At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 300

“Be my boyfriend!”

On the campus of Wujiang University, Cao Qian suddenly grabbed Neo’s hand, her eyes tightly looking at Neo, and in that gaze, she carried too many emotions.

Yes, this young girl, had endured too much.

From the initial resistance, to later being forced to accept the fact that she was married to Xiong Hui.

Then she mistakenly thought that Neo had died in a car accident, and then she found out that Neo was still alive.

During this period, she also went back and forth twice at the ghost gate.

The ups and downs of life are not something a young girl can bear, and after going through this series and seeing Neo again, Cao Qian’s feelings exploded.

Since she had been brought back to life once again, Neo had also returned to normal.

Everything had not changed from the original.

The only thing that had changed was that, they had met.

These few days could also be said to be the happiest days of Cao Qian’s life. First, Cao Yunfeng would no longer force her to marry Xiong Hui, and then she met the teenager she was most attracted to.

During these few days, they were together all the time. Cao Qian took Neo around Wujiang University and took him for a good walk around Wujiang. The more she spent time with Neo, the more Cao Qian liked him.

Yes, she liked the light sadness of Neo’s body, the warmth of his body, the feeling of not fighting or grabbing, the feeling that was different from any other guy she had met.

So, today Cao Qian couldn’t hold back any longer and directly confessed her love to Neo.

Neo was stunned.

He looked at the young girl in front of him, very pretty and lovely, with the kind of burning and devoted look on her face that only a young girl can have, and she looked at herself as if she was all that was in her eyes.

The first thing that came to Neo’s mind was not Zhou Yun, but Neo Ling.

Only because if there was any girl like Cao Qian, it was Neo Ling.

These two girls, both of them, had confessed their love to themselves.

And both were very serious.

If I had to say what the difference was, it was that when Neo Ling first confessed, she was confident, as if to say, “Be my boyfriend, I’ll drive a BMW to support you in the future, and I’ll give you everything you need.”

And although Cao Qian is also rich, but she is not as domineering as Neo Ling, she is just infatuated, she is as if to say “I want you to be my boyfriend, let’s be together, I will be with you.”

Then, Neo thought of Zhou Yun.

How could he betray Zhou Yun and accept another girl?

At first, Neo Ling, he didn’t say yes, and now Cao Qian, of course, he wouldn’t say yes yet.

“This, I, I have a girl I like.” Although in his heart he did not want to see Cao Qian’s disappointed look, Neo did not want to deceive her.


As expected, Cao Qian’s face was shocked as soon as she heard Neo say that.

She might have been prepared to be rejected by Neo, but how could she have expected that Neo would use this reason.

Yes, how could that be?

When she first met Neo in Jinling, he was single.

And now, how did Neo look, he didn’t look like he had a girlfriend.

“Who is it? Can you tell me?” Cao Qian said dumbly.

Seeing Cao Qian like this, to be honest, Neo was still a bit heartbroken, after all, this girl liked himself, especially after Neo knew that Cao Qian had committed suicide because of himself, he had an indescribable apology for Cao Qian.

Of course, according to reason, Neo did not need to have any apology, because he did not know everything, but despite this, he still felt guilty that Cao Qian had killed herself because of himself.

As for what Cao Qian said about the car accident on TV, Neo didn’t think much of it, maybe it was just a coincidence that he looked like himself.

Now, seeing Cao Qian like this, Neo naturally didn’t feel very good in his heart.

When he had hurt Neo Ling’s feelings in the past, Neo felt very sad.

Now, he had to disappoint and upset a kind girl again.

Neo’s heart really felt bad.

However, if he didn’t say anything, Neo knew that he was sorry to Zhou Yun again.

“She is ……” Neo was just about to tell Cao Qian, but suddenly, his heart moved, Zhou Yun is Murong Hong’s daughter, Murong Hong was also married to Cao Yunfeng.

The actual fact is that Zhou Yun and Cao Qian have some sort of relationship.

If he himself told Cao Qian about Zhou Yun, if he accidentally let Cao Qian know about Zhou Yun’s relationship with her, it might also bring trouble to Zhou Yun.

