At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 298

By the time Cao Yunfeng returned to Cao’s house in Nautilus.

The scene in front of him was so shocking that even he, who had always seen a lot of scenes, could not help but be secretly shocked.

At the entrance of Cao’s residence, many people were gathered, all of them in an agitated manner, their mouths shouting something excitedly.

“Resist the gold mining at Nine Immortals Mountain!”

“Mining gold at Nine Immortals Mountain is offensive to the gods and will be condemned by heaven!”

“Cao Yunfeng is a Wujiang sinner!”

The crowd were all agitated, waving their fists and rushing towards the gate of Cao’s residence.

There were also people on the scene standing on high, holding loudspeakers, agitating, “Everyone must resist the development of the gold mine, the Nine Immortals Mountain is a spiritual mountain, it contains the relics of the Da Luo Golden Immortals and the Supreme Immortal, the place where Tai Shang Laojun and Zhen Neozi practiced immortality and participated in the Tao back then, it is a spiritual mountain that blesses our Wujiang City, we have an obligation to protect the Nine Immortals Mountain! Now Cao Yunfeng is mining gold on the Nine Immortals Mountain for his own benefit, disregarding the lives of all of us, it is the same as cutting a deep wound on the Nine Immortals Mountain, this is destruction and it is something the Immortals will not allow!”

“So now the immortals are furious, the people who worked for Cao Yunfeng on the gold mine are getting their comeuppance, twelve people died today and more will die later!”

“And don’t you know, ever since Cao Yunfeng mined the gold mine a year ago, some weird things have been happening in the gold mine, every now and then people die, people go missing, there are all kinds of explosions, and there are even people who return home and die without knowing how!”

“And, did you know that Cao Yunfeng has been mining in the gold mine for over a year, but hasn’t mined any gold at all, he’s now put all his money in and hasn’t made a single penny, to put it bluntly, he’s not even a rich man in our Wujiang City anymore, he’s a poor man!”

“All this is his retribution, because he mined gold, he destroyed the Nine Immortals Mountain, he was the culprit, so he got punished by the immortals, the immortals turned him from the second largest family in our Wujiang City, now he’s a pauper, saying something about the Nine Immortals Mountain having gold this is true, but that’s the wealth of the immortals, can we mortals dare to go and take it? Can we be qualified to go and take it?”

“So, even though that whatever testing instrument says it detects that there is a lot of gold underneath the Nine Immortals Mountain, it doesn’t belong to us, so we simply can never get it! Cao Yunfeng has bucked Heaven’s fate and killed many people, defeat Cao Yunfeng!”

The man with the trumpet agitating had sharp words, and with these words, the people below became even more frenzied.

“Well said! Down with Cao Yunfeng!”

“Down with Cao Yunfeng!”

In a flash, hundreds of people stood at the entrance of Cao’s residence, shouting up in unison, with a loud voice, and on everyone’s face, they all wore that indefinable fervour and excitement.

Seriously, it was frightening to watch.

Cao Yunfeng sat in his car and watched all this from a distance, his heart was so depressed and stifled, how did he become a sinner? These people were talking nonsense.

He was also very anxious and was thinking about what to do.

At that very moment, another group of people in white clothes arrived.

In their hands, these people were holding something and holding a white banner.

As soon as they reached the entrance of Cao’s house, these people let out a loud cry, “Cao Yunfeng, murderer!”

“Murderer pay for life!”

“Cao Yunfeng, give back my son’s life!”

These people knelt at the entrance of Cao’s residence, crying and cursing at the same time.

Only at this time did Cao Yunfeng see clearly that these people were wearing mourning clothes and holding effigies in their hands, while the banners were also written with words such as “Murder for life, give back the lives of my relatives! The banners also said something like, “Murder for life, return my loved ones’ lives!

It dawned on him that these people were the relatives of those who had died in the gold mine!

Cao Yunfeng’s head was spinning.

Seriously, twelve people had died in the mine, and this was something that he definitely had to be responsible for, but it was just that the mine disaster had just happened now, and many things had to be done step by step.

He had no funds to compensate, but he didn’t think that the families of the deceased would know the news so quickly.

Who had revealed it?

After all, Cao Yunfeng had given orders to everyone in the gold mine not to reveal the news.

Now, before one wave subsides, another wave rises.

Once this group of people came, I was afraid that things would get even bigger.

He was right in his thinking.

Seeing that these family members had also come, the others gathered around and after some inquiring, they became even more indignant!

“Cao Yunfeng is too abominable, let’s all work together, we must ask for an explanation today!” The man with the loudspeaker took the opportunity to agitate again, “Down with Cao Yunfeng!”

“Down with Cao Yunfeng!”

And so, just like earlier, everyone shouted again in unison, only, compared to earlier, these people were even more excited and frenzied, they were close to madness!

When Cao Yunfeng saw this, that feeling of exasperation in his heart surged up again.

In a fit of anger, he pushed open the car door and was about to get out, wanting to argue with these people.

A Mu, the driver beside him, hurriedly pulled him back and shook his head at Cao Yunfeng, “Mr. Cao, you can’t get out of the car at this time, these people are a bit crazy now, you can’t reason with them clearly. Not only can you not reason with them, but if you don’t, they will do something irrational!”

