At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 302

“That, Neo.” Cao Qian said with a bit of a squirm, “Can you come home with me.”

“Huh?” Neo froze again.

No way, what kind of day is today, why does everyone want to go home with her?

“My sister, she’s getting married.” When Cao Qian said this thing about Cao Hong, there were a few more sadness in her heart, but things had already become final, and she was not able to change it, “She only wanted, before getting married, to be able to see you.”

When she said this, Cao Qian’s face looked a little shy again and she squirmed, “Because I told my sister that you are the one I like, she just wants to see the boy I like before she gets married, you, can you promise?”

“Yes, okay.” Neo agreed.

Yes, although Neo didn’t say yes to Cao Feng just now, but Cao Qian and Cao Feng were not the same.

He himself actually liked Cao Qian quite a bit, but it was just that he already had Zhou Yun.

Moreover, Cao Qian had said before that she would allow herself to like her until she found Zhou Yun.

What’s more, now that someone’s sister was about to get married, how could one refuse such a small request to see the boy one’s sister liked before getting married?

Besides, Cao Feng’s purpose in asking herself to go home with her was to establish a relationship.

And Cao Qian was clearly not.

So, Neo agreed.

“Well, let’s get in the car!” Seeing that Neo had agreed, Cao Qian’s heart was also very happy.

After all, it was a kind of happiness to let her sister, with whom she had the best relationship, see the boy she liked.

The two of them got into the car.

Just as the car was driving towards the Cao Mansion.

At this moment, at the Xiong family.

“How is Cao Yunfeng doing now, is he burnt out?”

On the tai shi chair, Xiong Xuesen leisurely smoked his water pipe and said slowly.

On his face was an old and steady look that was unique to his age, with little expression on his face, as if he was always unperturbed.

“Yes, father, this is a really good move, Cao Yunfeng’s house was almost turned over.” Xiong Dahai said excitedly.

“Oh, this is just a small trick, how foolish and ignorant the world is, a little agitation and you will be led by others by the nose, we as a gentry have to learn how to make use of these worlds, know that as long as you learn to make use of it, this is a great amount of power, this power will be so big that it can even change history.”

When Xiong Xuesen said this, his face seemed to show a bit of excitement and smugness, it could be seen that he was also very satisfied with this move of his, “People who do great things, how can they become if they don’t learn to control the hearts of the people? That Cao Yunfeng, although he is only ranked below our Xiong family and is known as the second family in Wujiang, is actually just a reckless man, I can use 10% of my power to break his family, with this level, he still dares to refuse the marriage proposal of our Xiong family’s son.”

“Father is really powerful.” Xiong Dahai hurriedly revealed an adoring expression.

“Oh, since Cao Yunfeng has suffered, then he must be much more honest, I guess, you have also returned with good news, then Cao Yunfeng should not interfere with his youngest daughter’s marriage with Ah Hui anymore.” Xiong Xuesen said.

“This, father.” Xiong Dahai hesitated for a moment and said, “Cao Yunfeng is indeed planning to betroth one of his daughters to one of our Xiong family’s sons, however, it is not the marriage between that youngest daughter called Cao Qian and Ah Hui, but another daughter who is going to marry Ah Yao’s ……”

“Another daughter?” Xiong Xuesen frowned, “Cao Yunfeng only has a total of two daughters, the eldest daughter is called Cao Feng, the younger daughter is called Cao Qian, that Cao Feng, I have met once, her temperament is rather open and arrogant, I dislike it very much, how can such a woman be worthy to be the daughter-in-law of our Xiong family, that younger daughter, last time I met, her character is not bad, very obedient, quite suitable to be the daughter-in-law of Ah Hui. ”

Speaking of this, Xiong Xuesen looked irritated, “This Cao Yunfeng, surprisingly, still disobedient, it seems he hasn’t suffered enough losses.”

“No, father, what Cao Yunfeng married was not that eldest daughter Cao Feng, but his other daughter, called Cao Hong, this little girl, I have never met her before, I heard that she is Cao Yunfeng’s illegitimate daughter outside, but she is also very pretty, and she is also very obedient and well-behaved, also, father, this Cao Hong, still took the initiative to ask to marry Ah Yao. ”

“Wait a minute, what did you say? Another daughter, illegitimate daughter?!” Xiong Xuesen’s face instantly sank, “An illegitimate daughter, is she also worthy of marrying a son of my Xiong family! This is simply an insult to my Xiong family! This matter, must not be agreed!”

Xiong Dahai nodded his head and was about to say something.

Just at this moment, a young man came in.

“Grandpa, dad, listen to me. That Cao Hong, I quite like her, so I’m happy to make her my wife.” The youth who came in was none other than Xiong Yao, who happened to hear his grandfather and father talking about this matter, especially when he heard his father say that Cao Hong had offered to marry him.

“No, how can our Xiong family’s son marry an illegitimate daughter, it’s too humiliating. Listen to me, that girl is not good enough for you, grandpa will marry a better one for you, and when the time comes, I will ask someone to go to the capital to make connections, so I might get you a big lady from the capital as your daughter-in-law.” Xiong Xuesen said.

