At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 305

“Feng Feng, don’t be ridiculous!”

Cao Yunfeng was really angry and pained, yes, how could he have not expected that his eldest daughter would marry an ordinary man.

Although, he had already and clearly said that he would not interfere with his daughters’ freedom of marriage, it did not mean that he could tolerate his daughters marrying ordinary people.

Moreover, the other two daughters, have both married into the Xiong family.

These two daughters, after marrying into the Xiong family, will not have much to do with themselves, according to the Xiong family’s style.

Moreover, although Xiong Hui and Xiong Yao were now said to be their sons-in-law, they definitely did not regard themselves as their father-in-law at all, or rather, they would not respect themselves at all.

In that case, Cao Yunfeng’s greatest hope, in fact, was betting on Cao Feng’s body.

Naturally, he hoped that Cao Feng would marry a son from a wealthy family.

And that magnate son had better be more righteous and able to help himself, the old Tai Shan, and be on the same side as himself.

Just like just now when Cao Yunfeng was feeling extremely helpless and exhausted, he also wished very much to have a son-in-law who could be treated like a son by himself.

However, now Cao Feng was going to marry an ordinary youth, in that case, wouldn’t it be the end?

Three daughters, two married to the Xiong family and one married into an ordinary family.

He, Cao Yunfeng, was really in a bad way in this life.

“Why am I being nonsensical, I just want to marry him!” Originally, Cao Feng thought that after all these things, his father would really not care about his marriage, so Cao Feng dared to say it boldly

Now when she saw that her dad was still very much against it, she became anxious.

“No, Feng Feng, even if you want to marry him, you still have to consider your own status! If word of this gets out, think of the stir it will cause in Wujiang City! Everyone will be talking about you and the Cao family! How about you give him some money as compensation, and then find a boy who is a good match for you!” Cao Yunfeng had a stomach full of bitterness and really didn’t know what to tell his daughter.

Seeing that her father still didn’t agree, Cao Feng stood up in a flash and came to Neo’s side, holding Neo’s arm tightly, looking at Cao Yunfeng as if no one could separate us, “Dad, just leave this matter alone, I’m determined, we, we both had s*x.”


Cao Yunfeng’s gaze was instantly stunned, he sat frozen on the ground for a good half day before coming back to his senses.

When he came back to his senses, there was surprisingly a few moments of desolation on his face.

“Well, well, I couldn’t care less about you either.” Cao Yunfeng muttered.

Perhaps at this time, he once again felt that he was no longer the old Cao Yunfeng who could control everything and was full of energy.

Perhaps it was at this time that he felt that he was actually nothing more than an ordinary middle-aged man.

“Alright, whatever, just that you will definitely regret it in the future.” Cao Yunfeng waved his hand, seemingly not wanting to say anything more, and let Cao Feng and Neo leave.

It was only when they got outside that Neo reacted a little.

To be honest, back in the study, when Cao Feng talked about marrying himself, Neo was also really completely frozen.

At that time, he really didn’t know what to say.

Moreover, it was not good for him to interrupt what Cao Yunfeng and Cao Feng, the father and daughter, had just said, until Cao Feng pulled him out of the study.

“This is impossible.” In the courtyard, Neo looked at Cao Feng in front of him, but his heart was all about Zhou Yun, “I won’t marry any other girl except her.”

“Neo, you’re too desperate, I gave you my first time and you’re not even responsible for it?” Cao Feng was spirited and met Neo’s gaze, “Let me ask you, that she in your mouth, have you ever slept with her?”


Neo was stunned and hurriedly shook his head, as if he was afraid that if he shook his head slower, he would smear Zhou Yun’s innocence.

Seriously, this was something that Neo had never even thought about.

“Since you didn’t sleep with her, but took my first time, who do you think you should be responsible for?” Cao Feng pursued, “Besides, if you really liked her, then how come you did that kind of thing with me at the riverside? Since you did it with me, that means you don’t actually like her as much as you think you do!”

“This ……”

Neo immediately in his heart, as if something had hit him, this feeling made him suffer, yeah, he liked Zhou Yun so much, yet he did that kind of thing with Cao Feng!

Could it be that, in fact, he really didn’t like Zhou Yun that much?

No, it was never the case.

“And, then, do you think, if that she of yours, knew that you did that kind of thing with me, what do you think she would think, would she like you? And you who have already done that kind of thing with me, are you still qualified to make her like you?” Seeing that Neo seemed to have some wavering on his face, Cao Feng said further.

Neo couldn’t help but shake again, and it was as if a lightning bolt struck down in his heart with a slashing sound.

