a while, in order to pay out pensions and tidy up the gold mine, he has to turn to me, hehehe.”

“Mr Xiong is really brilliant!” Neo Ke hastily complimented.

“That, this time, Cao Yunfeng died twelve people, as far as I know, these twelve people are all gold mining connoisseurs, Cao Yunfeng lost so many at once, he definitely needs to replenish his staff, I will look for twelve people who have their hearts and minds to give to you, when the time comes, you will introduce them to Cao Yunfeng, by then, you will be working for Cao Yunfeng on the gold mine, on the surface, but in reality, you will be listening to my orders, hehe, I’m afraid Cao Yunfeng wouldn’t dream that I would already have a small team on his gold mine, hahaha!” Speaking of this, Xiong Dahai, was clearly even more pleased with himself.

“Hehehe, this is great, Chief Xiong, when the time comes, if we find a gold mine, we’ll inform you first! Anyway, when the time comes, I will bring your beloved people down the mine with me, under the mine, all your people.” Neo Ke said.

“Just that, this gold mine, is there really gold? Why has Cao Yunfeng dug for so long and still hasn’t dug any at all?” Xiong Dahai frowned again and said.

“Don’t worry about this Mr. Xiong, I have personally operated all of that detecting instrument, there is indeed a gold mine in the Nine Immortals Mountain, and the reserves are indeed very rich, the reason why you can’t dig it down now is probably because the Nine Immortals Mountain is too big and the gold mine is buried too deep.” Neo Ke said.

“Oh, this is the best, when the time comes, if you find the gold mine, make a good mark, then change the route and continue digging elsewhere, just like this, and keep dragging Cao Yunfeng to death, until he loses all his money and has to turn over the gold mine, I will then step in, as an in-law, out of helping him to carry out his good deeds, and acquire the gold mine Then I will go to the place where you have marked the gold mine and dig it up. Xiong Dahai was very proud.

Yes, he had reason to be smug, after all, this scheme was indeed very insidious and subtle.

“Follow Mr Xiong, glory and prosperity!” Neo Ke started to patronise him again.

Xiong Dahai smiled heatedly, took his men with him and left the hospital.

Three days later.

The Wujiang City three days later was basically not much different from the Wujiang City three days ago.

However, in the upper echelons of Wujiang City, a piece of news, a gossip to be exact, was constantly circulating and, in addition, caused a huge sensation.

That was that the three Cao sisters were all getting married!

Er, of course, most people had only heard of the two sisters of the Cao family, but slowly, it also became known that Cao Yunfeng had an illegitimate daughter.

Cao Feng and Cao Qian, in Wujiang City itself, were known as the ladies of the gentry.

Now, together with the illegitimate daughter, the three of them were all married together, which was a very exciting thing.

Moreover, rumour has it that both Cao Qian and her illegitimate daughter Cao Hong are married to two sons of the Xiong family, while Cao Feng is married to an ordinary man, which makes people talk even more.

Especially for Cao Feng, everyone was curious, how could she, of all people, marry an ordinary man?

Everyone knew that she was a very spirited and arrogant woman and that she had never had a boyfriend, so everyone thought that she had a high vision and wanted to find an ordinary man from the capital.

Of course, so far, it was all hearsay.

“Brother, you’ve come to see me, what’s the matter?”

At this moment, in the Xiong Mansion, Xiong Yao sat down with a pleasant face and looked at his brother Xiong Hui across the table.

“Since you got engaged to Cao Hong, you’ve been having a pretty good time these past few days.” Xiong Hui smiled heatedly and looked at his younger brother Xiong Yao, “Tsk, I didn’t expect Cao Hong to be so pretty looking too, not at all second to Cao Qian ah, what, you guys, did you have that one yet?”

Said Xiong Hui, making a dirty gesture.

“Ugh, I’d like to.” Hearing this, Xiong Yao slapped the table in depression, “To be honest, we haven’t done anything substantial in the past few days, she said that we can’t do it until the night of our wedding! Fuck!”

“Hey, if that’s the case, then there’s no need to rush, grandpa said he’ll get us married this month! By then, we’ll be able to do it in a big way.” Xiong Hui said gleefully.

“Haha, that’s true.” Xiong Yao was instantly happy, “When the time comes, we’ll have our wedding together, that scene, it’ll be explosive! The whole Wujiang City will be talking about this wedding, and it might even attract the attention of the whole country! After all, the two brothers of the first family in Wujiang are getting married on the same day, marrying sisters from the same family, tsk!”

Speaking of this, Xiong Yao suddenly frowned again and said with a bit of displeasure, “Only, I heard that that Cao Feng is also getting married on the same day, to a kid, since Cao Feng and Cao Hong Cao Qian are sisters, the wedding will definitely be held together then, grass, what qualifications does that kid have to be able to hold a wedding with our brothers together!”

“That’s right, brother.” Xiong Hui also had a flash of displeasure in his gaze, “So this time, I’m looking for you, just for this matter.”

“Ah, brother, what do you have in mind?” Xiong Yao hurriedly asked.

“I was thinking that tomorrow, we will set up a banquet at the hotel, when that time comes, I will bring Cao Qian, you bring your fiancee Cao Hong, and have that Cao Feng bring that brat as well, we would like to see what kind of goods that brat is, how dare he be a brother-in-law with us, what do you say?” Xiong Hui said.


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