After all, Zhou Yun’s mother was the one who fled the Cao family in the first place.

Thinking of this, Neo turned his words around, “That, it might not be good if I told you, but I really didn’t lie to you, I really have a girl I like.”

“Then, well, I don’t want to make things difficult for you either.” Cao Qian saw that Neo didn’t want to talk about it, so she was good enough not to pursue it further and continued to ask, “Where is she? Why didn’t she come to keep you company?”

When Cao Qian asked this, Neo felt even more upset, “She… she disappeared, I couldn’t find her.”

“I’m sorry.” Cao Qian suddenly hugged Neo, “I’m sorry for making you so sad, I shouldn’t have asked you that. But I like you too, before she comes back, can I like you? Can I be with you? I just want to be with you instead when she’s not with you, and as soon as she comes back, I’ll leave, okay?”

Looking at the soft hair of the young girl in front of him, buried right in his chest, touchable to the touch.

Hearing the young girl’s true feelings, Neo’s heart, too, could not help but be soft.

How could he himself be cruel enough to refuse?

“Yes, yes.” Neo said.

In fact, of course, Neo did not have two hearts, but he knew that Cao Qian liked him, but it was just a young girl’s heart, and this heart was very strong, if he refused directly, it would probably hit her again, after all, she had committed suicide once because of herself.

Neo knew that he must not reject it outright.

So this is why he pretended to agree, only to wait for Cao Qian’s kind of budding, slowly recede, when the time comes, then he can talk to her clearly.

“Good! That’s what you said, never go back on your word!” Cao Qian raised her head excitedly and looked at Neo.

Although she was only accompanying Neo for a while, Cao Qian’s heart was already very happy.

Just as she finished speaking, her mobile phone rang.

After answering the phone, Cao Qian’s face, which had been excited, suddenly cooled down.

“Oh no, I have to go home!” Cao Qian looked at Neo with a feeling of not being able to let go, but having to go, “Sorry, something happened at my home, I have to hurry back for a while.”

Neo nodded and sent Cao Qian to the car.

Besides, Cao Qian hurried back home and as soon as she entered the door, she ran right into Cao Yunfeng.

“Dad, is it true what you said on the phone? Is second sister really going to marry Xiong Yao?” Cao Qian hurriedly spoke up and asked.

“Alas, she’s doing this for me, go and persuade her!” Cao Yunfeng’s face looked pained at this moment.

It was also true, when he was at the police station.

How could he have expected that Cao Hong would suddenly come in and say that she wanted to marry Xiong Yao?

To be honest, not only did Cao Yunfeng freeze at that time, Xiong Dahai also froze.

Originally, Xiong Dahai was prepared to let Cao Qian marry Xiong Hui, but now a Cao Hong suddenly appeared and wanted to marry his other son, Xiong Yao.

This somewhat caught him off guard as well.

Therefore, Xiong Dahai did not immediately agree, saying that he would go back and discuss the matter with Elder Xiong.

As for Cao Yunfeng, although he was touched that Cao Hong had done such a thing for himself.

But in Cao Yunfeng’s heart, more should still be self-blame.

In fact, for Cao Hong, Cao Yunfeng’s heart had an indefinable feeling.

Because he actually knew very well that Cao Hong was not his own daughter.

But after all, Murong Hong had once married him.

Cao Yunfeng was naturally very fond of Murong Hong back then, and even though he later learnt that Murong Hong was pregnant before she got married, he was not really angry.

In fact, he treated Murong Hong well back then, except that although they were actually married, Murong Hong had never let him get close to her.

And when Murong Hong died later, Cao Yunfeng felt guilty in his heart.

So, the first time he saw Cao Hong, his heart had a feeling of making up for the fact that Cao Hong couldn’t remember what had happened before, and couldn’t even remember his name.

So, Cao Yunfeng also named her Cao Hong in memory of Murong Hong.

Cao Yunfeng’s heart was also secretly planning to treat Cao Hong well, as if she were his own daughter.

Maybe even better than his own daughter!

Because Cao Yunfeng could also see that Cao Hong did not seem to have a good life before, so he wanted to treat Cao Hong better!