Cao Yunfeng’s heart thudded, and the leg he had just taken out was withdrawn.

A Mu was right, these people could not be reasoned with at this time, there were so many people, the law was not to blame, once the trouble was bigger, the evil of human nature was burst out, then the consequences were unthinkable.

However, we can’t just let these people block the doorway.

This is not the way to go on, either.

Cao Yunfeng’s heart was like an ant in a pot of iron at this moment. First, he became a target at the invitation meeting of Hua Ke.

Then there was this huge mining accident at the gold mine.

And now, there was this huge group of people demonstrating in front of his house.

“It’s not good, Mr. Cao, this group of people has started to smash the door!” Ah Mu suddenly pointed at the door and said in an alarmed voice.

At this moment, at the entrance of Cao’s house, the people inside Cao’s house, presumably, could also see that something was wrong with these people, so they had long since closed the heavy doors.

But as the crowd became more and more agitated, these people began to besiege the gate.

Although the gate was very strong, these people were all frantic at this point, hundreds of them attacking the gate frantically, and even the strongest and hardest gate was still in danger.

Cao Yunfeng looked terrified, he understood very well how much damage this group of hundreds of people in a mass of anger would bring.

“Call the police!”

Cao Yunfeng hurriedly asked Ah Mu to call the police, while he himself hurriedly called a friend he knew well for help.

“Oops, it’s Mr. Cao, sorry, I’m out on a business trip.”

“Ah, it’s Mr. Cao, I’m sorry, I’m on my way out on a business trip here.”

After calling several times, all of them were either on a business trip or very busy.

At first, Cao Yunfeng thought in his heart how could it be such a coincidence, but then suddenly he realised that these people were doing it on purpose!

Ever since he was targeted by Xiong Dahai at the invitation meeting of the Huake Hotel, he had been in the upper class of Wujiang City, and he had fallen by the wayside.

At this moment, one had really become a tiger falling into a flat sun.

“Did you call the police?”

At this point, Cao Yunfeng already knew what use it was to call someone to buy, and for now, he could only call the police.

After he finished speaking, he found that his voice was trembling a little.

It was also true that the situation was really very critical at this time.

“Oh no, Mr. Cao ……” said Aki, suddenly pointing ahead, “It’s not good, Mr. Cao, the door has been broken open!”

Sure enough, with all these people banging together, the sturdy door of Cao’s residence was also overwhelmed and was finally smashed open.

“Get in!”

“Charge in!”

When the crowd saw that the door had been knocked open and the view inside Cao’s mansion was revealed to them, these people looked very excited, banging and squeezing each other as if they were johns visiting a brothel, and frantically rushed in.

It was also true that the Cao Mansion usually seemed to them to be high above the rest of the world, and when they passed the entrance to the Cao Mansion, they did not dare to breathe a breath or look inside at all.

And now, Cao’s Mansion was open to them, and the excitement was very strong.

“My god, Cao Yunfeng’s courtyard is quite beautiful!”

“Tsk, what kind of tree is this, holy crap, how nice to put it in my house.”

“This vase, it looks great to me!”

As soon as the crowd poured into Cao’s house and saw the beautiful ornaments and various precious trees in Cao’s house, at once, the evil of human nature was magnified, plus at this time they all felt that Cao Yunfeng was a sinner.

All of a sudden, these people swarmed around, carrying potted plants, those who took vases, and more, swarmed to the adjacent rooms and began to raid them.

“Hey, what are you doing, this is Mr. Cao’s house, get out!” A few servants, seeing the crowd like this, couldn’t bear to watch and stood out and said.

“Brothers, what are you afraid of, these are all dogs fighting for power, they are all Cao Yunfeng’s dogs, Cao Yunfeng has offended the demons and gods, they are also helping the tiger, brothers, fight!”

The group immediately rushed forward, the few servants were so frightened that they were pale, a feeling of the sky falling down was in everyone’s heart.

Yes, the Cao family was a top-class existence in Wujiang City, usually some bigwigs of the powerful families didn’t dare to be reckless here, but today, this gang was like bandits.

Poor these few servants, how could they be a match for hundreds of people, one person and one kick, they were also beaten half to death, they were beaten and fell to the ground spitting blood, never daring to say anything again.

And the crowd, obviously excited by this beating, became even more excited.

“Fight, brothers, and raid Cao Yunfeng’s house!” Someone raised his arm and immediately the response sounded, resounding throughout Cao’s house, as if the whole house was trembling.

“Right, brothers, doesn’t Cao Yunfeng still have two daughters, let’s look for them, find his daughters and let them make it up to us!” Someone suddenly smiled lewdly and said.

This idea, it was so explosive, immediately, the eyes of the crowd, all of a sudden, became more exuberant.

Yes, the two thousand daughters of the Cao family were also a statement in Wujiang City, both very beautiful looking, and they were also thousand golden ladies, who usually only looked up to these people in their minds.

However, once the evil of human nature is aroused, people will become extremely terrifying.

The spirit of these people was instantly stimulated with extraordinary excitement when the two great ladies that they could normally only look up to seemed to be within their reach today.

“Find them, hurry up and find them, hehehe!”

“I’ve heard there’s another illegitimate daughter who is also a beauty to look at, let’s hurry up and find them, brothers!”


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