At The Bottom At The Bottom Chapter 296

Huake Hotel.

A luxury car, docked on the car park.

The people who came down were all from the upper echelons of Wujiang City.

When they met, they all said, “Hello, Mr. Wang.” “Mr. Li, you’re here too?”

“This time, Mr. Cao invited us, I wonder what the reason is?”

“No matter what the reason is, since Mr. Cao invited us, it must be a rare and good thing.”

“That’s right, Mr. Cao is the leader of our Wujiang businessmen, since he invited us to the party, it must naturally be a good thing.”

The crowd chattered and walked towards the red carpet at the entrance of the hotel.

Cao Yunfeng stood at the entrance of the hotel and shook hands with every guest who came.

This made the crowd flattered again.

“Mr. Cao, you’re really too polite.”

“Yes, Mr. Cao, we are honoured enough that you invited us, and now you are even coming to greet us personally at the door.”

“Oh, it’s alright, I am very grateful that you all can come to my party, Cao, I have something to ask you later, and I hope you can help.” When Cao Yunfeng saw that so many people had come at once, he was also very happy in his heart. He could not help but say.

“Aiya, Mr. Cao is really too polite, with your status, it’s an honour for us to help you!” The crowd hurriedly said cheerfully.

“Haha, please come in please come in!” When Cao Yunfeng heard the crowd say this, he was of course also very happy in his heart.

Soon, the hall was filled to overflowing with people.

The waiters wandered in and out, serving tea and pouring water with an extremely respectful attitude.

This was obvious, after all, one had to know that the people gathered here at this moment were all bigwigs of various industries in Wujiang City.

“Hello, everyone!”

Seeing that the crowd had come together, Cao Yunfeng stood up on the dais, cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

As soon as he spoke, the scene, which had been buzzing, immediately quieted down.

“I feel very honoured that you all have come to my invitation, Cao Yunfeng, today!” Cao Yunfeng said.

“You’re very kind, Mr. Cao, who doesn’t know that the Cao family is one of the largest in our Wujiang City, it’s an honour for us that you’ve invited us!”

“That’s right, Mr. Cao invited me, how could I not come.”

The crowd said one after another.

“Thank you all so much!” Cao Yunfeng looked very happy, “That, since that’s the case, I’ll get right to the point, everyone knows about the gold mine I took over at Nine Immortals Mountain!”

Cao Yunfeng’s words fell.

At once, everyone showed their interest.

“Chief Cao, the gold mine must have made a fortune!”

“General Cao, having eaten meat, when will you give us some soup to drink!”

Yes, who here doesn’t know about the Nine Immortals Mountain gold mine?

A year ago, a gold mine was discovered on Jiu Xian Mountain, which caused a great stir in Wu Jiang City, especially because of the rich amount of gold hidden, which made everyone’s eyes hot.

And in the end, everyone knew that the owner of the gold mine had fallen to the Cao family.

During this year, Cao Yunfeng never mentioned the matter of the gold mine to the outside world.

Moreover, the gold mine was also tightly blocked, plus it was in the back of the Nine Immortals Mountain, so if Cao Yunfeng didn’t release the news, naturally no one else would be able to know about the gold mine.

Therefore, everyone in Wujiang City did not know the specifics of the gold mine.

Privately, naturally everyone thought that Cao Yunfeng must have made a fortune, a great fortune.

Of course, these people could only guess, no one dared to ask Cao Yunfeng about it, after all, they did not have that qualification.

As for the Xiong family, of course they knew that not only was Cao Yunfeng not making any money now, but he was losing his entire fortune.

But naturally, the Xiong family knew this because Cao Yunfeng had told them.

Cao Yunfeng was afraid that more than anyone else, he had to get a large sum of money in order to renew the life of the gold mine, so he had to tell the Xiong family about his situation.

And the Xiong family has agreed to lend him a large sum of money on the condition, naturally, that Cao Qian and Xiong Hui’s marriage will take place.

But now, Cao Yunfeng had already fallen out with the Xiong family for the sake of his daughter, so naturally, he couldn’t get a dime of funding from the Xiong family.

“Haha, thanks for the praise from all my colleagues, let’s put it this way, so far, to be honest, the gold mine hasn’t made a profit yet!” Cao Yunfeng was honest and said.

At once, there was another murmur from below as everyone shook their heads in disbelief.

“But although there is no profit, but according to the detection instruments, the gold mine is indeed down there, and the gold deposit is very rich, only now I am tight on funds, so I hope that you can invest some of your money, as long as the gold mine is mined, I promise with my Cao family’s reputation and family history, I will definitely give a return to my friends who invest! ”

Cao Yunfeng said here and said earnestly, “I, Cao Yunfeng, thank you all in advance here!”

His words had just fallen.

Someone below already shouted up, “Mr. Cao, I’ll invest!”

