At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 304

Knock, knock, knock.

“Sister, open the door, we’ve come to see you.” At the door, Cao Qian knocked on the door of Cao Hong’s room and said.

However, there was no sound inside.


Cao Qian frowned and simply turned the handle directly and opened the door to the room.

Inside the room, there was no one.

“Where’s sister?” Cao Qian froze at once.

“Could have gone to dad’s place, let’s go over there.”

Cao Feng took Neo by the arm, and Cao Qian, the two of them went to look for Cao Yunfeng.

At this moment, Cao Yunfeng was in his study, following a phone call.

“Mr. Cao, huh.” On the phone, it was Xiong Dahai’s voice.

To be honest, at this time, hearing Xiong Dahai’s voice, Cao Yunfeng’s heart wasn’t very comfortable.

“Chief Xiong, regarding the marriage between my daughter Cao Hong and your son Xiong Yao, what is the result of your discussion?” Cao Yunfeng asked.

Yes, at that time in the police station, although Cao Hong had taken the initiative to say that she would marry Xiong Yao, thus exchanging for the Xiong family’s investment.

But after all, it was not Cao Qian who married Xiong Hui.

Therefore, Xiong Hai did not directly commit to it, but said that he would go back and discuss it with the old man of the Xiong family, and that the matter would need to be decided after the old man knew about it.

Now, when Xiong Dahai called, he must have come to inform the result of the discussion.

Therefore, to be honest, now that he suddenly received a call from Xiong Dahai, Cao Yunfeng’s heart was still a bit apprehensive, not knowing whether this call was bad or good.

“Well, I’ve discussed this with our family’s old man. The old man’s meaning is that this daughter of yours, and our family’s Xiong Yao, itself is a love match, they married belong to the rightful, and can not give you investment because of this, if you still want to invest it, or to marry Cao Qian to our family’s Xiong Hui ……,” Xiong Dahai said leisurely.

“This really can’t be done, Chief Xiong.” How can Cao Yunfeng still marry Cao Qian to Xiong Hui, the last time he made Cao Qian commit suicide ah.

“Oh, it can definitely be done, Mr. Cao, your gold mine is now twelve people dead, all of these people are in trouble because of your gold mine, for you now, just the pension and compensation fee for each of the dead is a considerable amount, and if no one helps you at this time, for this accident, the government will also punish you, and the same can be done to make your gold mine Have you thought about the pros and cons of this?” On the phone, Xiong Dahai’s voice was still unhurried.

When Cao Yunfeng listened, his head was slick with cold sweat.

Yes, Xiong Dahai’s every word hit the weak spot in his heart with great precision.

This time, the gold mine disaster was so big that it was beyond Cao Yunfeng’s imagination, and even alerted the Wujiang municipal government.

And it has aroused the attention of public opinion, which is the trickiest of all.

However, even though Xiong Dahai had hit on his weakness, Cao Yunfeng would not agree. Yes, his daughter had committed suicide last time because of this, and if he did what Xiong Dahai said, would he not be forcing his daughter to commit suicide once again?

The gold mine was certainly important, but one would never force one’s daughter again.

“Oh, right, Mr. Cao.” Seeing that Cao Yunfeng did not speak for a long time, Xiong Dahai added, “Don’t forget that we are still in-laws.”

“Who is in-laws with you?!” Cao Yunfeng said, “I haven’t even really agreed to the marriage between Cao Hong and your son yet.”

“Oh, it’s not your turn to interfere in matters between their younger generations, their marriage is a done deal.” Xiong Dahai said.

“Heh, is that so?” Cao Yunfeng sneered, “That’s my daughter, it’s up to me.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Cao, right now Cao Hong is at our house and is with Xiong Yao, just now I have asked Xiong Yao to pick her up when you weren’t looking, er, it seems that your daughter really likes our Xiong Yao, she followed along without much effort.” Xiong Dahai’s tone revealed smugness.


Cao Yunfeng was so angry that his liver hurt, and yes, he had heard Cao Hong’s voice from Xiong Dahai’s mobile phone.

