At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 299

At that moment, outside the Cao mansion, the moment he saw the crowd rushing in, Cao Yunfeng’s face went white.

He was all but frozen.

It was only when his mobile phone suddenly rang again that he woke up.

Cao Yunfeng hurriedly answered the phone with a shaky voice.

“Dad, where are you, come quickly, those people are rushing into the courtyard and are now coming towards my room, come quickly, the expressions on their faces are so frightening, ah, they’re coming over!”

On the phone, Cao Hong’s voice, looked very panicked and scared, with a kind of crying accent.

It was also true that those people in the courtyard, at this time, had already emptied Cao Yunfeng’s home and had started looking for the rooms of the two eldest ladies of the Cao family.

Cao Hong was a girl at any rate, and seeing so many people rushing towards her side like wolves, of course she would be scared.

On this side, Cao Yunfeng hung up the phone before he woke up like a dream.

“Mu, how come the police officers haven’t arrived yet?” Cao Yunfeng said anxiously.

“Mr. Cao, I, I’m not sure!” Ah Mu was also anxious, he had been calling the police for a while, but now he couldn’t even hear the sound of the police car.

This wasn’t right, it was clearly the Cao Mansion he was talking about.

He remembered that once before, when one of Second Miss’s kittens had run into a tree and wouldn’t come down, and when he had no choice, Ah Mu had called the police, when he had said Cao Mansion, and almost instantly, the police had arrived.

Today, however, there was a delay, what was the meaning of this?

Cao Yunfeng was so anxious in his heart at this moment, the situation was now very critical ah, if the police didn’t come again, then the consequences would really be too troublesome.

However, thinking about Cao Hong’s call, Cao Yunfeng could no longer sit still.

Last time, Cao Qian’s incident had already stimulated him and made him, as a father, feel a bit more responsible and fatherly.

Although, Cao Hong was not his own ……

Cao Yunfeng hurriedly shook his head, at this time, what was he still thinking about all this nonsense.

He thought no more about it and jumped straight out of the car.

“Mr. Cao!”

When A Mu saw that Cao Yunfeng had jumped out of the car, it was already too late to stop him, so he hurriedly jumped out of the car after him, following Cao Yunfeng every inch of the way.

“Ah Mu, what are you doing, you go back to the car!” Cao Yunfeng turned around and saw that Ah Mu had followed him and immediately turned back and shouted.

“Mr. Cao, I can’t let you go in alone!” Ah Mu said loyally.

He had been following the Cao family for quite a few years and had always been very loyal, and was also a servant that Cao Yunfeng trusted very much.

At this moment, seeing Ah Mu still following him in this situation, Cao Yunfeng honestly could not help but be very moved.

“You go back! What’s the use of you following me!” Despite being touched in his heart, Cao Yunfeng said coldly, “Besides, what is there to worry about, I am Cao Yunfeng, what can they do to me, who has the guts to do that? But you are different, they dare to touch you, so hurry back to the car!”

“No, Mr Cao, I will follow you!” Mu said stubbornly.

Cao Yunfeng saw how stubborn Ah Mu was, and as the situation was urgent, he said nothing more and let Ah Mu follow, and the two of them went into the courtyard.

As soon as they entered the courtyard, Cao Yunfeng saw that the whole courtyard was in a mess, with debris everywhere, all sorts of branches and mud, flower pot fragments, and the few valuable peacocks he had kept were also long gone.

But he could not afford to be distressed by all this and went straight to Cao Hong’s room.


At this moment, a number of people were already gathered at the entrance of Cao Hong’s room, each with an urgent posture on their faces.

Cao Yunfeng didn’t have time to think too much and immediately rushed over and shouted.

Once the crowd saw that it was Cao Yunfeng, they were a little scandalized for a moment.

After all, this was Cao Yunfeng, General Manager Cao, and his authority was still there.

So, being shouted at by Cao Yunfeng, these people, in turn, left the room door.

But then they surrounded Cao Yunfeng.

“Cao Yunfeng, you still dare to show yourself!”

“Don’t be afraid of him, everyone! Don’t be afraid he turned out to be a rich man of our Wujiang, now he has offended the gods, he is a sinner, he is lower than all of us, don’t be afraid!”

And I don’t know who shouted.

When the people heard it, it made sense.

At once, they no longer scorned Cao Yunfeng.

“Hey, Cao Yunfeng, what do you say to today’s mining disaster!”

“That’s right, twelve people died, living lives, won’t your conscience hurt, you’re earning money at a loss!”

“Oh, he’s making no money at all, didn’t you hear, he’s losing money now, not a bit of gold has been mined, he’s offended the gods now, he deserves it!”