“I’ll invest too! What are you afraid of? With Mr. Cao’s reputation here, I don’t believe he can run away!”

“I’ll invest too, Mr. Cao is a golden sign, I think this is a good opportunity anyway!”

At once, below, many people shouted.

It was also true that with Cao Yunfeng’s reputation, in Wujiang City, apart from the Xiong family, it was the Cao family, an existence that was watched by everyone and looked up to in the business and upper circles of Wujiang City.

Naturally, they had the power of appeal.

Seeing the crowd being so positive, Cao Yunfeng was really overjoyed in his heart.

Yes, although he had a huge shortage of funds and only the Xiong family could lend so much money, which was why Cao Yunfeng’s first thought was to join hands with the Xiong family.

But now, since so many people, support themselves and invest in themselves, gathering sand into a tower, as long as the funds are in place, then everything will be fine.

Anyway, the gold mine was definitely there, as long as the gold was mined then everything would be fine.

“Many thanks, gentlemen! I, Cao Yunfeng, promise with my personality that I will never let you all down in the future!” Cao Yunfeng was also excited, yes, as long as he could get the money together, he could continue to buy equipment to invest in the gold mine, then he would not need to be held hostage by the Xiong family.

Cao Qian naturally didn’t need to marry Xiong Hui either.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Cao! We trust you!”

“That’s right, we absolutely support you unconditionally!”

“Mr. Cao, in the gold mine, is it really possible to extract gold?” Suddenly, a man stood up and said.

Cao Yunfeng was instantly startled in his heart.

Hurriedly, he looked at that person, “Xiong Dahai?!”

This time, Cao Yunfeng’s heart was even more shocked, Xiong Dahai, how could he appear at his own invitation, besides, he hadn’t invited him at all.

But even though he hadn’t invited Xiong Dahai, he couldn’t kick him out even though he was here.

After all, Xiong Dahai was a member of the Xiong family.

“General Xiong!”

“Chief Xiong is here too!”

As soon as the others saw Xiong Dahai, they became even more enthusiastic and delighted.

That after all, the Xiong Family was still a little stronger than the Cao Family.

“Chief Cao, does your gold mine really have gold or is it a fake?” Xiong Dahai looked at Cao Yunfeng and said with a cold smile.

“Chief Xiong, what do you mean by that? Could it be that the detecting instrument can lie? Don’t forget, it was the expedition that came out back then!” Cao Yunfeng suppressed his anger, when he saw Xiong Dahai appear here, he knew that things were not good, this Xiong Dahai must be here to cause trouble.

Now that he saw it, it was true.

“Oh, that’s not necessarily true.”

Xiong Dahai ignored Cao Yunfeng and looked at the crowd, “It’s been over a year and not even a single gram of gold has been picked, do you really think there will still be gold? Don’t forget, back then, our Xiong family actually had the ability to fight for this gold mine, but we didn’t go for it, do you know why?”

This statement immediately caused the crowd to talk.

After all, it was also true that back then, the Xiong Family had not even participated in the fight for the gold mine, which was why they had let the Cao Family get it.

It was a very strange thing.

After all, that was a gold mine that was rich in reserves.

“Right!” Someone tapped their head, “The Xiong Family didn’t even bother to fight for it, there’s definitely something fishy here!”

“There’s another thing that I want everyone to know as well.” Xiong Dahai looked at Cao Yunfeng, who was furious with himself, and smiled slightly, “It’s that Mr. Cao, in order to get my Xiong family to invest before, promised to marry his daughter and my son, and our Xiong family’s bride-price was placed, but in the end, it was Mr. Cao, whom you can trust, who went back on his word, unilaterally broke the contract and cancelled the marriage, I want to ask you, can you trust this kind of person? Can you trust such a person? Can you really trust him with your money?”

This sentence was a real killer.

“No way, Mr. Cao is actually this kind of person?”

“The marriage that was given as a bride price was cancelled, or the marriage with the Xiong family, this is a real credit drop from Mr. Cao.”

“Yes, the credit is so bad that he might have to run away with the money.”

There was a lot of chatter among the crowd.

Cao Yunfeng was instantly anxious.

This Xiong Dahai, indeed, was deliberately coming to sabotage.

This time, all his prestige and everything was gone.

Those who said they wanted to invest just now were all starting to wait and see.

At this moment.

Suddenly a bloody man rushed in from the hall, and this guy, as soon as he came in, naturally attracted attention and caused a stir.

The crowd was in a state of shock.

However, this bloody man ran straight to Cao Yunfeng, “Chief Cao, it’s not good, something big has happened at the gold mine!”

“What!?” Cao Yunfeng had a hard time recognising that the bloody man was actually an employee of the gold mine.

“Chief Cao, mysterious creatures suddenly appeared in the mine today, and twelve people are missing!”


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