At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 301

“Or maybe it’s because he thinks sister you’re too good, and he, and he that ……” said here, Cao Qian face slightly also red, after all, this kind of male and female thing, for her, or inevitably too too exciting a little. “He likes you, but does not know how to face you, so now just subconsciously avoid you, in fact, he still likes you, just, may be too embarrassed to express it, the TV is not so acted?”

“Haha, sister you’re right. He must be shy.” Hearing Cao Qian say that, Cao Feng looked very happy.

Yes, with the disparity in status between herself and that guy, that guy must have been unable to adapt to the situation for a while after he suddenly got himself, and his inferiority complex had kicked in.

Hey, hey, Neo, what are you so shy about, I don’t mind you.

I’ll definitely find you today!

After separating from Cao Qian, Cao Feng went straight to Wujiang University again.

“Hey, Neo, stop right there!”

It was a coincidence that Cao Feng had searched for days without finding Neo, but this time, just after arriving at the library of Wujiang University, he happened to run into Neo.

It is said that after Neo and Cao Qian parted, he was also in an indescribable melancholy mood.

On the one hand, it’s the longing for Zhou Yun, on the other hand, it’s also the apology for Cao Qian.

I hope that everyone else will have a good home in the future.

Neo was just thinking, when he heard Cao Feng’s shout.

To be honest, at this time, when Neo saw Cao Feng, his head was all over the place. Since the last time he was at the Yangtze River, he had a momentary confusion and had s*x with Cao Feng, but of course, later from Zhang Jiu, Neo probably understood that he was not confused, but he happened to come across Cao Qian’s suicide, and he returned to some memories, which even influenced his behaviour.

After all, Zhang Jiu Lan Huang and the others had all said that 35,000 years ago, he himself was a very affectionate man.

So, having s*x with any woman, for the former self, was really the same as eating, as long as it looked good, it was time to do it, people, isn’t it just a matter of having fun in time?

Of course, for the current Neo Neo said, he really can’t understand the bastard behavior of himself at that time, a man should be dedicated, dedicated to love that girl who belongs to him, treat her as his world, to protect her and take care of her for a lifetime.

After all, a girl is so tender, and if she loves you, how can you let her down?

However, although many of the things that had happened to him were a bit odd, Neo still couldn’t fully believe in Zhang Jiu’s claim of some kind of demonic heavenly mystery right now, after all, that one was too shocking too.

But no matter what, after that time with Cao Feng, Neo’s heart really felt very guilty towards her.

After all, he didn’t like Cao Feng, but he had s*x with her, and not only that, he had taken her blood, so he was a beast.

Of course, Neo didn’t want to avoid Cao Feng all the time.

It’s just that it all happened so quickly and so suddenly that Neo didn’t know how to face Cao Feng for a while.

He just wanted to calm down for a while, calm down for a while, and then, find an opportunity to apologise to Cao Feng.

Of course, just apologising was not enough, Neo knew that he had to make it up to Cao Feng, because he owed it to her!

But, right now, Neo was not ready.

So, at this moment, when he was suddenly discovered by Cao Feng, Neo subconsciously tried to run away.

“Why are you hiding from me!” Cao Feng had already expected Neo to do this, so she had already stepped forward and grabbed Neo, pressing him against the wall.

“I… I didn’t.” Neo said sheepishly.

His gaze dodged, not daring to look at Cao Feng.

At this moment, the two were so close that Cao Feng’s body was leaning towards Neo in order to suppress him, so clear was the scent of her body.

“Not yet, have you forgotten, what you did to me at the riverside, what’s wrong, are you not going to be responsible for me anymore?”

Cao Feng stared at Neo, she was wearing high heels and was almost as tall as Neo.

Her chest was plump and full of a kind of primitive feminine beauty and oppressive power.

Seriously, Neo was afraid of her mentioning this.

“I… I haven’t forgotten, and also, I won’t be irresponsible.” Neo said helplessly, although he didn’t like Cao Feng, but that thing after all, he did it himself, Neo was not going to escape responsibility.