“Hey, if I can marry the first lady of the four families in the capital, then I’ll definitely be even better off.” Xiong Yao heatedly smiled, “But this Cao Hong, she is really beautiful, I really feel itchy, to be honest, I have been in Wujiang for so many years, but I have not seen anyone more beautiful than her. I’m not sure if I can’t marry again. I’ve had my fun anyway.”

Xiong Yao said something.

This guy was trying really hard to convince Xiong Xuesen and Xiong Dahai, because he really liked Cao Hong.

And Xiong Xuesen and Xiong Dahai were usually quite spoiled by Xiong Yao and the others.

Now when he saw Xiong Yao like this, he agreed to do so.

“Alright then, let’s say yes, but.” Speaking here, Xiong Xuesen looked at Xiong Dahai, “But, that Cao Hong, she is taking the initiative to marry Ah Yao, so it doesn’t work as a condition for Cao Yunfeng, so we still have to get that Cao Qian to still marry Ah Hui before we can give him the investment! That, Hai Hai, you immediately go and contact Cao Yunfeng once more, and convey my attitude to him, and say that we still need Cao Qian to marry Ah Hui, after all, that Cao Hong, took the initiative to marry Ah Yao, and was not forced by us, even if we don’t invest, that Cao Hong, will still take the initiative to marry Ah Yao.”

“Haha, this is a good move by grandpa!” Hearing this, Xiong Yao laughed out loud, “When the time comes, my brother and I, together, marry the two sisters of the Cao family, this will definitely cause a stir in the whole Wujiang City.”

“Well, Ah Yao, you can’t stay idle either, I want you to drive to the Cao family right now.” Xiong Xuesen said.

“Ah, what for, Grandpa?”

“When you go to Cao’s house, say that you are there to pick up Cao Hong to come out and have some fun, then when you receive Cao Hong, drive her to our Xiong’s house immediately.” Xiong Xuesen said.

“Why?” Xiong Yao didn’t understand for a moment why Grandpa was doing this.

“Because later on, your father is going to continue to communicate with Cao Yunfeng and ask Cao Yunfeng to marry Cao Qian to your brother, I am worried that that Cao Yunfeng will get angry and thus not only not allow Cao Qian to marry your brother, but will even not allow Cao Hong to marry you. Since you also like that Cao Hong, then trick her out and bring her to our Xiong family first, by then, even if Cao Yunfeng gets angry, we have Cao Hong in our hands, there is nothing he can do.” Xiong Xuesen said.

“Grandpa, what a good idea, I’m on my way!” Xiong Yao was of course impatient.

Immediately, he led the order out.

At this moment, said Cao Qian, who had already driven and brought Neo to the Cao Mansion.

“That, Neo, you wait here first.” When the two arrived at the courtyard, Cao Qian first asked Neo to wait in the courtyard for a while, while she herself gently came to the living room alone.

Since it was necessary to pass through the living room to get from the courtyard to Cao Hong’s room, Cao Qian was worried that her father would see Neo first, so she came over to step on the spot first.

Yes, Cao Qian did not intend to let Cao Yunfeng see Neo first, she wanted to let her sister Cao Hong see Neo first before she brought him to her dad.

It would be bad if Dad didn’t see Neo first and get upset then.

Neo also waited in the courtyard.

The courtyard of the Cao Mansion had been cleaned and repaired, but it still looked a bit damaged, all because of the damage done by a group of people earlier.

At this moment, Neo’s heart, surprisingly, had a few indefinable feelings of guilt towards Cao Feng.

Yes, Cao Feng wanted to take himself home, but he did not agree.

But he had come back with Cao Qian.

Sigh, wasn’t he a bit too sorry for Cao Feng?

After all, he possessed her ah, what could be more serious than that for a girl?

While Neo was thinking nonsense.

Suddenly, “Neo, you’re here!”

A very familiar voice, with an indescribable surprise, rang out behind Neo all of a sudden.

Hearing this voice, Neo couldn’t help but tremble all over.

No way, how, how could it be possible to hear this voice in this place!

Neo subconsciously turned back.

He saw that there was a woman in front of him.

She was tall, wearing high heels, with a thin waist and plump hips, looking at herself with a smile.

It was none other than Cao Feng.

Neo was instantly frozen, he didn’t understand how he could see Cao Feng here.

“Giggle, you’re really here, I knew you would come!” Cao Feng obviously, the whole person looked very happy, yes, very excited, even the look of happiness in his gaze.

It was also true that since she was at school, after telling Neo her home address, in order to give Neo time to think, Cao Feng had come back first.

But to be honest, after she came back, she was still very apprehensive because she didn’t know if Neo would really come or not ah.

So when she got home, she kept waiting.

But she waited and waited, but Neo still didn’t come.

Cao Feng became even more anxious, was this guy really just not happy?

She couldn’t stay any longer, so she wanted to get out and drive to the school to look for Neo again.

Who knows, just come out, and ran into Neo in the courtyard.

“I ……”

Neo was really confused, he couldn’t figure out what was going on for a while, and, for a while, he didn’t know what to say.

“I knew it, you like me too!”

I think I understand your feelings, I’m so happy, because my guess was right, you like me, I think, you also understand, I asked you to come home with me what it means! Great.”

“This ……” said Neo, with his mouth open.

Just at this time, footsteps sounded again in the courtyard.

Through Cao Feng’s shoulder, Neo then saw that Cao Qian, had returned, and at this moment, was looking at them with a surprised face.


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