“Mr. Cao, I won’t talk nonsense to you, let Cao Qian marry our family Xiong Hui, I guarantee to give you the funds, and at the same time will help you to suppress the time of this mining accident, you know, now the whole country is increasing the thorough investigation of safety production, and on your gold mine, so many people died at once, it can easily be categorized as a safety accident for you, when the time comes, then make a national typical, your Cao family will You will be completely finished from Wujiang City, and you, Cao Yunfeng, will live in the scorn of the people for the rest of your life.”

Xiong Dahai has been unhurried, seems to be winning, “Besides, Cao Hong is going to marry Xiong Yao, you let Cao Qian also marry Xiong Hui, this is how beautiful things, when the two sisters married together, tsk, the whole city sensation ah, you Cao can be very beautiful …… ”

“Okay, stop talking!”

Cao Yunfeng heard the heart depressed, shouted, snapped and hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Cao Yunfeng’s heart was still furious.

He paced back and forth in the study, scratching his hair one moment and stamping his feet the next, his face, filled with a look of helplessness and grief.

“Alas, Cao Yunfeng, Cao Yunfeng, you’re just being played with now, only sigh, I don’t have a son! If I had a son, I wouldn’t be bullied so much!”

As Cao Yunfeng spoke, he also sighed long and hard.

Yes, he didn’t have a son himself.

Of course, Cao Yunfeng was not patriarchal, but within such a powerful family, having a son would be equivalent to having a most allied helper.

And a daughter, after all, is a girl’s family, so many things are still inconvenient.

For example, if one had a son, who was now in his twenties and had his own contacts and career, he would certainly be able to be his right-hand man and help himself.

However, one only has three daughters.

Of course, it would be possible to have very strong sons-in-law.

However, now the eldest daughter, Cao Feng, has never married or had a boyfriend, the second daughter is already going to marry the Xiong family, and the third daughter is being forced by the Xiong family.

This made Cao Yunfeng really devastated.

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

Just at this time, Cao Feng brought Neo, and Cao Qian appeared at the door.

Seeing Cao Yunfeng like this, Cao Qian and Cao Feng were both heartbroken and hurriedly came up to help Cao Yunfeng.

Seeing his two flowery daughters, Cao Yunfeng’s heart softened and a feeling of heroic twilight came over him.

For the first time, he felt that he was getting old, that he was on his own and could no longer bear this great pressure.

With a sigh of relief in his heart, Cao Yunfeng briefly told Xiong Dahai what had just happened on the phone.

“This Xiong family, it’s so abominable, it simply gains an inch!” After hearing her father’s account, Cao Feng was so angry that her flowers trembled, yes, it wasn’t enough to want a sister, but now she even wants one!

“Don’t worry, Qianqian, daddy will never marry you off to someone you don’t like.” Cao Yunfeng said soothingly to Cao Qian.

“No, papa, I’ll marry Xiong Hui.” Cao Qian suddenly said, “This time, I’m serious.”

Her tone was firm.

“This, Qianqian, you ……” Cao Yunfeng froze, not knowing why his daughter had suddenly become like this again.

“Dad, I’ve already decided, only, I want my sister and I to get married on the same day, so that when my sister arrives at the Xiong family, I can also have a care with her.” When Cao Qian finished speaking, she suddenly ran out of the study.

As she brushed past Neo, she seemed to pause for a moment, but ran out anyway.

In the room, only Cao Yunfeng, Cao Feng and Neo were left.

Neo watched the scene dumbfounded, he hadn’t reacted for a moment.

“Dad, I want to get married too!” Cao Feng also said.

“You, you’re getting married too? Who are you going to marry?” Cao Yunfeng was all frozen, yes, the eldest daughter didn’t even have a boyfriend, and this was going to marry someone?

“That’s him.” Cao Feng stood up and walked over to Neo.

“Which family’s grandson is he?” Cao Yunfeng’s eyes lit up, he looked at Neo, he was quite dignified and had never seen him before, maybe he was a noble son from the capital?

“He’s just a boy from an ordinary family.” Cao Feng said.

At once, Cao Yunfeng’s heart sank.

“Dad, I’ve thought about it too, me and my two sisters, we’re getting married on the same day too!”


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