Yes, if Zhou Yun knew that at the time of her disappearance, she had actually done that kind of shameful thing with another woman, would she be very sad and upset, would she be very disappointed and disappointed?

And was the current self, the one who had done such beastly things, really still worth Zhou Yun’s liking?

“The first time I gave it to you, didn’t you really feel sorry for me? You’ll be able to get the best out of this. Are you really the kind of person who pulls out and is heartless? You know, I gave you my first time, as a girl, how much sacrifice I have paid!” When Cao Feng said this, she also had a heartbreakingly churlish and pitiful look on her face.

It was also true that although she was usually very spirited and daring, but no matter what, she was still just a girl, and a clean girl too.

As expected, Neo’s heart shook again when he heard this.

Cao Feng was softening and hardening, and Neo’s heart, too, was relieved.

Yes, he had become this way, Zhou Yun might not have liked him long ago.

He had taken Cao Feng’s first time, so as a man, he had to be responsible.

If you want to blame it, you can only blame yourself for being too poorly set in your ways.

When a man does something wrong, he has to take responsibility!

“Okay, fine.” Neo let out a long sigh, “But you have to promise me a request.”

“You say you say! I’ll give you whatever you want!” Seeing that Neo had agreed, Cao Feng couldn’t be happy enough.

“Even if we get married, but I still have to find that girl, don’t ask who she is, I want to find her, but don’t worry, since I’m married to you, I won’t do anything with her.” Neo said.

“Okay, no problem.” Cao Feng agreed very readily.

Neo left the Cao Mansion.

He left on foot.

Cao Feng wanted to drive him, but Neo refused, at this moment, he just wanted to be alone and think about things.

And Cao Feng knew that Neo must have been very stirred up inside as well when he agreed to marry himself, so he obeyed and let Neo leave alone.

“Drip ……”

Just when Neo had been walking for more than an hour, he finally reached the street in the city village where his rented room was located.

A horn suddenly sounded behind him, and then, a pink Mercedes-Benz, stopped next to Neo.

Inside the car, a girl got down.

When Neo saw her, he was stunned, and then countless guilt suddenly welled up in his heart.

“I’m sorry, I really didn’t expect ……” Neo didn’t know what to say for a moment and subconsciously said, yes, he had too much to apologize to this young girl in front of him.

“No, you don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to say sorry.” Cao Qian suddenly stepped forward and stopped and hugged Neo, “You and my sister are engaged to be married, I know.”

“I used to fantasize that we would be on the same day, you becoming the groom and me becoming the bride …… I just never thought that it would come true in this way.” When she said this, Cao Qian choked up with a sour sob.

“I ……,” Neo sighed inwardly.

“Actually, I’m still happy that you’re with my sister, at least this way I still have a relationship with you.” Cao Qian said here and smiled slightly again, looking, however, as if she was self-congratulating.

This made Neo look heartbroken.

After all, this girl, once killed herself for herself.

She was a very sweet and gentle and kind girl, and to be honest, if he really had to marry a Cao family daughter, Neo would rather marry Cao Qian.

“Well, this is the last time I will hug you.” Cao Qian said, letting go of Neo, her gaze still slightly red as she looked at Neo, “Can you give me one thing? I think that although I can’t have you, I would like to have the same thing you gave me, and I will keep it well.”

“Good, I’ll buy you a present tomorrow!” Neo said.

Well, let’s go back and find someone to borrow money for a good gift for Cao Qian ourselves.

“No, tomorrow you will belong to my sister, you can give it to me now, right here, buy one and give it to me!” Cao Qian said, pointing to the ground stall of ornaments next to her.

This ground stall selling ornaments was all the kind of very cheap and inexpensive jewellery.

“Then, okay, I’ll go back and get the money.” Neo said a bit shamefacedly, “I only have ten yuan on me.”

“Ten dollars is ten dollars, I’ll be happy even if you buy something for a dollar, as long as it’s from you.” Cao Qian said.

When Neo heard this, his heart ached again, and in the end, he could only pick a ten dollar bracelet and gave it to Cao Qian.

“Sorry, this one, it’s a bit too cheap.” Neo was even a little embarrassed.

However, as if she had received the most valuable gift, Cao Qian, with that kind of girlish surprise, took the ten dollar cheap bracelet, carefully lowered her head and fondled it, and kept it for a long, long time before putting it away.

Then, Cao Qian suddenly tilted her head up and looked at Neo: “Goodbye, brother-in-law!”

With that, Cao Qian got into the car without looking back and left.

Neo was stunned in place, and everywhere in his heart, he did not feel good.


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