“Yes, Cao Yunfeng, these twelve people, they’re all dead because of you, get down on your knees! Let’s settle the score slowly!”

“Cao Yunfeng, you’ve sinned so much! You deserve to die!”


Suddenly, a fist came out from nowhere and punched Cao Yunfeng in the face.

The crowd was in an uproar and more fists were about to come swinging.

Aki tried to help block them, but it caused more anger and provoked Aki to take a bad punch too.

Cao Yunfeng’s heart was dying with anxiety.

It was at this moment.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Police!”

Cao Yunfeng’s heart was relieved that the police had finally arrived.

“Don’t move, what’s going on?”

Sure enough, a few policemen came in.

When the people saw that the police had come, they didn’t dare to do anything anymore, but they just didn’t dare to make a move against Cao Yunfeng, but they were all still in a very emotional state.

“Comrade, these people are trespassing, hurry up and get rid of them!” Cao Yunfeng hurriedly said to the police.

“I’ll have to clear things up then.” To Cao Yunfeng’s surprise, the attitude of these policemen did not seem to be as friendly as before.

The crowd surrounded the policemen and spoke about the matter in a variety of ways.

“That, Mr. Cao, I think, you’d better come with us, this mine disaster of yours, in the end, is also a social catastrophe, you have to come with us to the bureau to cooperate with the investigation.”

At that moment, these police officers took Cao Yunfeng away.

At the same time, all the people were driven out of Cao’s house.

On the way to the police station, Cao Yunfeng was secretly screaming in his heart, it was obvious that this time, someone was targeting him.

Just as he was thinking, the car arrived at the police station.

“Oh, Mr. Cao, we meet again.” As soon as Cao Yunfeng got out of the car, he saw Xiong Dahai standing in front of him, at this moment, Xiong Dahai had a smug look on his face, and when he saw Cao Yunfeng’s fallen appearance, he looked relaxed and smug.

“Xiong Dahai?!”

When Cao Yunfeng saw Xiong Dahai appear in the police station at this moment, he had already thought of something a bit, and at this moment, seeing the smugness on Xiong Dahai’s face, he seemed to understand what was going on even more.

“Did you do this?” Cao Yunfeng suppressed the anger inside him and said.

Yes, it was definitely the Xiong family who had stirred things up in there.

Apart from the Xiong family, who else had the ability to instruct so many people to come to their doorstep and cause trouble all at once.

And those who were causing trouble at the entrance, there were naturally some foolish people inside who were used as guns, but there were definitely some others who were hired by the Xiong family to agitate the crowd.

Like the one with the loudspeaker, for example, who must have been sent by the Bear Family.

“Hehehe.” Xiong Dahai was even more amused, but didn’t reply.

“Alright, Cao Yunfeng, go to the interrogation room, we want to ask you something!” The man next to him, nudged Cao Yunfeng and said.

To be honest, in the police station, there were still quite a few people that Cao Yunfeng was familiar with.

Normally, when these people saw him, they were also respectful.

But today, they did not treat him the same way as before.

I guess it must be because of the Xiong family’s people, who had moved their joints.

When he thought that he was the head of the Cao Family, and now he had to go to the interrogation room, Cao Yunfeng’s face was filled with an indescribable shame and pain.


But just at this time, Xiong Dahai stretched out his hand again and blocked the person next to him, “Don’t rush first, this is Generalissimo Cao, we have to give Generalissimo Cao some face anyways, right?”

Although Xiong Dahai was saying this, the tone was full of mockery.

Cao Yunfeng could only suffer in silence.

“Xiong Dahai, what do you want?” Cao Yunfeng said.

“I say, Mr. Cao, you can also see what the situation is now, and you also know that this is not the time for you to talk about conditions, but for me to talk about conditions, now you have to figure out your situation, if you don’t get it right, you are going to have a broken home, and your daughter, when the time comes, will be out on the streets, and you don’t know what people will fall into the hands.”

“You!” Cao Yunfeng glared angrily at Xiong Dahai.

“But then, you can also choose to cooperate with us, the condition of cooperation, is to marry your daughter or my son, I will give you investment, this storm will also pass, you have to know, how great is the energy of our Xiong family.” Xiong Dahai said.

“You’re delusional!” Cao Yunfeng said angrily.

“Hey, hey, at this time, you’re still obsessed?” Xiong Dahai, too, had a few moments of anger showing on his face.

It was at this time.

“Dad, I’m getting married!” A young girl entered the police station.

Seeing this young girl, Cao Yunfeng was stunned, “Hong Hong?”


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