However, today Cao Hong was instead going to marry into the Xiong family in order to help him.

This certainly made Cao Yunfeng’s heart feel bad and he hurriedly called Cao Qian, after all, he also knew that since Cao Hong came to the house, Cao Qian and her relationship was the best.

Cao Qian didn’t have time to ask more questions before she hurried into Cao Hong’s room.

“Second sister, you, you really want to marry Xiong Yao?” Cao Qian asked as soon as she entered the room.

To be honest, by now at this point, she was really anxious.

In the past, right, she also knew that Cao Hong had somehow been charmed by Xiong Yao, and although Cao Qian had also persuaded her at that time, it did not work to much effect.

But at that time, Cao Qian was not very anxious either.

She thought that sooner or later she would let her sister discover Xiong Yao’s true nature.

She thought there was plenty of time.

However, there was no way to think that so soon, her sister would be marrying Xiong Yao.

“Yes.” Cao Hong saw Cao Qian and said with a smile, “Sister, you don’t have to worry, I didn’t force myself for the sake of dad, I did it of my own free will.”

“But, second sister, you saw it that day in the bar, Xiong Yao and another woman ……” Cao Qian said hurriedly.

“He told me later that it was a misunderstanding.” Cao Hong grabbed Cao Qian’s hand, she was still smiling, “Besides, I didn’t mind those things about him.”

When Cao Qian heard this, she was all a bit shocked.

No way, her sister was so pretty and nice, and she was also the daughter of the Cao family, but she would fall for someone like Xiong Yao like that?

Moreover, to such a degree of liking?

“Sister, how, how could you be like that? How could you like that guy so deeply?” Cao Qian said in disbelief.

“I… I don’t know.” Cao Hong smiled and said, “I only feel that something he once did gave me an indescribable warmth in my heart that made me involuntarily fall in love with him.”

Speaking here, Cao Hong paused and said with emotion, “Perhaps, this is fate.”

“But ……” Cao Qian was about to say more.

But Cao Hong covered her mouth, “Okay, sister, I know what you’re going to say, but don’t say it, I’ve already decided, besides, if I marry Xiong Yao, dad will also get investment from the Xiong family, and you won’t have to marry someone you don’t like anymore.”

Speaking of this, Cao Hong grabbed Cao Qian’s shoulder again and seriously looked into Cao Qian’s eyes, “Sister, you know, since I came here, you are the closest person to me and the best to me, making me feel warm for the first time after never feeling sisterly love, I am grateful to you, so I really hope you can be with the person you like too, so, before When I saw that you were sad because you were marrying Xiong Hui, my heart was also very sad, but at that time I also knew that there was nothing I could do to help you, but now it’s different, I can help you sister, and my heart is actually very happy too.”

Cao Qian, for a moment, did not know what to say.

“That, sister, didn’t you tell me the other day that you met the boy who helped you back in Jinling when you were being treated at that Divine Doctor’s Hall? That’s really providential! Sister, you like him a lot, don’t you?” Cao Hong’s hand, again, cupped Cao Qian’s face and looked at her with a smile.

Hearing this, Cao Qian’s face reddened slightly.

Yes, Cao Qian had briefly told Cao Hong about meeting Neo, but of course, it was just a brief mention.

Moreover, these days, Cao Qian was with Neo all day long.

This Cao Hong also knew, so Cao Hong was also very happy for her sister in her heart.

“Yes, yes.” A kind of shy look appeared in Cao Qian’s gaze.

“Since you like him, then be bold enough to like him! From now on, no one can stop you from liking him freely! And you no longer need to worry about marrying Xiong Hui! Don’t forget, I’m your sister, and since I’m your sister, of course I want my sister to be able to be with the person she really likes!”

Speaking of this, Cao Hong cupped Cao Qian’s even as their gazes met, “So, good sister, I married into the Xiong family to actually do my duty as a sister yet.”

“Sister ……”

Cao Qian was suddenly moved to the core in her heart, hugging Cao Hong tightly, and her voice couldn’t help but choke up.