As for how to be responsible, Neo didn’t think about it, that’s why he didn’t want to see Cao Feng.

“That’s good, how are you going to be responsible for it?” Cao Feng smiled at once and looked at Neo with interest.

“This ……”

Neo was stuck for a moment, how could he say this?

He could only stiffen his head and say, “I, I haven’t thought about it yet, I really don’t have any money right now ……”

“Giggle.” Seeing Neo’s nervous look, Cao Feng’s heart became even happier instead, “What are you nervous about, who asked you to be responsible with money? Do you think I look like someone who is short of money?”

When Cao Feng saw Neo say that he didn’t have money to be responsible, she was so angry and funny in her heart.

Oh, it turned out that this guy wasn’t the kind of person who would just pat himself on the back after eating, he turned out to want to be responsible for himself too, it was just that he felt he didn’t have any money, that’s why he was avoiding himself.

He was just avoiding himself because he thought he had no money.

Thinking of this, Cao Feng had another happy feeling in her heart, this guy is such a fool, he would want to be responsible with money, he wouldn’t want to compensate himself with money, right?

But then Cao Feng thought in his heart, this guy must think that he is not good enough for himself, so he thought of using money to compensate, after all, he is too inferior, so he should not have the guts to be friends with himself.

Thinking of this, Cao Feng’s heart was overjoyed.

“I don’t need you to use money to make up for it.” Cao Feng smiled and said seriously, “I just need you to come home with me today.”

Yes, Cao Feng had come to find Neo to take him home for once.

Cao Feng knew that her sister Cao Qian was now out looking for that boy she liked, and later on, her sister should bring that boy home.

And just now, from her sister’s mouth, Cao Feng also knew that the boy was just an ordinary boy from an ordinary family.

If her sister brought that boy back, maybe her father would not like it.

So, Cao Feng also decided to bring Neo home as well, so that her sister would like an ordinary boy and Neo would be an ordinary person.

Dad shouldn’t say anything when he saw that he and his sister both brought home ordinary boys at the same time.

Even if he were to say something, he alone, is no match for two people.

This was a way to support his sister in action himself.

“A trip home?” Neo was stunned.

A trip home, what did it mean, of course Neo could not possibly not know.

Especially when Cao Feng was looking at himself with a burning gaze at this moment.

What’s more, he had just had s*x with her not long ago, and now he was taking himself home, what he wanted to do, he didn’t need to say anything to know.

“What, can’t you? Don’t forget, you took my first time, and you won’t even agree to this request?” Seeing Neo like this, Cao Feng’s face instantly changed.

“No, it’s not.” Neo hurriedly shook his head, it’s true, he had taken her first time, what’s wrong with a trip back?

Besides, a trip back wouldn’t necessarily determine anything.

It was just that it felt a bit odd.

“So, would it be okay if you let me think about it?” Neo thought about it and said.

“Of course it’s no problem!” Hearing Neo say that, Cao Feng’s eyes immediately lit up, feeling that there was a chance.

She felt that Neo must have understood her idea too, after all, what did it mean to go home with a girl, who didn’t understand?

And the fact that Neo was hesitating now meant that he was thinking, and since he was thinking, it meant that he actually wanted to in his heart, but just couldn’t make up his mind for a while.

At this time, one must not push, but give him time to think about it slowly.

If you push too hard, you may make Neo rebellious.

“Then how about this, I won’t push you, let you take your time to think about it, I’ll go home first and wait for you, if you want to say yes, go to the No. 1 residence on Nautilus Street, that’s my house.” Cao Feng knew that he could not force Neo, so he gave him time to think it over slowly.

After watching Cao Feng leave, Neo could only smile bitterly.

What to do?

It looked like this woman was serious.

Did he really want to go to her house?

But, just because he had Zhou Yun in his heart, now that he had even refused Cao Qian, how could he promise Cao Feng?

Forget it, it’s better not to go.

However, Neo decided not to go, but he felt a bit guilty in his heart.

Neo was hesitating.

A young girl’s voice suddenly came from behind him, “Neo, there you are.”

Neo turned around and it was Cao Qian in front of him.


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