“Don’t cry, sister, it’s not like I was forced to do it, I did it voluntarily.” Cao Hong patted Cao Qian’s back and said gently.

“But, sister, I really can’t let you go to the Xiong family, you know, once you get to the Xiong family, it might be hard for you to get out.” Cao Qian said as she flung herself into Cao Hong’s arms and cried.

After all, Cao Qian had been told to go to the Xiong family by Elder Xiong.

She knew that once she married into the Xiong family, then she was afraid that she would have to live deep in the Xiong family.

“It doesn’t matter to me myself.” When Cao Hong was told by Cao Qian, she also felt a bit more sour in her heart, “I’m just worried that I’ll miss you, sister.”

I want to see what kind of boy my good sister will be with in the future, if I see that he is good, I will be relieved, so that even if I enter the Xiong family, I will not worry so much about you, because I know that even if I marry into the Xiong family, that boy will still be there. the Xiong family, that boy will still take good care of you. Sister, let me see the boy you like, or else I won’t feel at ease.”

“Yes, sister, I’ll go find him and bring him to you.” Cao Qian was touched in her heart at this moment.

The words had come to this point, and Cao Qian knew it was impossible to turn her sister’s mind around.

Now that her sister wanted to see the man she liked so that she could feel at ease, how could she not cooperate?

“Okay, I’ll go and bring him in.”

Cao Qian said and left the room.

She was going to go and find Neo and bring him to Cao Hong to show her second sister the boy she liked.

Just outside the door.

Cao Qian ran into someone.


Cao Qian shouted.

The other person was none other than Cao Feng.

Ever since that incident of Cao Qian’s suicide, the many years of separation and misunderstanding between the sisters had dissipated.

“Where are you going?”

Seeing Cao Qian in a hurry, Cao Feng asked curiously.

“I, I’m going to bring the boy I like to my second sister for a look, second sister said that she will only marry the Xiong family with confidence when she sees that boy, by the way, second sister is going to marry Xiong Yao, do you know?” Cao Qian said.

Cao Feng nodded, “I also persuaded her, but she didn’t listen, I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Even Cao Qian couldn’t persuade her, and Cao Feng had an average relationship with Cao Hong, so naturally, she couldn’t persuade her either.

Cao Feng added, “I’ve also heard that you’ve been with that boy you met in Jinling recently, but if you bring him in now, Daddy will definitely find out too, so you’d better be prepared to let him meet with Daddy too, otherwise, if you sneak that boy in, Daddy will definitely be sad if you hide it from him. After all, he will feel that his daughter brought a boy back without even letting him know.”

Once Cao Qian heard that, that was also true.

But when she thought about it, if she let Neo and her father meet, it would not be very good to deal with.

Because Cao Qian knew that Neo’s family was very average, and although Dad didn’t force himself to marry Xiong Hui anymore, he couldn’t possibly agree to be with a boy from a very average family.

“Sister, the boy I like, he has a very average family, do you think dad will be angry?” Cao Qian couldn’t help but ask.

“It won’t.” Cao Feng said, “Since the last time you committed suicide, dad seems to have changed too, right, he should give us freedom as long as we like it.”

“Really, but I’m still a bit worried.” Cao Qian still said uneasily.

“There’s really no need to worry.” Cao Feng looked at her sister’s worried face and couldn’t help but add, “What are you afraid of, my one, might be even worse than that boy of yours! He’s a pure hanger-on!”

“Huh?” Cao Qian was stunned, “Sister, are you talking about that boy you met the other day? You also said that you were at the riverside, at the riverside ……”

Cao Qian was really surprised, after all, her sister was a very discerning person.

How could she look at a hanger-on?

“Yes, that’s him, he’s a hangman, we slept together by the river.” Cao Feng shrugged her shoulders and said calmly, “I like him. So you don’t even have to worry about the guy you like having a bad family anymore, because the one I like isn’t good either. What’s the point of having a good family, it’s enough to like yourself.”

Speaking here, Cao Feng added a little depressed, “It’s just that that guy doesn’t know what’s going on these days, and I can’t find him. Hmph, if he wants to run away after eating, I won’t agree to that.”


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